I got tired of thinking about this and wanted to see what kind of response it would get.


A burning pain; that's all Tsukune could remember as he woke up to see an old style Japanese house in the distance. He felt grass on his face as he pushed himself up and took a better look around. Not much was around; just a rundown little town is all that seemed to be towards the house he saw. He braced himself to stand but felt his legs refuse to support him.

He couldn't react fast enough to catch himself and hit the grassy ground hard. This was concerning for him; did he have limited use of his legs, or was he just tired? He didn't know but he had to stand up and see if anyone knew him and would help fill in the numerous blanks in his mind. Barley willing himself to stand with the little strength he had, he managed to stay standing this time.

As he stood up he felt a breeze blow across his bare torso; he looked down to see an X scar across it. He gently touched the scar and felt the touch not only on his fingers but on the scar. Somehow, the scar tissue had become sensitive. It didn't seem right; scar tissue that was sensitive, it just felt… off.

'How did I get this?' he thought as he walked towards the house.

He suddenly heard a long howl as he felt a pressure in the air push against him. It wasn't heavy, but it was noticeable, just enough so that it felt like he had a bag on his back. He looked back to see a rift opening up and three masked creatures charge out towards him. Fear filled his body as he started to run away from the creatures. These creatures that were clearly stronger than him and were going to kill him if he didn't leave now. For some reason this felt familiar to him; he wasn't sure how though. It was a serious case of déjàvo; he knew he had done this before, but he wasn't sure when or where.

His retreat took him into an alley where he continued to run to the other side. When he exited the alley he saw a small district of people that were looking at him as he ran and then saw what he was running from and joined him in his retreat.

'NOW,' he heard a dark voice say to him 'NOW OF ALL TIMES YOU CHOSE TO RUN. YOU FUCKIN' COWARD.'

The voice continued to insult him as he ran; names that sounded like they fit but weren't completely true. There was little he could do against these weird creatures that were trying to kill him. So why would he fight them and risk getting killed?

'Stand firm' a softer feminine voice said to him 'just like you've always done. Stand and protect those around you; even if you do not know them. Turn around and fight. Your resolve is stronger than this.'

Tsukune listened to the voice and skid to a halt before turning to face the creatures that had chased him. His body started to move by instinct as he took a firm stance and waited for the creatures to get closer. This voice made a point; there were people that needed to be protected. While he might not have the strength to actually defeat them, he could stall them long enough for everyone to get to safety.

Not too far away, two figures watched the boy run from the hollows. It was normal after all in the Soul Society for people to run from them if they showed up. The look of fear that everyone was showing was at what it should be; hollows do eat any soul regardless of what it is. It was no secret that Yokai were amongst everyone in the soul society; many just stuck to the Eastern Rukongai districts.

"Ken-chan" a pink haired girl cheered "looks like he's gonna fight."

This was different than the norm in the Soul Society. A person that looked to have no spiritual powers standing against a hollow. This was suicide by any standards; even Eleventh Division's. Hand-to-hand combat was Second Division's thing; so if he survived he'd most likely go there.

"Let's see what he's got" a spiky haired man said with a smile.

It was rare for someone to even try to do anything but run from Hollows. They are creatures that only act on the primitive need to feed, and survive; nothing else. No one wanted to be eaten by a Hollow; because that could possibly cause themselves to become Hollows. It was a fate that was worse than death.

"Our orders are to eliminate the Hollows" a woman said as she appeared next to Kenpachi "Zaraki-taichou."

"Soifon-taichou" he laughed as he watched the brown haired boy land a solid kick on one of the Hollows and sent it soaring back to the other two "looks like he fights with his hands a lot."

Soifon watched the boy as he barely dodged a set of attacks from the masked creatures. She wasn't at all impressed with his abilities, they were mediocre at best. He looked like a bar room brawler rather than an actual fighter. The boy landed an uppercut and sent one Hollow soaring up into the air for about ten feet. The boy had brute strength, she'd give him that, but lacked everything else. One of the Hollows smashed him with its tail and knocked him back onto the ground. He stood up and continued to fight, despite his deep wounds and losing a lot of blood.

"The Baka's gonna get himself killed" Soifon said as she drew her zanpakuto and vanished.

Tsukune landed a round house kick on one of the hollows and knocked it into a building. He was getting nowhere. 'How do I beat these things?' he asked as he watched the creature get back up. He suddenly felt a greater pressure than before, this one felt like it was forcing him to the ground as a new figure appeared. She wasn't that tall, had two braids of hair wrapped in lacing that held a sheath and wore a jacket that had two horizontal lines in the center of a diamond. He didn't see much of anything else before he blacked out.

"Wake up Chocolate-hair" he heard a voice say to him.

He felt a weight on his chest that seemed to be the source of the voice speaking to him. It wasn't heavy but it was enough to get his attention.

"Wake up" as he felt a smack on his face.

Tsukune opened his eyes to see a small pink haired girl standing on his chest and looking down at him. The hair color looked familiar to him, but he couldn't remember from where. Having so many blanks in his mind was starting to worry him.

"Where am I?" as he looked around and saw what resembled a hospital room.

"Fourth Division's Clinic" a deep male voice said to him "what's your name boy?"

Tsukune looked at the source of the voice and started to shake from fear. The voice came from a large man dressed in a black kimono and had a torn up white jacket over top of it; he also had black spiked hair and an eye patch covering his right eye.

"Aono… Tsukune…" he said in a very weak voice.

The man didn't look like he appreciated the weak tone that Tsukune answered with. If anything, he looked like he was irritated with it.

"When you speak" he said in a more aggressive tone than he first did "speak without fear" as his eye seemed to narrow "I don't wanna regret my decision by havin' ya so much as sound weak."

"Hai" Tsukune said without hesitation.

"Better; my name is Zaraki Kenpachi. I took the liberty of signing ya up for the Shinigami Academy" Kenpachi said as he stood up and walked over to Tsukune "you start in a week. Don't disappoint me" as he walked out.

The girl jumped off Tsukune's chest and landed on Kenpachi's back, but he didn't feel like someone had just jumped off his chest. He felt like nothing had happened.

"Ken-chan's not always this mean" she giggled as Tsukune sat up "he just doesn't think much of weak people."

Again, that sounded familiar; and he couldn't put his finger on it. It was something from in his past, it was on the tip of his tongue, yet he couldn't say where it was familiar from. His line of thought was interrupted though.

"Eleventh Division" Kenpachi said to Tsukune before he left the room "come by as soon as you're released from here" as he slid the door open and walked out "tell them I sent ya."

Tsukune didn't have time to reply before a nurse walked in to check on him. She had white hair with two braids that merged into one at the lobe of her ear and had red earrings. She was also surprisingly tall.

"How are you feeling?" as she looked at him before reaching for a clipboard.

"Confused" as he looked out the window and saw a large courtyard with other patients walking around "I can't remember anything before those creatures attacked me. Where is here?" looking back at the nurse.

"This is the Seireitei which is in the Soul Society" she started "where the souls of the dead pass to."

Those words hit Tsukune hard. How was he dead; he was breathing and just had a conversation with two people. He felt pain, the wind, even the dirt he fell on when he blacked out after the one person showed up in between him and one of the masked creatures.

"I'm…" in disbelief "dead…?"

"Yes," in a sympathetic tone "the loss of memories normally takes about a century; I'm not sure why you lost yours so soon. Maybe something happened when you died that caused you to lose them."

"All I remember is a burning pain" as he felt an odd urge to look at his right hand.

His eyes widened when he saw what looked like a cross burned onto the skin of his palm. The only thing that was unique about the burn mark was a small area that wasn't burned that was where the cross joints were. It was like something was on whatever he grabbed that wasn't hot at all. What could have caused that; he didn't grab anything that remotely looked like a cross when he was fighting those creatures. And he surely would've remembered grabbing something that would've been hot enough to burn him.

The nurse could see that her patient was lost in thought, but she didn't think anything of it. After all, it wasn't easy to grasp the fact that you're dead. She remembered how she felt when she found out; not at all a feeling she wanted to relive.

"I need your name" she spoke up to get his attention off the burn mark.

"Aono" he said back to her letting his gaze drop from his hand to the sheets that covered him "Tsukune."

"I'm Kotetsu Isane" as she looked at Tsukune's hand "would you like me to heal this for you?"

Tsukune thought about it for a second; it didn't keep him from using his hand and it really didn't hurt much and it was the only thing that could help him remember his past. A past that could hold a future.

"No thank you" as he closed his hand "when can I leave?" with a slightly sad tone. If he had just died then no one here would know him; all the blanks in his memories would never be filled in.

"You should be cleared by this afternoon after Unohana-taichou gives you a more thorough exam" as she put the clipboard back where she got it from.

"Thank you Isane-san" as he stood up to stretch a little.

His stomach growled loudly as his legs nearly gave out from under him; if it weren't for Isane he would've fell to the ground. He couldn't remember the last time he had something to eat, but it felt like it had been weeks; he'd swear he could eat a cow. He had no clue as to why he felt like this.

"I'll find you some crutches to use" Isane said as she helped him back to the bed "then we'll head to the cafeteria" as she walked out of the room.

"Those creatures that attacked you are called Hollows" he heard from the window and fell to the floor from shock "they must have followed you here after you died. With how loud your stomach growled" as Tsukune looked at the source of the voice and saw a woman sitting in the window seal "you have a strong spiritual awareness. That would explain why the Hollows were after you."

Tsukune looked at the woman; it was the one that appeared in front of him before he blacked out. Her hair was black; eyes were a light brown and seemed serious. The way she spoke sounded familiar to him, but again he had no clue as to where.

"Hollows?" Tsukune asked with a confused tone.

"Souls that were once a living being but they couldn't pass over" as her gaze locked in on Tsukune "eventually they become empty; a hole forms in their chests and then that mask forms on their faces. They eat the souls of anyone and anything in an attempt to fill that emptiness. They can only be purified with a zanpakuto;" they heard the door slide open again "how you managed to fight, not one but, three off with your bare hands is a huge feat and a complete mystery."

"Thank you…" in a confused tone "I guess."

"You're nothing more than a bar room brawler" she said in a serious tone as her eyes narrowed "you belong in the Eleventh Division, no question about it."

Tsukune didn't feel at all offended by her statement; it felt like it sounded right. If it weren't for the voices he heard in his head he would've kept running. How he knew how to fight like that though was a mystery, but he acted mostly on instinct.

"However" the woman continued "I do see potential in you. If you want" in a more gentle tone than before "I can show you how to properly fight with your bare hands."

"I don't know" Tsukune said "fighting just to fight doesn't sound right. I only fought those things to keep the people around me safe."

"Soifon-taichou" Isane said as she finally walked back into the room "you're Aono-san's second visitor. I guess he's pretty popular already."

"Taichou?" Tsukune said in surprise.

"Of the Second Division" Soifon added "and Commander of the Onmitsukido, and Corp Commander of the Executive Militia. Now that you know" as she stood up and faced outside "you will address me as Soifon-taichou."

"Hai" Tsukune said quickly before she disappeared.

Isane handed him the crouches and helped him to the cafeteria. It was a long walk for Tsukune; especially since he was running on an empty stomach. His stomach growled several times on the way there; even worse when he finally smelled the food.

Fifty minutes later Isane was jaw dropped; she had never seen someone eat ten full plates of cafeteria food. Each one had a good sized steak on it, rice, vegetables and even a dessert. This was something only Soifon's fuku-taichou was thought to be capable of.

"Are you full now?" she asked her patient as he finished his drink.

"Hai, sorry I took so long" as he looked at the plates that were stacked up "I don't know when the last time I ate."

"Oh-my" a gentle voice said with a giggle "I've never seen someone eat quiet so much before."

Tsukune looked back towards the source of the voice and saw a woman with a gentle face and two braids that went on either side of her face and became one at her breasts. She wore a black kimono with a white cloak over it; she was a Taichou, no question about it.

"You must be the boy that Kenpachi-taichou brought in" she continued in her soft voice "I must be honest though; you don't look like a fighter."

"Hai," Tsukune said politely as he rubbed the back of his head "I seem to be getting that a lot; Taichou."

"Please" she said with a gentle smile "no need to be so formal with me. Just Unohana will do."

Tsukune was beginning to like the taichou already; she didn't care about being formal. Plus she spoke with a gentle tone that made him feel comfortable.

"Hai" he replied back "Zaraki-taichou told me to go by the Eleventh Division once I got out of here. Can I get my exam so I can go, please?"

"Of course" as she began to walk away.

Tsukune grabbed his crouches and stood up; to his surprise he felt like he didn't need them. His legs felt fine now, completely refreshed and capable of walking on their own. So he handed Isane the crouches and followed Unohana; the last thing he wanted to do was make a taichou wait, even though this one didn't seem like she'd mind too much.

Unohana was surprised to see that the patient had handed off his crouches and was walking on his own already. It was unusual for someone to recover so quickly from the journey to the Soul Society; not to mention fight three hollows on his own. She was expecting him to take at least three days to recover fully; yet he was walking around like nothing happened. He was definitely someone she'd have to keep an eye on.

-Deep within Tsukune's mindscape-

"Fuck off bitch" a figure said as a woman tried to lecture him "he might not remember but I do. Once he's out of here, I'm gonna show that prideful whore what true power is."

The woman let out a sigh as she shook her head. Her long pink hair swayed into her face, so she gently moved it aside. It wasn't a complete mystery as to why the one in front of her was so angry; while Tsukune lost his memories, the boy in front of her did not. He remembered how she treated him; by comparison of how the others treated him, she treated him like he was nothing but dirt.

"Nothing good comes from violence" she said softly "look at what happened to you."

"SHUT THE FUCK UP" he shouted at her.

It wasn't his fault that Tsukune was dead; the idiot was responsible for their shared fate. If he had it his way, he wouldn't have cared about what would've happened. He wouldn't have tried to stop it at all; he simply would've let it happen.

"That bitch put me through hell, and I bet she doesn't even care that we're dead now" with venom in his voice.

The woman looked at the boy; pale skin, with white hair and a tattoo stretching across his neck and face. She knew all too well how the boy came to be; after all, it was the source of his anger.

"Just remember" as she turned around and looked at a massive school "that if you ever do gain control" looking at him out of the corner of her green eyes "I will not permit you to use me in any way but to protect someone. I am not a mere weapon of war."

"Fuck off" he said back to her as he sat on a massive tree's branch "I will have my revenge against her; with or without your help. If it weren't for her; we'd still be alive."

"You know that is not the truth" the woman said back as she looked him in his yellow rage-filled eyes "there were reasons other than her that you stayed at Yokai Academy. She is not responsible for your death, none of them are;" as she rubbed his cheek "I only hope that you wake up to this truth before you do something that both of you will regret."

His eyes didn't change; he still held rage against her, but mostly her. He had done everything he could to get her approval; but she kept denying him. Nothing was ever good enough for her; the numerous times he'd saved her wasn't even enough for her to give him the time of day, let alone positive attention. If he ever saw her again, he'd be sure to show her just how powerful he truly is; nothing was going to hold him back any more.

"For his sake" she asked seeing that the boy's mind was made up "do not harm her. I am sure they will meet again soon, but you cannot do anything to interrupt a natural process. Once he has his memories back, and if he feels the same way, then you can go on your little tantrum. Until then though" as she stood up tall "if you try to force your memories into him; I will not hesitate to destroy you."

She then walked towards the school; with grace that matched hers. It sickened him to have to be stuck with this woman; she even looked like her. If that wasn't bad enough though, he knew she was far more powerful than her. The only thing he liked about this woman was the fact that she didn't flaunt her power.

"He and I are one in the same" the boy said "if you destroy me; you'll destroy a piece of him" with a smug smile "could you truly do that?"

The woman stopped in her tracks. What the boy was saying was true, but she knew it was something that would have to be done if she must.

"Yes" she stated calmly "I could. If it meant protecting him and the ones he holds precious to him; I would do it without second thought. You have tried to harm them once before, but was stopped and then suppressed. Please do not think I would not destroy you to protect him" as she started walking again "and please do not pretend you know me. You know nothing about me; but I know everything about you."


He walked through the large court yard of the Clinic and was on his way to the Eleventh Division. Unohana had given him a set of clean clothes to wear since what he had consisted of only a worn out pair of jeans. Now he was wearing a black pair of kimono bottoms and a white undergarment that he had seen many of the people in the clinic wearing underneath their black kimono tops. The clothes fit him just right too. They hugged his shoulders enough to stay in place but not so much that it restricted his movement, and his pants fit snug around his waist.

It took him some time to figure out how to put on the sandals that the taichou had given him. He managed to figure it out though; with Isane's assistance. They felt more open than what he was used too; which was weird because he didn't have anything on his feet when he woke up.

"Uh…Which way do I go?" he asked himself as he looked around, realizing that he didn't have directions.

He rubbed the back of his head in personal embarrassment for not asking for directions before he left. He was sure he was going to get lost if just kept going without someone to tell him which way he needed to go.

"Where are you looking for?" he heard behind him.

He looked back and didn't see anyone.

"First the voices when I was being chased by those 'hollow' things" he said as he looked around "and now when I'm trying to go to Eleventh Division. I must be going crazy."

"Down here boy" he heard near his feet.

He looked down to see a black cat staring at him.

"Di…did that cat just…" he began to ask himself.

"Yes" it answered "I did."

Tsukune just stared at the cat in disbelief. A cat had just spoken to him like it was human; A CAT. Since when did cats talk? Surprisingly though, it didn't come as much of a shock as he had thought.

"Follow me if you want to get to the Eleventh Division" it said as it walked in front of him to lead him to where he wanted to go.

Tsukune was hesitant to follow a cat; which was understandable given his position. Why would any sane person believe a cat could talk, let alone lead him to somewhere that he wanted to go?

"Kenpachi isn't known for his patience" the cat said to him "if I recall correctly; he nearly killed the last person that kept him waiting."

Tsukune quickly moved to follow the cat. As he followed the cat he noticed that he was walking past several others that were dressed in a uniform that matched what most of those in Fourth Division were wearing. The numbers of those people increased when they passed a gate with the symbol for the number five written in a diamond.

"What's your name?" the cat asked him as they walked pass a gate that had a character for the number six on it.

"Aono Tsukune" he said quickly.

"I'm Yoruichi" the cat said as it took a turn.

Tsukune followed Yoruichi around the corner and bumped into a blond woman. Before he could apologize for bumping into her; he got distracted by the size of her breasts, which were nearly exposed. The woman didn't seem to at all mind, and also seemed to be a little drunk.

"And who might you be, cutie?" she asked with a child-like tone as she wrapped her arms around him and trapped him in her cleavage.

"You lucky son of a bitch" he heard in his head "what I wouldn't do to trade places with you."

His hand twitched as he slowly lost the ability to breathe. A mental picture of the exact same thing happening came to his mind; only it was different. He was wearing a green jacket, slacks, a backpack, and the one holding him in her cleavage had blue hair with matching eyes. She was wearing a yellow sweater vest and a mini-skirt, with a long sleeve white shirt underneath the sweater. He couldn't hear words, even though she seemed to be saying something, and she looked familiar to him. She was sticking her tongue out at someone; as if she were making a point about something.

"You're suffocating him Matsumoto-fuku-taichou" Yoruichi said as Tsukune's hand stopped twitching.

-Tsukune's Mind-

His eyes opened and he could see what looked to be an old abandoned mansion. It looked familiar to him; he couldn't say where though, maybe a movie he had watched when he was alive. The Gothic style roofing, large open court yard, and an eerie feel to the air; all very familiar, almost homey.

"Was wonderin' when you'd show up" he heard behind him.

The dark tone suggested that it didn't come from a friendly source. It also seemed to have a bit of a howl to it; faint, but somewhat noticeable.

"Who are you?" Tsukune asked as he turned around to see a boy standing on a branch that belonged to a tree that looked like it had a monstrous face on it.

The boy looked familiar to him, but he looked completely different. The white hair, extremely pale skin, yellow eyes that were set in black, and that tattoo that stretched across his neck and face; it was… disturbing.

"Tsk" the boy said to him "still don't fuckin' remember. Should've known. Look around ya" as he turned around and held his arms out "take a good fuckin' look. This is similar to the place where that bitch changed us forever" his arms drooped down to his side "this is where everything about our humanity was taken from us."

"You're the one that was calling me a coward" Tsukune said recognizing the voice now.

A smile grew across the boy's face.

"How much do you remember" he asked Tsukune as he turned around and faced him "how much of the battles that cha fought in can you remember? Which of those girls do ya remember the best? Which one cost us our lives?" as he looked down at the branch he was standing on.

"What are you talking about?" Tsukune asked "what battles? The only fight I've been in is with those Hollow things when I first woke up here. Wait," catching up to the line of questions "girls? How many?"

"Shoulda figured" the boy sighed "you used so much damn youki that your memories are gone. Shoulda just let it happen; you stupid fuck" as he crossed his arms like he was irritated.

Youki; that was a new term to him, but it did sound a little familiar.

"Get the fuck outa here before I decide to take over" as he waved his hand and dismissed Tsukune.

Tsukune suddenly vanished from the mindscape. Why he let the idiot leave was simple; he had his own agenda. If he were to take over now, it'd be pointless; he wouldn't have his revenge.

"That subtle enough for ya?" he asked as he looked at the base of the tree.

"Yes" a woman said to him "and thank you for not telling him exactly how he died" as she stepped out from behind the tree and looked at the boy.

The boy let out a 'tsk' and jumped down from the tree and walked away. He didn't want to spend any time anywhere near the woman he had to share space with. Even in death, is seems that he can't get away from her.

-Eleventh Division-

Kenpachi sat in the main training room of his division and looked at the two in front of him; a woman with long green hair, and a man with messily spiked blue hair. One of the two had been a former enemy of the shinigami; Jagerjaquez Grimmjow. He had served under the traitor Aizen as the Sexta Espada, fought against Substitute Shinigami Kurosaki Ichigo three times, and was currently working alongside, much to his displeasure, Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck. She is the former Teresa Espada who was once trapped in a child form due to a fight with the deceased Quinto Espada. It is thanks to Inoue Orihime, both of them survived the final fights in Las Noches; Nel by choice, Grimmjow by Ichigo's request.

"I don't see why we need to do something this stupid" Grimmjow complained "'build a relationship with shinigami'. Tsk, waste of time."

This was the last thing the panther Arrancar wanted to do; work alongside a shinigami.

"Grimmjow" Nel said calmly "I have explained this before; shinigami and Arrancar can work together. It was also a shinigami's choice to have you healed."

"Can we get ta business" Kenpachi sighed "I'm expectin' someone soon and don't wanna have to deal with this as he's walkin' in."

"Hai" Nel said politely "I was told by sou-taichou Yamamoto-sama that your Division is very…" trying to think of a polite way to put it "battle driven…"

Kenpachi nodded; it was in no way a secret that the Eleventh Division was full of combat loving individuals. In his mind, Nel wasted her time by thinking of a way to sugar coat the truth.

"Grimmjow-san would fit in perfectly here" she continued "he has shown he loves combat, and has even gone against Ichigo three times; two of which he was much stronger than Ichigo."

"Would've been all three if Nnoitra-teme wouldn't have interfered" Grimmjow spat.

"Does kitty-cat not like it when someone interrupts his fight" Yachiru asked with a giggle.

A tick mark appeared on Grimmjow's forehead when he heard the nickname that the pink haired lieutenant had given him. He was no 'kitty', as the girl had called him. He is an Arrancar; a Hollow that surpassed all others by evolving into a human form and even gaining powers similar to those of a shinigami.

"She's only a child Grimmjow" Nel reminded him before he could snap back.

"Kenpachi-taichou" they heard as the door slid open "sorry if he's late" a cat said as it walked in with Matsumoto followed carrying Tsukune over her shoulder "but Matsumoto decided it'd be fun to try to suffocate him."

"I said I was sorry" she pouted as she set Tsukune on the ground "I didn't think his head was low enough to be caught in my boobs."

Every guy in the room had the same thought running through their minds; 'lucky brat'.

Grimmjow looked at the fuku-taichou; he had seen her before, but only while she was fighting someone else. While one part of his mind was on more… primitive thoughts; the other wondered how strong she would have to be to suffocate someone in her massive breasts.

'They look more than large enough to feed a liter of kits, and if she suffocated someone in them they must be rather firm' he thought.

The boy began to open his eyes; he saw a ceiling over his head. The last thing he could remember before he blacked out was being forcibly held in a woman's boobs. However nice they might've felt, it still bothered him because of image it triggered in him. A girl with blue hair, while unusual he felt he knew her. A name was on the tip of his tongue, but he couldn't say it; simply because he couldn't remember.

He looked around and saw the Eleventh Division taichou sitting on a bench that was behind two people. They weren't dressed like the others he had seen. The woman was dressed in a white outfit; the shirt hugged her torso rather well and loosened at the sleeves and even more so at her wrists. Her pants went all the way down past her ankles, hugging her thighs and calves snuggly. The man was dressed in a similarly white jacket that was unzipped, showing his entire chest… and a hole… His pants fit fine at the waist but loosened up a lot after that.

One with green hair and a weird looking helmet that was shaped like a ram's skull. Her eyes looked serious but gentle; like they showed a concern for others, but you wouldn't want to be in a fight with her. The crimson line that stretched from cheek to cheek looked like it would be a birth mark that resembled a blush.

The other one… there was something in his eyes that screamed endless fighting. Sharp light blue eyes that looked like they could kill just by looking at you. Messily spiked blue hair. Then there was that jaw looking thing on his cheek that looked like it was apart of his skin, but at the same time not.

"Good to see yer awake now" Kenpachi said "now we can begin yer trainin'" with a large smile.

Shinigami Cup Golden

A shinigami sat at his desk reading over last minute applications into the academy. In his opinion, if you waited till last minute you shouldn't be allowed in. He normally held true to this, rejecting any applications that didn't have a very good letter of recommendation; he only classified a letter of recommendation as good if it came from a taichou or fuku-taichou. He rarely saw those so he wasn't too worried about having any in this stack.

"Ugh" he groaned "I hate this part of the job" as he pulled out another application and started to review it. "Aono Tsukune" he read "rather boring name if you ask me" as he continued to read the application "he has a letter of recommendation though" as he lifted the first sheet and started to read the letter.

Sweat rolled down his face as he read it; it was from non-other than Kenpachi Zaraki, the Eleventh Division taichou. His entire body began to shake in fear as he didn't even want to think of reaching for the rejected stamp. The fear of what could happen was too great. He reread the letter:

To whom it may concern,

If this boy isn't let into the academy,
I'll kill ya

Zaraki Kenpachi

His eyes looked over at the two stamps he had setting near him; one saying accepted, the other saying rejected. Cautiously he moved his hand to the stamps; being careful not to grab the rejected one by force of habit. He grabbed one of the two stamps and looked at the underside just to make sure he was grabbing the right one.

He pressed the stamp firmly in the ink pad and was careful about pressing it on the application. The last thing he wanted to do was smudge the symbol so that it didn't look right. He did like his job and being alive, so to speak.

"Maybe I should put one more on… just to be safe" as he gently pushed the stamp firmly on the paper.

-Eleventh Division-

"Ken-chan" Yachiru cheered as she jumped onto his shoulder with a paper in hand "looks like chocolate-hair got in" showing him the application.

Said application had numerous stamps saying accepted; ten in total.

"I think he over did it" Kenpachi sighed as he continued to walk to his bed to lie down.