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AmiXMakotoXRei love triangles FTW!

Song: What You Do About Me

By: M2M

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Chapter 1: Shocking Words.

Makoto sat there, tears like rain fell from her face as she looked on at the scene before her. What she had been told, it seemed so much easier when she hadn't had to think about it. She knew it was happening, she knew her mind and her heart wanted something more than her life would give her. Still, the confession she had just received, it wasn't something she knew how to deal with. She swallowed, her mouth dry as she tried her hardest to put the fragmented pieces together. "I'm not that kind of girl." Makoto shook her head. "I won't be that girl, the rebound. I won't play that game."

I wish that I was her and I wish that she was me

Makoto sighed. Ami wouldn't take this well, not at all. Then again, Makoto wasn't feeling any better knowing that it was happening. She was that girl, the one that was the cause. Her dreams were right here in front of her, but at what cost? "Why would you even tell me this?" She sighed. "We've known each other for years and now...you just...she's going to get hurt now. You're such an idiot Rei." She stood, pacing across their dorm room. "You've no idea what you're going to do, do you? You just blurted it out without any rhyme or reason, right?"

"I don't know." Rei sighed. It was just one big mess. "I just don't want anyone getting hurt. Ami's so...innocent, so soft. This is going to kill her on the inside."
"Yeah, no shit!" Makoto fired back. She was angry for Ami, angry because Ami hadn't known yet. "You better go talk to her. Now."
"She and I haven't been doing well lately anyway though. I think she'll understand." Rei ran her hands through her raven hair. "She won't like it, but she'll understand."

You gotta let her go, and I know that you agree

"Yeah, but she's my best friend." Makoto stopped her pacing, her hands clenched at her sides. "And I'm going to hurt her just by existing." She bit her lip. "I can't believe this. This is why I hate romance. I know love isn't easy, but this is just down right wrong on so many levels."

Rei knew that part was true. Still, she had other reasons for talking to Makoto first. "Well, Minako told me to talk to you. I know she's a bit flighty, but she is the goddess of love. I thought she had a reason to send me here." The look of remorse was clear in Rei eyes. "I didn't mean for things to happen this way. It's just, university changed us both. I know no one finds their true love the first time, but I thought Ami and I would last. But, then we started to slowly drift apart. You know how that gets."

Makoto sighed, walking over to the small kitchenette when the pot of water started to boil. She threw in a few packets of tea as she took the water off the hotplate. It wasn't going to be ideal, but at the moment she could have cared less. Her mind ran a marathon. She understood what it was like being the girl not good enough. She hated being that girl, but she would have rather be that girl again than be the one to blame. Rei felt badly, Makoto knew it, but everyone who knew Rei and Ami, anyone of grand importance anyway, knew that it was rocky at the start. The reasons for the relationship had been out of baser needs, fear, and being alone. Everyone knew that it hadn't been forged out of love. Still, it didn't sit well with Makoto.

"You're right." Makoto nodded, her eyes just as regretful. "I do know how that gets. It's happened to me over and over again. I know exactly how it is." Her mind trailed back a few weeks. "but, even so, you and Ami, you've been together for a long time. She trusts me, and you." She and Rei had been sharing a dorm room for quite a while, but she couldn't think of any way she could have seduced her friend. "How long..." Rei's eyes shot to the floor. "How long have you felt this way?" Makoto pushed again.

"Last year." Rei answered softly. "After the road trip."
"You mean the one when we all got wasted?" Makoto paled. Some things happened back then that no one wanted to remember.
"That would be the one." The look in Rei's eyes told it all. That road trip sealed fate in more ways than one. "I've tried being faithful since then, but I just can't deny it anymore."
"Shit." Makoto collapsed on the sofa, her breathing heavy. "Rei, you can't keep hiding it. You've got to tell her. Sooner rather than later being a damn good idea."
"I know, but she should know already." Rei sighed. Makoto knew that part already. "It wasn't like anyone hid anything that night."
"Right, but we were all stupid that night." Makoto thought back. They had all gotten a little too wild. "Plus, Ami was right there, so she saw everything that happened."

'Cause how could this ever start?

"Saw everything?" Rei rolled her eyes. "Makoto, Ami's the one who started it in the first place." Rei let out a very carefully placed sigh. It had been something she and Ami kept among themselves. It was also something Rei couldn't keep quiet about any more. "I would have always remained faithful to Ami, you know that. She would have known even if she hadn't been involved. I would have told her." Rei leaned forward in her chair then. She wasn't sure what to say, or how to say it easily. "We were drunk, so yeah, we weren't in the right of mind. Still, even if I made the first move on you, it was Ami who had put the idea in my head in the first place."

Makoto listened carefully, almost incredulously. She couldn't seem to grasp Rei's words as she continued. "Ami once told me that she had a crush on you back in middle school. It wasn't that it didn't last, it was just that she thought you were hung up on guys. Anyway, she was hurting about it back in high school, so yeah, we started something, but even now I can't really describe what that one thing is. It isn't love...not true love, but I wouldn't ever hurt her either. I do need her in my life believe it or not. But, at the end of the high school year, you know, when we decided we would have to try living together for a month to see if we could share a dorm together without killing each other? That's when it started."

"Yes, I figured that part out. But how did that escalate into this?" Makoto still hadn't been clear on that.
"I saw a new side of you, that's all." Rei wasn't sure how to describe it. "I saw the side that I think Ami used to see, living with you made it clear."
"Alright. I could see that." Yet that still didn't answer one question. "Then the camping trip, that wasn't just a moment if brief insanity?"
"Ami only called it that because she hadn't been in her right mind." Rei shook her head. "The truth is, those feelings came out when she was drunk, and I guess you could say, I wasn't put off by it."

"And you followed her wishes by acting in ways she couldn't." Rei nodded as Makoto tried to understand. "Rei, I thought it was only going to be a one time thing. Don't get me wrong, I liked it, I really did. It was one of the most amazing times I'd ever had. The sex was great, but it felt nice just to wake up and know you guys were there. You have no idea what it's like waking up alone after something like that. When I woke up, and you two were there, I felt loved for one of the first times in my life, simply because you hadn't left in the morning. You guys are the people I fight alongside, you are family for me in ways I can't begin to tell you." Makoto poured the tea into mugs. "But, it's because you're all like family that I can't hurt Ami like that."

If you're afraid to break her heart?

Rei took the offered mug, grabbing some creamer out of her nightstand. Dorm rooms weren't exactly large. "I understand. If you would have rejected my advances, Ami would have understood too, and I would have backed off, but you didn't. I know a large part of that was what ever Minako spiked the soda with. Ami hoped that another part deep down would be because you cared about her. Still, she was happy to move on after that night. She and I, we were alright for a while, but the more I live with you, the more I see, the more I want to be apart of that life, and not just as a friend. I know it isn't easy, and I don't want to hurt her any more than you do, but I can't lead her on either. Still, what happens if I break up with her? Where will that leave her?" Her eyes searched for an answer, and somehow she knew she wasn't going to like it.

Makoto shrugged as she swallowed her own tea. "Ami will just need to deal with it." It sounded harsh, but both of them knew it wasn't meant to be. "People get hurt Rei, simple as that. Mamoru hurt you once too when you guys were dating. He was meant for Usagi. I've gotten hurt time and time again, yet I think we're all like a big gigantic puzzle piece. Somehow, we all fit together. It's just a matter of working things out. You and I may not be right for each other either. You still have Minako to consider. She's still single, and so is Hotaru." Then, as if something very important shot back into her memory like a firecracker Makoto coughed. "No, not Hotaru. Too young."

"I was wondering if you'd catch that." Rei laughed lightly for a second before getting somber again. "But still, Minako's not looking for someone in her life, I think she likes being wild and free for now, but I, I need that someone in my life. Ami's always been there, but, so have you in different ways. This Senshi thing is just impossible. Makoto, I can't break Ami like that, but I can't go on ignoring this...what ever this is. Do you know how hard it is not to crawl in bed by your side on the cold nights? How difficult it is to restrain myself each and every time someone asks you out on a date, only to stand you up? How damn much I want to kiss away the look in you're eyes right now? Do you have any idea?"

You say you love me so

"It isn't only lust either." Rei admitted softly. "I thought about it. After that night, I put you in my brain while showering one night, trying to see if I was just, lonely in the physical sense, but the truth is that it hadn't been the problem. I felt guilty doing it, but, I realized, that if it would have been loneliness, I would want to push you into bed after you walk out of the bathroom half naked, if I really wanted only sex, there would be so many opportunities. There's something about you Makoto, something Ami doesn't have. I can't explain it. It's just there." The light blush on her face told no lies. "Ami and I have a great life in that sense of things, we never have had issues with it. What i find in you...that's something else entirely."

"Then, if that's how you feel you need to tell her that Rei. I've never seen you act so cowardly in my entire life. You're more of a spitfire than that. Hell, you and Ami have had blowouts before, and let me say, impressive though they may be, this isn't something a shouting mach can fix. Hiding it won't help either. Just talk to her Rei. She deserves that much." With her mug now empty, she looked at the bottom the the white colored glass. It was still warm to the touch, the weight still noticeable even without liquid in it. "You can't declare things the way you have without letting her know something first. Tell her what you want, do it however you see fit, but don't you dare start something with anyone else until Ami knows how you feel."

You have to let her know

"Right now, I'm still trying to figure things out. I just don't know one way or the other. A kiss isn't going to answer things, I'm not some stupid fairy princess...but even so, Makoto I though you deserved to know. You know, just in case you didn't want me around here anymore. I can always room with Minako in the other building, or go crash with Usagi and Naru if I didn't have any other choice." Rei's honesty earned her a small chuckle. Makoto's amusement peeking out from her stressed gaze.

"I'm not going to kick you out idiot. I'm just not sure what to think about all of this." Then with a blush of her own, she remembered just how many times she had walked around freely without a bra on, or how she had forgotten something in the bathroom. They never locked the door, and often they saw more of each other than they would care to talk about. "It isn't everyday a friends tells you...something like this." Then with a final sigh she shook her head. "Just figure it out quickly Rei. That's all I ask. Talk to Ami too. She deserves and answer before I do."

"I will." Rei agreed. "I will."


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