Tigerclaw slipped quietly into Bluestar's den, his paws making no noise on the sandy floor. Yowls and screeches pierced the air outside. The blue-gray leader was battling a large white tom with jet black paws. Tigerclaw dragged the cat off of his leader, and hissed softly in his ear, "Go rejoin the fight, Blackfoot. I'll kill her." The former ShadowClan deputy gave a short, barely detectable nod, then fled the den with a yowl of pain. Tigerclaw turned to face Bluestar. He snorted, "Fighting skills a little rusty, Bluestar? I could help you with that, you know." He taunted her. Bluestar, however, was barely paying his tone of voice any mind. She mewed distractedly, "We'll worry about that later, Tigerclaw. The Clan needs us now." Tigerclaw hissed in a low, soft voice, "No. The Clan needs me." He unsheathed his claws, and let out a low snarl.
Bluestar stared at Tigerclaw in surprise. "Tigerclaw? What are you doing?" She began to back away from him, but he began to circle her, cutting off her exit. He let out a menacing snarl. "Remember me by StarClan, Bluestar." Bluestar's eyes flashed in anger. "Tigerclaw, what is this? I'm the leader of your Clan, or have you forgotten that?" She unsheathed her claws, and flattened her ears against her head. Tigerclaw snarled, "Not for much longer. I'm going to kill you, and kill you again. As many times as it takes for you to join StarClan forever. It's time for me to lead this Clan!" With that, he leaped. He pinned the frail leader to the sandy floor easily, and barely felt her claws slicing through his shoulder. He was just about to finished her off when he heard a cat enter the den. He looked up, and saw Fireheart staring at them, shock written clearly on his face.
The ginger tom's face faded from shock into a look of exasperation. "Finally!" He hissed. "I thought you'd never get around to it!" Both Bluestar and Tigerclaw stared at the warrior in shock. The deputy was the first to speak. "Come again?" But Bluestar, who had regained her senses, used this distraction to her advantage. She knocked Tigerclaw off of her, and knocked him to the ground. The two cats rolled for a moment, and then Tigerclaw felt Bluestar's weight being lifted off of him. He looked up, and his jaw dropped in shock. The former kittypet had his former leader pinned to the ground. Bluestar was staring up at Fireheart in shock. "How could you, Fireheart? I trusted you. More then Tigerclaw, more then any cat, I trusted you."
Fireheart gave a sinister smile, and meowed, "How can I? Oh, it's fairly easy, let me assure you. It's really easy, after watching you nearly destroy ThunderClan! When Brokenstar and his warriors steal ThunderClan kits, what do you do? You welcome him in like he's a lost kit! When Graystripe betrays his Clan for a RiverClan cat, what do you do? Absolutely nothing! When me and Ravenpaw warn you about Tigerclaw's treachery, what do you do? You make him deputy! You would have destroyed ThunderClan! Now, Tigerclaw will bring us into a great new era, where cats can live in peace, and where ThunderClan will be the strongest cat in the forest!" He slashed at her shoulder, then climbed off of her, holding her pinned with one paw. "Finish her, Tigerclaw. She's on her last life." Tigerclaw gaped at his former enemy, then smiled slowly. "With pleasure."
Suddenly, Graystripe burst into the den. He stood panting, blood trickling out of his mouth, not noticing the scene in front of him. "Bluestar, we-" Then he saw his best friend pinning down the leader of his Clan. His amber eyes flew wide open with shock. "Fireheart, what are you doing?" Fireheart turned to Tigerclaw. "Kill Bluestar. I'll handle the traitor here." With that, Fireheart leaped at his best friend, hackles raised. Tigerclaw turned on Bluestar with an evil grin. "Tell StarClan to meet me at the Moonstone tonight." With that, he bit down on Bluestar's neck, hard. She let out a shriek of pain, but it was soon cut off as she went limp. Satisfied that she was dead, Tigerclaw turned in time to see Fireheart standing over Graystripe. "Greet Silverstream and Spottedleaf for me, would you Graystripe?" Fireheart taunted cruelly. Then he slashed open Graystripe's throat, and watched with a grin on his face as his best friend bled to death.