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Chapter one

Ginny Weasley sighed softly as she ran a brush through her long hair, the auburn shade made darker by the water of the shower she'd just stepped out of just minutes before.

She cast a quick drying charm on herself and her hair and she walked over to the wardrobe in her pink dressing gown and she picked out a black and white striped jumper and an old, worn pair of black trousers.

"Maybe mum can cast a repair charm on them when they get washed again..." she muttered when she noticed the worn in holes at the bottom of the trousers and she got dressed.

There was a knock on her door, and she turned to look. "Come in." She said.

A bead of brown curly hair peered around the door. "Hey. Everything okay? You're taking a long time; Harry's wondering what's keeping you." Hermione Granger said.

"Yeah... I'm just having one of those days where I just want to do nothing all day." Ginny lied with a fake smile on her face.

"Well that can be done later or another day. We have to go to Diagon Alley for this year's school supplies." Hermione said.

Ginny's heart leapt. If today was when the students of Hogwarts got their school stuff, then she'd see a certain blond haired sixteen year old Slytherin.

She mentally berated herself, but she couldn't help herself either. Draco Malfoy was who really had her heart, she'd told him so herself the day before in a letter she'd written to him, as she had done with him all summer.

"Tell Harry I'll be down in a bit." Ginny said, guilt instantly tying a knot in her stomach as Hermione nodded and walked out of the room and Ginny heard her telling Harry and Ron that she'd be out soon.

She sighed and looked at herself in the mirror.

"Day Twenty. Act one, Scene two." She muttered and walked out of her bedroom minutes later.

Story of my life

Searching for the right

But it keeps avoiding me

Sorrow in my soul

Cause it seems that wrong

Really loves my company

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