The gate crashed open and James' heart stopped when he looked out the window of the nursery.

"What is it, James?" Lily asked, rocking Harry to and fro in her arms.

James shook his head, reaching into his pocket for his wand and remembering that he had casually tossed it on the chesterfield in the common room. "He's here, Lily."

"Who's here? At this -" she paled. "Voldemort."

"Lily, listen to me. My wand is downstairs. I'm going to go downstairs and I will hold him off. Take Harry and go. Go to Petunia. He'll never look for you there."

"James, I'm not going to leave you here! Come with me!"

James closed his eyes and kissed Lily's forehead. "For once in your life, can you please do as I ask? I love you." He kissed Harry's cheek. "Run."

He hurried out of the nursery and down the stairs. The front door was still closed which didn't reassure him. He had a feeling that it wouldn't take much longer for Voldemort to get past the protective charms that were in place.

What had happened to Peter?

He grabbed his wand and his hands clenched into fists. The only explanation was that Peter had been killed. Someone had found him and … he must have told. James closed his eyes. He had seen first hand what kind of torture Voldemort and his followers could inflict upon a person. He couldn't blame Peter for failing him. But now it was up to him to hold Voldemort off. He couldn't let him harm his family.

The front door was blasted open in a ball of red light and James swallowed carefully. The man that stepped through the door grinned at him, dark brown eyes seeming to slit almost snake-like in their gleam of happiness.

"James Potter, you have been most difficult to find," Voldemort replied as he twirled his wand between his fingers.

"You can't have my son."

"A son was it? A bouncing baby boy, how wonderful. I don't relish in taking your son, James, however, when it comes to my own well-being, well … survival of the fittest after all. Crucio!"

James blocked the curse by diving behind the chesterfield and he yelled out a blasting charm, knocking Voldemort back into the wall.

Voldemort simply grinned at him. "You are very brave. I imagine that your son will be the same. But you are also very stupid. Crucio!"

This time James screamed as the curse hit him. His body bended and ripped apart from the inside as if he was being stabbed a thousand times over every inch of his body. When the curse subsided, Voldemort smiled.

"You don't have to die. I have no issues with you. Other than your horrid choice in marriage … marrying someone beneath you as you did … well, that's another story. It is only your son's life that I need."

"Why do you want him? What are you going to do with him?" James demanded, blood dripped down the side of his mouth and he could taste it on his tongue but he climbed to his feet, wand ready.

"I'm going to kill him. Crucio!"

He collapsed again and this time had barely regained his breath when Voldemort said the words, Avada Kedavra, and the world went black.

Voldemort kicked the body, picking up the wand and snapping it as he did so. He slowly began to climb the stairs to the nursery as if he hadn't a care in the world. The door at the end of the hall said 'Harry' in bright letters. He pushed it open and the redheaded woman stood there in front of the crib, hands holding her son's.

"Hello, my dear."

Lily swallowed slowly. She knew that the sight of Voldemort here meant that James was dead. She didn't let the tears fall. Instead she simply held up her hands. "Please, take me instead. Not Harry."

"You're missing something here, m'dear. It's not instead of, it's first and second." Voldemort raised his wand and Lily shook her head.

"NO! You can't have him!"

"Move aside you silly girl!"


"Avada Kedavra!"

Lily didn't make a sound as the green light illuminated the room and her lifeless body fell in front of the crib. Harry looked down in astonishment.


Voldemort raised his wand as Harry stared up at him with bright green curious eyes. When he said the words that had killed more people than he could even remember by name he was shocked at the pain it caused. The light seemed reverbeate up his arm and into him. The cottage shook as if an earthquake had moved the earth and the ceiling began to come down and crack around them. Pain as he never imagined yanked his soul from his body and as he floated away, looking down at the body that he belonged too, he watched as the young boy stood up in his crib with a lightning shaped cut dripping blood onto the wood and began to wail.

The nursery completely intact.

Severus Snape was the first person to stumble upon the rubble. He saw James' lifeless body on the common room floor and he took the stairs two at a time. When his eyes fell on the red hair of Lily, tears rolled down his cheeks as his heart broke. His first friend. The girl that he had hurt so badly that he couldn't forgive himself for. The girl that he had fallen in love with was dead. Her green eyes shining in terror out of a tiny child with James' good looks.

He ran from the house, blinded by tears and by hatred.

Dumbledore arrived with the Aurors an hour later.

Rumours were already speculating about the Potters and their untimely demise having somehow ended Voldemort. He took one look at Lily's lifeless body, wand no where near her and a crying baby Harry and he knew. A mother's love had saved her child's life.

He stepped over Voldemort's lifeless body and he knew that despite the body being proof of death that his soul had been freed and it wasn't the end. He called Hagrid. He needed someone he could trust to bring Harry to safety. The Death Eaters were going to be in chaos when they discovered their leader was gone.

It was Sirius who arrived next. When Harry called out to him desperately, he wiped tears from his own eyes and vowed revenge on Peter.

And when Petunia Dursley opened her front door the next morning and found the sleeping toddler in a basket with a note, she knew the worst had happened.

James and Lily Potter were dead.

But their son had survived. One boy who rumours stated had stopped Lord Voldemort, the evil monster who had corrupted the wizarding world. He was a powerful young wizard, this boy, to have done the impossible.

He was the Boy Who Lived.

Harry Potter closed the book in his hands, wiping tears from his eyes. Every word was perfect. She had succeeded in capturing every moment as if he himself had been there.

"What do you think? I improvised some but … I mean, Sirius and Remus gave me the memories. I had them stored and ready and the last one … you told me from your dreams. Some we know from what Voldemort told you. Some we know from the history of the cottage. The first half is almost all written by Remus … his notes were very detailed and his writing was excellent. Then I found the journals your parents kept which had a lot of personal details, especially your mum's. Did I get it right?"

Harry squeezed Hermione's hand gently and smiled at his wife Ginny from across the room. "It's perfect, Hermione. It's perfect."

Ginny moved to sit on her husband's lap, picking up the book and turning it over to look at the cover. "'Crazy Little Thing Called Love.' Great title. Are you going to write the sequel?"

Harry closed his eyes as his wife softly kissed his cheeks and his nose. "Yes, she is. The Boy Who Lived needs to share his own tale, once and for all."

Hermione grinned widely at them. "You tell me where to start, Harry, and I will write it for you."

Ron stood in the doorway grinning at them. "Don't forget the important parts about his dashingly handsome best mate who kicks his ass at chess."

When Harry started laughing, they all grinned.

James took Lily's hand as they stood in the room, watching their son smile and laugh.

"He's so handsome and so happy," Lily said, tears in her eyes as James wrapped his arm around her.

"And he made us grandparents!"

Lily sucked her tears back. "James, Al, and Lily … the most precious children in the world."

James kissed her cheek. "Come on, honey. It's time for us to go back. Everyone's waiting for us."

And they vanished in a cloud of white mist as if they had never been there at all.


AN - Thank you everyone for reading and enjoying. Im sorry it took me so long to finish. Once they were engaged I knew I wanted a couple chapters to sum up the wedding and be done. We know the story from there on. Lily gets pregnant, they hear the prophecy and Harry is born. This is an alternate universe story as obviously we don't know the story of Harry's parents.

I hope you enjoyed it. I left some unanswered questions on purpose - was it because of Erica that Peter betrayed his friends? Or was he finally making his own choices? I leave you to make up your own conclusions. Thanks for reading.