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Chapter 2: Getting To Know You

The clock read ten o' clock on the dot, and Jai'Lynn had just walked through the facility doors.

"Whoa, someone call the press, Jai'Lynn Miller is on time for once" Kayla joked, standing up and applauding over dressed in a sexy black mini dress, her hair down and bouncy curls

"Shut up" Jai'Lynn giggled putting her white coat over her black slacks and navy blue silk ruffle blouse. "And why are you dressed so fancy for work" she asked throwing her hair up in a ponytail

"What? I can't dress this nice for work?" she scoffed nervously "I need a reason?"

"Yeah, and I think that reason is my patient Jack Mercer's brother" she said "You might be hoping he visits today?"

"No way" Kayla lied, sitting back in her seat "No one's thinking about that man"

"Yeah uh huh" Jai'Lynn chuckled before grabbing her clipboard and folders for her patients she was viewing today.

"Change of subjects" Kayla argued "How many patients you tend to today?"

"Just two, I have my alcohol addiction patient to meet with, and I have my new patient Jack to evaluate"

Kayla nodded her head and smiled

"Well, Mercer's in your office waiting for you"

"Cool, someone that can be on time, I like him already"

"Yeah, have fun"

"Yeah… right" Jai'Lynn said as she walked away.

She walked down the hall and toward her office. She quickly reached her office door…

Jack had gotten a wakeup call this morning from the front desk and was up and waiting for his meeting in her office. He smiled at the sound of the door opening as he played cool trying not to seem eager.

He saw the door open and smiled as his crush walked in.

"Hello Miss Miller" he smiled

"Hi Jack" she said walking in and placing her key chain full of her identification information on the file cabinet by the door, so she wouldn't forget them when leaving "How was your first day?"

"Pretty okay, I didn't do much but play around with my guitar and take advantage of the all you can eat room service"

Jai'Lynn giggled sitting behind her desk

"That's sound fun"

"Oh trust me it was" he laughed in the chair across from her "So what are we doing today?"

"We'll if you are good at opening up, today will be another easy day" she said taking a sheet from her folder "I'm going to evaluate you"


"I'm going to ask you questions about your addiction and you have to give me an honest answer" she explained

"So, you're going to be judging me?"

"No! no judging it's nothing you can say that I haven't heard worse before" she shot

Jack nodded putting full trust in her…

"So what kind of drugs have you done?" she asked the first question on the sheet.

"What's you first name?" he asked

Jai'Lynn stared at him

"What did I tell you?

"How do you expect me to tell you my business if I don't know your name" he said "How fair is that?"

Jai'Lynn sighed

"I'm serious"

"Me too" he smirked sitting back with his hands behind his head

She rolled her eyes

"Jai'Lynn" she answered "My name is Jai'Lynn Miller"

Jack smiled and nodded

"Now answer my question, what drugs have you done?"

"Jack Mercer and Jai'Lynn Miller" he replied "We have the same initials"

"Jack!" she yelled

"What's your middle name?"

She ran her fingers through her hair

"Can we talk about what's important here?" she said "You?"

"Come on! That's my last question and I'll answer yours"


"Cross my heart" he smiled

"Christina" she answered

"So we're three for three" he smirked, pointing at her folder with his personal information on the inside

Jai'Lynn sighed in frustration in looked in the folder which read his full name Jack Christopher Mercer

"JCM Well, that a nice coincidence" she nodded closing it and going back to her initial paper "Now?"

"Alright, alright" he sighed "You name the drug I did the drug" he simply answer "From cigarettes to heroine and everything in between"

Jai'Lynn nodded as she took notes

"When did you start?"

"I started smoking cigs at the young age eleven"

"When did you start the heavy stuff?"

"I tried everything once before but it really didn't become a problem until I started back at the beginning of last year?" he honestly answer getting up and moving around the room

"What made you start back?" she asked still looking down and taking notes

"My mother was murdered"

Jai'Lynn's eyes shot up and looked at him

"Well, I'm sorry to hear that" she told him

"Yeah, she took me in when I was twelve"

"Took you in?" she asked

"Oh I'm adopted" Jack said occupied with reading some of Jai'Lynn's professional plaques on her shelves by the door.

"Oh, interesting" she nodded writing "And when was your last time doing any drugs?"

Jack stared strangely as he was reading one of Jai'Lynn's ID cards

"Jack?" she shot, as Jack snapped out of his thoughts

"Oh… Uh!"

" Last time?" she repeated

Jack chuckled, walking back over to his seat



"Yesterday before I came" he laughed

Jai'Lynn looked at him before chuckled

"Had to get it out my system" he replied

"I understand!" she smiled

"So that was five questions, I have another one for you?"

"This isn't about me" she told him "So No!"

"What age were you adopted?" he asked

Jai'Lynn's green eyes shot at him, as he stared


"When were you adopted?" he repeated

"What makes you think I was adopted" she stood nervously before turning her back toward him, and placing his files in the proper cabinet

"Well you said your last name is Miller?"

"So?" she asked

"But on all these plaques in here it reads Jai'Lynn Moretti" he explained "I know I may look stupid but, Moretti is an Italian name and you aren't Italian"

"How do you know?"

"Because I never seen an Italian with your bright green eyes before, and in foster care I stayed with a much of nationalities, so I know" he told her

"I think we're done for today" she ordered "Wanting to end the conversation"

It's funny, you aren't saying much but I know everything about you" he smirked

"I highly doubt that?" she sassed with her arms folded

"If saying that makes you feel better about your secrets then my lips are sealed…" Jack nodded before walking…

Jai'Lynn shook her head and ran her fingers through her hair, before she begins taking her plaques off of her shelves. She had plenty of secrets and if anyone found out about any of them it could ruin her life…

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