This is my first Finn/Kurt fic, hope you enjoy it!

Disclaimer: I do not own the Glee universe or any song lyrics in this fic.

Note: I changed some lyrics in the song below, if you want to see them without reading all the lyrics, the changes are underlined (except the obvious he/she boy/girl)

I absolutely love Blaine, sorry for the slight bashing, it's only because it's Finn's POV.

Finn was spending Friday night home alone, watching a game. Burt and Carole had decided to spend the weekend in a small bed and breakfast, to compensate for their missed honeymoon. They'd given lift a lift to Kurt as they left for their get-away, since his car was in the shop. He was meeting Blaine somewhere. Seriously, Finn thought, they couldn't even wait until the end of Christmas vacations to see each other? He was bitter, but he blamed it on being left alone again.

The game ended, and Finn was so lost in his thought about his step-brother's whereabouts that he didn't even know who had won. He realized he was now watching curling, so he fumbled distractedly to find the TV remote. He thought he'd find it when it began to vibrate in his hands, startling him. He was clutching his cell phone instead of the remote, and according to the caller ID, Kurt was calling him.

10:32, read the clock on the DVD player. If Kurt was calling him at this time when he was on a date, it was probably because he was in some sort of trouble. Finn's heart skipped a beat at the thought, before he realized he'd better answer his phone, still vibrating in his hand.

"Hello? Kurt?" He tried not to sound too worried.

"Yeah, erm, Finn? I know it's late, but could you come and get me?"

At these words, Finn was already by the front door, trying to put on his shoes and his winter coat at the same time while holding his phone.

"Sure, dude, where are you? Aren't you supposed to be with Blaine?"

"I can't reach him. I'm at a coffee shop in Westerville."

"Hold on, I'm in the car, I'll talk by Bluetooth."

He adjusted his earpiece and started the car.

"Okay, go ahead, tell me everything. I'll stay with you and we'll talk until I get there."

Finn thought he'd heard Kurt sigh with relief.

"Dad and Carole left me at the coffee shop where I was supposed to meet Blaine. He never showed up and he doesn't answer his cell phone. I don't have his number at home."

"He stood you up! I knew the guy was a jerk!"

"Calm down, he probably has a good reason."

Of course he has a good reason, dude's fucking perfect, Finn thought, though he calmed down when he realized Kurt seemed really hurt by what he'd said. Kurt needed him right now, it wasn't the time to vent his frustrations.

"I waited until the coffee shop closed and they threw me outside."

"What? You're outside in this weather?" Finn was genuinely shocked, and worried. "I'm getting there as fast as I can."

"Be careful, though, the roads are slippery."

"But seriously, there isn't anywhere you can go to keep warm?"

"The only places still open at this time are bars, and I'm too young to enter."

"God, you must be freezing…"

"Yeah, but can we please talk about something else? Anything to keep my mind off Blaine and the fact that I'm freezing my ass."

"Sure, anything. What do you wanna talk about?"

"Dunno. What did you do tonight?"

"I watched a game. Not my teams, though, but there wasn't anything good on TV."

He talked a bit more about football, then realized Kurt's answers were sparser and made little to no sense.

"Kurt! Are you falling asleep?"

"Hmm? What?"

"Kurt, you can't fall asleep, you'll freeze to death!"

"You really can't expect me to stay awake when you talk about football," he answered, his usual sarcastic tone telling Finn he was now wide awake.

"Well, tell me about something that interests you, then."

Kurt spent the next hour talking about various subjects Finn usually avoided, like fashion and musicals. He muttered politely multiple variations of "yeah, okay" to let Kurt know that he was still listening. He found himself actually listening, though, not to what Kurt said, but to the way he said it. He realized he kind of liked this voice. It was soothing and it brought a curious warmth in Finn's chest. He chose not to question this and just enjoy it.

Then there was a lull in Kurt's monologue. He must have finished what he was saying about – Finn tried hard to remember – Vogue. Whether he talked about the magazine or Madonna's song, he didn't know, but still. He remembered.

He decided to reassure Kurt, since he'd stopped talking.

"Courage, Kurt, just an hour left. I'll be there soon, I'm coming as fast as I can."

Finn cursed under his breath. The snow that was falling softly when he left home was now falling much harder. At this rate, Kurt would look like a snowman by the time he got there.

"Finn? I'm gonna have to hang up. My battery is almost dead. Call me back when you get to Westerville so I can tell you the way to the coffee shop." Kurt's voice was trembling and Finn's heart almost broke when he thought about him alone in the dark and freezing night.

"Alright, but don't fall asleep. Listen to your iPod or sing, but you must stay awake, okay?"

Kurt sighed. "Alright, Finn. See you."

After he hung up, Finn was startled by the sudden silence in the car. He was almost alone on the road and he only heard the calm roar of his engine and the sound of his tires on the slippery road. It was starting to creep him out, so he turned on the radio. After a commercial for some restaurant, he heard the first song of a chick song he'd heard a few times when Rachel had practiced it with him. He soon found himself singing along with Taylor Whatshername. He soon realized the lyrics he sang weren't the actual ones, but he decided to continue improvising.

You're on the phone with your boyfriend, he's upset
He's going off about something that you said
He doesn't get your
irony like I do

I'm in our room, it's a typical Tuesday night
I'm listening to the kind of music he doesn't like
And he'll never know your story like I do

But he wears blazers, I wear t-shirts
He's a Warbler and I'm at McKinley
Dreaming 'bout the day when you wake up and find
That what you're looking for has been here the whole time

If you could see that I'm the one who understands you
Been here all along so why can't you see?
You belong with me
You belong with me

Walking the streets with you in your skin-tight jeans
I can't help thinking this is how it ought to be
Laughing on the park bench thinking to myself
Hey isn't this easy?

And you've got a smile that could light up this whole town
I haven't seen it in awhile, since he brought you down
You say you're fine I know you better than that
Hey, whatcha doing with a boy like that?

He wears striped ties, I wear sneakers
He's a Warbler and I'm at McKinley

Dreaming 'bout the day when you wake up and find
That what you're looking for has been here the whole time

If you could see that I'm the one who understands you
Been here all along so why can't you see?
You belong with me

Standing by, waiting next to your room
All this time how could you not know baby?
You belong with me
You belong with me

Oh I remember you knocking on my door in the middle of the night
I'm the one who makes you laugh when you know you're about to cry
I know your favorite songs and you tell me about your dreams
I think I know where you belong. I think I know it's with me.

Can't you see that I'm the one who understands you?
Been here all along so why can't you see?
You belong with me

Standing by, waiting next to your room
All this time how could you not know baby,

You belong with me
You belong with me

Have you ever thought just maybe
You belong with me
You belong with me

That was pretty cool, he nailed it, he thought after the song ended.


What did he just sang? It sounded like a love song to… Kurt?

He switched the station to a classic rock one and tried to forget.

Song: You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift