My father.

"Was my father Sirius Black?" Her heart was beating wildly, this was unreal.

Her mother chuckled, "No, oh no. I was too shy for him, not his type. Some said he wasn't that fond of witches, who knows. But you are close, Regulus, Regulus Black."

Hermione got dizzy, "Mother, Regulus was killed the year I was born. He was fighting Voldemort."

Her mother sat down in a large stone and cried, "Dear lord, that was why he disappeared, and I have been angry. Oh Regulus, my love, oh Regulus," Her body shook with sobs. The crows that went back decided to call a favor.

Hermione sat by her and held her hand until she was calmer, they sat together holding hands.

"And my father, how did you find with him?"

"Your father was a professor, but he also worked with street teenagers. He found me sleeping in his garden shed. Your father, before being a professor had gone to a seminary to be a pastor; but when he was in the Army he discovered his talent for fighting, and he was made to join the Special Forces. He stayed with them until just a few years ago, it changed him."

"Yes mother, I know." Hermione smiled.

"When he found out that I was witch; he wanted me to go away. He thought I was evil and was upset, mostly, because he had already fallen for me. I was nearly to term when he found me. He married me the day I turned eighteen and did not touch me until you were nearly two. He had strong principles. That lie of marrying me four years later was just a lie. We lied at the school to make sure he wouldn't lose his job. I had to promise to give up my witchcraft in order for him to make love to me, and he made me promise to stay away from the Wizarding world and never contact my parents again, that was his sin."

Her mother was crying inconsolably." I know you might be mad at him, but he believed that Magic was against God. I missed my family, but a promise is a promise. You started showing magic before you crawled, and your father tried religious rituals to take the evil out you. I nearly left him, but he accepted your nature, sort of." She was quiet and finally said something else.

"One day, you took a broom and made it fly, you were three. You jumped out the window flying all happy and I clapped my hands. You were like my brother Maurice, daring and powerful, making loops and singing loud. I was laughing so very glad, my heart soared with joy to see such a powerful little witch. And your father came home and started yelling, the only time he did that. You were scared and lost elevation, and I had to use magic to save you. After that, you never tried flying again."

Hermione kept shaking her head, she hadn't remember flying, but now that she knew, she had a recollection and was tempted to try again, like right now. The fear was gone, poof. She wanted to fly. Her mother was saying something.

"Now you know why we never took you to school. I was afraid to be recognized, I know many of them."

Helena stood and looked ahead, she thought she had seen a figure walking towards them, but decided it was a trick of the light.

"Right before you memory charmed us, I saw what you were going to do and blocked it. I had taken to carry my wand with me after I heard you talking to the Potter boy about Voldemort, I was afraid of an attack. We left for Australia, nevertheless. And while there, your father regretted his former decisions. Being deprived of your company made him see how unfair he had been to my parents, and he said that it was worse than killing for the Special Forces, he called it a sin."

She dried her tears, "Bellatrix recognized me the day they broke into the house, the young men were afraid of her, that was a fact. The moment that she said, "Helena, Helena, I knew it, the witch is your daughter. I know why the Mudblood looked so familiar; she is little Regulus' spud, too bad it won't last, no wonder," she said," Regulus was a loser, now you will meet him soon, and she fired."

Hermione was feeling sad for her mother, she had given up a lot for her, to give her a father and family. She was feeling bad for her lack of understanding.

"Darling, my life's tragedy makes sense. I have been a bad person."

"You haven't been, sweet Helena, my love."

At the voice, the witches turned around. There in front of Helena, stood Regulus Black, not an apparition, flesh and blood. He seemed to be in his late twenties, not the young man he had been when he had disappeared. He was dressed in a loose long tunic, made of a gray woolen weave, with troussers of the same, and boots. His hair was long down his back.

He hugged Helena and held her in a tight embrace and kissed her head, her cheeks, and a small kiss on her mouth.

Then he looked up and Hermione saw this eyes shining with love. "My daughter, I am proud of you. Sirius told me all about you. He told me that you reminded him of my old love, Helena. And many times he'd thought you smelled like a Black, but deemed it impossible. One day soon, we will see each other, your years are but days where we are. Come here and let me kiss you, I wish I had been around to see you grow up."

He let go of Helena and held his daughter in a tight, warm embrace, Hermione couldn't stop crying. He dried her tears with the back of his hand and kissed both cheeks.

"Go and tell my mother what happened to me, and to let go of the anger. She must leave the portrait and be with us. Now let me talk to your mother, I am sorry I only have 15 minutes, I want to stay longer but I promised; otherwise there would be too many alterations in the cloth of time and space."

They talked, and before he said his goodbyes Regulus kissed Helena over and over, she knew they wished to be alone. Hermione turned around, it was a private moment yet she wanted to keep looking at him. Voldemort had made her an orphan twice, how tragic. Before one of the crows came, he said goodbye once again, and just disappeared.


To their left they heard a whoosh of a broom landing, and Helena walked towards the house when she saw who had arrived. The house wasn't empty, it was made to look so, and she had seen lights in the back rooms.

Bill stood a few steps away from Hermione. "My love, I miss you. What have I done wrong? Please talk to me, I am dying a little each day. Talk to me please. "

Hermione turned around and saw Bill. He had lost weight and wasn't looking well.

"How did you know I was here?" She knitted her eyebrows, thinking that he had been stalking her.

"Arga, I say." Arga peeked out a pouch, inside Bill's front pocket. "Arga loves Bill." She said as she crossed two of her limbs in front of her.

Hermione put a hand in her mouth to cover an smile, Arga's lips were pursed showing her disapproval, and Hermione had just figured out the spider was crossing 'her arms.'

Bill's lips curved in a smile to see Hermione trying to squelch a laugh.

Arga continued pontificating. They hadn't heard the last of her, "Make mating again when Arga sleeps, no nasty witch, nice and ready for mate."

Hermione blushed red as a beet, Arga had seen them having sex, oh gods, and now she was ordering them, 'nice and ready,' gods, she was glad her mother wasn't around.

"Arga, don't say that, my mother can hear you."

Arga was a very smart creature, "You go with Bill? Arga quiet."

That sounded like plain blackmail, and Bill guffawed, "Arga drives a hard bargain, but I pretty much agree with her, I am nice, I love you, and," he lowered his voice, "I want to make mating, oh yes, come here witch, make it nice and ready for me." They both chuckled.

Hermione couldn't hold her anger, Bill had done nothing. It was her grief. The grief of blaming all that was magic for her father's death, it wasn't right. The reason her father had died was her father's cousin Bellatrix Lestrange, a sick and evil witch. Ugh, she was related to Bellatrix, that was sick.

Hermione walked two steps tentatively, and he didn't move but he waited for her. She had nearly reached him, when Bill appeared startled and jumped back.

Inside Bill's head, a gruff voice surprised him, Fuck it Mate, if you don't do it I will. I miss her. I want her now, we can hide behind those trees.

"I thought you called me to you." Hermione stood in front of him, looking hurt.

"Sorry love, it was Lobo, he is like Moony, he startled me. He has been quiet since the last day I saw you."

Hermione knew about Moony and shrugged her shoulders and went to him, Arga hid back in the pouch, and with her magic, hanged the pouch from Bill's neck and towards the back; she probably didn't want to be squished.

They embraced at the same time, they were kissing before they knew what was going on. Bill was already pulling her behind a tree, he wanted her badly, he wanted to make her his, "Stop it there before I hurt you." A tall, curly hair wizard, around Bill's age, pointed a wand at him.

"Maurice, you idiot." Bill laughed and moved Hermione to his side. "What are you doing here and who—" He stared at Hermione.

"Ah, you are Hermione Granger, I read about you. I just came back. I have been living abroad, my parents didn't want to risk losing another child to the war. You remember when I told you about my older sister Helena, you had a crush in her."

Bill's eyes opened and looked from Maurice to Hermione, "I will be…" and then turned to Hermione.

"Is your mother's name Helena?" He asked, no wonder she had looked so familiar. Oh gods….

Hermione nodded her head. Maurice must be a younger brother. She had no idea how many children her grandparents had.

"Where is your mom?" Bill asked.

"She went that way," and pointed towards the house. "We first thought it was deserted, but Mom must have seen something."

"Ah, yes, the charms to keep the house Unplotted have not been working. We have hired a curse breaker, but he is overbooked with the end of the war. It is related to a an old bracelet." Maurice smiled, and Hermione noticed his light brown eyes, exactly like hers.

Bill smiled, "You couldn't be in better company, show the way."

Hermione was anxious, she held on to Bill's hand tightly, and wondered how much her uncle Maurice, if he was that, had seen and blushed again. She heard Arga's giggle, and she smiled as well. The flirt was looking out the pouch that now hung over Bill's chest.

"Mimi's uncle, Arga says." Her squeaky voice sounded loud.

Maurice screamed like a witch when he saw Arga's face right at his nose, she had jumped to Bill's shoulder to peer at Maurice a bit closer, and when he turned look at Bill, Arga had spoken.

"What is that, wow, a Tarancaktula, I thought there were no more, and who is Mimi?" Maurice asked, in an attempt to do damage control, his heart still beat too fast. He had sounded ridiculous in front of Bill's witch, even if she was a little too young for him. He had sounded like a coward in front of Hermione Granger, how dreadful.

"Thanks Arga," Hermione mumbled, where was her mother?

Bill laughed and wrapped his arm around her waist, he had a plan. He wasn't going to let the witch out of his sight. And he was going wherever she went from now on, and he would marry her as soon as she would accept him. And for the first time in days, hope bloomed in his heart.

When are we shagging our witch? Lobo wanted to know, he hadn't like the interruption.

Bill couldn't blame Lobo, he felt the same way. As soon as I can get her alone for let's say, five minutes, and that is way too long. Both Bill and Lobo laughed lewdly, it wouldn't take long, they had missed their witch for a while.

Maurice was walking faster, "Bill come fast, I cannot believe my eyes, oh Merlin. Excuse me." Maurice took off running towards the group by the gazebo.

Don Fred

Meanwhile, a shadow was spying on George. He was at club, looking all bummed and sitting next to a gorgeous brunette. George felt someone pushing him onto her, and he asked, "Fred?" He could smell Fred's musk cologne insured to entice any female looking for a good shag.

And she answered, "My name is not Fred, is Yolanda."

To George's amazement his hand flew to her face, actually it was Fred's hand forcing and guiding his, and the next moment his hand moved a strand of her hair from her face.

"You are cute, what is your name." She asked interested and moved closer to him.

George smiled, and he said, "Ouch," when his arm was punched rather hard. "Damn, Fred." He complained aloud.

She seemed confused, "Don Fred? Are you Spanish? My grandmother was from Valencia, hola." And she looked around, she could have sworn that she had heard two identical laughs, oh well, he was hot.

George's sadness evaporated, things were going to be okay, he had a guardian twin ready to help him and make him laugh.

He heard in his mind. And wait, I have negotiated that you come to visit two days per year, and the females there, what they can do, it will blow your mind, flying, under water…. Just wait.

He would wait, who else had a twin like Fred, only George Weasley but why did Fred get to have most of the fun?


A/n I hope this is a chapter you all like. I confess that it made me a little sad. In the original draft the father was Sirius, but it wouldn't work out.

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