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"Well that's a MAJOR problem!" Matthew said

"Look, I can see you getting your panties in a twist for them making you wear those clothes…" The Prussian said motioning to what the Canadian was wearing. "But let's face it, you're a Neo-Maxi-Zoom-Dweedie! What would you be doing if you weren't making Reston a better place?"

"Must you insult EVERYBODY?" Alfred asked

"It's called being honest asshole! I would expect someone like you to know the difference between the two!"

"Well, he's got a name!"


"Yeah…" Alfred looks at Matt. "What's your name?"



"My apologies…" Gilbert walks away and Elizabeta looks at him.

"What's your name?" She asks

"What's yours?"



"Elizabeta! The name runs in the family!"

"Nope, it's a fat girl's name."

"Oh…thank you…"

"You are VERY welcome…"


"Well, not yet, but in the future I can see you pushing you're weight. I'm not sure you know this, but there are two types of fat people…" He paused. "There are the fat people that are born fat, and then there's the fat people that were once thin, but then became fat, so when you look at them you can see the thin person inside them. You're gonna get married, then have a few kids and then, uh…" He mimics becoming fat and makes noises, and she gives him the finger.

"I'm seeing such vulgar finger gestures from such an innocent girl…"

"I'm not THAT innocent!" He bent down closer to her.

"Are you a virgin?" He paused. "I'd bet my life that you are…Let's end the suspense!" He pauses again. "It's gonna be a white wedding…isn't it?"

Alice almost started laughing because of the look on Elizabeta's face. It's wasn't because the IT girl was a virgin, it was only because of the mortified look on her face. But, it did make her kind of happy to know that she wasn't the only bloody girl in their school that hasn't done it yet. Granted she'd rather it be the dorkiest girl in bloody school then the most popular, but it was better than nothing…

"Will you just SHUT UP!"

"Have you ever kissed a guy on the mouth?" Gilbert paused again. "Have you ever been felt up? Over the bra, under the shirt, high heels off….hoping to whomever you believe in that your mum and dad don't walk in?" It was obvious Elizabeta was getting pissed, and Alice couldn't understand why. Unless…she hadn't gone that far with her Austrian boyfriend. Again, Alice felt a jolt of happiness. She had her first make out session in eighth grade…granted it was with the bloody frog…

"Over the panties, NO bra, shirt unbuttoned, pants in a ball on the passenger seat past twelve on a school night?"

"LEAVE HER ALONE!" Alfred yelled. Gilbert slowly stood up and faced him. "I told you to leave her alone!"

"You gonna make me?"

"Yupp" Gilbert walks over to where he was standing.

"You and what army?"

"Just me…" Gilbert goes to hit Alfred, but he catches the arm mid punch and twists it backwards and puts the Prussian to the ground. "I don't wanna do this with you man…"

"Why not?" The American and the Prussian get up.

"I'd kill you. It's as simple as that. I'd kill you and your dumbass parents would sue me and I just wouldn't care enough about you to give a shit."

"That's bull shit."

Alfred turns and starts to walk away and Gilbert takes out a switchblade and put it into a chair. Alice reaches over when the two aren't looking and takes the knife. She smiles and gets up walking over to a bookcase. She moves books around and puts it there. She gins and licks her lip ring she pulls out her phone and texts back Francis before sitting down and paying attention to the annoying American and Prussian's conversation. "I'M JUST TRYING TO HELP HER!" Gilbert said as the janitor Feliks showed up.

"Matthew, like, how are you, like, doing?" He asked with an obvious Polish accent.

"Your father works here?" Gilbert asks and a blush appears on Matt's face. "Excuse me, Feliks?"

"Like, what?"

"I have a question?"

"Like, ok…"

"How does a person become a janitor?"

"You wanna, like become one?"

"No, I just want to know HOW one becomes one, because my best bud here Alfred wants to know, just in case Pro-Football doesn't work out…"

"Oh, like really? You guys, like, think I'm just, like, some untouchable? After, like following a broom around after, like, shit heads like you, for, like, the past eight years I've, like, learned a couple of things…I look through your notes, I, like look through your lockers…I even, like, listen to what your, like, talking about. You, like don't know that, but I, like totally do. I am, like the eyes and ears of this fucking school my friends. Oh, like, by the way, that clock is totally twenty minutes fast!" Everyone groans and Gilbert smiles. "SHIT!" Alfred says slamming his head in the table.

Back in Vash's office, the clock says 11:30 and he gets up to leave. Meanwhile, Gilbert starts whistling a marching tune and slowly everyone joins in, and when Vash enters, The Prussian starts to whistle Beethoven's 5th and Alice quickly puts her phone on silent and in her pocket. "All right women that's thirty minutes for lunch…"

"In here?" Alfred asked. No you bloody idiot Alice thought and rolled her eyes. We're eating lunch on the moon…

"Yes, here."

"I think the cafeteria would be a better place for us to eat wouldn't it?"

"I don't care what you think Alfred!"

"Um, Dick? Excuse me, Vash…will milk be available to us?" Gilbert asked folding his arms across his desk.

"We're really thirsty sir…"

"I have a VERY low tolerance for dehydration."

"It's true, I've seen her dehydrated sir, and it's pretty nasty." Gilbert puts his hands on the desk and stands.

"Don't worry, I'll get it!"

"Do you think I was born yesterday? I'm not letting you go out there alone…" Vash then points to Alfred…who motions to Elizabeta. He looks in the back to the quiet girl who was resting her head on the table. "You!" He then points to Alice. "And you! Hey! What's her name? Wake her up!" He then speaks directly to her. "Get up young lady! Let's go! This isn't a bedroom." Alice gets up and rolls her eyes, she wasn't sleeping, and she was just listening to her iPod. "There's a vending machine in the teacher's lounge..GO!"

In the hallway, Alice and Alfred are walking at least ten inches away from one and other. "So, what do you drink?" Alice just rolled her eyes and ignored him. "Um hello? What do you drink?" Alice still ignored him. "Whatever, forget I even asked you…" Alice waits two seconds before smiling .

"Beer," She says.

"Beer? When do you drink beer?"

"Whenever I feel like it…" Which in all honesty WASN'T a lie. She and Francis drank all the time, he drank wine though. Fucking pussy She thought.

"A lot?" Alice smiled

"TONS…" Which, made her smile again, if only he KNEW how much she drank…

"Is that why you're here?" Alice just ignored him. He didn't need to know that she had nothing better to do with her Saturday and decided to come to detention. "Why ARE you here?" He asked

"Why are you here?" She snapped back. Alfred stopped walking and leaned against a wall and a locker. "I'm here because my coach and my old man don't want me to blow my scholarship. See I get special treatment because Coach thinks I'm number one…They think that because of my strength and speed…" Alice looked annoyed and glared at nothing in particular.

"How VERY interesting…now…why don't you tell me why you're really here?" It was then that Alfred noticed the girl was British. "HEY! You have a British accent!" He said.

"Really? That's what my accent is? Better write it down so I don't forget it…"

Back in the library…Liza, Gilbert and Matt are waiting for their drinks. "Liza…want to see a pic of a guy with elephantitus of the balls? It's pretty yummy."

"No, not really…"

"How do you think the guy rides a bike?" She rolls her eyes in pure and utter disgust

"Would you ever consider dating a guy like this?"

"Can you just leave me alone?"

"I mean, what if he had a great personality, and was a good singer, and had a viper….though, you'd have to sit in the back because his ball sack would be ridin' shot gun."

"You wanna know what I wish I was doing?"

"Watch what you say…Matt here is a cherry."

"Um, a ch-cherry?" Said person asked.

"I wish I was on a plane to Hungary."

"I'm NOT a cherry!" Matt yelled.

"Have you ever been laid?" Gilbert asked Matt.

"Yeah! I've laid lotsa times!"

" She's in Canada, I met her at the Niagara Falls. So, you wouldn't know her."

"Have you ever done it with anyone around here?" Matt shushes Gilbert and points to Elizabeta whose back is turned away from them.

"OOOOOH you and Liza did it!" The said Hungarian spins around.

"What the flip are you talking about?"

"Nothing! Nothing!" He says to her and then looks at Gilbert. "Let's just drop it ok?"

"NO! Drop what? What the eff are you talking about?"

"Well, Mattie's been telling me that in addition to the amount of girls he's banged in the Niagara Falls area, you and him are currently riding the hobby horse…"

"YOU PIG!" Said yelled at Matthew.

"NO I didn't! I didn't! Gilbert said I was a cherry! And I said I wasn't…THAT'S IT!"

"Why were you motioning to Liza then?"

"I don't like this Mattie…"


"So you WERE'NT motioning to her?"

"Well, I was, but I didn't want her to know…to know that I'm…I'm a virgin." Gilbert just looks at him. "I'm sorry I'm a virgin…" Elizabeta laughs.

"Why didn't you want me to know you're a virgin?"

"Because, it's my business…my personal, private business."

"Doesn't sound like you're doing any business…"

"I think it's okay for a guy to be a virgin…" The Prussian looks at her surprised.

"You do?" Matt asked. Elizabeta smiles and nods.

***Later On In The Library…***

At this point everyone has a lunch and Elizabeta begins to take out her lunch form a Tiffany's and Co. bag. "What's that?" Gilbert asks.

"Guess, where's yours?"

"You're wearing it…"

"You make me want to gag…" Gilbert grabs a Root beer and tosses it back to Alice who catches it without looking up from her phone. He then watches Elizabeta set up the sushi platter.

"What's that?"


"Rice, raw fish and seaweed."

"You won't let a dude put a tongue in your mouth but you'll eat THAT?"

"Will you let me eat?"

"I don't know…give it a try…" He then watches as Alfred takes out five McDonald's hamburgers, fries, a bag of potato chips, cookies, an apple, a banana, and a full carton of milk. Alice opens her coke and it fizzes over she loudly slurps it off the table. Alfred notices Gilbert watching him. "What's your problem?"

They then watch as Alice opens her sandwich and tosses the meat up and it lands on a sculpture. She opens some pixie sticks and pours the sugar on the bread. She then pulls out a baggie of Cap'n Crunch and puts it on top of that and they all gag. She crushes the sandwich together and eats it loudly. Gilbert gets up and sits by Matt, and opens up Matt's lunch. "So, what're we having this fine day?"

"Just a standard lunch I guess…" Gilbert reaches into the bag and pulls out a thermos and sets it on the table and looks at it. "Milk?"

"Soup…" Gilbert reaches into the bag and pulls out two Capri Suns.

"That's a Capri Sun…"

"I know what they are…I can read. Awww ham and cheese with the crusts cut off. Well Mattie, all the food groups are represented. Did your mommy marry Mr. Rogers?"

"No, she married Mr. Williams…"

"OOOH…" Elizabeta and Alfred smile at each other and Gilbert stands…

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