Optimus smiled as he joined Starscream on the berth and passionately kissed him, he could already feel his cable stiffening behind his cod piece but he wanted to "torture" seeker first.

He felt Starscream rest his hand on the side of his face before kissing him back, glossa's battling for dominance. Starscream suddenly moaned into the kiss as Optimus gently pinched the base of the seekers right wing. Smiling, Optimus let go of Starscream's wing and sat up, looking down at the seeker, who smirked up at him.

"I have stasis cuffs if you want to use them." Purred the seeker.

Optimus chuckled before replying. "And use them I shall." Then once again captured the Seekers mouth in a passionate kiss, while reaching over to the nightstand and grabbing the stasis cuffs.

Starscream smiled into the kiss as he was cuffed to the bed, he loved being at Optimus' mercy, when Optimus broke the kiss, he looked up at the Autobot, whose optics were glazed over with lust.

He arched his back and moaned deeply when the Autobot above him, slowly ran his fingers down the glass of his cockpit; like his wings his cockpit was just as sensitive. He let out a startled gasp at his felt Optimus nip at the class then lick away the sting, this continued for a few more minutes before the Autobot finally stopped to look at Starscream flushed face.

"Enjoying yourself?" Optimus asked.

"You know I am." The seeker panted.

Optimus smiled then leaned down to kiss his captives neck cables, while his hand cupped his cod piece, causing the seeker to shiver at his touch. He then removed said Seekers cod piece, freeing his harden cable, he licked his lips when he saw the dripping port just dying for his attention.

"Do I make you wet, Starscream?" He asked, reaching for his own cod piece.

The Seeker could only nod, then watched as Optimus removed his own cod piece, freeing his cable. His mouth watered at the sight of it.

"Do you like what you see, Starscream?"

The seeker nodded excitedly.

Optimus smiled, he loved torturing the Seeker, it was his favorite past time. He then closed his optics and lowered himself onto Starscream's cable, letting a low moan and smiled when he heard a pleasure filled groan from Starscream.

Megatron watched from the shadows as Optimus rode Starscream, he had been watching them from the beginning. He found it interesting that Optimus was only dominate when it came to Starscream, but it didn't matter, it still turned him on when he watched them in the throws of passion.

Since the truce was is issued, he had been able to spend a lot more time with Optimus and Starscream or just watching them play with each other.

"We know you're there, Lord Megatron. Please… come join us." Optimus purred.

Megatron smiled, his own arousal getting the better of him.

He stepped from the shadows, his red optics dark with pent up lust after removing his cod piece, he joined the two on the bed wrapping an around Optimus while his other grasped his cable, making the Autobot cry out.

"Continue to ride Starscream." He purred as he licked and nipped the Prime's neck cables.

Megatron was clearly enjoying sight before him; Starscream at Optimus' mercy and Optimus… at his.

"I want your aft." He purred into the Autobots audio receptor.

"It… It is you-yours to take, Lord Megatron…"

Megatron's mouth watered at the sight of Optimus' back port, with a smirk he slid his cable into the waiting port, causing Optimus to arch his back and moan.

Starscream pulled at the cuffs again and let out a strangled moan as Optimus arched back, what ever Megatron was doing it was not only getting the bot above him hot it was also getting him hot, he could feel his overload approaching.

"Ugh… frag me Optimus!"

He let out a startled yelp as he felt some thing enter his dripping wet port, it took him a few seconds to realize that it was two of Megatron's fingers. Primus he had no idea that his leader was that multitalented, he was jerking Optimus off with servo, his cable in Optimus back port, now his fingers were inside his port.

They continued to frag each other, until they overloaded together. Starscream was living up to his name and screamed so loud they thought the other Cons in the base would be able to hear him.

Megatron bolted up right in his berth, his spark racing within his chest, he looked around it took him a few seconds to realized that he was in his quarters.

He heard and felt movement beside him he looked down to see Shockwave sleeping like rock beside him, a small smirk crossed his faceplates when he remembered last night. He went to reach down to stroke one of his lovers antenna when he felt some thing wet between his legs, narrowing his optics, he lifted up the covers to see that he had climaxed in his sleep while having the dream about Optimus and Starscream.

"That must have been some dream." Shockwave said groggily.

He smirked again. You have no idea…