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Diary of a Bored Housewife

CHAPTER 4: Forever His

Monday September 7

Dear Diary,

I haven't written in a long while, five months to be exact. I'm in love.

Edward and I have a wonderful relationship now. I never knew love like this even existed. Through it all, he's always by my side. I can't imagine living without him and he's said on many occasions he couldn't live without me.

Sometimes when we're in the office late, we defile some of the equipment together. I know it's wrong, but damned if I'm going to feel bad about it. I couldn't say no to the boss could I?

Alice was a little grossed out by some of my admissions over our morning coffee rituals, which made me giggle like a schoolgirl. I made Alice uncomfortable with sex. Who knew?

I've been consumed by how wonderful my life has gotten. There hasn't been much time to dwell over what has been happening since I've been living my life fully surrounded by the people I love.

The kids have settled into our new arrangement. They see their father every second weekend and it's wonderful. Jake seems happier than I've ever seen him. We've realized that we make better friends than anything else. In a way it would have been nice to realize this a long time ago but I'll never regret being with him, because without him, I wouldn't have the most wonderful children in the world.

Jake comes over sometimes to visit them, he even brings Leah. I don't mind since he seems OK with whatever it is that is going on with me. Given the fact that I found Edward pretty quickly after our separation, and he was my boss no less, I'd say Jake is a pretty stand up guys after all.

Leah treats the kids really well, she plans out entire activities around them and even forces Jake to be there, something I was never able to do.

The way I look at it; the more people that love my children the better, and she does love them as much as she would have loved her own. I respect her greatly for that.

Edward and Andy moved in with us five weeks ago. My relationship with Edward has grown over these short months. We soon realized that we couldn't live without each other. I told him I was in love with him on our third date, to which he admitted the same, saying he felt guilty about loving me possibly more than he's ever loved any other woman. I understand how difficult it must have been for him to tell me that since I know how much he loved his wife. After all, she gave him Andy.

Andy has become like one of my own children. He's blended well into my family. On the weekends where Bree and Riley go stay with their father, he stays with Edward's parents. He says it's lonely here without Bree. Those two are the best of friends, but like any other siblings, they occasionally have disagreements, it never lasts for very long. Riley loves having someone to look up to like a big brother and Andy enjoys that particular roll.

Edward and I keep a watchful eye over the two, knowing full well that in this day and age kids need guidance and trust more than anything else. The teenage years should prove to be interesting.

Edward is still my boss. My job has never been more enjoyable. Alice and Emmett are also enjoying our environment more. The profit margin from our office has gone up significantly in the last six months. The head office has declared it some miracle work by the masterful Edward Cullen, I couldn't agree more. It's not because he pushes us more to do our job, it's because he participates and makes us feel human. Banner never did that.

The clients are rolling in faster than we're able to manage it. We'll be adding to our little family soon; Jasper is set to start next week.

Alice and Jazz are still going strong. Living together has been a big step for both, but they are happy.

Emmett proposed to Rose and their wedding is set for next spring. The baby will be about one month old by that time. We don't know the sex yet. It should be fun to watch them go through it all.

I don't know when I'll be writing anymore in this journal. My life has taken a turn for the better and honestly, I couldn't ask for more.

Until next time...

I guess I've come to the end of this short story. I never expected for it to have more than 3-4 chapters since there can only be one POV in this format and there can't really be any dialogue.

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