Disclaimer: it's JKR's.

and sometimes i think i'm only just a weasley to him

maybe that's all i was, all along,

a ticket into a family for a lonely orphan boy.

cause best friend was never quite good enough;

(adopted son, almost brother)

just not enough.


so he meandered his (ohso)tortured way over to me

( a trail of b/r/oke/n hearts stretching behind him )

and he kissed me, sparks flying,

and he told me he'd never ask me to wait for him

cause he'd understand if i didn't want to.

but all along he knew i would,

stupid gryffindor that i am,

loyal to my last breath.


cause i fell into those troubled green eyes

longlonglong before he ever thought to use me,

little old ginny,

nothing special.


but in the end he caught me,

captured me in those scarred arms.

and here i am,

ginny weasley

(make that potter).

that girl who was never gonna settle for less

than the best.


here i am, only ever almost enough


his perfect little woman.

( so much for that lion's roar. )