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Ok, so just in case you didn't read the summary this is the sequel to Loving You in Secret. It takes place many years later. If you haven't read the first one, it's ok. I don't think you will be too lost but if you want to know how they got together, you should read it.

So I was having a little trouble with this story because I had it planned in my head. It was gonna be about what their lives are like now that they're grown up with flashbacks of what happened in between but since some people wanted to know about what happened where the other story left off I decided to mesh it all together and write it like this lol It's probably gonna be a long story, I hope you guys are up for it :]

Also, I might change the rating. I think it's safe for now but that might change later ;] There was a reviewer on the other story who asked whether Kurt would be on top or bottom (Simca) hahaha made me blush, I don't have an answer though …yet.

Anyways, hope you like it.

Dave gives an irritated grunt he hears the shrill buzz of his alarm clock. He stretches his hand out to press the snooze button for the fifth time but is unable to find the button. He opens his eyes enough to see the time. 8 o'clock. He grabs the thing and flings it at the wall. His lips turn into a satisfied smile as he welcomes the silence.

Wait. 8 o'clock? Shit! Shit. Shit. Kurt's gonna kill me.

He gets to his feet and makes his way to the restroom for a quick shower but not before tripping on the sheets and kicking the mattress he's been sleeping on for over five months now. He really needs to buy a bed one of these days or any furniture for that matter. He steps out of the shower and looks at his reflection in the mirror. He could really use a shave, he thinks as he scratches the stubble covering his jaw. Dark circles decorate the undersides of his eyes making his hangover evident. Let's hope he doesn't yell.

Five minutes later, he's running down the street, his white dress shirt half buttoned, his belt buckle undone and his tie and jacket flung over his arm. He hails a taxi.

"25th and Allen. As fast as you can," he says, arranging his shirt.

"The Lawyers Firm?" the man driving the taxi asks looking at him through the rearview mirror.

Dave takes a deep sigh.

"Yeah. The goddamn lawyers firm," he answers looking out the window as the cab makes it's way through the streets of downtown Boston. Time really does fly by. It seems like it was yesterday that they were graduating from high school and starting a new life. It's not like he's old or anything. Thirty-two isn't exactly a huge number but as he sits in the cab he can't help but notice how far it is from seventeen.

Fifteen Years Ago

"You know, we don't have to do this," Kurt says as they reach the front steps of McKinley.

Karofsky gives a small chuckle.

"C'mon Kurt, man up. They have nothing on us," Karofsky says taking Kurt's hand, "Besides I got you and you trust me right?"

Kurt looks up and smiles at him, "Yeah, I do. Here we go."

Everyone's eyes are on them as they walk down the hall. Santana's eyes are so wide they look like they're about to pop out of their sockets.

"Oh my gosh Kurt, you have a Karofsky on your arm," Brittany whispers.

"I know, Brittany. I know," Kurt gives her a smile.

Shock. That's all it is. Everyone's surprised. I can handle this, Kurt thinks as they reach his locker.

"Dude, what the hell?" Finn says getting closer. He sends the other jock a glare which Karofsky dismisses, looking away as he leans against the lockers.

"I thought he knew," Karofsky says to Kurt.

"No, he doesn't," Kurt says.

"I thought Puck would have told him."

"Helloooo? Still here," Finn says, "What the hell is going on?"

Kurt opens his mouth to explain before he is interrupted by Puck.

"Finny, Finny, Finny," he says, draping his arm around Finn's shoulders, "So innocent. Let me simplify things for your confused little brain. Karofsky here, is plucking your little brother."

"What?" Finn yells.

"Puckerman," Karofsky says in a warning tone.

"Well it's the truth, dammit!" Puck lets out, somewhat upset, "I would like to see how you would sugarcoat that for Finnigan here."

"Boy, have you lost your mind?" Mercedes' voice suddenly taking over the scene.

All four boys turn to look at her with wide eyes.

"Kurt, I know I said I'd stick by you, but I'm gonna go and uh, I'll see you later," Karofsky says giving Kurt a quick peck on the cheek before trying to make a run for it.

"No, no, no. You are not going anywhere!" Kurt says getting a hold of Karofsky's jacket, "Jesus Christ Dave, you're not suppose to bail this quickly. You're making me look bad," he hisses.

"You better start explaining Kurt," Mercedes says angrily.

"Mercedes, honey. It's a long story, but basically me and Dave here, are…" Kurt turns to look at Karofsky before turning back to his friend, "together."

"Together? Together how?" Mercedes yells, "Together as in he's about to push your scrawny butt into the lockers together?"

"I think he means together as in they plan to bump uglies together," Puck says with a grin.

"What?" Mercedes lets out in shock.

"Oh my god," Kurt lets out, covering his face with his hands.

"Goddammit Puckerman," Karofsky says grabbing him by the shirt, "just get lost."

"Let's go Finny," Puck says dragging Finn away.

"We're gonna talk about this later Kurt," Finn yells back.

"Look, Mercedes. I'm so sorry I didn't tell you but I can explain. It really is a long story though but you should know, we love each other."

Karofsky wraps his arm protectively around Kurt.

"What the hell?" Mercedes lets our with a sigh, "I need some tators."

"Look, I know I was an asshole before and I'm really sorry about that…" Karofsky begins.

"Boy, let me stop you right there," Mercedes says, "don't talk to me just yet.""Ok," Karofsky says shutting up and looking down.

Mercedes links her arm through Kurt's.

"Just be a good boyfriend and follow us quietly," she says as they begin to walk, "Now tell me everything."

"Well it started with a kiss. Karofsky just up and kissed me, without permission. Can you believe that?" Kurt begins.

"He liked it though," Karofsky adds in from behind them.

Mercedes and Kurt stop and turn to look at him. Mercedes gives him a glare and Kurt just shakes his head in disappointment.

"Uh, I'm sorry, I'll just shut up."

Kurt gives him a quick kiss on the lips before continuing his conversation with Mercedes.

"Anyways, so he kissed me and I was like oh hell no…"

Karofsky smiles to himself as he follows closely behind. He looks up and his eyes are met with a cold glare from an angry jock. He returns the glare with a threatening look and keeps walking.

The classes go by slowly and finally it's time for lunch. Karofsky and Kurt walk side by side towards the cafeteria.

"So, where do you think we should sit?" Kurt asks.

Karofsky shrugs but says nothing.

"I was thinking maybe we could sit with the glee kids, give them the chance to get used to us?" Kurt says hopefully, looking at Karofsky who looks uninterested by the conversation.

"Or we could sit by ourselves, if that would be more comfortable," Kurt continues, "I mean, I don't wanna pressure you. We could uh…"

"I don't really care where we sit Kurt," Karofsky says.

Kurt feels his stomach tighten as he unhooks his arm from Karofsky.

"Oh ok," Kurt says, looking away, "I guess we'll just see what happens then."

They walk in silence for a bit before Kurt speaks.

"You know, if you've changed your mind about us …"

Kurt doesn't get to finish the sentence because suddenly Karofsky has him in a tight embrace and he's kissing him in a way that's not really school appropriate. There's still quite a few students in the hallway and they continue to walk around them sending them somewhat shocked glances. Karofsky lets him go and Kurt suddenly feels a little dizzy.

"I'm never going to change my mind about you. I just…I have a better idea. Than lunch that is."

"What's that?"

Karofsky gives him a devilish grin before dragging him away from the cafeteria. They reach the library and make their way to the back. They step inside that old familiar storage room and lock the door. They don't say anything but they both know what the other is thinking of. The last time they were in here.

"I thought we could make new memories in this room. Better ones."

Kurt's eyes get glossy as the painful memory comes back to him.

"No. No, don't cry," Karofsky says wrapping his arms around Kurt's waist and giving him a hard kiss, "Now is not the time for crying."

"It's not?" Kurt asks softly, his eyes wide and innocent as they look at his boyfriend.

Karofsky gives a small chuckle before taking Kurt's lips in an passionate kiss.

"No, it's not," he utters into Kurt's ear, his voice raspy with need. The warm breath escaping his lips makes Kurt's skin tingle and he lets out a sweet gasp. Karofsky groans at the sound and begins to sensually attack Kurt's neck with soft nibbles and hungry kisses. He leans back a little to look at the slightly red spot before licking it softly, then he drags his lips up to Kurt's and kisses him intensely. They're tongues explore each others mouths as both of them try to take control. A rough moan escapes Karofsky's mouth as he feels Kurt's lips swell beneath his. Refusing to break contact, they move awkwardly until they make it to the nearest wall and Karofsky presses Kurt against it, his hands sliding down his sides and then around his petite waist. He lets one hand rest there and lets the other slide lower. He gives Kurt's ass a possessive squeeze before encouraging Kurt to wrap his legs around him. They forget about everything else for a while and give in to their need for each other. They've made out before but never like this. It's not like they're not physically attracted to each other. Most of the time they find it extremely difficult to keep their hands off each other but they never go to far. A nervous feeling always arises in the pit of Kurt's stomach and Karofsky always pulls back before they get to excited. Kurt begins to feel the familiar bit of fear in the pit of his stomach. Karofsky is the only guy he's ever really kissed, well except for Blaine. But he never wanted to do with Blaine the things he wants to do with Karofsky but his lack of experience makes him nervous. What if Karofsky expects him to be some kind of sexual genius? Or worse. What if he wants Kurt to talk dirty to him or do kinky things? Oh my god…no…this is not how it should be….but it feels so good…ahhh… He can hardly handle the mixture of panic and pleasure surging through him.

I can't stop now. He'll think I'm a baby. Kurt's mind races and instead of pulling away he lets his hands roam over Karofsky's chest. I mean it's not like I'm not enjoying this. God he's so sexy. What the hell am I so worried about? I should just ravish him right here, right now. He breaks away from the jock's lips and trails a row of sweet kisses along his jaw, he stops to nibble at Karofsky's ear before going for his neck. Before he knows what he's doing, he has Karofsky's shirt opened and his hands are exploring Karofsky's bare chest. He can feel the bigger boy's racing heart beat underneath the light layer of hair on his chest. Karofsky lets his head hang back as Kurt runs his tongue down to his neck.

"Kurt," Karofsky lets out through clenched teeth as he feels Kurt's soft hands explore his body. He feels his jeans get tighter and he knows Kurt can feel it too because the soprano lets out a small gasp.

"Oh god…Dave…"

Karofsky buries his face in Kurt's neck so that the smaller boy can't see his flaming cheeks. Karofsky has been in these situations before but never with a guy and with Kurt he always exercises as much restraint as he can muster. It may be old fashioned, but he respects Kurt and the last thing he wants to do is pressure him into anything. Kurt's special, he doesn't deserve a sloppy quickie in a hidden room. And to be honest, he's pretty sure that if they went for it right now, he'd make an ass out of himself. Karofsky doesn't know the first thing about being with a guy, all he has are his instincts and his imagination which runs wild every time he sees his boyfriend strutting around. He can't help but feel a little embarrassed at his body's growing reaction as the images flash in his head. Dammit Karofsky! Control yourself! Kurt's gonna freak out. Karofsky thinks to himself as he nuzzles his head deeper into Kurt's neck. They always stopped before things got too heated but lately it's been getting harder to hold back. Every little thing that Kurt does is a turn on for him. Both boys remain still. Kurt can feel his own body begin to respond in desire.

"Dave…" Kurt lets out in a raspy, heated voice that makes Karofsky shudder, "I think…"

Karofsky's chest rises up and down as he tries to calm his pulse down which proves to be impossible with his body still pressed to Kurt's.

"Kurt don't," Karofsky says trying to pull away but Kurt's legs are wrapped so tightly around his waist, keeping him in place so instead he places his hands on the wall on either side of Kurt for support just in case his knees begin to wobble. Karofsky's lips turn into a grin as he finally looks up at Kurt's face. His cheeks are stained with a dark rosy blush, his lips are slightly red and swollen and his eyes are filled with lust. His pulse begins to speed up even more at the sight of him.

"You're driving me crazy," Karofsky says.

Kurt's eyes widen slightly, "Driving you crazy? I can hardly breathe over here. I can feel you, you know?"

Karofsky gives a light chuckle, "It's not polite to mention it."

"How can I not when it's so obvious?"

"Shut up," Karofsky says playfully, "You think I can't feel you?"

Kurt's cheeks turn even redder.

Karofsky looks at him intensely, "You have no idea the things I wanna do to you right now."

Kurt feels like he's gonna have a heart attack, "Uh…like what?" his voice nervous and he feels himself melt as Karofsky ravishes him with his eyes.

"I'm gonna need you to unwrap your legs baby," Karofsky says with difficulty, "or I'm gonna have to show you."

Kurt thinks about it for what seems like an eternity. He's never wanted anything more but they're in a closet and even though it makes him feel like a girl, he's always imagined his first time to be special. Before he can make a decision, Karofsky makes it for him and reaches behind himself to gently pry Kurt's legs off his waist.

"Not like this and not here," Karofsky says softly, backing away from the smaller boy.

He begins to button his shirt trying to ignore Kurt's penetrating gaze. Kurt can't help himself and he lets his eyes fall on Karofsky's chest and then lets them travel all the way down to his pants. He can feel his face burn and his lips turn into a slight grin but he can't bring himself to look away.

Karofsky lets out a small groan of frustration, "Seriously, Kurt. You're killing me. Look away."

Kurt lets out a small giggle as he begins to arrange his own clothing.

"Excuse me for wanting to appreciate nature. Maybe I'll just have to appreciate someone else's …nature."

Karofsky lets out a snort, "Yeah? Like who's?"

Kurt bends down to get his back making sure to give his boyfriend a nice view, "Oh I don't know. There's plenty of guys. Puck is kinda hot…"

Suddenly Karofsky's got his arms around him, "Puck's a slut."

"Even better," Kurt replies with a grin.

"Are you trying to make me jealous?"

"Is it working?"

Karofsky lets Kurt go suddenly, hiding his smile.

"Not really."

They get their lunch and sit at a table by themselves. It's not long before they're joined by Puck, Mercedes, Santana, Brittany and Artie.

"So…where were you two?" Puck asks trying to sound innocent.

"None of your business Puckerman," Karofsky replies before taking a bite of his burger.

"Oh I get it," Puck continues, "So you two were having sex in the janitors closet huh?"

"Puck!" Kurt yells his face burning with embarrassment.

Karofsky practically chokes on his burger as the rest of the table roars with laughter.

He's still coughing when something cold and blue splashes his face

Present Day

The cab finally pulls up to the tall building. Dave hates these kinds of places, with their fancy offices and snobby-suit-wearing douche bags. He gives some money to the cab driver.

"Thanks for the lift man," Dave says as he climbs out.

"Good luck," the driver yells.

"I'm gonna need it," Dave mutters under his breath as he walks into the building. He finds the elevators immediately and he's almost shocked to find that they don't have kitchen in there. He struggles with his tie as he steps out of the elevator. There's like six different hallways and he stands there for a moment trying to remember the suite number. It was just like Kurt to choose a place like this with fancy leather chairs and butlers in the freakin toilets. He doesn't even see the need for any of this.

He manages to fix his tie just as he reaches the right room. The elegant wooden door is shut but there's a gap on either side of the door that's glass and he can see into the room.

He stops and looks in, leaning one hand against the door frame. Everyone's already there, obviously upset at his tardiness. His eyes zero in on Kurt. He smiles a little. Fifteen years and time hasn't managed to catch up to him. He's beautiful. Dave looks down at his black wrinkled suit. He can't say time hasn't affected him. His body has managed to stay in shape due to his job, it's probably more fit than in high school but he hasn't exactly given his appearance much thought for while. He knows his hair is slightly longer than usual, there's a light stubble covering his jaw and the circles under his eyes have become part of his permanent look. He turns his attention back to Kurt, as the elegant boy sits on a long wooden table, his back straight as he refuses to slouch. His hands are folded neatly on the table as he looks out the window. Dave can tell his mind is somewhere else. On me maybe? Dave snorts. Probably not, he thinks as he opens the door and steps into the room.

"So glad you could join us, even if you are 45 minutes late."

"It's my pleasure," Dave replies taking a seat, he leans back in his chair, his eyes set on Kurt the whole time.

Their eyes meet intensely and for a moment they forget why they're there.