[Open onto a black screen. Eagle (myself) is talking with her friend (Cookie). Eagle is speaking rapidly.]

Eagle: OMG, look at what I had to do. *hands Cookie a large packet of paper"

Cookie: *Reading it* Wow this is so-*stops suddenly* Did…did you send an O.C. into Sebastian and Ciel's world? (KUROSHITSUJI DEAR)

Eagle: Um…yes?

Cookie: *face becomes dark* Why have you done this. You have SINNED!

[Dark music begins to play as Eagle trembles]

Eagle: N-no, I didn't mean it!

Choir: Et tibit Pater (And to you, Father)

Cookie: LIES!

Choir: Quia peccavi nimis (That I have sinned)

Cookie: You have sinned!

Choir: Cogitatione (In thought)

Eagle: I'm sorry!

Choir: Verbo et opere (In word and deed)

Cookie: Enough! *now sitting up in a judge's chair thing* You are not to speak. Choose a lawyer.

Eagle: *thinks* Uh…

Cookie: TOO LATE. He's your lawyer. *throws a monkey at her*

Eagle: Why hello young man.

Monkey: DJDHEEEEHHEHE *scratches Eagle*

Eagle: THE PAIN.

Cookie: How do you plead?

Eagle: *sobs* Guilty of all charges!

Cookie: In that case… .?n=4719889

Eagle: NOOO! For how long? Do I get a phonecall? *sniff* Do I get a bail?

Cookie: No phonecall, no bail! You are there for the rest of your born days!

Eagle: NOOO—wait. I was only born one day. PROBLEM U MAD? *dances*

Cookie: *frowns* For the rest of your born days means forever.

Eagle: *screaming* NOOO! [Choir starts up again as music intensifies]

Choir: Mea culpa! (Through my fault) Mea culpa! (Through my fault) Mea maxima culpa! (Through my most griveous fault)

Eagle: *sniffles* In that case…I guess I'll be forced to live without yaoi/yuri…unless Ado comes on and wants to RP…

Yaoi/yuri couples: But what about us?

Eagle: *looks out solemnly* We'll always have TWIG.

Cookie: *points to the entrance to the Hetero-heck and frowns as the music softens to a sad tone*

Choir: Kyrie Eleison (Lord have mercy), Kyrie Eleison (Lord have mercy), Kyrie Eleison (Lord have mercy).

Eagle: *walks towards it, looks back at her with sad eyes, and then proceeds.*

[Music decrescendos to a stop. Blood red letters come on screen saying "FIVE YEARS LATER". We see the same Eagle sitting at a desk, being forced to draw nothing but hetero.]

Narrator: And now the lonely artist sits, her hands bound in chains, forced to draw and write nothing but hetero, all day and all night. Her only freedom—the confines of her own mind. Even there she is weary, for if the authorities catch her…

[Eagle sniffs and wipes a tear off her eyes from her sleeve and continues to draw sadly on.]

Narrator: Forced to be…forever alone.


Narrator: Or…is she?

[Fade out to darkness, where a lone figure stands, cigarette in hand.]