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Summary: This year, their greatest test will become their darkest hour; as Charlie and Harry realize that 'Courage is not the towering oak that sees storms come and go; it is th fragile blosson that opens in the Snow'

Author's Note: See this year change, for better or for worse? As Charlie and Riley return to Hogwarts with their friends, both Gryffindor and Slytherin. What adventure lies ahead for them this year? And what happens when an evil emerges? A big thank-you to everyone who has been faithful to me throughout this story and I hope you continue too right up to the end. Charlie and Riley are at the moment my masterpiece. So, without further ado, lets get on with fourth in the series of the Muggleborn Witches series and see where 'Harry Potter: Courage' leads us. Enjoy and please don't forget to review. Thanks.

Secrative Invitations

A hot, blazing sun beat down on the cobbled stone path of Spinner's End, window's of all houses had been opened in hopes of their residents to catch a slight summer breeze, but there didnt seem to be any. Charlie Hunter, of number 9 Spinner's End was lying on her stomach of her garden reading from one of old book she had brought three years ago in Diagon Alley 'Tales of Beetle Bard' the young 13-year old (soon to be 14-year-old) was never much of a reader, and after buying the book she had realized that it was all written in Anicent Runes, she was highly disappointed. Thankfully enough though after starting Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and learning that two people in her street, two people whom she had grown accustom too were in fact teachers at her school; and were able to decipher Anicent Runes had kindly taken the book and translated all the stories into a language she could clearly understand.

Which was why, she was here, on a glorious day, reading a Wizarding book about three brothers who had attempted to conquer death. It was mid-July, and summer had started over 2 weeks ago. Schools had been let out even magical ones and the freedom of tests, homeworks and professors/teackers were all the benefits of a wonderful summer holiday. Charlie was just coming up the final part of her the story she was reading, when a yell was heard from the otherside of her garden fence, with a frown the teenager marked her page and closed the book before pushing herself to her knees and glancing over the fence. There in the middle of the cobbled stone path stood none other than Matthew Harley and new-comer to Spinner's End, Edward Vance. Edward, was a small, gangly, nerdy looking kid with glasses, a small shallow pale face and trembling hands. He and his family had come to England from Germany, and they fit in well with the Spinner's End folk.

Unfortunately, Edward seemed to attract more trouble than what he was worth, he hadnt been here less than a week and already he had more enemies than he did friends. With a sigh; the young Slytherin got to her feet and rolled her shoulders, before walking towards her gate and jumping over it rather than opening it. "Leave him alone, Harley!" Charlie snapped, causing the group of boys that had appeared and surrounded Edward and Matthew to part and turn in her direction "Can't you see he's new around here?"

"Exactly!" Matthew sneered "Fresh blood, Gotta make sure he knows his place!"

"Unfortunately, I can't let you do that" Charlie retorted "and leave him alone!"

Matthew, looked the teenager girl over and smirked "Or what?" he sneered "You gonna make me, Hunter?

"Thinking about it," Charlie nodded, clutching her book in her hand

The boys around her snorted as Matthew let go of Edward and stepped back away from the boy "There you go, your highness," he teased "I let him go. Anything else?"

"Clear off!" the Slytherin snapped "You don't belong here! Why don't you do us all a favour and crawl back under the rock you came out of"

Again Matthew glared in her direction and then turned to the boys behind him "Come on boys," he nodded in a different directions "We'll come back later. You can't protect him forever Hunter. I'll get him!"

"Whatever, Harley" Charlie retorted "Everyone knows you couldnt find your way out of a wet paper bag, let alone take on Spinner's End kids."

The two glared at one another before Matthew turned away and disappeared around the corner and into another street; Edward choked out a thank-you from behind Charlie, as the Slytherin turned and smiled "Its okay," she told him "Its actually what im here for. You're new around here so let me tell you how the rules work, Matthew Harley -" she sneered the name "- is the residents bully. He'll pick on anyone just to get the thrill of seeing someone cry, normally he picks on my best friend Riley, but she's starting to fight him back now, verbally, of course" Charlie smiled "Riley'd never lift a fist to a bully. But aside from him you've got the Rich kids who live on the otherside of the lake," she pointed in the direction of the forest and the lake "they're from Clinton and they like to torment us Spinners End and River Terrace kids because they are better off than we are. But you cant let them get to you, okay? If they see that your upset by what they say, then their gonna target you more often" she smiled "So just let it go over your head, okay?"

Edward nodded "May I ask you something?" he questioned

"Sure," the Slytherin shrugged

"Why are you being nice to me?" Edward asked "That Matthew, said that people around here wouldnt want to talk to me, because I was knew"

Charlie rolled her eyes "Jerk!" she hissed "Don't listen to him, Ed...he's just trying to bring you down. You seem like a cool kid, just remember a few simple rules and you should be fine, here at Spinners End"

Edward looked up at the shortened abbreviation of his name "I've never had a nickname before," he admitted

"Oh, don't you like being called 'Ed'?" Charlie asked "I could call you Edward, its just I shortened it because your name seems so formal" she smiled "Spinner's End is anything but formal"

"Oh no," Edward responded quickly, shaking his head at an alarming rate "Please, I like it"

Charlie grinned "Good, because as you get to know me you'll learn that I do what I want, despite if people like it or not!"

Edward chuckled "Uh, you said that if I followed a few rules I'd be fine around here. Uh, what are they?"

"Oh yeah," Charlie nodded "Come with me to my house and I'll clean up that cut, and I'll explain the rules and then walk you home. Okay?"

Edward nodded and turned as he crossed the street with Charlie, who was still talking about what he should and shouldnt do now that he was living in Spinners End. It seemed like a lot to take in but he knew she was only doing it out of protection for him. By the time he had reached her gate, he knew that if he stuck with the rules he would be exceptionally safe on the streets of his new home.

"Oh, and one more thing" Charlie added "Just remember that the SESG (Spinner's End Street Gang) are always on your side!"

And the Slytherin opened her front door and disappeared inside, Edward following behind her.


2 weeks passed and soon it was the end of July, but no one was more depressed that Charlie had been. Her mother had been working longer nights and early mornings and the young teenager felt like that she never saw her only parent anymore. She knew Serena was doing it for extra wages, and that money would go to keeping her in school and to provide food and shelter but there were times that Charlie just wanted to come in at night and the last thing she would see before her eyes closed as her mother's smiling face, she also wouldnt have minded waking up in the morning to her mother putting breakfast on the table and the two just spending sometime together. Charlie's father had been killed several years ago and therefore the teenager was left without a father, sometimes she wondered if her mother would ever re-marry again or if maybe she had her eye on someone at work and that was the reason behind her sudden change in hours, but Serena wouldnt abandon her daughter like that, no that wasnt the reason behind Serena Hunter's sudden change in times.

It was 30th July when Charlie recieved her letter from Nikki O'Donald, one of her best friends from Hogwarts. Nikki was a rich pureblood witch and lived with her parents in the rich part of London, she had gone to Hogwarts for seven years and was in her fifth year when Charlie had started Hogwarts when she was 11 years old; the two had instantly hit it off and Nikki soon became like an older sister too the younger Slytherin. Even to this day she treated Charlie like a sibling rather than a friend. When the letter had come, Charlie was inside her kitchen making sandwhiches for herself and Riley, when the owl swooped in through the open window and dropped a letter onto the table before taking off again, "Thanks!" Charlie called after it, before picking up the letter and ripping it open, she almost jumped in glee as she noticed it was from Nikki. She hadnt heard from most of her pureblooded friends since School had ended.

Dear Charlie,

How is your summer? Mines great. Im in France at the moment with my parents; im just writing this quickly to tell you that at the end of this summer there is a large event called the Quidditch World Cup! I don't know if your friend Weasley has mentioned it already, but if he has then you know what I am talking about. Anyway I have spoken with Marcus, Adrian and the other Slytherins and they have all written back that they will be attending, and I was wondering if maybe you and Riley wanted to join us? My father has managed to get three extra tickets and has offered them too me; the moment he presented them to be at Dinner last night I instantly thought of you, Riley and William. It's okay if you dont want to come, I will completely understand, but if you would like to attend then send word immediately and I will save the tickets for you.

So; tell me, have you heard from any of the others during the Summer? I have heard from Marcus and Adrian; and other than the confirmations of the other Slytherins they are the main two who I have corresponded with the most. France is beautiful, you will have to join me here one year, im sure you would love it. There is so much to do. Riley would enjoy it too, the French culture is rather enjoyable to learn and the French Magical world is rather interesting piece of History there is so much she could learn, but of course while she is doing that, you and I could do something else; I know how bored you get in History of Magic lessosn and learning is not exactly your forte.

Anyway, I have to go. Hope everything is well with you and Riley. Let me know as soon as possible, if you want these tickets, and I will clear it with my parents for you, Riley and William to come spend the rest of the Summer at our manor when we get home. Oh; and you might want to get your school shopping down early this year there is a major event happening at Hogwarts that im sure you will find interesting. It plays pretty much to your strengths, just don't think about anything stupid this year! Just try and enjoy a quiet year at Hogwart, promise? I'll be allocating Marcus and Adrian to look after you this year. If there is any confusion with that last statement then let me explain, neither of them graduated at the end of last year and therefore will be joining you for an extra year, lucky you I guess.

Take care, have a brilliant summer and I'll hear from you soon.

Love Nikki xXx'

Charlie re-read the letter once more and chuckled at the prospect that Marcus and Adrian would be at Hogwarts with her for another year I don't know whether to be sympathetic that they are stuck at Hogwarts with me, or that they are just plain stuck at Hogwarts for another year she thought a grin on her face.

"What you smiling about?" Riley asked, as she entered the kitchen; Charlie had taken such a long time with the sandwhiches that she had gotten worried and came looking for her best friend "Who's the letter off?"

"Nikki," Charlie answered, handing over the parchment. She then turned back to the Sandwhiches.

Riley smiled as she read over the letter "So, are we going?" she asked

"Do you want too?"

The Gryffindor nodded "Yeah. But I think we're gonna need permission off of Jenn to take William. Especially for the rest of the summer"

"I'll clear it with her this afternoon," the Slytherin reassured "Maybe she'll take us to Diagon Alley too?"

"Mhmm, I wonder what big event Nikki was talking about?"

Charlie shrugged "Guess we'll have to wait and see"

"But school doesnt start until Septemeber," Riley whined

Charlie rolled her eyes "Rils, ever hear the term 'Curiosity killed the cat'"

"Yeah," Riley nodded "But 'Satisfaction brought it back'" she retorted

And the two broke into laughter at their playful yet pointless arguement. This was why they were best friends...they could both argue over anything and everything, but not take it seriously.


The next morning dawned bright and early, and after clearing the go ahead with both her mother and Jennifer Carmichael about the Quidditch World Cup and attending it with Nikki, Charlie had sent word with Jenn's owl that she, Riley and William were more than grateful for the invitation and they would have loved to go with her. After which Jenn agreed that she would take the 13-year-old's to Diagon Alley to get their school supplies earlier; just like every other days, Charlie was just a little ball of energy (if not more today) and the reason behind her hyperactivity today was the fact that she was not only returning to one of her most loved places, the Magical World, but it was also her birthday. Today she was finally 14. Same age as Riley, Hermione and Ron.

"Its Harry's birthday today, too" Riley announced, as she pulled on her jacket and turned to the Slytherin who was pulling her long hair into a high ponytail. Both girls had changed over the past few weeks, Riley had become slimmer and taller, her hair had grown out and been cut so that it rested gently behind her ears. She had greatly started to fill out her school robes and therefore was excited about returning to Diagon Alley because she needed new ones. Charlie on the other hand, had also grown out of her old clothes and finally gotten the growth spurt she had wanted; she was now around the height of 5"3, her hair had also grown out and now rested somewhere around the top of her mid-back, and despite how many times her mother pleaded and begged, the Slytherin refused to cut it.

Looking up Charlie nodded "Yeah, I know" she smiled "I sent him a card last night"

Neither of the girls had enough money to afford a birthday present for their friend, but he still had their jacket from last year and hadnt really expected anything from them this year. They still needed to re-stash their pocket money before they could buy anything else for their friends and their birthday presents. Although, that didnt mean that Charlie didnt recieve presents from her friends. She had recieved new Care of Magical Creatures book from Hagrid (one that didnt bite), a new Potions set from Snape, the Weasleys had sent her homemade toffee's, Nikki had given her tickets to the Quidditch World Cup (thats all she needed) and the rest of her Pureblood friends werent willing to send her presents via Owl post, wanting to give them in person.

"You ready?" the Gryffindor asked, finally after grabbing her purse and turning to her best friend

Charlie nodded and the two friends headed out the door, over one house, and into the garden of Jenn and William Carmichael. And the four of them flooed to Diagon Alley, and stopped at their first destination: Gringotts.


Gringotts, was the wizard bank. The inside of the building was high fashioned, with high walls and the best part about the bank was it was run by goblins. Jenn, Charlie, Riley and William approached the tallest desk at the end of the great corridor and addressed the Goblin sitting there. Jenn requested she remove some money from her vault and presented her key, while Charlie and Riley simply changed a few muggle coins and notes into Wizarding money, Jenn was led away with another Goblin to retrieve her money from her vault while leaving her son and neighbours to wait for her in the hall of the bank. She wasnt gone long and soon the four of them headed for Madam Malkin's clothing shop.

"Im sure you'll be okay from here?" Jenn asked "William and I will go collect your books; dont forget to get everything that is on your lists. Understand? It is important that you get everything!"

Charlie and Riley frowned as Jenn and William walked off, before they turned to one another "What did she mean?" the Gryffindor asked

"I dunno," Charlie answered, glancing at her list. It seemed pretty normal. "I dont see any chang -" she cut off

"Charlie?" Riley asked "What is it?"

The Slytherin frowned "What are Dress Robes?" she questioned

By now they had reached and entered Madam Malkin's Robes for all Occasions. "Dress robes are the formal wear of witches and wizards alike," Madam Malkin answered, as she came forward from the back room, she was a kind old witch and the two young teenagers had liked her instantly from day one "they are only worn on special occasions. Most dress robes for boys include a formal black robe with a white, buttoned-down shirt underneath, while for the girls dress robes are basically eveing ballgowns instead of traditional robes"

"I am not buying a dress!" Charlie stated, firmly

Madam Malkin took a visible step backwards "Oh but you must dear," she smiled "Especially with what is happening at Hogwarts this year"

"What's happening?" Riley asked

"If you do not know, I will not say" Madam Malkin smiled "Wouldn't want to ruin the surprise, would we?"

Charlie nodded "Yes, ruin it, please?" she begged

"Now now," Madam Malkin chuckled "Forget I said anything. Up onto the stools please, dears" and she ushered them into the back room.


Once their shopping had been dealt with, Jenn returned the four children home and found a letter addressed to Charlie waiting for her inside the Hunter residence. The Slytherin quickly read through it and found that it was her first letter from Marcus all summer.

'Charlie, Nikki's just told me that your coming to the Quidditch World Cup. You'll love it, I garauntee it! This is just a quick message to let you know that Adrian and I are coming to get you, Riley and William at 12 noon tomorrow. You'll be staying with me until Nikki comes home. Can't wait to see you, see you soon. Marcus'

After reading through the letter quietly to herself, the Slytherin read it outloud and Jenn reacted immediately "Right, well it's 9:00pm now" she stated, looking at the clock "I suggest you finish any packing that you need to finish, and then get into bed. Don't forget your new dress robes. I'll come around tomorrow morning to make sure you are awake and ready to leave." she smiled "Good night girls"

"Night Jenn," Charlie and Riley cried "See you tomorrow William," they waved

And the two Carmichael's left the Hunter household. Charlie and Riley meanwhile, stared at one another for a few moments, before identical grins broke out onto their faces. This time tomorrow they would be back in the Wizarding world, it may have been two months ahead of schedule...but they didnt care. They couldnt wait to go back.

Climbing the stairs the two friends finished their packing, before climbing into bed "Goodnight Rils," Charlie mumured, as she snuggled further down under her blanket, as Scamp hopped up onto the bed and curled up into a ball on her pillow.

"Goodnight Charlie," Riley responded

And these were the final words the two spoke, before sleep overtook them and the thoughts of what would happen the next day, lulled them to sleep.

A/N: Sorry if the ending seems a bit rushed, but I wanted to get this out tonight. So Charlie, Riley and William are heading to the Quidditch World Cup with the Slytherins? What disastrous events could occurr from this? Keep reading.

Also, it is very important that you know that Marcus Flint was in his 6th year in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (JKRowling's version) but in mine he was in his 5th year. Also, it was clearly stated on HarryPotter Wiki that he had to repeat his 7th year and therefore was still there in the Prisoner of Azkaband (JKRowling's version), and as I have stated in this chapter he was supposed to have graduated at the end of 'Redemption of the Innocent' which would have been his repeated final year, if I had followed the books exactly. But since I have not, the changes that have been made are that Marcus will still be in the story for the Goblet of Fire...which is a good thing, considering he is needed because this is the year where he and Charlie grow closer than just friends.

With that out of the way, I bid you all goodnight.

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