Of Fangirls and Screwdrivers—Lena and Nadine

The first time it happened was absolutely insane. He came back to the TARDIS with Martha after defeating four things and a lizard, only two find two teenage girls leaning against it, giggling excitedly. Martha immediately knew what was going on. He, however, did not.


"Lena, remind me why I am here."

"Because you love me. Because we share a brain. Because I bribed you with the prospect of kidnapping L. And because you know, deep down inside, that you want a sonic screwdriver, and I promised to buy you one for Christmas."

At this point, Martha was backing away slowly, gesturing for the Doctor to follow her. Did he listen? No. He advanced on the two girls, one hand going for the sonic in his pocket. Martha's eyes widened and her gesturing reached a frantic pitch. Eventually she just yelped and ran, fully intending to wait out the oncoming storm. The Doctor pulled out the sonic and brandished it, pretending it was a weapon, trying to get the two mysterious girls off of his TARDIS. At the sight of the screwdriver, the red haired girl squealed and swiped it, grinning at the confusion on his face.

"Souvenir," she said sweetly, grinning widely, before turning to her companion. "Now, Nadine, we run!"

Going to tiptoe to give him a peck on the cheek, she grabbed the black haired girl's—Nadine's—hand and did just that, leaving him staring dumbly at the TARDIS door.

Martha came out of wherever she had been hiding, shaking her head.

"First time dealing with fangirls? We're in for a loooong training then."