Stuck In the Moment – A Spenstin FanFic Story

Spencer's POV:
I woke up to a Ke$ha song. I opened my door to see my sister, Katherine, dancing away to whatever Ke$ha song she was listening to. "Really?" I yelled, making her jump. "What?" She yelled back. I shook my head. She turned down her stereo. "Yeah?" She asked, leaning against my door frame. "Where's mom?" I asked, going back into my room to find my cell phone. "She left for work an hour ago. You didn't hear the door slam? She was arguing with her boss again." I nodded, still looking for my phone. I heard a giggle escape my sister's lips. I turned around and saw my new touch screen phone in her hand. "I know mom let you get AT&T for a reason. But, a new phone, again? Really, Spence?" She held my phone in her hands. "Give me the phone and no one gets pranked." I said, slowly walked toward where she stood. "I know all your tricks. You have nothing." She said slowly. I glared at her. Sure, I loved my sister (in a bro/sis way) but, hell she was annoying. Our mother always used to say that we both got that from our fathers' side of the family. She smirked. "Try and get the phone from me." She chuckled a little bit before shutting my door and running downstairs. "Kat!" I yelled, opening my door and running down the stairs. We heard the door bell ring and both yelled, "I got it!" Even though we were the only one's home. We ran to the door and opened it to see, Renee & Maddie, my sister's best friends. I know you don't probably care, but my sister is about 5'5 and has brown eyes and brown hair. She's very pretty. I would never tell her that though. "Hey." She managed to get out. "EEEEPPP!" Renee…. I don't know exactly what she did. "What?" Kat asked. While she was distracted, I grabbed my phone. "HEY!" She yelled, smacking my shoulder. "It's my phone!" I yelled back, turning it on. "Yes, Renee?" She asked, leaning against the door frame. "You'll NEVER guess who's coming to town for a concert?" She was so excited, even her eyes showed it. "Michael Jackson?" I asked, standing next to my sister. Kat and Maddie gave me a 'Really?' look. "Yeah, sure whatever you say Spencer." Renee commented trying to get back on subject. "Who?" Kat asked. She looked like she really wasn't that interested. "JUSTIN BIEBER!" Renee screamed at the top of her lungs. I covered my ears. Kat giggled. "You mean the guy who looks like my brother?" Kat asked, pointing at me. I smacked her hand. "Justin Bieber does not look like me. What about the guy you liked last year that looked like Joe Jonas? I bet he was gay." She smacked the back of my head. "Joe Jonas is not gay! And, shut up!" She hit my head again, making Renee giggle. "When is Justin Bieber gonna be here?" I heard Maddie ask. Renee shrugged. "I wish I knew. He only posted on his twitter that he was gonna be here performing and that it was supposed to be a secret concert for whoever lived in the area." She smiled. "Yeah, so secret and now the whole twitter-verse knows." Kat commented. "Yeah, him posting it on his twitter was kinda stupid." I commented. I saw Renee give me a small glare out of the corner of my eye. "Well, if you guys are going…. Guess who's taking us?" Kat smiled at me. "No!" I turned and started walking away. "Bye guys." I heard Kat tell her friends. Her voice started getting closer. "Spencer?" She called, looking into the kitchen. I wasn't going to hide or run, just yell. She gave me the puppy dog eyes. "Please?" She asked. I sighed. "Fine! When Renee figures out when's he's coming tell me." I started walking toward the stairs, while Kat was doing what looked like a happy dance. "But!" She turned and looked at me. "You have to ask mom." I said, walking up the stairs.