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Chapter 5: Because I know

The sound of Sam's alarm clock blaring woke her up from her deep sleep. She groaned painfully as she stretched and slowly sat up in her bed. The events that had taken place the previous night were a little hazy but she remembered one thing very clearly. Brooke knew her secret. She had saved her from a crazy customer but in doing so she had found out the one thing that Sam had always tried so hard to hide. She silently cursed herself for letting things happen the way they did the previous night. She had been reckless and dumb and now she was going to have a hell of a lot of explaining to do.

She wasn't that worried though because Brooke had no proof of what she was doing. She could tell everyone that she had never stayed at Brooke's house and only knew her because she was a friend of Haley's.


Sam was screwed. If Brooke went to Haley then there was no hope for her. Haley had the letter that she had written in class and she could show it to the principle if Brooke ratted her out and she needed evidence. Again she mentally slapped herself. She had been so caught up in her writing that she didn't stop to think that maybe something bad could come out of it in the long run. She never thought again and that was one of her many downfalls. It was strange though because a part of her wanted Brooke to rat her out because she hated her lifestyle. She wanted to change but she didn't think that she could and she couldn't afford to quit.

Sam was so caught up in her thoughts that she didn't even notice that her alarm clock was still going off. She sighed and hit the snooze button. Her focus soon fell on the bruise that had formed on her arm overnight. That guy had really grabbed onto her tight and she wasn't sure how she was going to possibly hide the bruise.

"Long sleeves it is." she sighed as she slowly got out of bed and walked towards the bathroom to get ready for the crazy day that she knew lied ahead of her.

She couldn't fight it. She was screwed and there was no possible way to find her way out of the whole that she had dug for herself. She was going to have to be smart and think of something to get her out of this mess. And fast.

When Sam arrived at school the hallways were still pretty empty. She had gotten ready way faster than she had expected and had decided that there was no use sitting around her crappy apartment. School was never really a bother to Sam. She actually like it despite the few teachers and people who always felt the need to stick their noses in her business. All she wanted was for people to take a hint and leave her alone. Was that too much to ask? She didn't go around meddling in other peoples lives why did people feel the need to meddle into hers.

As she walked to her locker she tried to work out dozens of scenarios in her head of how the day could possible go. She knew one thing she was sure though. She was going to deny, deny, deny. Every little thing that Brooke told about her she was going to argue. Brooke wasn't going to win that easy and like hell was she going to be sent back into the foster system so she could be forgotten about. Social Services had stopped looking for her a long time ago and that was how she wanted it to stay. Going back into the system would only make her life worse than it already was.

Suddenly something caught her eye and she stopped in her tracks. Down the hall Haley was standing there talking to Brooke. For a second her heart seemed to stop as she saw Haley glance in her direction. Brooke was actually telling Haley. So much for the whole "You can trust me" act. Brooke was a fake and a backstabber. She didn't care about Sam one bit. She was just probably looking for some way to get another paycheck coming in every month. Or maybe Sam was just her next charity case. Too bad Sam didn't accept peoples pitty.

Looking at Brooke and Haley talking quickly changed her emotion from fear to anger. She didn't know why but she was holding onto her crazy lifestyle with all she had. She couldn't understand why but it was like an addiction.

Before she knew it she was storming over to where Haley and Brooke were talking.

"Hey Sam." said Haley casually.

She could tell that the teen was angry and she was confused at why. She was still worried about the girl after she had written the note. She knew that Sam was hiding something big but she didn't know how to get Sam to trust her enough so that she could open up. She knew the girl was hurting even though she wouldn't say it.

"SHE'S A LIAR!"yelled Sam pointing at Brooke.

Haley looked from Sam to Brooke who swallowed hard. Great. She thought. Brooke was hiding something from her as well.

"Sam what are you talking about?" asked Haley curiously.

Sam stopped talking immediately. She just starred at Haley who was waiting for some sort of answer. Brooke just shook her head. She hated that Sam actually thought that she would go and rat her out. She knew that outing Sam was not the way to help her. Sam had to look for help first. Brooke just wondered if Sam had fallen in too deep though.

"Um..." stammered Sam.

She didn't know what to say. Why couldn't she have just stuck her foot in her mouth for once? She always felt the need to have the last word in everything.

All of a sudden the late bell rang through the hallways and Sam let out a thankful sigh. She gripped her book bag tight over her shoulder.

"Well I guess that means I am going to be late." said Sam as she turned around praying to herself that Haley wouldn't stop her.

To her relief nobody did. Sam walked through the hallways and suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned quickly thinking that it was Haley. She was full blown ready to go off on her but when she turned to face the person it was Brooke standing there. She was worried and hurt; Sam could see it in her face.

"What do you want?" asked Sam irritated.

"Did you actually think that I would rat you out?" asked Brooke hurt.

Sam couldn't look at her eye to eye. She wanted to be angry with Brooke and tell her that she had no right to be worried because she didn't know her at all. It was true Brooke didn't know her. She was a stranger to her but she was a stranger that had maybe saved her life the night before. She had just taken her into her home like it was nothing. Sam didn't think she deserved that.

"Oh my god!" she practically yelled, " Can't you take a hint lady? I don't know you okay. Just forget about anything that you think you know and stay out of my life. I'm not your charity case and I don't need your damn pitty! I can take care of myself."

She tried to pull away from Brooke but Brooke only held on tighter. Sam winced in pain as Brooke's hand brushed against the bruise that she had gotten from the previous didn't go unnoticed.

"You call this being able to take care of yourself?" asked Brooke as she lifted Sam's sleeve.

Sam pulled her arm away from Brooke.

"Why do you care?" asked Sam exasperated.

"I care because you are too young to be doing this. You are hurting yourself Sam in more ways than you know. You are a teenager. Your supposed to be out having fun and causing trouble not selling your body for money. How can you just let those me do this to you?" asked Brooke.

Brooke's words sunk in and Sam could feel the tears begin to sting her eyes but she promised herself that she was not about to cry. Not here and not now.

"I don't have a choice Brooke. If I don't do this than I'm on the streets okay. It's all know. What would you rather me do? Huh? What, go back to foster care and just let people abuse me and rape me?" Sam accused angrily.

"That's what those men are doing to you now. The only difference is that they are paying you to do it and you are just letting them. And the getting high isn't helping you. You think that if you try and cover the pain up with drugs that all your problems will go away? Well let me tell you that you are wrong. You are a smart girl Sam. You shouldn't waste your life away like this. You deserve better." informed Brooke honestly, "And you always have a choice."

Sam stood quiet for a second. Brooke just looked at her and sighed. As she was about to turn away Sam spoke.

"You did it too." said Sam suddenly.

Brooke faced Sam again and shook her head.

"No. I never got involved in prostitution but when I was in high school I was a slut. My parents were never around and I was on my own. All I wanted to do was party and sleep around. I thought it was cool and it would make any problems that I had go away. It finally hit me that I was just running. I wasn't facing my problems and things were getting worse. I was kind of like you. A lot like you actually. I was going down and down until finally someone decided that I was worth saving."


"My best friend Peyton. She was always there for me but for a while she was hurting as well. She knew that I didn't want to be doing what I was deep down. She showed me that there was something to look forward too. So with her help I quit the drugs and stopped sleeping around. She helped me get better. By Senior year I was Student body president, Captain of the cheer squad, and pulling out straight C's which was great for me. She saved me and I'm just trying to do the same for you because you are worth it Sam. You are a beautiful young lady and I don't think you realize how much you have to offer to the world."

Sam couldn't help it anymore. The tears began to flow. She tried to wipe them away but to no avail. Brooke frowned and pulled the young girl into a hug with no objections. It wasn't until the warning bell rang that they pulled apart.

Brooke wiped the tears off of Sam's cheeks and just looked at her. She seemed so lost and confused and Brooke just wanted to help her. She couldn't let her hurt herself anymore. Not like this. It was degrading and horrible. She wanted her to change but she needed Sam to want to change first.

"What do I have to do?" asked Sam.

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