Fenton's POV

My parents should have never created that altered ectoplasm! Who would? After they explained to me that they were going to eradicate ghosts with ectoplasm with human DNA inside, I knew they were obsessed. But when my crush Sam played a prank and mixed it with my water, the last thing she saw before her "accident" was my flaring face. When I became conscious, she was lying their with her nose broken, her leg at a painful angle, and her right cheekbone dislocated. Also, she was unconscious. As I called my parents for help, Sam opened her eyes and whispered one word, "Monster." Then she blacked out. When my parents got there, they looked at Sam with wide eyes. Then we called 911. After the ambulance came, we rode in the back with Sam. I sobbed quietly while my father called Mr. and Mrs. Manson. Then when we got there, the secretary asked me what happened. Suddenly I had a quick-thinking criminal mind. But I didn't know that yet. I then said calmly, "She feel down the steps while going to my basement." With my calm act, the secretary believed me.

After the Mansons came, I "told" what happened to her. The Manson's sat there looking at Sam's comatose body. When the nurse said she should wake up in a couple of days maybe even sooner, I smiled while the Manson's paid for the hospital bill. When the 2 families decided to leave, I told them I would walk home. I wanted to stay with Sam. Since I was such a close friend, the hospital personal decided to let me stay overnight. After the nurse set up the couch with blankets for me to sleep, she told me goodnight and left. Afterward, I decided to go to the bathroom that was a few feet from Sam's bed and think about how Sam got hurt after I blacked out. I closed the door and looked at the mirror like anyone does when they first walk in a bathroom. But what stared back at me wasn't me.

I yelped a little then rubbed my eyes. That was a trick of the light right? Wrong. I moved closer to the mirror and put my hands on both sides of the mirror. Same facial expression, same clothes, inverted accessories. My reflection's hair was white, my colors were negative of what I had on, my skin was paler, and his...my eyes were blood red. What was happening to me? Was I going crazy? Then I heard Sam stir. When I turned toward the noise then turned back, my regular reflection was there, looking as scared as I was. I shook my head then left. I walked over to the couch and watched Sam. The next thing I know, I am drifting slowly into a nightmare.