Chapter 1: Anniversary preparations, 11 years ahead

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A Day of Thanksgiving -One Future Possibility

Several tents and a giant weather controlled heated bubble, had just been erected on Borrow grounds. A large coach carried the Cuban salsa group, and the strings quartet had arrived a few minutes before. Sadly, all these Muggles would have to be Obliviated. No loss to them, they would be paid beyond their expectations after their gig, and would be richer.

After the party, a Weasleys' trusted wizard would travel with them part of the way, pay them, and do the deed. Whoever drove then would try to substitute some memories of the day, but they were not always successful, usually they would be wondering about the money and where had the day gone, oh well.

Minutes earlier, the event organizers, and their minions were setting up. One of the groups was 'The Finnegan's,' they were in charge of managing all today's entertainment. Catering was made available by Ginger Delights; beverages and bar-tending services, by 'Gin and Tonic;' after hours gigs, the ones for the adult crowd once the children were all put to bed, by 'WWW entertainment;' protocol and in care of VIPs were managed by 'Silver and Dark.'

The closing act was the Circus de Maguique; a favorite of the witch being honored that evening.

An Eastern-European-Magic Puppeteer's group was already setting up for the late morning and afternoon plays. One was a child's version of the golden trio and the evil lord's confrontation, a much sanitized and less scary play, featuring the usual suspects. Then every other hour, a play with three short acts about the love stories the Gryffindor Princess, the Boy-who-lived, and Ron Weasley; each story was rated G.

The closing act was a short skit featuring puppets of their children and pets, for everyone's delight. Each child would receive a copy of their puppet and their pet if they had one. The talk of the day was the third play, at least in the little witches' crowd. It was an actual exact reproduction of the wedding day of today's celebrated couple.

The 'Wedding' had every witch over five totally riled up. The younger witches chased the boys, wanting to dress up and to play 'house, and bride and groom.' Of course, all the young wizards kept running away, totally grossed out. The icing on the cake for each little girl would be the gift of a doll dressed exactly as the bride.

However, there would be only one groom to be raffled amongst all the single witches above 17. It would symbolize the next one to be married.

The adults laughed every time they saw the hopeful mini-brides-to-be, dressed up with sheets and heads covered with linen napkins as veils," poor little wizards," laughed Harry, "they can run, but they cannot hide."

The circus act had been announced as the last; however the real play to close the day was a surprise. It was from a wizard in love to his beloved wife; a 'close- hold secret,' and even his wife had no idea.

He was dying to see her face; and he hoped she would not kill him before the end of the night as his mother had predicted.

A little fear kept bothering him, "Son how could you had listened to that nincompoop and to George, of all people? I guess you like to live dangerously, don't be surprised if you are divorced come tomorrow's early dawn." Arthur admonished him and left a bit upset, yikes.

For all the parents who would attend the all-day, all-evening party, the large playroom temporarily converted to a large-scale nursery room, had cots for all the children10 and below. There were beds for the caretakers and the nurses—some hired for the occasion— cribs, and two elves to oversee the large operation. There would be children galore, not only from his kin, but from all friends and their families.

Overnight stay for the adult guests, which could not be accommodated at the flats or the spare rooms, was available at specially erected tents. They benefited from the gigantic climate controlled bubble around the Burrows grounds. It had been designed and produced by their organization, a combined Malfoy-Weasley venture. It sported comfortable beds and full facilities all set up by a contracted service.

Molly had taken care of helping with all the coordination. She was now in charge of arranging all the social functions for Bill and his witch. Her job was to run the day-to-day Manor operations, a generously paid job. It was Molly's first paid job in her life, and she was happy to remind Arthur whenever she could. It was a known fact that she made four times his ministry's salary. She wanted to coax him into retirement without any luck because his career was soaring.

She reminded him every other day of her success, not aware of how proud Arthur was of his witch. For once in her life, she paid attention to him and had put the children in a back burner. Her own success had made her more aware of her own life, strange how life works Arthur, thought.

"Dear, this excellent elven wine is a bottle from the wine cases I ordered for us from an exclusive new store at Diagon Alley; or, "The cheeses and the escargot came straight from France at—;" or, "did you like the new cashmere trousers and jumper you are wearing today? I bought them for you at –."

They were just gentle reminders that she had her own personal vault, and of her fair-share contribution towards their expenses and their futures. She was proud of herself; and her pride and her gained-self-esteem, had enhanced their marital life. A fact that had made Arthur a very happy wizard; their private life was indeed enjoying a golden age.

For a while, he just wished he had the stamina he had a little while back, during those when her offers were not so free. Something that did not seem to be an obstacle anymore since one of his son's in-law had introduced him to a new potion, it was a healthy approach to a Muggle's magic blue pill, he was told. Life was good for Arthur Weasley, and today was a special day, the celebration of the couple that had made it all possible.

The children were already out and playing, and it was only 7:10 AM. As they woke up and ate breakfast at their flats, they would come out running. The temperature was lovely, and the bubble created pleasant warm spring weather. The gnomes had been subdued with a gnome-calming charm, invention of their own commercial venture. Most of the kids had come out in their sleeping clothes, and their pets just followed. No guests were expected for a few hours.

The assigned sitter for the family children was a tall handsome teenaged wizard currently sporting a ginger head full of hair, changing to turquoise and green. The changes prompted the loud giggles and claps of the little toddler witch, with a curly mop of soft ginger hair coiffed into flirty pigtails, and a few wild curls escaping their confines.

He carried the toddler in a backpack, and he was obviously enjoying it. Molly was his, he never let any other of the older kids handle her, "She is too little, I am her guardian, besides I get paid for watching her," was his retort when other boys, and girls teased him. "Teddy likes to play with dolls," the other young wizards would often taunt him. He was oblivious, he only care about his charge.

He even carried her in the backpack when he went out to meet his friends for Muggle pizza. "She cries if I don't bring along; or my aunt asked me to take care of her since yesterday."

And he would shrug his shoulders, looking at all with defiance. Now, the young witches could see a future husband taking care of their babies, and invariably would sigh. Of course the fact that Teddy Lupin was extremely handsome, a preteen heartthrob didn't hurt. He would start at Hogwarts next year, a fact he did not like. He didn't want to leave Molly behind, who would take care of her he worried.

At this moment, the little hellion was pulling his hair "Mor, teli, hars blu, pimk, more." The teenager was running after the smaller children and a couple of ragtag dogs. A small white fur ball that appeared to have two heads, or was it three, well maybe a mirage, kept attacking his shoes, and had nearly tripped him at least once.

"Teddy stop it, no running with Molly, bring her to me, you know the rules, and we don't want more accidents," the tall man, with a few faded scars, called while chuckling to himself. He was holding his witch by the waist.

"Please love, ask him to stop running with her." His wife sounded concerned.

"Princess, she is safe, let Teddy have her. I should know the effect that my witches have in the male population. Just look at Rose, at just seven and has all the older boys eating out her hand. And besides, we already know he is the one for Molly. We, your parents, his family, mine, and Harry, we all saw the same thing when he first picked her up, not even one day old." At this they both laughed, and she wrapped her arms tighter around his waist.

"You are right; I only hope that he waits until she finishes University, maybe when she is like twenty five?" She hopefully wondered looking at him.

He looked at her a bit sad, "Doubt it!" The both said in unison and laughed, forced. Yeah, like he waited, ok, he had let her go, but with him right behind her. Where were the twins, he did not even want to think.

He flopped in one of the lounging chairs just placed behind him by Winky. He lowered himself down, and brought her body down with his. She quickly wiggled her bum to and fro while trying to settle onto his lap, and executed a slow 'innocent' grind, making him harder with every movement.

He hissed, "Settle down at this very instance. You bad naughty witch, what are you doing?" then a small growl and a loud groan. Hmm, there was no stopping her, so instead pressed his chin on her head.

"There are children everywhere, we aren't alone, and you are just trouble. How many times a day does it take to keep you satisfied?" his voice a bit husky, his eyes gleamed with joyful lust.

He loved the way she smelled, maybe if she settled down to the right, oh yes, move a little back, perfect, not even paying attention of how he was pressing against her; and he wondered if they could find just a short while to be alone? This day was making him very emotional, eleven years and three months, from the realization; and ten to the day, when they had their hand-fasting.

She sighted and settled down. She was frustrating both of them, and the day was going to be very long. She laid her head on his chest, rested her hands over his, and looked at the army of helpers, house-elves, children, and pets. Both sat there contented.

Then she whispered, "I have the solution, do you want to join me at the large bathroom? It is ours alone for the next days, and the children are staying with their grandparents." He purred with delight.

He looked at the veritable sea of heads. It was a veritable human quilt. The hair color was predominantly ginger, with the occasional raven, brown blonds, browns, and a random light blond. They were the future, the hope, of the new Wizarding world. The new age for the Weasleys, union makes the strength, if not, just look at them.

The children's hairs were amazing, all kinds, from curly to straight hairs. Their skins were just beautiful. Most of the children had porcelain skins, some sprinkled with freckles, but not all were the same which was nice. There were a few children with beautiful golden faces and a couple nice 'café au lait' baby dolls; and there were some other darker cocoa cuties. A children quilt, the most beautiful kind.

However, they all shared a commonality; they all must have drunk some sort of invigorating potion, judging by their fast running and loud screams, all over the place. He hoped for them to settle down before everyone came.

Other dogs, some giant, some short, and a few Kneazles were joining the fun. Rose, with her curly ginger hair, tall and, and sure of herself, came out pulling a cart with balls, many small brooms, and some soft toys. The boys, and a couple of the girls, one of them Rose, grabbed brooms and started climbing on them.

She looked around for her little brothers, and sighed, they were surely doing something bad with the Potters, she knew it; those boys were nothing but trouble. Two more caretakers came out to help with the bunch and she sighed in relief.

He turned his head around and looked at the Burrow, not the one where he grew up, that one had burned down; it did not look like the first one, not exactly.

The new Burrow had a new name and exuded the same air of prosperity of the garden prepared for the party. It was now called "Weasley-Granger Manor." The name was displayed at the entrance, but invisible to Muggle eyes. Amazing what eleven and one half years could do.

The dead were always missed, but he had visited with them no long ago, courtesy of his talented witch. He now knew, that they were sitting and watching; they must be laughing at the new traditions at the Burrow born out the growth of their one mixed glorious family.

He knew they could occasionally see them and were happy and waiting for them, but not too soon, there was still a lot to be done. He kissed his love, his witch, his friend and mate, his reason for breathing and living.

However, his heart ached at the thought of loosing her, a possibility that was never far. The danger was still there. It was the reason why the Manor was protected with state of the art Muggle security and with the strongest of wards.

All friends, family, and allies were welcome; after all, everyone's blood was red. And if Weasleys were now a reckoning financial and political power, it was as because their tolerance, their love for the new, their acceptance of the Muggle world, and their tightly knitted allegiance. All the Weasley children but one, worked in the corporation, and Arthur didn't, he was still at the Ministry in charge of the new Ministry for Muggle affairs.

Their unconventional families all united by their love for each other, were unbreakable thus their strength. The Manor was really a large luxury apartment's compound, the bottom floor had large meeting rooms, and hotel sized kitchen, a large nursery for daycare, and a library that would compete with the Malfoys.

Because of the repeated threats as their fortune grew, during a family meeting, a unanimous decision to reside by each other was made. Although a somewhat medieval living arrangement, the structure had been built in way to afford great privacy

Each house had its own Floo connection and its own entrance to the outside world, and each fostered privacy.

Nobody barged into anyone's house, and they all had to announce and ask before they came over. No exceptions to that rule. Childcare was centrally provided, and many other fringe benefits were available.

They had the best of both worlds. Privacy charms were imbedded in the dividing walls, further enhancing independence. They had developed internal policies and lived in peace. Being able to share some duties and to help each other, when needed, was just great. Nobody was asked to partake of parties or activities; it was all 100% voluntary.

This had all been made possible due to the fact that Molly had her own set of problems, and no time to get involved in their individual lives.

The complex had Muggle electricity, central heating, solar panels, insulation, all magical green construction, and also Muggle phone service. I was connected to cable and satellite connections for the telly, and to the Internet via heavily shielded cables against magic frequency waves, another invention of 'Layers.'

However, it also enjoyed of all Wizarding advantages, a marriage of the best of both worlds. It boasted of a large lift for access to the upper floors; each floor was divided in three 5-bedroom flats, bathrooms with kitchens, sitting rooms etc. I had a total of you guess, nine flats. Not all the flats were occupied, but available when the renegade family would decide to come back into the fold. Maybe after today, his brother would bury the hatchet, as his wife's yank relatives often said.

There were ten individual guest rooms, all found in the first floor. A hidden room with the house-elves cupboards, for the free-elves, who would refuse to have more than half day a week off, and they would usually spend it playing with the children. They just didn't get the concept of freedom such is life.

Then attached to the Manor was 'Layers,' their business Headquarters, where top management worked.

The wizard looked at his witch with his heart full of gratitude and love. He missed Fred, even if he knew what he did; they all had seen the same. He wished that his brother could have partaken of this golden age. At least his parents had lived to see this, and were rewarded for all their love and hard work. Fred had died to protect his witch; she wouldn't be with him today if not for Fred's valiant sacrifice.

He kissed her sweet head, and she looked at him with so much love that his heart seemed to bleed, a little. He felt a tear rolling down his cheek; she noticed and dried it up with her lips, "He can see us love, my father, Sirius, all the ones who left us too soon. At least our losses were minimal, don't cry."

Then a feeling of joy fluttered inside the wizard and melted the pain. He felt Fred's presence all around them; he knew his scent, Fred's.

Kissing her husband's cheek, she held on to him tighter, and she rested her head on his chest. The moment was perfect, a feeling of completion suffused his very being and filled him entirely, then closing his eyes he remembered, the day when he almost didn't get his witch.

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