Confidential Winx

I've been thinking about this for a while and decided to make a Winx story with 6 of the girls from the book series Camp Confidential by Melissa J Morgan

This story will feature 6 girls: Alex, Grace, Alyssa, Gaby, Candace, and Tori

My story takes place right after the last summer at Lakeview

Hope you like it!

Confidential Winx Chapter One

It was summer again and it was the year after Camp Lakeview closed. Alyssa had no idea what her old camp friends were doing over the summer because her access to the blog was cancelled. She was out of touch with her friends. But Alyssa decided to visit her friend Natalie and surprise her she was sure her friend would like it. When she reached Virginia she decided to change course after she heard Tori (who was from Los Angeles) was there at her relative's house. I wonder why she's here. I thought she was in L.A. Alyssa thought, but she sounded frantic when she called Alyssa. Alyssa was worried and that was the main reason why she came to Tori.

"Hello" Alyssa said when she saw Tori's cousin.

"Hey Tori is in her room. She was there for most of the afternoon." He said

"Thanks," Alyssa replied, and she went upstairs to Tori's room.

Tori was taking apart a necklace when Alyssa came in. "Alyssa!" Tori shouted. "You don't know how glad I am that you're here."

"Hi Tori, it's nice to see you too. Are you okay?" Alyssa asked

"No, I am not okay," Tori paused, she had no idea whether she could tell her or not. It was really complicated. "Something terrible happened to me," She finished

"What is it?" Alyssa asked Tori.

"Okay, but please try to follow," She told Alyssa.

"Okay i will," She replied.

"It was yesterday, I discovered something freaky about me that has NEVER happened to ANYONE else." Tori stopped again. She still didn't know how to say it.

"Come on Tori, you can tell me anything," Alyssa reassured.

"Okay," Tori said. Then, she had an idea. She grabbed the necklace she took apart and showed it to Alyssa. "Okay this is a BROKEN necklace right?" She asked.

"Yes, what else would it be?" Alyssa replied/

Tori took it and covered it with her hands and when she opened her hands the necklace was fixed.

Alyssa wasn't sure what was so crazy about that. "So? Tori that's just an average magic trick," She said.

"Oh no its not," Tori replied. "I'll show you again," Tori took the necklace and threw it at Alyssa and then, turned it into a shiny tiara and it landed in Alyssa's lap.

"How did you do that? Tori?" Alyssa was surprised. "That was nothing compared to that amethyst last summer!"

"It's magic and just wait..." Tori started. Then she transformed into magic Winx. It was a pink top that had sleeves that reached to her elbow, a purple skirt that reached her knees, pink boots, and purple wings that were diamond shaped. "...What about this?"

Alyssa was speechless. "That's..."

"It is freaky right? It comes with the magic. This happened yesterday when i was trapped in my own room and then THIS happened and i got out." Tori told her.

"You know i actually kind of like the outfit besides the colors. The top is really cool, and creative! So is the skirt," Alyssa said. Tori obviously didn't like what happened to her, and sure it was freaky but Alyssa liked the creative outfit, being an artist and having streaked-punk hair.

Tori changed back. Her cousin just called them down for a snack. Alyssa told her that she would use the bathroom. Tori straightened her blond hair, and went down stairs upset.

Part 2

Grace was going to vacation in Virginia. Of all places it had to be Virginia, Grace thought. She would be much happier if she was able to be with her friends at the summer drama program, but her parents insisted to go to Virginia even though Grace got her grades up. It was still okay; Grace had her book of fairy tales. Yes, that stuff was for little kids, but this was a special encyclopedia or whatever on ALL the legends. From long ago or modern the book had it all.

"Hey little red-head, what are you reading?" Grace's father asked.

"It's a book about old and modern fairy tales," Grace replied.

"Interesting, what kind of fairy tales are there?" Grace's mother asked.

"It has all sorts of stories about magic, fairies, and witches," Grace replied.

"What's your favorite so far?" Grace's father asked.

"Well i don't really have a favorite they're all really cool," Grace replied.

"That's nice, what's the one that stands out to you?" Grace's mother asked.

"It's a really strange modern-day story about a parallel dimension full of magical planets. With one planet being (that is called Magix) a place where future fairies, witches, and knights from all of the planets to come and learn. It is also about a group of 5 girls called Winx club they really stood up to all of the enemies. They are all fairies and they have a transformation called magic Winx. The reason why it is so strange is the costumes they wear. Sure it's cool but no one would actually wear those shiny disco outfits," Grace explained, and then showed her parents a picture of Bloom's Winx transformation.

"Wow that really is strange," Grace's father said.

"Well I'm glad you are reading new books Grace," Her mother said.

I might be happier if i was able to do drama with her friends but she knew not to dwell on what happened. She put the book down and took a rest.


Gaby moved to Washington DC and then her family went to the beach in Virginia.