Chapter four: Happy Birthday


Who the fuck does this little albino twit think he is? So he wants Matt to be his best friend? Fat chance. Matt is way too awesome to be with somebody so...I'm not sure if there's a proper adjective to describe him! Geez...

I was snapped out of my reverie of annoyance by Matt, who asked where we were going. Crap I totally forgot I was walking somewhere. Oh well.

"Outside." I said, and I heard Matt gasp dramatically. I laughed, and had to glance back, because I knew he'd be making a funny face; we, or moreover, Matt, never goes outside. It's not that he's allergic to air (and I would know: I got a pillow to the face when I asked him one time), and it's not that he doesn't like nature, because he does. He'd just rather be inside. It's probably something to do with his dislike of noise, which you generally find in playgrounds and busy streets.

I pushed open the double doors of the school and dragged Matt over to the swingset that most kids played on during lunch. Luckily it was only break, so there were only about ten kids hanging around, including us. I sat Matt down on one of the swings (he was laughing as I did this), then sat down on the one next to him. There was a brief moment of silence.

"Soo...what do you think of your 'competition'?" Matt asked teasingly. I gave him a look, then snorted condescendingly.

"Near? Oh please. Unless you like him better than me, there's no competiton whatsoever." he said decidedly. I turned to look at Matt again, watching him swinging slowly, looking at his feet. I hated to ask this but...

"Do you like him better than me?" I asked quitely, watching his feet as well. Matt looked up at me, scrutinizing my expression.

"Do you really think that I'd ever choose Near over you? Do you really, honestly think I could ever do that?" Matt asked. I looked up at him, but didn't say anything.

Well, knowing Matt, he probably wouldn't do that to me, but... I was so lost in thought that I hadn't realized that Matt had gotten off of his swing and was standing in front of me. I looked up at him in surprise, but couldn't say anything. Wordlessly, he leaned down and hugged me. It took a second for me to realize what he was doing, but I hugged him back tightly.

"Mello...I'm still surprised that somebody as amazingly cool and awesome as you has self-esteem issues." Matt said, his voice muffled in my shoulder. I laughed loudly.

"Yeah, yeah...Well, I'm still surprised somebody who looks as brave as you do is actually a total baby." I said teasingly.

"Shut up." Matt grumbled before letting me go. I laughed and jumped off my swing. "Let's go inside. I know you don't really like it out here, and I want some chocolate." I announced, grabbing Matt's arm and leading the way.


The next day...

Today is my birthday. It totally is. I'm now a young, attractive sex toy, aged 10. When Mello turned ten, he made this whole announcement about how he was growing up, and how being ten years old is a huge fat deal. According to Mello, it's uncool to be a total virgin once you're ten. I thought about this as I walked down the hall back to our room. Mello was still in class, but I got bored and left, looking forward to some serious gaming when I got back on my bed.

Well, really, me and Mello had been sharing a bed for ages, so it's our bed. I almost laughed, thinking how appalled this uncute girl who just came, can't remember name...something like 'Turd' or 'Tulip'...anyways, she was all appalled when she heard me call Mello a fucking sexbomb. I guess it's surprising that we know these cool words and we know all about sex, even though we're only ten and eleven. It's really Mello's fault, though: if I'd never talked to him (how awful!) I'd only ever know 'crap' and 'shit'.

But Mello told me that if we didn't know about these things now, when we grew up, we'd never get anywhere because everybody would take advantage of us, thinking that we were totally uneducated in the ways of the world. So, back to being a ten-year-old total virgin. I considered how to cure myself of this awful trait. I'd asked Mello what he'd done to rid himself of his 'total virginess', but he'd said that I'd get mad if I knew. So I didn't press him, although I suspect he kissed Linda.

I opened the door to our room and flopped down on our bed, whipping out my gameboy. I felt something pressing against my collarbones, and I grinned, realizing that the orange goggles Mello had given me as a birthday present were still around my neck. I smiled to myself, thinking again how nice it was of Mello to give them to me, and pulled them up over my eyes, making sure my hair covered the straps, because otherwise they'd look dumb. Mello had insisted that the goggles made me look hot.

So I wore them all day, only taking them off to rub my eyes. I had promised myself that I would wear them for the rest of my life. I stuffed a cherry lollipop into my mouth, switched on my DS, and started playing. About three hours later, I decided to go to the bathroom. I kicked the door open and walked slowly down the hall, concentrating on my game. I strolled into the bathroom, not exactly looking around much. I mean, what is there to look at in a bathroom...that anybody would particularly want to look at? Especially this bathroom...eugh.

I glanced up briefly once I passed the sinks when I noticed somebody standing in front of me. One glance at the PJs told me it was Near.

"Oh...hi!" I said politely. Near was playing with his hair, as always. He looked up at me slowly, then gave me this little smile. The little smile he has, which is kind of...cute, in a creepy way. I smiled back at him awkwardly, not wanting to be mean, but I also knew that Mello would kick my ass if Near ever told him I was nice to him.

"Happy Birthday, Matt." Near said quietly, walking closer. I saved my game and stuffed my DS into my back pocket before shoving my hands in my pockets too: it was a little rude to play when somebody's talking to you. Not that I care, but Near has a nasty habit of smashing my game to the floor when I don't pay attention to him.

"Has Mello done anything to you lately?" Near asked hopefully. I...honestly, I wasn't sure how to take that question. I looked at him uncertainly through my orange glasses.

"Er...well, he punched me yesterday because I accidentally tripped him..." I said awkwardly. Near nodded, looking satisfied.

"I see. So he hurts you. Do you like being hurt, Matt? I think you do, otherwise you wouldn't be with Mello. You'd be with me." he said. Once again...not sure how to take that. I remained silent, but I was pretty weirded out. Near twirled his hair.

"Has Mello done anything...nice to you lately?" he asked finally. I glanced up at him, somehow not needing to use the bathroom anymore (not for that reason, geez...)

"Um, what do you mean nice? Mello's always nice." I said, trying to edge away from him casually, tossing my empty lollipop stick into the trash. Near stepped forwards.

"This kind of nice...I bet he hasn't done this yet...which means I'm winning..." Near whispered. Before I could realize what was going on, he'd grabbed my shirt, pulled me forwards, and was kissing me on the mouth. I guess it wasn't my coolest moment ever, because I...I kind of zoned out. I suppose I was just...totally surprised.

Anyways, right at the second he kissed me, the bell rang, ending the last class. With Near's mouth still pressed to my own, I vaguely wondered why on earth Near, the hardest worker around (besides Mello, naturally...Nobody works as hard as Mello) was doing skipping class to do this to me.

I eventually zoned back in when I sensed that somebody else had entered the bathroom. I looked to my right, Near still kissing me. I suppose I really should have moved away, and slapped Near or something. It just didn't occur to me. My stomach dropped to my knees when I saw who had just walked in. And who was staring at us. Near pulled away, still keeping his hands clenched around my shirt. He smirked at the newcomer, and licked his lips slowly.

"I win, Mello." he said teasingly. In that instant, I knew he'd gone way too far. And I was right. Mello's fist came out in a blur, and the next second Near was against the tiled wall, his lip bleeding. Mello was against him faster than I could see, pinning him against the wall, punching him in the face repeatedly. Finally, I moved.

"Mello, stop it!" I shouted, trying to pull him off of Near, who looked...a little worse for wear, to put it lightly. His own fault, of course. It was all on purpose.

"Why?' Mello snarled, not looking at me. I felt a pang in my gut, knowing that I was in serious trouble. I felt horrible, now seriously regretting not pushing Near away immediately. I still didn't understand why I didn't shove him off of me, swear at him, maybe hit him, and go. I don't know why...

"Why? You scared I'll hurt him?" Mello snarled again, and I bit my lip.

"No, that's not it." I insisted, trying to think of a good reason for Mello to stop. He didn't care if he got in trouble, or if Near got seriously hurt, so...

"What if you get all sweaty? You'll stink for the rest of the day, and I will not allow you to sleep with me if you reek." I said seriously. To my relief, Mello froze, obviously thinking about what I'd said. He sighed, still not looking at me, kicked Near in the shin for good mesure, and walked quickly out of the bathroom, flipping off the crowd that had gathered around the door. I followed Mello after hastily patting Near on the head (well...what was I supposed to do!).

Mello had slammed the door before me, but I opened it easily; he seemed to think that if he barricaded the door, I'd know he was putting effort into being mad at me. So he just ignored me, snapping off a bite of chocolate and flipping through a magazine. An upside-down magazine, but a magazine nonetheless. I sighed, unwrapped a new lollipop, and switched on my game, sitting on the floor. There was a really long silence. For the first time since...since I'd met Mello, he really, seriously, was ignoring me. After about half an hour, I was trying not to cry, because, in all honesty, it really was all my fault that Mello was mad at me.

Finally, Mello rolled over, seemingly bored with ignoring me. He rolled over enough that his arms hung on either side of my shoulders, and his head was resting on top of mine. I was quiet, having wiped the tears from under my goggles away ages ago. After a while, Mello spoke.

"Did you like it?" he asked. It took me a minute to understand what he meant.

"What?" I asked, looking up. Mello's expression was undreadable, staring back down at me, his eyes very dark. He looked away.

"Did you like it? What he...did to you?" he asked, and I raised my eyebrows when I saw he was blushing.

"Um...I don't really know." I said, honestly. Mello glared at me, so I clarified.

"I mean, I've never been kissed before, so I don't know if it was good or bad. I don't think I disliked it, but I hate that it happened. Because it made you mad at me." I said quietly, switching my game off without saving, which to me, is practically a sin.

But Mello's more important. He always has been, and he probably always will be.

"Oh." Mello's quiet for a bit. I turn around, and cautiously crawl onto the bed with him, not quite certain if he's forgiven me enough to allow me up with him. He didn't move, so I took it as a good sign.

"Well..." Mello began, but left it hanging for so long that I forgot he'd said anything at all. Finally, I looked up at him, noticing that he'd moved closer. "Well...if you tell me you liked it...then...I..." I frowned at Mello, but I couldn't ask him what he meant: the next moment, my mouth was unusable for anything like talking.

Mello had moved so close that he had pressed his mouth to my own. But it was different than Near's. For one thing, Mello tasted good. Like chocolate, naturally. Near kind of tasted like...plastic. Mello just kissed me like that, softly, still, for about five seconds, probably to make sure I was okay with it. Then he leaned forwards, pushing me down onto the bed, following, so he was lying on top of me, one of his hands on the side of my face, the other slipping my goggles up my forehead while his tongue licked at my lips.

In surprise, I opened my mouth, and he slid his tongue in. It felt really...odd. But when he ran his tongue over my own, it felt really good, and I made this weird sound, like a meow. I began kissing him back, and I wrapped my arms around his small waist, holding him close to me.

Finally, he pulled away, and I gazed up at him breathlessly. His expression was very different than before; he looked totally shocked, but also pleased with himself. I didn't need a mirror to know that I was probably blushing. It was a bad habit, Mello told me, because it meant that girls wouldn't like me. But he had also said he didn't give a shit if girls liked him either, so... Mello crawled off of me, and crossed his arms. I sat up, too.

"Well? How was that?" Mello asked smugly. I almost laughed. I could lie to bother him, but

"Well...on a scale of one to thirty, Near's kiss officially gets a two." I said, and Mello frowned slightly, as if annoyed that Near hadn't gotten a negative integer.

"However," I continued, grinning. "His points come from his skillful surprise attack. The kiss itself was absolutely sucky." I finished, and Mello grinned at me, before clearing his throat and hugging his pillow to his chest awkwardly. "And...what about..." I knew that he'd be too embarassed to continue, so I just answered his unasked question. "Chillax, Mello. That are a very good kisser. A total sexbomb." I said, blushing a little bit. Well, it was an awkward subject, so sue me. Mello laughed before pouncing on me and kissing me again.

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