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Last time Hermione found the truth about her birth, that her mother was a witch. She was angry at her father's death and blamed it on her involvement with the war. A few weeks after she learned that her father was Regulus Black and now she is about to meet her Pureblood family.

I am going to finish this fiction knowing it has fallen in dislike, which is my fault for abandoning it for so long. I hope these last chapters remind you why you liked it before.

Meet the Family- The Waiting Years-


It happened fast, one second Hermione was walking towards a large group, the next minute she was being held, kissed, squeezed, and touched by different hands; and they all had something in common, all dressed in elegant traditional robes, everyone had curly hair, and all looked rather Pureblood.

"Helena, you are alive and Hermione is your child. I told Maurice more than once that you must be Helena's child, but he said you were a Mud, err, a Muggleborn." A thirty something witch, spoke.

"You are so pretty. You look like your grandmother Begonia, just like her. Except your eyes are darker, hers were unusual, nearly yellow." An older witch touched her face. "I am your grandmother young lady, do give me a kiss." And she offered her cheek to Hermione. Hermione was amazed, this older witch looked a little like her.

Hermione looked around, there were several young people, but she didn't recognize any from Hogwarts. Maurice noticed, "They were all sent to study abroad, after my sister left, we fell out favor with the Death Eaters; and the family thought better and sent your cousins to study across the pond. They will be going to Hogwarts next year, hopefully." He explained.

The older wizard, who had a stiff face, had been introduced as her Grandfather, not a very warm individual. He looked at Bill, "And what is your relationship with my daughter and granddaughter?" He thought Bill too young for Helena, she was 37 years old, and too old for Hermione since Maurice had said he had gone to Hogwarts with him.

"And before you answer, I knew some Weasleys, they married into the Black family long ago. I haven't heard from them in a while. And your hair is rather familiar." He looked at Bill with dislike.

"My father is Arthur Weasley, and you are right, he comes from those Weasley. As to my relationship with your family, I hope to marry Hermione when she is done with her studies." Bill answered, taking Hermione's hand into his. "Mr. Elm, pleasure to meet you," Bill stretched his hand, "William Weasley."

Mr. Elm did not stretch his hand, "Weasley, the Blood traitor, I remember. Your father was a poor relation of the Black," he said haughtily, but at Helena's reproachful look, he backed up, "not that really matters, I remember you were first of your class, the Head Boy, a smart wizard. Nevertheless, you are too old for our girl. She has to take her place in our society and meet young wizards her age." He ascertained, and most the adults to include Maurice nodded their heads.

Hermione felt ill at the words and looked at her mother for support, but her mother wasn't going to fight this battle for her. She thought Hermione was too young to be attached, and while she wasn't against or for Bill, not really knowing him, she agreed that Hermione needed to meet more wizards, and to learn about her family.

Bill was pale and looked aghast, and before he was able to do much, he was separated from Hermione, who was surrounded by both male and female relatives. There was a witch maybe a year or two younger than Hermione with blond hair and amber eyes, a little taller than Hermione, but you could see they were relatives. What she was warm; she hooked her arm with Hermione and gave him a dismissive look.

You fool, they are stealing her from us, take her now. They don't like you, and I can tell. She is our mate, and I miss her. TAKE HER you coward. Lobo kept screaming inside his head, and what he said, Bill already knew. He could feel her far away from him already.

The witch who was a couple years older than Maurice was a first cousin, her name was Artemisia, and apparently had lived with them for a long time. It wasn't long before he knew their names. The younger relatives were sons and daughters of Helena's siblings; Maurice had a ten year old that just joined the crowd and the others ranged from 12 to 19 or so.

"Hello, Arga here," Arga peeked out Hermione's pocket, she had moved from Bill into Hermione's pocket.

Maurice had already mentioned her, and the next half hour was spent touching and playing with Arga, and Bill wasn't allowed to get closer to Hermione, who would look at him. He could tell that she felt trapped. Before the evening was over, her mother agreed to move into the large Manor that was nothing inside as it looked outside.

From what Bill could see, it was a smaller scale of Malfoy Manor, and no different from other wealthy Pureblood homes he had visited. He was feeling discouraged, and he was coming to the conclusion that her new family would care little about a bond with a werewolf, and his heart ached and bled with the pain of separation.

"I want to say goodbye to Bill," she told her mother.

"Say goodbye here, just for today, please darling. " Her mother begged, and after seeing her mother happier, she decided to go along, but not without pain and regret. She already missed Bill and was beginning to understand how difficult their relationship was going to be. Although she would fight against their unfair decision, she would play along just for a short while, just for a few days.

Hermione walked him to the door, and one of her older relatives, a great aunt stood nearby. She gave him a chaste kiss on his cheek, "I miss you, sorry for the last weeks." She whispered and touched his cheek lightly.

"Come with me, we are bonded, practically married," Bill seemed desperate.

Maurice walked towards them, "Bill, you are too old for her, you are my age. Let her be, if she still wants you in a few years, you can ask for her. Our family has suffered much, please let her go."

His voice was compassionate, yet, Hermione wasn't deceived, it had an edge of steel and hardness, if they knew that Bill was a wolf, it would be all over. Hermione already knew it, and, furthermore, she wasn't going to like this new life.

There was a small hope in the horizon, she was going to Hogwarts for her last year and would find a way to be with Bill. Of course, there were a couple of matters to consider; namely, she really didn't want to be married at her age, and she wanted to study, but not being with Bill wasn't in her plans either. What to do?

She whispered, "I will send you an owl, or will send Arga to let you know where to meet."

He agreed and left with tears in his eyes, and a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach.


It was nearly three weeks before she was able to contact Bill, she was always with someone, going somewhere, meeting her family, going in visits etc. She actually saw other Hogwarts students before she saw her friends.

She made first page as the Pureblood who passed for a Muggle, as if that was her fault. The name of the father wasn't divulged, supposedly, a private matter, the family had decided not to share with the public until the parents of the deceased wizard were contacted.

Marriage brokers approached her mother; each one of them wanted to be the one in charge of Hermione's contract. Soon enough, Hermione was ready to fight, and she told her mother, "I neither want brokers, nor to be presented in a debutants dance; I only want Bill. " At her words, her mother dried a few tears and avoided her daughter.

"Miss Hermione, yous has a visitor," the old elf lowered her voice, "the Mr. Potter, he is the house-elves' friend."

The elves like Harry, but ran away from her, they heard how she wanted them freed, and none like that at all.

Harry stood up when she came in the large room, and he ran to give her a hug. "So they have kidnapped you and turned into a Pureblood." He joked at her proper robes; robes she despised but had little choice. She was going along in deference to her mother, who mourned her father, but she missed her life.

"Yes, practically, in this home witches are watched with a hawk's eye. After my mother's running away, they are ultra strict. I go in inane visits, have teas with witches I find reprehensible, and I am not allowed to see Bill."

She broke into tears and sobs holding on to Harry. "I have been tempted to ask the crows to free me from my prison, how are things going with you?"

"There will be a ceremony for the fallen, and an award ceremony for us." Harry explained, "And Professor Snape is back, sort of. He is not the traitor we thought; he was a double spy, I am glad he made it, and he wants to see you." He lowered his voice," and Bill is waiting to see you as well."

Hermione smiled, cleaning her tears with Harry's robes, "When is this happening?"

"Tomorrow, but I was hoping to go and see Professor Snape today. " Harry waited for her response.

"I think is okay, if not, I am going anyway. " Her younger cousin, Elisa, came into the room. "Are you the Harry Potter?"

Harry answered, "My name is Harry Potter, wow, you look so much like Hermione, but prettier," he smiled big, and Hermione punched his arm.

Elisa blushed, "You are silly, she is the prettiest of all the cousins." Harry thought so, but he didn't say anything.

They talked for a while, and Hermione took him around to meet her grandparents. "You are Charlus grandson, I knew him, and he was older than I was. Good wizard if not for his misguided ideas." Mr. Elm remarked, and his wife seemingly upset at his words, touched her husband's arm, and coughed.

"Of course, it would seem we were all mistaken about the Dark Lord, and you have defeated him. The one thing that you didn't do well was endangering my gran child. That fool Dumbledore, what was he thinking, making an army from children. Well, it is the past, and no more wild adventures, I want lots of grandchildren." And he smiled to Harry thinking he might be a suitor.

Harry blushed, "Err, yes, Hermione and I are good friends, and I think our adventure days are over, at least for now."

They talked some more, and they went around meeting several people. "You are lucky to have such a large family," and in a lower voice, "Miracle they are not Slytherins. I gather there are a couple Gryffindors and mostly Ravenclaws. They are, however, Purebloods, look at this house. Imagine all those Slytherins who have called you names, they will have to eat them." He chuckled and Hermione hit his arm.

"You must be Harry, you have grown," it was a very pretty witch, she looked a lot like Hermione," I am Helena, Hermione's mom, you were about 12 when I saw you last." She shook his hand, and he blushed for having ogled at her.

"Mom, I am going with Harry to visit Professor Snape…" And she told her mother about the professor.

"I see no harm, " Helena said, but Hermione wasn't finished.

"I am going to stop by a couple of friends, I haven't seen in ages." Hermione looked at her mother defiantly.

Her mother dropped her eyes, "Remember what we talked about—"

Hermione interrupted and spoke between clenched teeth, "I didn't agree to anything, you asked me to consider it. In the Magical world I am an adult, so don't push me too hard."

Her mother appeared resigned, and she dried a couple of tears, "Go on, be home by eleven, this is a week day, and you only have a few more weeks here before going back to Hogwarts. We need to talk later." Helena had planned to take Hermione to have a check up and discuss birth control.

"Ah, I forgot, the marriage broker came by, he has several candidates to discuss with us. And don't feel alone, as you know there are not enough magical females, he also has candidates for me."

"But my father just died," Hermione was aghast at her mother's prospects.

"No sense in arguing, they didn't consider it a real marriage. I will only look. I loved Regulus and your father, and my love for them is not gone; but my father is getting old, and his brothers, my mother's family, and one of my brothers died during the wars. And if that wasn't enough, I left them with a broken heart; and maybe this is the time to make it up to them. I will only look to please them. I miss our home, but sometimes what we wish is not important. Maybe you will go and visit the portrait of Mrs. Black and give her your father's message."

At this Harry's eyes opened up, "Mother, Harry is here," Hermione made a face.

"Tell him darling, I am tired of secrets, he needs to know the rest. They never said the name of my 'first' husband for 'respect' to privacy. Tell Harry. Good bye and have a nice day."

Elisa and Gerry came from around the corner. "Are you going out, can we come along?" Gerry asked. He was a tall curly haired young man, and Harry that he looked like Hermione.

Hermione was quick to answer," I am visiting the families that lost someone at the battle. And will also visit the professor who was poisoned by Nagini, next time? We can plan to go to Diagon Alley later this week." Hermione proposed, her mind already racing ahead in how to leave the cousins with Harry so she could be with Bill.

But Gerry wouldn't give up; "We will be quiet, after being gone for so many years we hardly know anyone. "

"Gerry, I said tomorrow, we must go." Hermione wanted to go before anything else came up. She ran to her room, picked up a few items, and they Floo'd to Diagon Alley, and from there they Apparated to St Mungo's.

Professor Snape lay in a room full of strange gadgets, and he looked even paler than before.

"Miss Granger, Mr. Potter, thanks for coming. I wanted to allow the two of you to Legilemance me in order to finish proving my innocence. Although Minerva spoke for me, it would seem that it is not enough. She suggested the two of you might have the chance to look into me, and I trust the two of you more than I trust many other people."

Harry blushed; he was one of the ones who had questioned his allegiance even though Professor Snape had not wanted to harm him. Once it was done, Harry was crying at Professor Snape's memories of his mother. In his memories she was not much older than they were. He realized his parents had been just a little older when they were killed. He now understood that he wasn't so lucky but had someone looking out for him, Professor Snape.

"Professor Snape, I hope you can forgive me. " Harry asked humbly.

After a while, and before they left, Hermione told him about her news, "It seems I wasn't a Muggle after all." It really didn't surprise Snape, what upset him once more was Bellatrix. She had nearly annihilated the Black family, or what was left of them.

"I knew who your mother was. She was a smart witch; she would often come to the Slytherin socials, I believe she was seeing Mr. Black, the younger one."

Now it was Hermione's chance to blush, "It is not yet for public knowledge, although my mother would like to make it so, my father was Regulus Black." She looked from Severus to Harry. The significance of it all was sinking down; he was not the heir to the Black fortune, since there was someone still alive, Hermione.

"Do you know what that means?" Harry asked, feeling a bit anxious.

"That I am a Black. Of course, I had already figured it out. Oh gosh, I am Draco's second cousin. Shudders." She laughed and Severus didn't join the fun.

"Sirius will is not valid because you are the heiress, " Harry added.

"Not if I don't claim it. " Hermione didn't want to take anything away from her best friend. "Let's talk about it later. I need to give a message to Wallburga from her son."

Hermione had to explain to him about her seeing Regulus, and to Professor Snape since they were in his room.

"Miss Granger, how is your mother's cousin, Artemisia was her name? I also knew her; she came to a few of the balls at Malfoy Manor. She was a couple years younger than your mother." Professor Snape asked, seeming interested, somehow.

"She is well, she married an Australian wizard, but he divorced her after a couple of years. Apparently it was an arranged marriage, and he wasn't' fond of witches. Nevertheless, she has twins. Should I tell her you asked about her?" Hermione's matchmaking heart saw a chance to pay Professor Snape back.

"She is a real pretty witch, " Harry remarked, and Professor Snape smirked.

Hermione heard her name being called, "Hermione, I heard your voice is that you?"

She turned around. Yes, it was Bill, and she ran to him. He opened his arms, and she jumped in his tight hold. And right there in front of Professor Snape and Harry, they kissed and lost track of where they were. After a couple of minutes, Harry coughed loud, "Hello, we are here."

And Hermione jumped away from Bill, her eyes glazed, and she was red as a beet.

Bill pulled her back into his arms, and held her close to him. "Sorry, we haven't not seen each other for a long time. Not our choice, " he explained briefly.

After finding out what they were doing, he explained he had been visiting a few of the injured and decided to stay with them. Once they were out the room, Harry looked at them, "You two go to Grimmauld, and I will be there in two hours or so." He kept his eyes away from them; he still had a hard time thinking of Hermione with Bill.

"Wait, I didn't see Arga today where is she at?" Harry asked.

"She likes my young cousins and practically lives at the nursery, she loves the children's toys." They all laughed.

Bill and Hermione fell into each other's arms the moment they Apparated into Grimmauld. "Hermione, I missed you, I have been so afraid." Bill told her in between kisses his hands all over her.

"Let's go to your room," Bill pulled her arm to follow him. "I want you so much, " his voice thick with desire. Just take her right her mate, I am hungry for her, just bend her over, lets get her with a pup so she doesn't leave us. Lobo egged him. Unfortunately, Bill already had that idea and knew it would make it bad for Hermione, thus he ignored Lobe.

They passed in front of Wallburga's portrait that was fast to tell her, "Dirty Mudblood, all the same, ready to drop their drawers for any wizard," she said viciously.

And Hermione without giving it further thought answered, "Not a Mudblood but your own flesh and blood. It must the be Black blood that makes like this." She stood defiantly in front of Wallburga's portrait.

"What are you saying girl, have you gone mad?" Wallburga answered haughtily.

"What I am saying is that I am your granddaughter, the child of Regulus and Helena Elm, and he sent you a message. To go to your destination and leave the portrait, let your soul free, they are waiting for you."

Hermione's eyes shone with the tears. Wallburga looked at her with her eyebrows knitted in great concentration and screamed, "Kreacher, Kreacher. "

A pop later and Kreacher was there, wringing his spidery hands.

"Mistress Black, yus calls Kreacher?"

"Do you remember the pretty witch, Helena Elm? She went with Regulus to a few balls."

"Yes, Master loved her, he tolds Kreacher. I knows a secret from the Master." Kreacher wrung his hands faster.

"And," Wallburga looked at the elf.

"He tells Kreacher Miss Helena might be with child."

Wallburga's face was the softest Hermione had ever seen her, "Kreacher, look at the witch, does she remind you of anyone?"

Kreacher looked and looked, and came around to sniff at Hermione, which irritated Bill, and he growled.

"She looks a little of Miss Helena, and her magic core smells like a Black." He seemed puzzled not to have noticed it before.

And Wallburga was stunned, "Is your mother alive? Can you ask her to come?"

"Why, my word is not good enough?"

"I just want to ask a few questions. If you are my grandchild, why are you with the blood traitor, he is too old for you."

Hermione was no longer listening, she had delivered the message, let her do whatever she wished, "Bill come with me." She pulled his hand to take him away from the portrait.

"You listen young lady, not in this house, come back, I say come back."

But Bill and Hermione were already running to the room, laughing and stopping to kiss, they were hungry for each other, and for now the time were limited; at least, until they figured out how to get around the new restrictions. Meanwhile, Wallburga was ordering Bill out the house, threatening Hermione with her father, and calling her names, she had learned anything, not yet.


A/N. The grandparents will try to break them apart. And Hermione is wrong, her grandfather was a Slytherin, and there is a couple in the family. Maybe she should ask for help in the right places? Please notice that she didn't even tell her mother about her bonding with Bill. She is making a lot of assumptions, and maybe since she is a Muggle, the bonding might not translate marriage to her. But she cannot break the bonding. We all make silly assumptions, and think the worse outcomes. She is human, and we all make mistakes.

I think three more chapters, and the Epilogue; it will end at the party. There are still a couple big surprises coming.