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Justin's POV:
"Justin…." I heard in the back of mind, or was someone saying my name?

I groaned and rolled over, falling off the couch in my dressing room at the arena.

"Finally, you're up," I rubbed the spot on my head the ground hit and looked up to see Chaz.

"What the heck are you doing here man?" I asked, sitting on the couch.

"Seeing your show, your mom said you were asleep in here." He looked around the room. I looked over at the clock.

"Holy crap!" I jumped up, almost running into Chaz.

"What?" He asked, looking down at the clock.

"I only have like half an hour to get ready.

I pulled off the shirt I was wearing, while shooing Chaz out of my room. I basically fell, jumped, and tumbled my way into my first outfit for the show. I opened the door and ran right into the first person who probably wasn't in the mood. No, not my mother, my manager.

"Justin!" He yelled, when I got back up on my feet and starred running toward the hallways to get to your seats in the arena.

I looked behind me to see Scooter chasing after me, yelling my name and telling me to get my ass over there. But, before I had the chance to run faster, I ran into something hard, which turned out to be someone. We both fell on the floor, me on top of him. The guy groaned and opened his eyes, revealing a pair of very adorable brown eyes.

"Dude! I'm so sorry. I should've watched where I was going." I mumbled.

I got up, brushed off and offered my hand to guy I ran into. I could've swore I felt sparks the minute in touched me. Weird.

"Sorry, again." I said, pulling the guy up off the floor.

"JUSTIN!" I heard Scooter yell.

Damn, his voice was getting closer.

"Shit," I mumbled, forgetting the guy I ran into was there.

I looked around and grabbed the guy's arm, pulling him and myself into this very small, unseen place. I looked out of the hole, while he was looking at me. I wonder what he was thinking. This guy barely knows me and he pulls me into a hiding place, for what? I sighed, and ran a hand down my face.

"JUSTIN!" We watched as Scooter, wearing a baseball hat, walked passed where we stood, cursing under his breath.

I let out a sigh of relief and pulled the guy out of our hiding place and looked both ways, wondering if Scooter was waiting in the shadows to yell at me. I looked at the guy I ran into, just remembering I don't know his name.

"I'm seriously sorry. I didn't mean to run into you." He just nodded. He was really cute. Wait, what? I think this guy is cute!

"Are you okay? I mean I ran into pretty hard." I asked, getting his attention back.

"Yeah, I'm fine." He smiled slightly and went to stand by me.

"I'm Justin by the way." I held out my hand. He shook it hand.

"No offense or anything, but I mean I never would've guessed." I chuckled. The guy smiled.

"Yeah, the guy who was kinda chasing after me, his name is Scooter." The guy nodded.

"Wait, are you Justin Bieber?" The guy asked, realization setting on his face.

"Yeah… And, you are?" He chuckled.

"Spencer." I nodded.

"Are you here with someone?" I asked, looking around.

"Now, I just decided to come to a Justin Bieber concert to scope out girls." I chuckled. Spencer's smile grew. His smile was adorable. Snap out of it, a voice in the back of my mind yelled at me.

"Yeah, well, you're in the right place." He nodded.

"Actually, I got forced by my sister to figure out where we are supposed to go." He showed me the meet&greet passes and I smiled.

"I was expecting the four people who won these." Spencer nodded.

"Speaking of your sister, where is she?" He nodded toward the door.

"Oh, she forced you?" I asked, doing my signature hair-flip.

"Yeah, sorta. Well, I didn't really wanna stand there." I put my arm around Spencer's shoulder kinda like we've been friends forever when really we just met.

"Well, let's go meet her and her friends, I'm guessing." He nodded, laughing.

I could've sworn my heart beat started beating faster when he laughed. I couldn't form any other though other than I hope I get to see this guy again.