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It seemed like that was all they could ever call him anymore. It was like the infamous Flynn Rider had been entirely forgotten. It was as if Flynn had never existed in Eugene's entire life. Everyone else seemed to forget except for him.

Maybe he craved that little edge of having others know he was a criminal. Maybe there was a dark little seed inside of him that begged to be called Flynn just one more time.

"Hey, Eugene," would come the voice of the baker as he passed by his store, the scent of breads and cakes flooding out.

"Eugene, hello!" would say the voice of the town's little old sweet woman who hid on street corners and such.

"Eugene, darts tonight at the pub?" Even his old partners in crime would always have a tendency to forget the Flynn they had once been stabbed in the back by.

It was always Eugene now. What ever happened to people calling him Flynn?

"Eugene, wanna grab a couple of tacos?"

"Taste this flower, Eugene!"





He finally got fed up. At last, that tiny bit of Flynn Rider mentality that he had stored up inside the deepest darkest reservoirs of his mind barreled out into the open.

"Stop!" he howled in the middle of the town square one day after being called Eugene for the last time. "I want to be Flynn! You will all call me Flynn from now on! It's Flynn, not Eugene, Flynn! Flynn, F-L-Y-N-N, got that? Flynn Rider, not Eugene Fitzherbert, Flynn! No more Eugene! Just Flynn!" His voice had reached the darkest corners of the square, sending everyone into a struck silence that made his pounding heart sound even louder after his sudden outburst.

It was a minute later while the people stayed in a quiet moment when Rapunzel came up behind the man that had been a crown thief only a few months ago. "Hi, Eugene," she said, a bright cheery smile pressed upon her face and her green eyes alight with the glimmer of eternal joy.

"Oh hi, Blondie," he said, looking over his shoulder at her for a moment before turning his deep brown gaze back on the people who had once more begun milling around.

The voice of his bar buddy rang out once more from the inside of a nearby building. "See ya at the pub tonight, Eugene."

He smacked a hand to his forehead and stalked off, realizing how useless it had been to even try.

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