A Dude Can Dream

Title: A Dude Can Dream

Rated: PG

Character: Jackson, Oringal character Warren, and Mike Enslin from 1408A

Author's Note: This is just a little ficlet idea I had one day. A tester if you will. It might turn out to be a full on fic, not sure yet though.

Copyright: I do not own anything of these characters except for Warren. nor do I own some of the dialouge.

Plot: Jackson is a mail clerk who is yearning for a more excting and adventuous life.

Here I am, Just another day at my mundane job as a mail room dude at a little post office in LA. "Yo jackson! Pay Attention man, you're sorting the mail in the wrong order" Warren my boss. "Oh sorry dude" I answer. At the end of the day, without fail, my favorire customer always comes in. The famous novelist Mike Enslin. "Hey man!" I call. "Hey Jackson!" he calls back.

"Oh dude, hey I read your last book. What was it? The house of terror? now thats some real scary shit" I say. "Cool. See ya later man" he answers back, Waving out the door. Man that dude is so awesome! If the shit that ever happens in his books, ever happen to me, man that would be gnarly. If only my life was like a thriller instead of this boring, mundane existence I live in.

Imagine how exciting Mike Enslin's life must be; to write all the fucked up shit that he writes in this books. Ahhhhh. To have a life like that must be a dream come true. well, a dude can dream...