Gasps of shock rang through the Clan. Leopardfur bowed her head, and mewed to Tigerclaw, "Bluestar was a wise and powerful leader, and RiverClan will mourn her loss along with ThunderClan." Her eyes, while clouded with grief for the "brave" ThunderClan leader, were sharp with shrewd intelligence, and they didn't blink as she gazed into Tigerclaw's eyes. The dark tabby was impressed. Even while helping her allies, she was still measuring their strength, searching for weak points. Always prepared. She continued, "RiverClan wishes you well in your leadership, but we must leave now. Crookedstar will wonder what has become of us." She bowed her head to Tigerclaw shortly, and then signaled her Clanmates to follow her. Tigerclaw was almost sorry to see the she-cat go.
Tigerclaw turned to the rouges. He pretended to look Blackfoot up and down, measuring him shortly. Then he mewed slowly, "Blackfoot, ThunderClan mourns your loss. However, there may be something we can offer you as a compensation. As you can see, we are short on warriors. Would you like to join ThunderClan?" As soon as he spoke the words had come out of his mouth, yowls of protest rang through the air. Mousefur yowled, "Are you insane, Tigerclaw? They killed Bluestar!"
Fireheart suddenly yowled, "No, they didn't!" Silence fell over the Clan, and they all turned to face the flame-colored warrior. "Well?" Mousefur inquired icily. "Who did then?" Fireheart hung his head, and mewed, his voice cracking, "I-it was… Graystripe." Stunned silence fell over the Clan. No one seemed to be able to find anything to say to that. Fireheart explained hoarsely, "H-he blamed her for S-silverstream's death. He went mad. T-there wasn't a-anything I could…" His voice trailed off miserably, his whole body trembling in shock and betrayal. Sandstorm padded up to him, and laid her tail across his shoulders comfortingly. Tigerclaw was immensely impressed.
Blackfoot looked carefully at Tigerclaw, measuring him. Finally he mewed, "We accept your offer, Tigerclaw. ShadowClan is no longer our Clan. We will be loyal to ThunderClan." Tigerclaw nodded curtly. "See that you are." Then he turned to Darkstripe. "Make them nests in the warriors den." Darkstripe nodded, and scurried off to the Warriors Den, eager to please. Then Tigerclaw turned to the Clan and said, "I will travel to the Moonstone tonight to receive my nine lives and name!" The Clan was grumbling a bit about the rouges, but they managed to yowl in approval of Tigerclaw's leadership.
Later that night, Tigerclaw and Yellowfang crept silently through the tunnels of the Moonstone. Tigerclaw felt slightly anxious as they neared the cave. What if StarClan refused to give him his nine lives and name? His tail gave a nervous twitch. He would fight them if he had too. Could you kill cats that were already dead? He didn't know.
Finally, they reached the moonlit cavern. The beauty of the stone had long since ceased to amaze Tigerclaw. Now, he just wanted his nine lives and name. Slowly, he crouched beside the rock, pressed his nose to it, and closed his eyes.