This is one of my first story with a character from the movies or show, so they might be occ. Please read and reveiw

Target: Ahsoka Tano

Location: Jedi temple

Age: 7

Picture enclosed in file

That is what the file said. The pay was high and that's all he cared about. He was rodian. He rode towards the Jedi temple. He had disuised himself as a republic ambasator. When the speeder parked at the main gate, two Jedi guards came to him.

"State your buisness." The human male said. The other was consentrating on him. He knew he was trying to read his mind. He was prepaired.

"I am, Shrii Tai. A republic ambasator. I have been asked to make sure the youth here are being taken care of." The rodian boundy hunter said. The other Jedi nodded to the other and they let him pass. The rodian walked up the temple stairs with a badge that singnafied his right to be there. He walked to the doors. He was given directions and he walked to the youth bunks. He oped the file on his carry-on computer.

Operation: kidnap deviver to Rob co. Shipyards office 163.

He looked at the picture of the target. She had some didstictive markings on her face. Good. Easy to spot.

The rodian walked around for a little while then he spotted her. He felt for his small blaster pistol. He walked up to the little girl.

"Hey what's your name?" The rodian said. The little girl looked confused but then smiled.

"Hi! My name is Ahsoka!" She said with energy. The rodian's plan was forming perfectly.

"Oh, that's a lovely name. I was sent to give you this." the roidan gave the girl a candy bar. Her eyes glowed. She took a bite and another. She quickly got dizzy.

When she finaly fainted the rodian caught her. Here came the hard part getting out without being caught. He heaved her into his bag. It had air holes so she could breath. The rodian started to walk for the door. He avoided any Jedi till he made it to the back to his speeder.

The Jedi guard from before ran up to him.

"Absasstor Shrii! One of the younglings are missing. I don't know we didn't sence it but anyway, have you seen any shady characters when you were with the younglings and..." and that's as far as he got before the rodian shot him.

"That Jedi was realy stupid." The rodian said. He shoved the bag in the back seat. He stove off. He saw that the bag was moving. He quickly got in and drove off.

Ahsoka Got out of the bag and started to scream.

"Shut up! Shut up! It going to be over soon!" The rodian said. She kept screaming. He drove to the rob Co. Shipyard offices.

"Help! Help! Master Help!" Ahsoka screamed. She struggled as the rodian dragged her along. He had his pistol ready. He dragged her into office 163. There was a note there.

your pay is in that bag on the desk. Tie up the girl and put her in that chair.

He did as the note asked. He tied and gagged her. He looked in the bag 100,000 credit chips. He looked at the girl was last time and left. He walked out of the building. There were five men waiting for him at his speeder. As soon as he stept out of the office building, he was met by a barrage of blaster fire. The rodian was killed and the men collected their pay from the bag that the rodian was carring.

Ahsoka was terrfied and crying. She tryed to send somthing out with the force but she wasn't strong enough to. She cried for an hour and got tired. A cathar male opened the door. He walked in and untied and ungaged her.

"Thank you..." She said but the Cathar struck her with a shock stick. She tumbled to the ground. The Cathar stuck her a few more times and grabbed her. She was knocked out. The cathar put her over his shoulder and then walked to a waiting space freighter.

The space freighter was converted to a slave stageing area. The cathar's boss had a client that wanted this specific Togruta.

He boarded the ship and threw her in a cage with some other Togruta. Ahsoka woke up several hours later. Before she opened her eyes, she felt the pain and started to cry. She felt and hand on her forehead. She opened her eyes and saw a face not too diffrent from her own. Her eyes were stinging and she couldn't hold a breath.

"Are you going to hurt me?" That was all the Ahsoka could get out. She waited for an awnser but non came. The other Togruta pointed to a stump of a thounge in her mouth. She couldn't talk. All she did was hold Ahsoka and waited for her to stop cring but that would be a long wait.

When Ahsoka finnaly got to real sleep it was filled with nightmares. She only slept for an hour. She wished that she had never taken the candy. But she was never thought to be afraid of strangers. As a future Jedi she was tought to try and be friends with just about eveyone.

She could only muster enough force to heal some of the burns. The older Togruta was alot of help not in advice but she was someone to hold on to.

"I wish you could talk. I need to get back to the temple. They'll be mad if I don't get back soon." Ahsoka said. The older Togruta shook her head. The cage opened and then the older Togruta had a collie pu around her neck and she was taken away.

Ahsoka waited for her to reurn but she never did. She felt as if she was being crushed. She curled up into a ball and cryed.

I hoped you like it tell me if i should do more or not. I really take reveiws to heart so please reveiw and thank you for reading.