"Will Inoue Orihime please come to the library;" the intercom said loudly in the lunch room "again, would Inoue Orihime please come to the library."

"I wonder what happened;" Orihime said as she started to get up.

"You're not going on your own;" Rangiku said as she put her hand on her friend's shoulder "let's wait for Ichigo to get back before we head out."

Orihime gave a small pout as she sat down; she knew that Uryu had been in the library for the past couple days pretty much non-stop. The fact that she was being asked to come to the library had her worried about her friend. Something had to have happened for her to be called to the library; Uryu had his Quincy cross taken from him and was pretty much defenseless if something happened.

"I didn't find her;" Ichigo said as he appeared "but there was something that looked like a small battleground. What kind of weapon does your sister usually make her bat thing turn into?"

"A Morningstar;" Moka answered as she became visibly worried.

"Then she was probably there. I only saw this black blood, at least I think it's blood;" as he showed the stain on his sock "no normal blood. I think she's unharmed at the least."

While that might have been good to hear, she couldn't believe it until they found her. Just because there was no blood where Ichigo looked didn't mean that Kokoa wasn't hurt during that fight. Something could've happened; a bone broken, internal injuries, a concussion, the list could go on. They needed to find Kokoa as soon as possible.

"Orihime was called to the library," Rangiku said as she got up "we'll keep our eyes open and keep our senses open. If we're lucky we might be able to find a reiatsu trail to follow."

"Thank you" Moka said.

-Head Master-

The Head Master rested his chin on his hands as his jaw tightened. Whoever this person from the future was, he knew how to hide; that thought troubled him. If this person could hide from his usual means of tracking people, what else did this person know? There weren't many options left; that wasn't a good thing at all. The one reliable thing that he had left was dangerous for even him. His eyes gleamed over to his crystal ball; knowing the future had always been a dangerous thing, even for him. True, he would occasionally look into the future on certain matters; this was different though. One wrong slip of the tongue about what he sees and everything changes, and he could see every possible ending for something he looked into. Such knowledge, and simple mistakes, could destroy many things.

"I pray this doesn't backfire;" as he grabbed his crystal ball and set it in front of him.


Orihime recalled her fairies to her hair pin and helped Uryu up. Rangiku had to stifle a giggle when they first saw the state of her friend; sitting in a chair with an ice pack on his groin. The employee had been very worried about him the entire time the busty healer was tending to the Quincy. She had said she accused him of being a warlock and that caused him to drop his coffee and mumble something about looking in the wrong place.

"Not a word of this to Kurosaki, please;" Uryu asked his friend.

After a nod of agreement from both Orihime and Rangiku, he went back to the help desk.

"I would like everything you have on Witches and Warlocks that crosses with Quincy history" he said as he showed the man the pass the Head Master had given him.


The brown haired teen rested his head against the wall of the cell; he had a feeling in his gut that he was absent for something important back at Yokai Academy. It wasn't something he could just explain, it was just… one of those feelings. A sad sigh escaped him; he wanted to train, be at Yokai Academy with his friends, somewhere other than in the cell he was locked in. But he was stuck sitting in his cell for another day before he was going to his trial at Central Forty Six. His talk with the sou-taichou the day before went surprisingly well. Some of the things he had mentioned seemed to catch the old shinigami off guard completely; like when he told him what the Tres had said to him when she first started to fight him.

'Your presence in the yuki-ona village did little to hinder our plans' her voice echoed in his head.

That thought troubled him. Where else had that organization gotten into, and what was their end game? Too many questions about who this organization was and what they wanted were floating around in his head to know where to start. One thing about it troubled him more though, they managed to get someone into the barrier around the academy without the Head Master noticing; that suggested they are very knowledgeable about barriers, spells, and possibly even knows the Head Master himself.

'One thing at a time Tsukune-kun;' Bloodriver said to him 'you need to focus on being able to return to Yokai Academy first.'

'You weren't sealed away Akasha-chan;' he said with joy 'I was worried these walls would keep us from being able to talk.'

'The stone the walls and bars are made of prevents you from using reiatsu based attacks and abilities; it can't keep you from your zanpakuto. If you try hard enough, you might even be able to come to your inner world still.'

Tsukune sat crossed legged and closed his eyes; he could feel the resistance created by the stone Akasha had mentioned as he tried to enter his inner world. He took a deep breath and could feel something blowing against his cheeks. When he opened his eyes he could see Yokai Academy; his inner world. He got up off the ground and started looking for his partner. He was surprised when he didn't find her in her usual spots; the gymnasium, library, or the courtyard where she had set up a small table to have tea at.

Taking a chance, he decided to head towards the pool; which would be strange if she was actually there considering she was a vampire. He went to use sonido to get there quicker, but found that the seal Yamamoto had put on him still had affect while in his inner world. With a small sigh, he started walking towards the pool. As he walked, he noticed how surprising accurate his inner world was when he compared it to the real Yokai Academy. There was even the small dog house looking thing the Head Master had for his pet… whatever it was.

A small smile found its way to his face when he thought about how much he had learned since coming to Yokai Academy last year. The truth about vampires, succubae, yuki-ona, and witches; most of what he knew about werewolves before coming had turned out to be true. He knew he needed to learn more about his friends' species, but that was fine; it gave them something to talk about, not that there was ever really a dull moment.

As he approached the pool he could see Akasha laid out on a reclining pool chair; her hair tied back in a ponytail. Getting closer he could see that she wasn't wearing her usual dress; instead she was wearing a white two piece that had frill along the top edges of both pieces. He could swear he had seen the swim suit before somewhere, but couldn't remember where.

"Sorry," she said when she realized how close he was "I should have told you where I was."

"It's alright, I needed to stretch my legs anyway;" as he sat next to her "what happened to your dress?"

"It's on a hanger in the changing room;" her eyes locked on the clear skies "it has been like this for a few days now. I couldn't just pass up the chance to work on a tan."

"Where'd you get the swim suit though? Everywhere I've looked before was completely empty."

"Once you regained your memories many of the shops filled with clothing, the library began to have more and more books in it; even the cafeteria has food."

"That's cool" with a smile "it gives you something to do when we aren't talking or training."

"Yes;" looking to her wielder "I hope you forgive me, but I looked at your memories. It helped me pick out this swim suit."

"It's alright;" with a small laugh "I figured I had seen it somewhere."

"Many guys would have done anything to have traded to be where you were. Well;" thinking about it "I guess you are still there. What was it you were called by the jealous; Harem God?"

"Wha… what?" shocked at the title "why would they call me that?"

"I'm not surprised;" she giggled "it's a recent nickname, but it's directed towards you. When you were alive you were unusually close friends with a vampire, a species that isn't known for mingling outside of their own, a succubus, the incarnation of lust and said to be the ultimate lovers, a yuki-ona, mistresses of the snow who have a radiant beauty like fresh fallen snow, and two witches, a species that is very spiritual. There's also the fact that when you were alive you never really fought; your friends always fought for you. This could've led many to believe you were an extremely powerful Yokai; which made sense considering in the Yokai world those with power can have as many lovers as they wish.

Add to that when you were 'Kenpachi Eiyu' you were good friends with Matsumoto-san, who was posing as a succubus, Yachiru, posing as a fairy which is a rare species to encounter, and Soifon-taichou, posing as a Yasha. Also, Jagerjaquez-san was posing as a panther demon that was also your 'master'. True demons are not easily befriended; they're more likely to write off anyone trying to make friends with them because having that sort of friend can take one places. Having him pose as your master caused many to believe you were extremely powerful; even more so after you faced Kuyo."

"This is going to cause problems again" with a worried look on his face.

"Not likely;" she assured him "last year you never fought, which is why many singled you out. Now that you have been in a number of battles, everyone knows your strength and will most likely leave you alone. If anything the 'Harem God' title will take greater hold now; few living know the workings of the Seireitei and shinigami so it's possible they will think you've been one all along. Have you been thinking about how you and Soifon should progress with your relationship?"

Tsukune looked to the ground; he hadn't really thought about it with everything that had been going on recently. Last night he had a vivid dream again, but it didn't hide anything from him like in the past. Their night together when he went to train with the Visoreds had been amazing. He could now say he knows her in just about every way; taichou, person, and lover. It wasn't the sex he missed though, it was her.

"I miss her right now, but I know that there's at least a chance of seeing her again;" looking back to his zanpakuto spirit "I really want to try that kind of relationship with her, but right now I'm not sure how it would work out. She's a taichou, and I'm… a rogue I guess. I don't know if she'd be ok with everyone knowing we're in a relationship, and I think she's gotten jealous about everyone;" referring to his 'harem' "if she wants to keep it secret, I don't know how they'd take it if they found out about us. Kurumu-chan could die of a broken heart, Mizore-chan could become even more reserved than she already is and slip into depression, and I'd never forgive myself if that happened."

"What about Moka-chan, Yukari-chan and Ruby-chan?"

"Ruby-chan would probably handle it the best;" sadness formed in his eyes "Yukari-chan, she's been more like a little sister to me; she'd probably still try to make me and Moka-chan work out though. Moka-chan… I'm not sure how she'd take it. After having no memories for three weeks with only flashes of it coming back, I don't think I can have those same feelings for her again. I know it doesn't seem right, but I need to be honest about it."

"I understand. Now that you know a little about vampire culture it's natural;" looking to the sky again "by drinking your blood by biting your neck without permission… she was insulting you. While I'm sure she didn't know it at the time, it's still concerning; and you have every right to be upset, angry even, about it."

"Even after what Ghoul had done to her, she still wants to be around me. To be my friend even though she knew that there was a chance of Ghoul taking over."

"And now that you have defeated Ghoul?"

"She's my friend, and I don't want to lose her."

While Akasha was saddened by Tsukune's confession of not holding the same feelings for her daughter as last year, she was glad he still wanted to be her friend.


The seventh seat looked around the courtyard of the campus for the red head vampire. He was trying to find any presence of her reiatsu since he knew exactly what it felt like by treating her injuries. Saying he was worried would be a slight understatement; he wasn't terrified like her sister was, but he had great concern. She may have been mean at first, but she was actually pretty nice once you got to know her. So far he hadn't found anything; nothing physical or her reiatsu. None of the people that usually saw her around had any idea where she could've been.

Eventually he found himself at the place Ichigo had mentioned and he could feel that it had been Kokoa that fought here. There was something wrong though, her reiatsu felt different than it had in the past; almost like it were turning more Hollow like. He shook his head; that was a silly thought. She had been fighting a Hollow so of course he'd feel a good bit of Hollow reiatsu in the air.

"Perhaps I can recreate the fight;" he thought out loud as he opened his senses and walked around.

This had been something he was able to do for a while; he could tell exactly which injuries happened when in a fight and could put together a rough image of it in his head. When he told his taichou about it she encouraged him to improve it as it was invaluable. He walked around until he found the spot where the Hollow's reiatsu had been at its lowest. He focused a little harder and tried to figure out which way it had been facing; he turned a little to his left and felt the initial spike in its reiatsu.

"So it was facing this way;" as he walked in the direction and kept his senses open "then Shuzen-san had to have been… here" feeling her reiatsu.

He took a step forward and could feel that she had jumped into the air, so he did the same. When he landed, he could see a small crater just in front of him; she had used her Morningstar to try to hit the Hollow. He took the position of the hollow again and felt that it had done a quick side step to avoid getting hit, hence the crater; there was another spike in reiatsu suggesting it had taken an angry swing at Kokoa. The absence of red blood meant that she was able to block it in time; he noticed small skid marks that looked to be no wider than a person's foot. Taking Kokoa's place again, he carefully slid his feet through the skid marks until they stopped; he felt her reiatsu go up and backwards at an angle.

Kokoa had jumped backwards to avoid getting slashed, causing the Hollow to cut into the ground with its claws. Her feet dug into the ground as she took advantage of the opening and threw herself towards it. The Morningstar collided with the Hollow and it rolled on the ground as the small vampire continued her assault on it. The masked creature used its head to knock the red head back where she had come from before using its left arm to knock her to the ground. Instead of being knocked to the ground like normal, she landed on her feet and blocked he next attack with her Bake-bake bat. She forced the Hollow away and retaliated by swinging her Morningstar at the creature; the attack had landed, and possibly broke its arm.

The Hollow got even angrier and used its one good arm to slash downwards but missed its mark as she jumped backwards. It kept coming at her using its one arm, gradually backing her up. Kokoa kept herself from being put against a tree by swinging her Morningstar upwards and catching the Hollow just under the mask, knocking it backwards a good distance. It landed on its back and as it rolled over, it was hit again with the Morningstar; after that it had been pinned to the ground somehow. It had clawed at the ground trying to find a way to escape but it couldn't.

Hanataro's eyes widened at what he felt next; Kokoa had gotten close to the masked creature and stayed there for a minute before getting back up, pulling the thing she had pinned it down with out of its back, and slaying it. She had been at the Hollow's throat for almost a minute; that could only mean one thing. She had drank from it. He started running towards the dorms; he had to figure something out.

-Kokoa's room-

"So Akashiya-san asked you to take a look in Shuzen-san's room?" the coordinator asked.

"Yes ma'am;" he lied "she thinks there was a small fight and wanted me to take a look."

"There was a noise complaint last night;" thinking about it as she unlocked the door "I have paperwork to fill out. Don't get any ideas while you're in here" she warned before she left.

Hanataro nodded as he entered the room. It was just as Moka had described; it looked like a small fight had happened. It left the question as to who it could've been she fought. He opened up his senses again and felt that there had been no one other than Kokoa and her Bake-bake bat in the room last night. After walking around the room, he felt that she spent a good amount of time laying in her bed; after that she went over to her fridge. An empty container of tomato juice sat on the counter next to a plastic cup. He followed her reiatsu over to her mini-fridge; he opened it and discovered it was empty.

He opened up his pack and pulled out a pair of medical gloves as he looked at a transfusion pack that had some blood left on it. After running his protected fingers through the crimson fluid, he focused reiatsu into his hand and began to analyze the blood. For the most part it was completely normal, human transfusion blood; there was something different about it though. It was small and someone other than a medic or Kurotsuchi would write it off completely. Focusing more reiatsu into the kido spell, he found what he had noticed; his eyes widened in fear of what it could mean before busting out of the room as fast as he could to find Ichigo, Moka, someone.


The 'vampire' gulped down another helping of Hollow blood as he left the underground room he and John had the Hollow chained up at. Ironic that they'd use the same building that the Outcasts had used last year for this. Targeting who they were targeting, it made a little sense; why would they look somewhere that had bad memories affiliated with it? Many of the modifications the Outcasts had put in had been removed after they were defeated by order of the Head Master.

"Inui-san;" he heard.

"Akashiya-san," turning to see her "what's wrong?"

Moka looked like she had been running around for a while; her hair was a mess, she had a couple beads of sweat formed on her forehead, and was breathing a little heavier than usual.

"My sister's missing;" she explained "we can't find her anywhere. I would be thankful if you'd help us look for her."

"Of course;" with a smile "we may butt heads more often than not, but our species has always looked after each other."

-Head Master-

The hooded man lowered his head in grief; every possible outcome and there was only one that had the best positive end result. The danger of breathing even a word to anyone… he knew where the man from the future was, but he was also shown the events this man was linked to; every event he could be linked to. A tear rolled down his face; this was the price of looking into the future. Knowing every possible outcome and having to make the impossible decision.

"How can you do it;" he asked as he looked to the ceiling "know how everything could possibly play out and be so distant on the matter? I guess that's why you're up there; I've walked on this earth for three millennia and seen many things. The rise and fall of empires, the creation of religions and their fall, and much more and as a result I know what true attachment means. And…" looking down to his desk "it makes this decision even harder. I hope they can forgive me."

-Hanataro and Soifon-

The taichou and seventh seat stood in Yachiru's room waiting for the sou-taichou to activate his end. Hanataro wasn't like having to wait like this; it was an urgent matter and he needed answers as soon as possible. He couldn't understand how the taichou of the Second Division was able to stand so calmly as she waited. She knew how important this was but seemed like it was just any other minor problem that happens during a day. The screen came to life with the image of the sou-taichou.

"What is the urgent matter you needed to report to me?" he asked.

"Sir," Soifon began "Seventh Seat Yamada Hanataro has discovered that one of the locals may have been poisoned recently."

"Poisoned with what?" the old man asked as his eyes cracked open.

"Hollow blood;" Hanataro answered without giving Soifon a chance "someone had injected her transfusion packs with trace amounts of it. I believe it is having some sort of affect on her and we can't locate her. I would like to request access to the sealed documents on the Hollow blood experiment that Kurotsuchi-taichou and Kurotsuchi-fuku-taichou filed twenty three years ago."

"You were one of the ones that helped Unohana-taichou examine the bodies, weren't you?"

"Yes sir."

"Very well. Your request is granted, Kurotsuchi-fuku-taichou will deliver the reports to you and you alone within the hour;" as he stroked his beard "what is the name of the victim?"

"Thank you sir; her name is Shuzen Kokoa" Hanataro replied.

"I advise you be quick in resolving this matter Seventh Seat Yamada," his eyes opened a little more "her father more than likely won't bother to show up to help her."

"Understood sir."

The screen went blank and Soifon looked at the seventh seat.

"I'm sorry for being out of line; I spoke out of turn and…"

"At the moment you have better intel than me on the matter;" Soifon cut him off "as a medic, you are also allowed certain privileges that not even Onmitsukido have access to. Private medical records, personal history, and more. Your words held more credibility than mine right now."

Hanataro was surprised at the taichou's understanding; he was worried she'd have him punished by his taichou for his actions. A rumor had been floating around that she was seeing someone now and that could explain the change in her; but he doubted that she was seeing someone.

-One hour later-

Nemu handed Hanataro the large file that had everything on the Hollow blood experiment. She remembered that experiment like she remembered every experiment; her father had done horrible things that day and after seventeen failures he stopped the experiment and calling it a 'waste of time'.

"Thank you;" Hanataro said with a small bow.

"Mayuri-sama requests repayment for taking him from his work to dig up the file;" Nemu said in her usual monotone.

"I understand, please tell him thank you for the file and I will find a way to repay him."

"I will pass the message;" as she opened a Senkaimon and stepped in "I hope this ends better than in the past."

Hanataro looked at the sealed file and hoped so too; there was a chance that he could find a way to save her now. He took off to the room the Head Master had given him. This file was now an 'Eye's Only' file and he was the only one that had permission to look in it. He didn't like not being able to use shunpo and hadn't had much luck in learning it.

"One more thing;" he promised as he added it to his list of how to get better overall.

When he got to his room, he locked his door and dead-bolted it as he turned on his light. He set the file on the desk and closed the shades to keep anyone from just looking in and seeing what he was doing. This was something that should never be done again and he didn't want to risk anyone trying it. As he opened the file, he remembered how deformed Mayuri's test subjects had been at the end of the experiment; occasionally the images would haunt his nightmares. He quickly flipped to the summary of each time the experiment had been attempted. His jaw tightened up when he read the summaries.

'Subjects showed complete incapability with the injects given. Subject seventeen showed potential capability but failed to resist the mental trauma' the sick Twelfth Division taichou's voice said in his head.

He skipped to the next page.

'The most peculiar thing learned from this experiment was that the subjects' reiatsu began to feel more Hollow like as opposed to their usual state.'

It had been like he felt when he came to the small battlefield; Kokoa's reiatsu was feeling more Hollow like. He remembered one thing from the experiment that he discovered while helping his taichou; every one of the test subjects had been human souls that were shinigami. Kokoa was a living vampire; vampire's naturally needed blood to survive and, just like any other species, their metabolisms varied. That meant that Kokoa could naturally cycle off of the Hollow blood and this gave him hope that he could do something this time.

He quickly hid the file in the bookshelf that was in his room; he knew how to find Kokoa now and needed to get to his friends so he could have help. Trying to explain how he knows what he knows was going to be hard; more so considering how worried Moka was about her sister. She could very likely turn violent when he tries to tell her he can't explain how, or why, he knows things. As he ran, he bumped into Sora.

"Hey Hanataro," he said casually "any luck finding Kokoa?"

"No, but I know how to find her;" as he caught his breath "I need to talk to everyone."

Sora nodded and they headed to where he agreed to meet Ichigo and the others. As they got closer, Hanataro seemed to become gradually distracted by something; Sora could feel something wasn't right himself, but couldn't figure out what. When they came into view of the group, they saw Yukari and Ruby were still missing but a new person standing in the group. Hanataro seemed to zero in on the person with his eyes.

"Can you distract him long enough for me to get close?" he asked Sora.

"Yea, but can I ask why?"

"Please, just trust me."

Sora nodded and they recomposed themselves as they got closer to the group. He remembered Hanataro well enough to know that he could be trusted on a great number of things; the future of Hanataro was going to be an amazing one compared to his past.

"So who's this?" Sora asked pointing at the new person.

"Inui Junya;" Moka answered "he's a vampire and he wants to help."

"We look after our own kind regardless of how often we butt heads;" Inui said as he held out his hand "so you're the boy from the future?"

"Yea;" as he walked pass him "as much as I hate to admit it, I really don't seem to get along with vampires very well. Many of them have a way of mouthing off and saying the wrong things to me. I've only met a couple that I actually get along with."

"Sorry to hear that;" as he put his hand down.

"Is that cross your limiter?"


"Wow;" with a smile before his eyes narrowed "I've never heard a bigger load of bull shit."

This caught everyone completely off guard; Sora had seemed to be acting more like Talia at the moment. To Ichigo though, Sora seemed to be acting more like Hichigo; his stance had changed, his eyes seemed to hold more darkness to them, and even his tone was different.

"How dare you" Inui said with anger in his voice.

"Ishida-san;" Sora asked "have you found what you were looking for in the library?"

"For the most part;" as he adjusted his glasses.

"Ok, now let me introduce myself to you 'vampire';" using air quotes when he said vampire "I am Kurosaki Sora, son of Kurosaki Ichigo. I am naturally Hollow, Shinigami, and Quincy; for those of you who didn't know yet, Quincy are descendants of witches and warlocks. I've dabbled a little in magic and I know when something is enchanted. And that cross of yours" as he pointed at him "isn't enchanted. It's a cheap store bought necklace that can be picked up anywhere. A true limiter is hand crafted, specifically designed for the one that will wear it. If you expect me to believe that that piece of shit is a limiter, then your entire family must be weak and insignificant."

Junya threw a punch at Sora, who blocked the attack by crossing his arms in front of his chest, and sent him crashing through a wall.

"Shinigami or not;" Junya snarled "don't you dare talk about my family like that you mixed breed…"

Junya stopped his rant when he felt a hand on his back and a strange sensation pulsing through him; he looked back and saw Hanataro with a dark look on his face. Hanataro could feel the Hollow like reiatsu developing deep within this person.

"Why did you do this to yourself?" Hanataro asked darkly surprising everyone.

"For power; why else?" he answered.

"I might be more durable that most people," Sora said as he walked back through the wall "but even so. A real vampire would've broken my forearms with that hit; like I said, 'most vampires have a way with saying the wrong things around me'. I've been in a fight with a couple different ones."

"Did you use her as an experiment first?" Hanataro asked as he sent a paralyzing pulse through Junya's body.

The imposter vampire fell to the ground and found he couldn't move.

"What did you do?"

"Kaido, or healing kido, requires the user to have extensive knowledge of the body; while I treated people in the infirmary I noticed that when Yokai are in their human forms their insides are also close to that of a human's. I might not know the subtle differences just yet, but the principle of Kaido remains the same; it just takes longer because of those subtle differences. I tricked your nerves into thinking they couldn't accept voluntary motion signals from the brain; something Kurotsuchi-fuku-taichou helped me understand after the Winter War. Now answer my question."

"As if I'd drink Hollow blood without knowing what it could do;" Junya answered as he got back up.

Everyone's eyes shook because of what they had just heard; he had drank Hollow blood. Hanataro's clinched his jaw tighter, the affects of the blood were beginning to take hold; Inui was most likely a lost cause now.

"You poisoned her; you have no idea what you've done to yourself" his hands were now balled up into fists and shaking "what you've done to her! The difference though, she has a good chance of being saved from it because she's a vampire; you don't."

Before Junya could respond, he was kicked on the side of the face with enough force to break his cheek bone and sent him flying across the field they stood on and through several trees. Everyone saw Moka standing in a pose showing she had thrown the kick and had a face that showed nothing but rage.

"YOU USED MY SISTER IN A SICK EXPERIMENT FOR POWER?!" she shouted as youki flared wildly and seemed to take the shape of bats swarming around her "I WILL DESTROY YOU!"

Junya stood up and spat blood from his mouth; he was amazed at his new strength. He had just taken an all-out hit from an S-rank vampire with only a broken cheek bone, and he could feel the bone healing! John had told him about the healing abilities of a Hollow, but didn't think that the ability would manifest just yet.

"Marvelous;" he laughed "let's see how these new abilities stack up against a rare vampire like you. But just to make sure no one interferes" he pulled a small capsule from his pocket.

"NO!" Uryu shouted.

But it was too late; Junya had broken the Hollow Bait in his hands. In a matter of seconds, dozens of Garganta were ripped open and Hollows began rushing out.

…Shinigami Cup: Golden…

Akua sat outside of Tsukune's cell and looked at him; he had been sitting in a meditative position for the past thirty minutes, probably since before she had gotten there. An annoyed tick mark showed up on her forehead. She had to fill out one of those stupid request forms for everyday she wanted to visit and the guards outside were on alert the entire time; not that she blamed them. With what Tsukune was capable of, she was surprised there wasn't a taichou or fuku-taichou stationed to the post. They really underestimated what he was capable of; something told her the taichou she had fought didn't.

"Still waiting for him to wake up?" Rukia asked as she walked into the room.

"He's not sleeping;" as her eyes narrowed on the boy "his breathing is too steady and simple. He's meditating."

"We can always come back when he stops meditating;" the shinigami suggested.

"I hate waiting;" with her cheeks puffed in annoyance "can you have the guard open the door?"


"I'm gonna bust him out of here;" she answered sarcastically "I'm gonna force him out of meditation, of course."

After five minutes of Rukia refusing, and Akua practically twisting her arm, the shinigami caved in and had the guard open the door; both Rukia and the guard were ready if either of them tried anything. But were thrown off when the vampire girl started poking the prisoner's face. A tick mark appeared on her forehead as she tried poking him harder, but it failed to have any affect. Akua started to walk back towards the door, but jumped back towards Aono and shouted, hoping to scare him; it failed too.

"SNAP OUT OF IT!" she shouted directly into his ear.


"Wake up damn it" through a megaphone as she started poking him again in an angry/playful manner.


"Arrancar are attacking the Seireitei!" she lied in a shout into his ear.


"What the hell will it take you snap you out of this damn meditation?" she asked herself as she leaned close to Tsukune's face.

She could try getting a bucket of water to splash on him, but she didn't have any herbs to neutralize its effects on her in case she spilt some on her. She could smack him until he came to, but she didn't want to actually hurt him. The list of things she could try was growing shorter and shorter with each idea she could come up with. Her eye twitched as she tried to think of something that would work but couldn't come up with anything practical. The more she thought, the closer she got to Tsukune; until Tsukune opened his eyes to see powerful red ones peering at him.

"GAH!" both Tsukune and Akua shouted as they fell away from each other.

"I told you we should've come back later" Rukia laughed as the two tried to get their hearts to go back to their usual rhythm.