In Beck's RV…Jade's Thoughts

"I love him. I truly do. I'm serious. And I thought I would never love. "Jade West will never love anyone else." Those were the words I said to myself on one sad rainy afternoon in the hospital when I had been informed my mom died seconds before. I was only six. I did not have the slightest thought of how incredible, mind-blowing and passionate love could be. I had just lost my mother, the one who gave me life. But now, as I reencounter my thoughts of my terrible past, I remember. I remember four years after she died that I met somebody. Somebody that became more than I ever expected he'd become. He became my whole world. That Indian, adopted, innocent fifth-grader who walked into my classroom for the first time on the first day of semester two of fifth grade.

He was tall, or at least taller than most boys and girls in the class. He had this signature smile that could melt you any day. And like I said, I didn't picture us end like we did. We are now a long-term couple that is, however, misunderstood by almost everyone we know. They don't know the past. Our past. The one we lived and experienced together. My sister's death, his cousin's toes being amputated, and let's not forget, he has been helping me with my dyslexia the best he can. He has been with me through lots of my hydrocephalus surgeries, and this one time when I had a hydrocephalus attack. He saved me. Doctors say that if he hadn't brought me to the hospital fast enough, I wouldn't be here today. That is why I say that if it hadn't been for him, I wouldn't be here today."

Beck: Jade?

Jade: Ya?

Beck: What'cha thinkin' about?

Jade: Us.

Beck: What? (Puts his arm around her waist.)

Jade: That without you, I wouldn't be here today. That I can't live without you, that my life would suck without you, that I need you, that…

Beck (kisses her forehead)

Jade: That I love you.

Beck: Always and forever, you are MY GIRL. There is nobody that I want, need and love more than Jadelyn August West Plumhoff.

Jade: (between sobs) Don't…be…such…a…pansy! (grins sweetly.)

Beck: Something my real dad from India told me "Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. So when you find her, you may not doubt of her faults, you may embrace her goodness."

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