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Story: Dive
Character: Laura Cadman
Synopsis: I can't let him die. Not only because he is my commanding officer, but because his teammates would kill me if I did.
Date Written: 2-6-10


"The river's deep,
The river's wide,
The river's water
Is alive.
So sink or swim,
I'm diving in."
Dive- Steven Curtis Chapman

My breath almost leaves me as I hit the cold water. Only years of training keep me from surfacing. If I come up, he won't have a chance.

I see him below me, sinking while still moving with the current. I start swimming toward him.

It seems like forever before I finally get to him, when in reality, it is only a few seconds.

As soon as he is in reach I grab him and begin my ascent.

I take a deep breath when we hit the surface. I am holding him by my left arm, swimming toward shore with my right. He is pale, unconscious.

I haul him onto the shore and check his breathing. He isn't.

I begin CPR, my body doing the motions while my mind runs a mile a minute.

I can't let him die. Not only because he is my commanding officer, but because his teammates would kill me if I did.

He takes a deep breath before coughing up water. His eyes open, he looks at me.

"Lieutenant?" He asks shakily.

"Yes, Sir. I'm here, Sir." I answer.

He tries to sit up, I help him.

When he is sitting he asks, "Where are we, Lieutenant?"

"P4X-742, Sir." I respond.

"What happened?"

"You fell into the river, Sir."

"Oh." He says with a confused look on his face. He looks around. "Where's everybody else?"

"About a 10 minute walk from here, Sir. They were still fighting off the locals when I left."

He gives me a questioning look. "When you left?" He asks sternly.

"Yes, Sir." I try to explain, "When I went running after you when you fell in the river."

"Oh." He still has a questioning look. "Why did I fall in the river?"

"One of the locals shot at you, Sir. When you tried to dodge it, the ground beneath you crumbled and you fell into the river. Sir."

"Oh." He says again, the questioning look leaving his face.

Before either of us can say anything else, the sound of crunching leaves comes from right.

I grab my P90 and prepare for another fight with the locals. But what I find instead is a familiar face.

"Ronon." I say with a sigh of relief.


"He'll be fine, love." Doctor Becket says in his natural Scottish voice. "As will you."

"That's good." I say. "Does this mean I can go now?"

"Yes, love. Ye can."

"Thanks, Doc!" I say as I walk out of the infirmary.

Now that I am alone, I think. Trying to think of something poetic about today, I come up with this.

Throw a grenade here, get one tossed back.
Shoot at something, get shot at.
Blow something up, almost get blown up.
Protect the innocent, capture the guilty.
Rescue the captured, help the wounded.
Make new friends, watch over said friends.
Help out there, come home alive.

My name is Laura Cadman, and this is the life of a United States Marine.