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I had no idea what was the hell was actually going on in front of me but there was no way in hell that I was going to be the one who put an end to it. This was hot and sexy and like fucking art.

The whole night had been a drag until this point. There's something about Bella that I just can't seem to pinpoint. There's a pain in her eyes. She also seemed distant.

Well when sober. The more alcohol she consumed the more lose she became and when she allowed herself to laugh it was the most amazing sound.

Then there was the outside run in with Jacob Black. Retarded dick. He and I have a past of not getting along well. Of course that went all the way back to high school and his destructive, immature ass. Truth be told I didn't think that aging has helped change him much.

The prick at first tried to ignore me being there. Then he tried to take Bella away. No way in hell was I going to let that happen. Thankfully, Bella declined. But then he had brought up calling her and taking her out.

Fuck my life if that man whore Jacob Black managed to already get this girl.

He hugged her. He fucking hugged her. Lingering there as long as he could and I found myself jealous as hell. Jacob had been with quite a lot of girls in his time but never had I ever found myself raging with jealously like I was at this very moment. This feeling I was having was like nothing I'd ever experienced and the feeling was scaring the living shit out of me. When she had tripped earlier I got a whiff of her strawberry vanilla scent and I wanted nothing more then to bury my nose in her hair and breathe it in. But oh yeah, Jake killed that shit.

I found myself unable to watch anymore. I turned and made my way back into the bar. When I got back to the table they instantly picked up on my pissed off mood. I told them of the little slut show. Jake not her.

We remained quiet for a few moments trapped in our own thoughts of how bad it could be for her to get involved with him. It couldn't end well. Fuck, I had just met this girl and was becoming some over protective caveman. I had no idea what is happening to me.

Alice was the one to break the silence, "Wait, aren't their dads like really good friends?"

"What?" I looked up to her.

"Oh duh." Rose spoke up. "Charlie and Billy Black. I can't believe I forgot. Maybe they are just going to catch up." She paused biting her finger, then her eyes widen in a realization. "Though, he did always have a crush on her. Sooo.." Her face scrunched up together, thinking. "Fuck!"

"What babe?" Emmett placed his hand on her shoulder.

"It's just that he was always trying to make moves on her. Usually she was too blind to see his passes but eventually she caught on. And this was just high school and his game had stepped up a bit. God, I fucking hate him. If he even. Maybe.. Shit. She's back." Rose didn't finish talking. Bella came back to the table.

It was definitely an awkward silence. But have no fear, Alice was still here. The little Angel brought up the cook out; inviting Bella. Yeah, the little twerp got on my nervous a lot. But hell, I still loved my sister. So smart. Bella actually agreed. My mind went right where you think it did; Bella in a bikini.

Then she went and started taking shots. Girl could drink like a damn fish. She might almost have Emmett beat. Maybe. Then she went back outside. At that time I was due for a new beer and was sure that she'd want one when she got back. While at the bar I considered doubling our alcohol list for this weekend if she was going to be attending.

When she got back, she seemed to finally get comfortable, which was probably how I was led to watching what I was watching now.

Bella and Rose were on the fucking bar dancing. It was fucking erotic as hell.

Emmett was next to me cheering and clapping for Rose. Now, don't get me wrong, Rose is a really pretty girl but my eyes were mesmerized by the site of the tiny brunette next to her. The sexy way she was swinging those tiny hips and was rolling her head to the music. Then she would slightly bend and her ass would stick out.

The bar was beginning to get louder with the guys getting excited about this show. Things like this hardly ever happened here and these old men were enjoying every minute. Part of me wanted to pull the girls down. But the louder part was not going to let me move an inch.

Then Bella began slowly walking down the bar and to Rose. She then turned around starts grinding her ass against Rose.

Oh, the things that I now wanted to do to that ass. When Bella finally stood up straight, Rose brought her hands around to Bella's front, pressing her into her. I was in such a trance I had no idea how long this has been going on, or how many songs had played. I had tunnel vision.

Rose whispered something in Bella's ear and Bella responded with a nod. Instantly Rose's hands went to Bella's chest, unbuttoning her shirt.

It appeared that she has a tank top on, but good lord. Yes, I have seen my share of girl on girl in my day and I had watched strippers, as well, and even girls dance on bars. But this, watching this girl, here in front of me, was the best show I had ever seen. The curves of her body moving, the swaying of her hair, the lust in her eyes even the laughter in her eyes, you coulc see that she was holding back at times. It was as if my body was being called to her.

Once the shirt was fully unbuttoned, Rose began to slowly slide it down her arms. It was at this time that Bella looked up, right at me. She was biting her lip and there was a fire in her eyes. I was so fucking turned on.

Then it was dark. Fucking Rose threw the damn shirt and it landed on my head.

Yummy, that strawberry vanilla smell was on it.

I pulled the shirt down and the girls were now facing each other. At the same time they both turned their heads and looked to their audience and smirked.

Oh if they even do this.

Their bodies were still moving together. Rose yelled something to Tyler. Her hand came up and ran through Bella's hair.

They got closer, which I was unsure of even being possible since they had already been pressed up together.

Bella licked her lips and I felt my dick react.

"If they even do what I think that are going to do, Rose's ass is going to be bent over the couch as soon as we get home." Emmett leaned into me.

I don't even let myself process fully what he says. Because if I were able to right now, I would pull Bella down off that bar, bend her ass over that barstool, give a few tight slaps for teasing me so much only before pounding into her from behind, her having to use the barstool's legs to help support her. Hell, I might even let the bar watch.

I was pulled from my sexual thought from a gasp from Emmett.

I looked back to the girls. Their faces were only about an inch about. They held that stance for a few seconds. It looked as if they were going to, but in a flash Rose pulled back and she was bringing a bottle up. Bella opened her mouth and tipped her head back. Rosalie then started pouring the liquid in. By this time, the girls had quit dancing.

A drip must have gotten on her chin because when Rose brought the bottle back down Bella's finger wiped her chin. Once she was done she held her finger out to Rose who then took her time putting it in her mouth and then sucking it off.

"Holy fuck," Emmett breathed out. "I am so making her give me fucking head tonight. Fucking tease. She knows that she is going to get it good tonight, too." We looked back to the girls. Bella was now licking something off Rose's neck. "Dude, why is that this is always so much hotter when it's your girl up there?"

"I have no idea but I am enjoying it." I spoke before I even let myself think. "Umm."

"What?" He turned to me confused. He looked at me for what seemed like minutes. Obviously trying to figure out what the hell I just meant. My brother might be a dumbass seventy-five percent of the time, but when those twenty-five come through, it can almost be a great thing. Or not.

"Dude, you have a thing for Bella don't you?" He fully turned himself to look at me. I just shrugged in return. "Dude, you so do. I can see it."

"It's nothing."

"Whatever. Sure it is." He rolled his eyes.

"Em, I've known her a total of one day. I know nothing about her. She's drinking more then you, and can dance on bars." Then my thoughts traveled to the chocolate color in her eyes. The warm feeling I got when I thought about her. The contours of her body when she moved. The comfort I felt when I was alone with her. There was no way in hell that I was going to admit all that to this ass. "She's just hot okay."

"Dude, you're screwed."


"If I can see through that shit, there is no doubt that Alice has you pegged. You're in so much trouble." He laughed.

"Whatever Emmett." Then the song ended and I turned back to the girls, who were now climbing off the bar, but without help. There were guys reaching to them to offer them hands. Other men touching Bella, not going to happen.

Emmett saw it to. We glanced at each other and at the same time made our way to them, pushing our way through the crowd.

"Excuse me." I pushed by the last guy to get front in front of her. I lifted my hand up in the air to help her. She looked down at me staring and looking confused or torn.

"Hey buddy, I was going to help her with that." I heard a guy behind me say.

"I'm sure you were." I didn't even turn my head when responded. My eyes were on her. She slowly reached down and placed her hand in mine. The current of warmth returned. I could physically feel her body sigh as our hands touched.

Next to us, I heard loud giggles and turned to see Emmett throwing Rose over his shoulder. I laughed at the thoughts that were probably going through his head.

When I turned, Bella was still standing and staring at me. Her lower lip was in her mouth.

"Come on." I encouraged her.

She lowered herself to a squat. I then released her hand and grabbed her arms, lifting her from the bar and setting her feet on the ground.

At that moment we were face to face. Only a mere inches apart. I couldn't stop my hand from coming up and running through her hair. Her eyes closed and she leaned into my touch. At the time, I wanted nothing more then to lead down and place my lips on hers, but I knew that this was not the time. Once her eyes opened back up, there was a lust in them and her lip went back into her mouth. The way that she did that, did something to me, and there would be no way that I would be able to hold back with it in here. I brought my other hand up when suddenly and arm went around her.

"Hey baby, that was quite a show that you put on there."

What was it with the assholes in this town. I looked over to this person. Riley. Seriously. He was still looking at her.

"Thanks." She didn't look away from me.

"Can I buy you a drink?" He asked.

She then looks to him studying him for a few minutes. "No thank you."

"Aw, come on. Just one."

"Riley." I cut in. I took the hand that was in her hair and placed it on her lower back, standing right next to her.

"Edward." He took a second to notice my hand's location. "Oh," he looked back to her. "Are you not here alone?"

She took a minute to respond and then something happened to her. She stood up taller, straightened her shoulders, and actually leaned into me some. "No I didn't." I took the opportunity to tighten my hold on her by wrapping my hand around her waist. She actually stepped closer then.

"Well, maybe next time." Riley looked at me once more, glaring, and walked away.

Her heard Bella let out a sigh. I looked down to her and she looked up to me. "Thanks," she said.

"Not a problem. Dude can be a dick."

"I need a beer." She looked to the bar. I laughed at her and walked us to the bar.

"Come on, I'll buy you one." I laughed at her and she smiled. I walked us to the bar, not missing out on the fact that she was just offered a drink by someone else and turned them down and not me. I also didn't miss that my hand remained on her the whole time.

Once we made our way back to the table it was just Alice and Jasper there. "Emmett and Rose leave?" I took a seat next to Bella.

"Naw, they will be back. Just, umm, stepped out to the car for a few." He winked.

Bella cracked up next to me. I couldn't help but laugh with her.

"Okay first, I am not ride back in which ever car that they are in. And second, Emmett is huge, how the fuck does is it possible for him to even move around enough in car to fuck someone. I got to see how that works." Bella spoke. I couldn't help but spit my beer out. She looked over and started laughing again and handed me napkins to wipe up my mess.

Alice, however, was not laughing because a good amount of it got on her. That caused me to laugh, and Bella to laugh even harder. Jasper was trying to hold it back but not doing a good job of it. Alice threw her chair back and rushed into the bathroom to fix herself.

By the time that she returned, which was only about five minutes, Rose and Emmett where coming back, sitting down with us.

"Oh, and few minutes man and flexible." I turned my head in shock at Bella, who was smirking behind her beer before taking a sip.

"Huh?" Emmett looked at her confused.

Then all of us but Rose and Emmett burst out in laughter.

That was how most of the night went, beers, shots, dancing and laughter. I was having a great time. Everyone seemed to until last call finally came. Rose had already decided that Bella would be coming home with us because she was completely wasted. I was now determined to have her and Emmett have a drink off. As the night went on, he was trying to keep up with her and doing okay, but he had not been trying all night. Maybe this weekend I could get them to try it.

We packed up our things and made our way outside. Bella clung to my arm and let me walk her to the car, both of us avoiding Rose and Em.

When we got to the car, Alice and Jasper got in the front. Jasper, of course driving 'cuz he had way less to drink then the rest of us. Bella and I crawled into the back. Even though I was rather drunk I tried to buckle her in but she snuggled into me and right now I was not going to protest.

Her head laid on my shoulder as she drifted off to sleep. Poor girl was too drunk to even make it home.

Once we got home, even after shaking her she would not wake up. I carried her inside, right to my room, while Alice went and got something for her to wear. I decided to have her sleep with me instead of a spare room in case she got sick during the night and didn't know where she was or where to go. Well, at least that was my excuse. I actually just wanted to know what it would feel like to have this girl sleep with me. I think that Alice saw right through me but did not object. I only left my room when Alice insisted while she changed Bella.

When I entered the room Bella was nicely tucked into my bed. She was an angel sleeping next to me. I carefully crawled in next to her. I was careful not to disturb her. I also placed one pillow between us, scared that if she woke with us too close it would scare her.

Once I allowed my body to calm I was out in an instant.