I'm stuck in the middle of what's predicted to be one of Chicago's top five worst snow storms. I'm bored, and a facebook link inspired this. I just threw it together real quick.

I don't own anything.

Eiji fidgeted in his seat causing Oishi to look over at him.

"Is something wrong?"

Eiji looked away, not making eye contact. "No…not really."

Oishi watched him for a second before reaching over, grabbing the remote, and pausing the movie. "What is it?"

After a moment, Eiji sighed. "I….I don't want to be your boyfriend anymore."

Oishi froze. "W-what?"

Eiji's eyes grew wide. "NO! No. That's not what I meant, Oishi!" He latched himself onto the older boys arm. "I…" He looked up at Oishi, clinging tightly to his arm, with a look of pure determination. "I want to be your husband."

Oishi stared at him a moment before a look of relief washed over his features. "Oh. Well, why did you just say something earlier?