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"Hey get your hands off of my girlfriend!'

"Annabeth?" Percy questioned quietly.

"David, for the last time, I'm not dating you!" Annabeth's eyes pleaded Percy to-go along with something. He wasn't sure what, but Annabeth had told him many times that a daughter of Athena always had a plan. "This is my boyfriend, Percy. I think I have right to hug him, especially because he's also my best friend."

"C'mon babe. Ditch him. You'd rather be with me, right?" He grabbed her and brought his face close to hers.

"Percy!" Annabeth yelled, struggling to free herself.

There was a cracking sound and Annabeth shivered. "Percy?" she asked, worried.

"It's okay Annabeth. I doubt he'll be bothering you again," Percy chuckled.

"Stupid son of Poseidon," Annabeth muttered.

"Hey Annabeth, I would show some appreciation for the guy who just saved you from getting raped," Percy pointed out, grinning.

"Raped!" Annabeth gasped terrified.

Percy bit his lip, "I guess I shouldn't have said that."

"Damn straight," she glared.

"I'm sorry," he said softly.

"Seaweed Brain, maybe we should get out of here before someone kills you for decking David," she gestured to the people who surrounded them, "he was pretty well liked."

"Good idea," Percy said, I kinda' like my life."

"How are we getting back?" Annabeth was hoping that she wouldn't be expected to swim all the way or something equally crazy. All she knew was that they wouldn't be going by plane due to some, er…family issues so to speak.

"Black Jack," Percy answered, smiling.

"How is a card game-Wait! Black Jack the Pegasus!"

"Of course. What did you expect, a deck of playing cards?" Percy laughed when Annabeth grinned guiltily.

Hey Boss, Black Jack asked, is that my old buddy Annabeth? You sure were in love with her back in the day. Come to think of it, the way you talk, you probably still are. Head over heels. It's pathetic really.

"Black Jack!" Percy yelled, causing Annabeth to start and almost making her fall off the Pegasus's back.

"Percy! Oh my god. What's wrong?"

"Black Jack is trying to make me say I'm in love. Well, I'm not! I won't say I'm in love." Percy was definitely determined.

I was not! Black Jack protested.

"You were to!"

"I feel so left out," Annabeth said, glaring at the pair.

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