AN: *clears throat*

Welcome to the world of Pokemon! Here many amazing and fantastic adventures await you!

And so on and so forth. Welcome to my little story; some of you are probably fans of my Warriors fics. If so, cool! If not, welcome new audience! It's always great to meet new people on here.

Now, the reason I'm writing/posting this story is simple: it helps me unwind. Lord knows I need a break from the often-awful bits of Shattered and said Warriors universe. This story allows me to unwind, and so it will be a bit of a silly story. But, as a certain character of mine would say, that doesn't many it any less of a story! Sure, it's silly and light-hearted, but isn't that the point of Pokemon itself? That being said, this story will have light elements, and shades of parody, but there will be more serious things as well...just as in any good Mystery Dungeon game. Right?

Enough chat, though; if you're here, it isn't to read about my ramblings (although they happen often). I only have one more thing to say, and you can begin reading the story (if you wish to, that is).

I have a blog, in which I answer the questions posted in my reviews. Every time I post a chapter on any fic, I'll answer all questions from the previous chapter. Now, most of these updates will be for my Warriors fics, but if anyone reviews this story and has a question, I'll be glad to answer it on the blog! For a link, look in my profile and just copy-paste.

Now, enough chatter. It's time for you to enter the world of Pokemon! Enjoy your stay~!