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Lockwood Stratton looked at the girl in front of him. She looked confused at him and then started to leave, he got himself out of the spell he seemed to be under. The girl was very beautiful with long chocolate colored hair and blue eyes that resembled his favorite shade of blue. She looked kind of out there dressed in clothes you would only find in the 19th century.

"Wait before you go," he said to her and Annie paused before she turned around. Lockwood waited a second or two before he walked up to her. He could see she had these great dimples.

"Yes?" she said exasperated to a degree.

"Do you want to go out? For dinner or something?" he felt funny asking this, he never asked a girl out before. He never even been for the night with friends even.

"Well I," he felt his heart flop in his stomach. She looked at him again and then smiled a half smile. "I guess, where at?" Wait she actually said yes? This was a miracle. His dad never thought he would get a date.

"You will? How about Sign of the Dove, its rather fancy though," he didn't mind getting dressed up for her though.

"Sure is 8 okay?" He nodded and smiled at her. She smiled and he couldn't help but think she had an amazing smile. All of her teeth were perfectly white and showed off her dimples.

"Perfect I'll meet you there," then both of them continued the tour.


Lockwood tugged nervously at the collar of his dress shirt. Even though this place was rather fancy he had on pressed new black jeans. His dress shirt was dark forset green and it hung out loosely. He wondered if Annie was going to be decked out in a fancy dress or something. He gulped and looked toward the door.

"Hi," he looked at Annie and smiled. She looked really pretty in a teal knee lengh dress. She looked great and her hair hung loosely around her shoulders.

"Hope you like the food," he said and they walked to there table.