She couldn't feel her toes. Wiggling them produced an uncomfortable prickling feeling in her foot. Abby groaned and pulled her legs underneath her, trying to regain warmth in them. For a family from a hot country, they sure kept the house freezing.

Whoever said that babysitting was easy money was probably talking about watching Joey Beatles. The seven year old may have looked like his older brother, but their attitudes varied so greatly, it scared her. He'd quickly lost interest in her moments after her purse hit the living room carpet and had turned on the television rather than talk to her. Abby had rolled her eyes and pulled out her English Lit. homework.

Halfway through question nine, she glanced up in irritation. This was what passed for cartoons? The main character had no personality and hadn't even pulled out a mallet. There was no villain and no conflict. And could the animation be any worse? It looked like a bunch of bubbles clumped together to form something vaguely rabbit-like. Ew. It seemed like the sole purpose of the show was to preach about hygiene and teach kids about spelling.

'Oh god, save me,' she thought as the character burst into a song about love and recycling. Out loud, she asked, "Joey, don't tell me you actually like this bland garbage." The little boy shrugged.

"Wha' else am Ah supposed ta watch?" he looked back at the screen with faint distaste. "Everything else is for adults."

Abby pinched the bridge of her nose. "You go to school all day long, five days a week, then go home and get more unwanted education from television. Ugh." She pulled her cell phone out of her pocket and dialed. "Hey, Hoags? We got a cartoon emergency at the Beatles. Could you grab some of your best and bring them over?" A pause. "Thanks man." She hung up and turned back to her charge. "Let's see if we can salvage your childhood, Joey."

Let's see:
Stupid little drabble based on real life with no plot whatsoever? Check.
A character being used as a puppet for the writer's opinion? Check.
Utter garbage passed off as a story with OOCness? Check.

No actual editing? Check.

Looks like she's back. Oh no...

But seriously, I'm tryin' guys. I miss all of you. The archives just scare me nowadays.
So do the 'cartoons' my sisters watch. -cuddles Animaniacs DVDs- U NO CAN HAS! MAH CHILDHOOD! MINE!

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