This is a new story about Edward Elric and Winry Rockbell. The setting is during the search for the return of the young alchemist's bodies. Winry's now in Rush Valley. The FMA version is Brotherhood.

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Chapter 1 - Returning

Detailing the eyes were all that was needed for the sketch to come alive. Bold lines met soft ones, crisscrossing with checker-patterned shading. There, it was done, but still not complete. A defeated, almost silent groan blew out of tanned lips, appearing in a soft cloud of mist before dispersing before golden orbs.

Edward Elric was famous for his talented alchemy at such a young age, and for being rather short despite that age. Everyone read or heard about what the young state alchemist was doing with each passing day, but even with all the eyes apon him, Edward managed to keep two things a secret. One more so than the other.

"Wow, brother. You're getting better." Alphonse's voice was hollow and it echoed slightly, something Edward had grown used to, yet it never slipped his mind.

Alphonse was the only one to know of his older brother's secrets, and Edward intended very much on keeping it that way. Until the time when sharing to the world felt appropriate, that was.

"Thanks, Al." Edward mumbled quietly from beside his suit of armor brother. They were on yet another train, and the only thing that kept Edward from starring out the slightly frosted window for hours, was what he held so dearly in his gloved hands.

It was a sketchpad, filled with drawings only he and his brother would see. Riding trains from Central to Resembool to Dublith were long and far between one another. One day, Edward had found an unused sketchpad on one of the train's booths, and he started drawing people who caught his attention. It came natural to him, and he found he could draw almost anything he wanted to. He'd never taken lessons before, but he learned soon enough he didn't need them. He began drawing scenery, whatever he saw outside that spiked his interests. He had good memory, everyone knew he did, so quick glimpses were just enough to get him started.

Only one month went by and Edward was drawing beautiful landscapes with only his thoughts providing him. He figured people were more of a challenge, but in the long run he turned out better than Major Armstrong. He could never truly find it in himself to draw a certain someone correctly though. He thought himself lacking in most of his artworks when it came to that person.

Ripping and then crumbling up the paper in his white-gloved hands, Edward heaved another long sigh in disappointment. He wouldn't ever be good enough. He let it drop to the dusty wooden floor where it bounced only once before settling.

"Brother! Why'd you do that? That was so good!" Alphonse gasped from beside his dejected older sibling. Some people on the train turned at the sheer volume in which Al had cried out in, but the suit of armor didn't seem to notice. Edward was leaning on the window seal, avoiding the white, pink lined, eyes of his younger brother as well as the other passengers.

"No, Al, it's not good enough." he said sharply. Al sighed, turning back front forward in his seat. He glimpsed at the crumpled up piece of paper that lay on the floor beside his right metal foot. Slowly, he went to pick it up, ignoring the stiffness that occurred in Edward. He unfolded it carefully so as not to tear the fragile material.

The picture which the elder Elric had so rudely discarded, was an almost identical portrait of their dear friend Winry Rockbell. Alphonse noted how soft Winry's eyes looked, how her trademark bangs crossed over her head exactly how they did in real life, how the shading seemed to make the picture pop.

Their mechanic was shown from head to waist only, dominating the portrait like she dominated their lives. Her arms were crossed behind her back with a smirk plastered across her gentle face. She wore a black tubular top with her usual lilac colored jumper suit in which the arms were tied around her waist. She was leaning on a wall with a picture frame to the left of her. The picture was an identical version to the real life one that hung in the Rockbell's home. It was Winry as a child with short, shoulder length hair. She was waving to the camera, her other hand behind her back.

Behind the back of the larger Winry was a well shaded wrench. It almost made Alphonse laugh, but he stuck with a mental smile. He could almost see Winry doing this exact pose, in fact he actually could. That 'insane nerd engineer' as Edward liked to call her sometimes.

Alphonse sighed quietly as he folded the drawing tenderly in half, putting it in his pocket that lay on the underside of his loincloth. They were almost to Rush Valley, and outside the train Edward didn't give any indication of his drawing talents. He even screwed up purposely when he drew Envy in the hospital after the Fifth Laboratory collapsed, just so his gift would go unnoticed.

It was becoming lighter outside and it began to feel warmer. Edward didn't realize the train was coming to a stop until he heard the squeal of the breaks go off. Previously too deep in thought to figure out where to hide his sketchpad, the growth stunted alchemist resorted to the last possible option: hide it in Al. Thrusting open Alphonse's metal head, Edward shoved his notebook into the hollow body without hesitation.

"Uh!" Al jerked back away but to no avail. The drawing pad fell to the bottom of the empty body with a soft clatter.

"Just keep it in there till I can hide it somewhere else, 'kay?" Edward requested, hopping off the train booth before his brother did. Alphonse shrugged in his mind and sighed aloud as he followed his older sibling.

Rush Valley never seemed to sleep. Already, the smell of oil and bad hygiene hit Edward upside the face worse than any wrench could. It was an acquired smell he guessed, for Winry was sure fond of the place. He could hear hearty laughter, tinkering of tools, greetings towards neighboring automail shops, and engines purring. He wasn't even in the heart of town and he still heard so much noise. It was perhaps the loudest town he'd ever been in, but he could still pinpoint his mechanic's voice over everyone else's any day. Speak of the gear-head...

"Edward! Alphonse!" Winry made her way to the Elric's, pushing through the large crowd.

"Hey, Winry! Got time for some old pals?" Edward grinned cheekily. The young blonde rolled her sea blue eyes when she finally reached them.

"Sure, what've you done this time?" She questioned, putting her hands on her nearly bare hips. Now instead of her lavender colored jumper suit, she sported a beige one with the arms tied in the same fashion. Instead of a black tube top, she showed off a black and white halter-top with a large zipper that split down the middle, extenuating her breasts fully. Don't think this went unnoticed by the young blonde alchemist who glanced her up and down only every five seconds.

"We just came by to visit." Alphonse piped up from behind his silent brother, Edward mentally thanking him for doing so.

"As if I actually believe that." Winry snorted, taking one of Edward's hands and pulling him through the enormous cluster of automail mechanics and customer.

"C'mon then, let's get you checked over!" The girl chuckled as she led them to Atelier Garfiel. The elder Elric being drug behind her simply smiled. It wasn't often that he did this, having to keep his feelings for Winry on the low-key nearly every minute, that he actually showed to the world that he was more than happy to be in her presence.

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