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Chapter 2: The wrong wedding, the beginning.

Charlie's Miracle

The bride was nervous and waiting. Fleur had worried the entire night and still hoped that Charlie had not shared their conversation with Bill. Last night she was indiscrete and blamed it on her mama for making her feel ashamed of her Bill.

Charlie was over Fleur and fervently wished that he could tell Bill about his to-be witch. He couldn't forget last night's heart-to-heart with his former girlfriend. Fleur had sought him. He relived the meeting.

"Maman was right," Fleur told Charlie. He suspected with the intention to extract a confession of his lasting love, and that he still cared.

"Guillaume isn't ze same sorcièr I met and fell in love with. Mon Cher, ow I wish zat I adn't been so blind."

"One zing is to magry down, ze Delacours are French nobilite, Muggle, wizard, and fey, but anozer is to magry a munster, a werwolf at zat. Well, a alf-munster, but il is trés sexy. Ah, it is also tgrue your Maman is un peu, mm, tacky, gauche, oui?" Fleur looked at him and grabbed his arm.

Today, Charlie wished that he had avoided her, mostly because he didn't dare to break his brother's heart. Bill already had his share of misfortune; besides, he had arrived to the conclusion that the bride just had a bad case of pre-nuptial jitters. He breathed a sigh of relief at his own conclusion. In any case, it was out his hands.

The beautiful bride and groom were preparing to come out in a few minutes. The excitement was palpable. He wished, however, for a miracle to stop this wedding. Alas, he would later remember the old adage. "Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it." The miracle, if there would be one, had a name, Molly Weasley. She simply didn't give up easily; and she was on a mission.

Molly makes her move

Molly sent Hermione to bring the coin to Bill. "Dear girl, please bring this to Bill right away. It belonged to Gideon, but he never had the chance to use it. The Prewett men kept it in their cloak pocket during the hand- fasting, it guarantees a good marriage. Trust me there is nothing nefarious, I promise. And just don't tell anyone, it is best that way."

In the Muggle fashion, she crossed her fingers behind her back

Molly knew the rest of the story, but she wasn't sharing, and she didn't want to be questioned by one of her children later; heaven forbid that they already knew the charm's real power. It was her last ammo to stop the ill-fated wedding.

When Little-Red-Granger meets the hungry Wolf

Hermione, dressed in her red summer dress, looked radiant and hopeful. Her hair was up on a fancy braided crown. She couldn't wait to be a bride; oh, yes, she was a romantic indeed. Oh well, she could wait and would, until she finished her education.

Ah, Fleur was so beautiful, hmm to have her flawless beauty and charm. Only someone like her could get a husband like Bill. He was the most beautiful man she had ever seen, well one of them; she giggled thinking about today's event; so romantic, a wedding. She sighed deeply.

She knocked at Bill's door, Charlie opened," Hi there beautiful" he smiled, "And you are here for?" Charlie wished that he were a few years younger, and by the way, when had the little witch gotten so hot?

"Bill I have something for you," she said approaching Bill, holding something shiny on her stretched hand. Gods, his body was great.

Bill turned around towards Hermione; he'd been by the window looking down unto the garden and the arriving guests. His stomach was in knots, he was still afraid that Fleur would change her mind and would not marry a half-monster.

What was his mother up to it? As he turned around, his enhanced olfactory sense caught a fragrance. The scent traveled from his nose right into his brain, rapidly made its circuit through his spinal chord, and straight into his groin, waking up his dormant lance. He actually felt fire flowing through him; is this some sort of werewolf thing on my wedding day? He wondered.

Although he was aware of his enhanced sense of smell, why the reaction, why now? If so, if his scent had be something new; otherwise, he would have caught a whiff of this heavenly wicked scent before, right? Where was it was coming from?

He sniffed harder—could it be coming from Hermione? Is that even possible? Yes, it must be. He recoiled in surprise at the recognition and nearly jumped backwards.

Hermione was upset this morning; her day had been nearly ruined once she realized her period was early, the new pills she was taken probably needed to be changed. But of all days, this wasn't the right one. She felt bloated, achy, irritable, and to make matters worse Viktor was coming.

She still crushed after him and was hoping for a snogging-feeling-up session, which clearly was not to be. Snogging was a maybe; she knew Viktor and how things tended to end up a little horizontally with him, not shagging but close enough.

She remembered the time before was an almost, and by the time she had changed her mind, he had gone back to his hotel. Before he left last time, they had explored a couple of alternative ways to enjoy their bodies, and she wanted more, a repeat session with some of the same. She couldn't forget his fabulous fingers, and his hands, and mouth and tongue, going all over —, never mind.

This was not fair. Besides she had the idea that he might be asking her to be exclusive, maybe even a ring, what a bad timing.

She couldn't stop her daydreaming, because she had almost decided towards shagging. Yup, this would have been an ideal day for it. She was aroused since early this morning thinking about weddings and the handsome couple. And she was ready; she had been taking the pill for nearly three months now, and still adjusting, hmmm. She sighed rather loud.

Too bad that the red-silk-knit-lace mini-corset, matching boy shorts, mid-thigh silk tights, and let's not forget the painful bikini-and-nearly-allover-Brazilian wax, were all wasted, what a bummer. And yes, the pedicure and manicure and the matching red polish. Why o why? It was probably all the stress over Dumbledore's death and the war.

Ginny had told her some wizards did not care about the mess, and that it was very safe as well. Nah, too embarrassing, but then with Viktor, one never knew, and that thought put her instantly in a better mood.

Oh well, Bill looked so delicious, and she was getting even more aroused. Viktor was also very hot, not as much as Bill, but nearly so. She smiled, tonight was the night, and she felt it in her bones.

Little did Ginny know some wizards really didn't mind it all, 'au contraire,' it could even lure the unexpected lupine groom.

^^Heavenly aroma or 'Charlie's miracle' ^^

Bill'd sniffed Hermione's hand when she passed him the coin. The coin wasn't just for happiness; it was a magic coin that would restrain a Prewett male from marrying the 'wrong' bride.

Nobody knew how, because it used different tactics every time. It supposed to set the stage and let the actors proceed accordingly. When a Prewett tied the knot, it always stopped the groom from making a dreadful mistake, or so the stories told. Molly had never seen it in action, but she hoped.

What the hell, what was going on?

Charlie wondered as he observed Bill. He looked at the groom as if he had sprouted fangs. Ok, not fangs but close enough, Bill's pupils were quite dilated, their color had changed, and they no longer seemed blue. It was difficult to ascertain the exact shade from this vantage point.

And why were his nostrils flaring? Charlie examined his brother's skin; it was flushed and no longer pale. Merlin, what was up with all the sniffing? Mensch, it was embarrassing; he was behaving like a rude dog.

In a swift move, Bill reached for the coin, but kept hold of her hand. And now, he smelled the hand, thoroughly, up and down, and the young witch appeared to be more than a little upset. She seemed flustered and doing her best to pull her arm away. She was trying to rescue her limb from an assertive Bill who persisted in keeping his booty, namely, Hermione's hand.

Charlie raised an eyebrow questioning Bill. His gut was churning and alerting him of incoming danger, it was a gift. It had saved him from eminent death more than once. Something wasn't right, but what?

Hermione was paralyzed, and her hand felt on fire. Bill's nose was done with the hand and was now going up her arm. He was treating her arm as a purveyor of fine comestibles would, in order to determine if a fine comestible were worthy of his attention.

It was more than sniffing, his nose was stuck to her skin, and unseen to Charlie Bill occasionally licked her, with a very wet tongue. He could, however, hear the soft satisfied groans.

Hermione started to back up slowly, her heart about to burst in fear; and once in a while, she could feel something sharp scrape her skin. She didn't want to get bitten, and this wizard with the aggressive nose and fast tongue wasn't the Bill she knew.

Bill couldn't understand what was going on. He had ignored Charlie's alarmed look, albeit he could sense the wrongness, but he couldn't care less if he tried. He was in a über-egoistical mode. He felt hard as never before, and his cock was twitching like mad. The tantalizing aroma that he was inhaling went straight into his brain, every time. And in turn, he was sure, a signal was transmitted into his mouth, because he could feel his teeth elongating.

His stomach was on fire and clenching; and there was a flame consuming his groin, and traveling up to his glans staining his trousers, and surely he must be humping the air. Charlie was horrified seeing his brother's lewd movements.

Her mixed scent also smell of arousal and a delightful fearful aroma, she was afraid of his wolf. He felt his wolf smiling, gods he must be going crazy. Nothing like the tantalizing smell of fear and female's heat and arousal, the smile got even wider. Atta boy, he heard a voice egging him on.

And did he smile ever, right before his wolf actually talked for sure, She is a tasty little morsel, and she is yours, take her. Don't let anyone come near her. Can you smell that rich aroma? Try to imagine her in all fours? He could picture the visual, and it made him want to howl, to howl? Bill shook his head, a feeble attempt to clear the runaway train of his emotions.

That was one of the first times his wolf had talked to him, though Remus had told him about it, and he wasn't too surprised. The other time had been last night, telling him, "Fleur is a bitch, and not the good sort. I am warning you, now."

And now his hips were showing him what to do, but he hoped he was wrong; he, Bill, wasn't very much in control. He was no longer in charge, and that was a fact.

He wasn't wrong, and that was exactly what he was doing much to Charlie's horror, and to Hermione's ever growing discomfort. She was scared, wanting to bolt out. She could feel his erection;the hardness against her belly was very large; she knew about at least two other sizes and was able to compare it, Victor and Ron had both pressed theirs against her dancing or snogging, and this was too big for her comfort.

This was wrong though; it was hurting her; yet it made her ache in a strange way, "Bill stop you are almost a married man. And Charlie, please help, I want my parents, right now." She begged.

There had been a few times during this last year when she had wanted her parents, today was one. She wanted her mom, and her father to take this thing, whatever Bill had become, away from her.

Hermione was past afraid, she was horrified. Her brain was computing, what was going on here? She had breakfast with all the Weasley family members; the bride had stayed in her room. Bill had been stressed this morning but nothing like this.

She looked at Charlie, and mouthed, "HELP. Help me please!" No longer caring about the reason, or the why, the older Weasley was acting out of character. He was no longer Bill, and he was clearly a threat to her.

My wand, oh, I am a certifiable idiot, I am. Right, she had left it in her little purse on her chair.

As Charlie advanced, a very nasty snarl escaped from Bill to everyone's surprise. Bill's head rose for a minute and glared at Charlie.

Poor Charlie, he didn't want Bill to keep at whatever he was doing, and he wanted Bill to understand that he was under some sort of enchantment.

The point was that Bill was no longer in control; moreover, Charlie feared that the werewolf wanted someone, and that someone was Hermione. This definitely wasn't the miracle he had hoped for.

^^My brother the wolf^^

Charlie gasped when he looked at Bill's face and eyes. His eyes were the color of amber, no, they were actually gold and they glowed, his shoulders seem wider, and the scars appeared less noticeable. His hair was burnished red, full of strange highlights.

If Bill were not his brother, he would have thought him beautiful and desirable. He believed on equal opportunity in matters of sex. The truth was that his handsome brother was no longer 100% human, he was a feral and dangerous predator, and also very hot.

Bill now held Hermione close to him, with one arm around her waist, while he continued his careful sniffing, overtly licking and nipping all around her face, and wherever he found bare skin. Afterwards, he really began to whimper, loudly; the lewd moves intensified and were undeniable. Yes, he was seriously humping and grinding his hips against her stomach.

Since Hermione was almost a foot shorter than he was, she was overpowered. And now, she was mewling with fear, sobbing, and begging, "Bill, stop it, let me go, please, Bill, let me go. Charlie, please tell him to let me go."

"Bill, stop it mate, what are you doing? It is Hermione, can't you that she is so young, your little sister, please let her go!" Charlie tried once more.

He slowly put a foot forward, while not looking at him on the eye, his eyes down, offering his hand for sniffing, looking smaller, non confrontational, trying to remember the handling of wild mammals. What he didn't want to do was to show him signs that would lead Bill to act as his alpha.

He had closed the distance between them by a couple of steps, when Bill's head raised with graceful predatory stealth, and with a loud growl and a snarl, he showed Charlie his glowing fangs; they were a sight to be reckon with, a sign to stay away.

"If you come any closer, I will hurt you. Charlie, you must know that I won't be able to stop myself. Don't touch her, or I will have to kill you. Now, get the hell out, I have business with her that are only between the two of us."

Once again, he growled while getting a hold of Hermione with brute strength, he pushed her behind him while grabbing her arms around this waist, and holding them in place with one hand. He had effectively shielded Hermione from anyone coming in. All his actions were deliberate and cunning, which made him one smart wolf.

"Bill, mate, you are marrying your dream witch in a few minutes, everyone is waiting for you." Charlie tried a new approach. Of course, what was he thinking about, he had forgotten the obvious, that the wolf could care less for another female at this junction, there was only one female for this wolf, Hermione.

Several other growls, and Charlie would later swear that Bill had grown at least two more inches and was wider around his girth, his hands also were bigger. All considered, he was frankly afraid of his own brother, or whatever he had become.

As a dragon tamer, he easily recognized dangerous predators, and whatever was going on with Bill made him one. Whereas he had seen this type of behavior during mating season, it made not sense here because Bill was marrying his chosen mate, in a few minutes. Perhaps?