Naruto no Enton, chapter ten, comin' home

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Wow, bad reception of last chapter mostly, but some good reviews thrown in. I feel like a failure as an author in some moments, and a boss in the other.

Either way, I completely agree with some of the things that have been pointed out, and disagree with others. This is my story, and this is how I think canon would have turned out given the right turn of events.

Oh well, not everyone can love it, I suppose.


Tristan76: 3 hahaha I completely agree with you. Itachi will reveal everything to Naruto once he returns from mist, and there will be a surprise waiting on him. It will deal with his lineage, and it will lead into the Yin/Yang concept, and the time/space technique. This will far surpass the hiraishin, much like Madara's teleportation technique and his kamui. This technique will deal with sealing, which due to many people asking for Naruto to be a seal user. The kage Bunshin training will initiate soon, but not in mass effect like everyone has him do.

The yin/yang techniques will be used due to the fact that Naruto has a large portion of the juubi sealed inside of him.

xNamikazeKyuubix: Bro, Naruto will be the ultimate badass, but he will also be a softy for Haku and Mei. His enton training will take another step forward when he returns from mist, and he will gain abilities that will completely over shadow Itachi, mangekyou/hiraishin combo or not. Much love for the story your writing man, it's intense!

Snowcat: Thank you so much, you have no Idea how much that means to me. I'm definitely taking you up on that offer!

Dinndrako: While I understand where you're coming from, you have to understand that the ninja world evolves one technique at a time. While it was the best ten years ago, it is far from the best now that yinyang release and other space time techniques were introduced. Hiraishin won't have anything on the techniques Naruto will use. He may just transcend normal boundaries, but he won't be a god by any right. A mortal man will die just that, a mortal man. His legacy will live, though, forever.

And Itachi a Mary sue? Take a look at how he was before sasuke 'killed' him. That was who he really was, a compassionate person with a massive love for Konoha. I'm simply adding humor into the situation.

To everyone else, thank you very much for your responses to my story. Some no name had mentioned that the databook, manga and anime said haku and Kyuubi were male. To this, I laugh. This is FANFICTION. Don't like it, read the manga. I am allowed to tweak things to my liking, and to the liking of every one who reads this story. In the manga, it never gives the biju gender, as they are just masses of chakra given corporeal form. If you want to leave criticism, at least think it through before you review please. 'nuff said.


The night came and went for the trio that was holed up in the Konoha safe house. The drawing board was pulled out, and the three discussed the plans long into the night.

"Wait, you mean to tell me they sent YOU as back-up for the rebellion?" Zabuza asked incredulously, his eyes staring a hole into the blond child before him, "Kid, you can't even be ten years old yet!"

Naruto stared at Zabuza impassively, a perfect poker face. His eyes held no compassion, no hints at what he was thinking. He didn't have a breath out of place, his body language betraying nothing.

If Zabuza was shocked he hid it well, his brown eyes closing in thought. The figure before him was far younger then he would have thought, his mind wasn't exactly clear when they fought. Now that the demon of the mist thought about it, the child looked oddly familiar. His apprentice, Haku, had voiced the same thoughts a few moments before they made it to the safe house.

"Tell me kid; what is so special about you to be doing something that… cold hearted at your age?"

Naruto starred a hole in the Ex-hidden mist Jounin before speaking, his voice devoid of any emotion.

"I have been training in the shinobi arts since I was six years old, and my teachers were two of the five Kokage's. I was personally trained by the foremost assassination specialist Hatake Kakashi, as well as Konohas best Taijutsu specialist."

"Well that's good and all kid, but the trainer doesn't make the shinobi." Zabuza chided, his brown eyes holding a small amount of humor. Haku nodded at his masters words and spoke his own opinion.

"While I agree with Zabuza-sama, I also disagree. Age means nothing in the world of shinobi, it all amounts to skill."

Naruto agreed with this concept, his eyes lingering on Zabuza's apprentice for a few moments. The child seemed to shuffle slightly at his gaze, but otherwise remained impassive. The blond chuunin smiled slightly and rose from his lazing position on the floor.

"We leave tomorrow before dawn, I expect you two to be ready."

Zabuza and Haku scowled but stayed silent, not caring to voice their own discomfort at being ordered around once again.


Morning came slowly for Naruto, who had been restless all night long. Something WAS different about him, something that didn't make any sense. The villagers of Konoha had avoided him like the plague, and the few that did speak to him did so with malice. He was able to avoid most of the hate by sticking to the back allies of Konoha, staying out of sight while he could.

He only came to the forefront of the villagers gaze when necessary, for both food and clothing. He remained in the orphanage for the first four years of his life, and was only removed from the confines of the blasted place when one of the matrons had struck him in anger.

Old man Sarutobi had given him a place to stay on the shinobi side of the village, somewhere civilians weren't allowed to traverse. It was a good place when he got it, but the ANBU that guarded him were fresh, and still clung to their fears and hate.

"Forgive, but never forget…" Naruto murmured, breaking himself forcefully from his revere. He rose from his sitting position and moved towards the kitchenette where there was a rather large window he could fit through. He slid the window up slowly and was blasted with a gust of wind, but pushed through.

Once the window was wide enough he slipped through and shut it gently behind him, leaping up to the roof of the safe house. The wind pressed gently through his sun kissed hair, Naruto having forgone wearing the forehead protector until the morning when the group left for the mission. The wind was chilling, but Naruto prevailed and rested his back on the old roofing.

The blue eyed youth let his worries flow away with the wind, and soon fell into a rhythm of shallow breathing. The sound of footfall broke Naruto from his easy breathing, snapping his gaze over to the perpetrator. He retracted his hand, which had erupted in the ghostly white flames, as soon as he saw Zabuza's young apprentice. Said apprentice held their hands out in a disarmed manner, hoping to keep the situation calm.

"What do you want…Haku?" Naruto asked from his position on the ground, his gaze having traveled back towards the stars and clouds that hung in the night sky.

Haku let his eyes trail over the child before him, having found out they were just a year apart in age. The androgynous boy let out a gasp as the clouds parted, sending moonlight to bath the area in its ethereal glow. The beams of lunar light seemed to make the figure laying before him age before his very eyes.

"I hope I am not interrupting…" Haku spoke finally, his breath having become mist in the wind.

Naruto didn't bother looking back over; instead his eyes continue to search the heavens. "You are not… but why did you follow me out?"

Haku had the decency to look abashed for a moment before laughing lightly, "You confuse both me and my master… I merely want to find out more about you, considering we are going to be working together for a while, ne?"

The laying shinobi laughed at Haku's words, but didn't deny them. "I suppose. What do you want to know about me?"

The genderless figure stayed silent for a moment, admiring the laying figure before sitting down next to the ten year old. "Just… anything that your willing to tell."

With a sigh, Naruto leaned up and placed his body weight on his arms, staying in a propped up position. His blue eyes wandered over the figure before him, not noticing any discerning traits that would give away their gender.

"Okay… my name is Uzumaki Naruto, chuunin of Konohagakure no Sato. I am ten years old, soon to be eleven by the time this mission is over. I love my village, and hate the great three for attempting harm on my village…" At this Naruto trailed off, his eyes scanning the skyline once again.

Haku stared at the figure, having discerned nothing from the boy's speech. While they learned his age, and name, that was it. 'He seems very passionate about his village…'

"You spoke of your name and rank… but I want to know YOU, not what your village wants you to be… "

Naruto looked up, shock etched across his face. Never before had anyone outside of Itachi and Hiruzen asked about him as a person and not a shinobi. Kakashi had once or twice, but the man was far too lazy to really dig deep.

"Ah… you know, outside of my surrogate family, you are the only person to ask about me as an individual," Naruto said, his eyes trailing down to meet the figures own, "But you have already expressed that it's only because of the mission."

Haku nodded as he lay down on the ground beside the figure, his mind racing.

"Let's try this again. I am Uzumaki Naruto; I enjoy training and spending time with Hiruzen-Jiji. My likes are training, and taking care of the few plants I own. I HATE the great three, and any who would cause harm to my home village," Naruto finally spoke up, "And my dream is to become the greatest legend out there, even more so than Yondaime-sama."

Haku smiled, and followed Naruto's example.

"My name is Momochi Haku. I enjoy training with Zabuza-Sama and picking herbs. I dislike the mists' current leader, and my dream is to help Zabuza-sama change Kiri for the best." The androgynous figure spoke, staring up at the night sky in wonderment.

Naruto laughed lightly, and rose from his position on the ground. "It's time for me to get some shut eye, we have a long trek before us. See you in the morning, Haku."


Morning had finally come, and soon Sol was peeking over the horizon. The trio had made it to the warehouse after ten minutes of walking, where Haku and Zabuza were amazed to find their transportation. The rather small ship was still large enough to accommodate the trio, much to their relief. The elemental powered warship sped along the oceans of the elemental nations, straight through Jikan no umi, the ocean of time. It was the ocean in between the main lands of the elemental nations, and the large island that Kiri was located on.

Travel was neither slow nor fast, and boredom set in rather quickly for the three shinobi. They couldn't actively train, due to lack of room on the vessel. Chakra control was drilled for Naruto, as he only had a few more steps until ANBU level control. His reserves bordered Sennin to kage level, and would only continue to grow as he matured.

Naruto wore his Hitai-ate in the bandana style once again, having placed it upon his head when the group returned to the safe house. His ebony black chuunin vest adorned his chest, the cloak forgone after the mission in wave. His whisker marked face glistened in sweat as he continued the sit ups, his feet sticking to the ceiling with a small amount of chakra.

'Push it, push it, keep it moving!' the young jinchuuriki screamed in his head, his mantra of concentration being unbroken by the movement of the elemental cruiser. Resistance training was not only to get the feel for gravity, but to build muscles through more force and confusion than regular sit ups.

Set after set was completed for his physical workout, enough to make Zabuza and Haku to stare at him in awe. 'I knew the boy was powerful for his age, but I was only doing regiments like that when I first joined the seven..' The demon murmured in his head, shocked that the boy could even set a pace like that.

Haku preferred to just blush and look away, his eyes averted to the left. 'This boy…' The androgynous being spoke up after a few moments, gazing up at the blond jinchuuriki. "Would you like breakfast Naruto-san?"

The Hokages prodigy nodded, dropping from the ceiling of the cruiser into a low crouch, sweat pouring from every orifice on his body. He grabbed his discarded flak jacket and shirt, slipping them both on quickly. Naruto moved towards the very small kitchenette, grabbing a bottle of water and leaning against the counter, his eyes closed.

The young ice user smiled meekly, walking to the sealing scroll placed against the counter Naruto was resting on. The young boy opened the scroll and pushed chakra into a seal located halfway through the scroll. Field rations fell onto the floor of the small carrier vessel, which Haku then dispersed between the three of them. They ate in silence, glancing out at Jikan no Umi as the waves crashed against the speeding vessel.

A peaceful silence prevailed among the three as they traveled at breakneck speeds. This continued for three days before the land of water came into view. The trio stopped the vessel twenty miles from shore, where they all proceeded to leap off of the boat and land on the water, their chakra keeping them from sinking.

Naruto flipped through three handseals before shooting a small bout of white flames from his lips, to which the captain of the vessel took as his queue to leave the place. The small warship immediately sped off, leaving the three to stand atop the water in awe at the speed of the boat. The waves that broke off from the wake left the three bobbing on the water, and before long the water leveled itself out.

The trio shot off towards land, using the water walking technique to stay atop of the water. Landfall was made in twenty minutes after the sinking, and as soon as their feet touched solid land, they shot off quicker than before into the heavy mist that surrounded the island.

Kiri was none the wiser that their downfall and conqueror was amongst them, nor that their beloved Yondaime Mizukage would be dead before the year was out.


"Alright, Let's set up camp and try to make contact with the rebels," Zabuza began, setting his massive blade against a large boulder. The mist swirled protectively around the three, covering their scent and trail rather well. Visibility was extremely low, something Naruto was not used to. His discomfort was evident, which Zabuza immediately noticed. "Gaki, don't tell me a little mist bothers you."

Naruto's eyes shot up and glanced at Zabuza, who's voice came from all around him. "I keep forgetting this is your element, Zabuza-san. I am not used to such low… visibility." The Konoha nin murmured, his hands itching to clasp into a Futon technique to blow the mist away. Zabuza understood the boys plight immediately, having had the same problems when he first began training in the Kirigakure technique.

"You know… I really don't know how this is going to happen." Zabuza said, his gaze moving all around him. He could feel the chakra presence of many people, most of them right at a Jounin to ANBU level. Fear began to crawl up the spine of the demon, not knowing if this was either loyalist or rebels who surrounded the three.

Naruto too felt the chakra, his Enton no Yoroi blazing to life around him, the ghostly white flames flickering lazily. The water in the air made manipulating his Blaze techniques rather difficult, which the young blond cursed under his breath. Haku began flipping through one handed seals, senbon needles made of ice floating around the trio protectively.

Naruto spoke up, unsure of himself. "The mist dews on the leaves…"

A single response from the mist was all he needed to hear to relax, "The leaves fire drives the mist."

A grin made its way to Naruto's face, his Enton no Yoroi fading from existence. Zabuza continued to look around, his hand still inching towards the Kubikiri Hochou. A solidary figure stepped from the mist, their body covered and swirling with the water vapors.

"Rebel-san, I have come from Konoha to aid your cause, and have brought two shinobi with me to join your forces." Naruto spoke, moving towards the figure slowly. The figure soon stepped into the clearing, the mist fading from their persona. A beautiful woman, clad in armor made of ebon colored steel and mesh, was who graced the eyes of the three, her face set in a grim smile.

"Mei…" Zabuza murmured, his hands flinging away from his blade as he raced forward to embrace the figure before them. With arms wide open, Mei embraced Zabuza, her grim smile soon splitting her face in a large grin.

"It has been some time, Zabuza, How have you been?" The Kiri rebel smiled, now holding Zabuza at arm length as to inspect him. The man was clad in a solid black tank top, which tucked into a large pair of digital camo fatigues of various shades of blue, gray and white. His zori were shin high, while his bandages wrapped to just below his knee caps.

The bandages wrapped around his lower face were discarded immediately, a large smile on his pale face. "Things have been rather rough, Mei," Zabuza began, his voice strained slightly, "But Haku and I have gotten bye."

Naruto felt out of place, as well as Haku. The androgynous boy had only heard of Mei in passing, never meeting the female in person. Zabuza spoke highly of the Kunoichi, so Haku knew the female in front of him was not someone to trifle with. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Mei-san, Zabuza-Sama speaks very highly of you." Haku ended with a slight bow.

The meeting of the four figures eased the atmosphere greatly, the chakra signatures surrounding them having relaxed after the correct code words. One by one the figures entered the clearing, surrounding the four figures in the center in a tight circle. One of the figures stepped forward, a seafoam green robe wrapped around his body tightly. His blue hair was styled up in a single swoop upwards, Very reminiscent of one Monster of the Mists hairstyle. An eye patch covered his right eye, sealing tags tangling from his ears.

"My name is Ao, left hand of Mei in this rebellion," The man began, "We welcome you to the Kiri Revolutionary Army, and wish you well." With a small smile, Ao clasped his fist over his heart. "Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again!"

The unusual trio returned the mantra, also clasping their hands over their hearts. "Alright, now that we are acquainted, let's return to base." Mei spoke, motioning for the large gathering to fall back and return to their safe house. Every figure in the clearing nodded their heads, each disappearing from view one at a time until only the five stood together.

"After you, Mei, you are the leader after all." Zabuza murmured, already in the process of wrapping his face in bandages. With a nod, the five rebels disappeared into the mist, and the clearing stood silent once more.

A figure dropped from the tree line, watching all of the retreating figures with a critical eye.

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