Ragna the Bloodedge…child of misfortune. Past of darkness, and horror. Losing his right arm, and nearly his life… and losing his other arm sometime later…

Blessed, or rather cursed, with the almighty power of the Azure Grimoire, the azure power that lies in the depths of the boundary… and with it, become a one man army, fighting his own personal solo revolution against the NOL, with his power driven from deep within the boundary…

What lies beyond the edge of the boundary, however is a mystery… complete and total… we know what lies inside, but beyond is a different story…

What if someone where to pierce the veil of the boundary, and visit the other side…? What sort of riches could they find? What quests would they undertake? What kind of horrors would they experience…?

In this world, this timeline shall thoroughly be examined… for it is a possibility of what could happen, if the eternal barrier of the boundary is lifted… by the power of the Azure Grimoire… and its Grim-Reaper controller...

And with this phase, shall this tale of wonders commence, for all who will follow, and including, Ragna the Bloodedge…

Restriction 666 released…

Dimensional Interference Field Deployed….

Engaging the Idea Engine…

Blazblue, ACTIVATE!

Darkness. That all he saw. Pure darkness. He was flowing, as if through time itself, through the darkness. He hit his head, he had reached a wall. A massive, impassable wall. He felt trapped, constrained, and needed to escape. He held up his right arm, which glowed in a deep blue light, and thrust it into the wall. At first, nothing transpired. However… cracks formed, and behind those cracks were light. A light bringer than any he had seen before. He punched once more, this time shattering the wall, completely and totally. The world, it was lit with light once more…

And… he fell… from the clouds.

"WHHHAAATTTTT THHHHHEEEEE HELLLLLLL!" He shouted, as he fell from the sky. He broke free from the darkness, but emerged in the sky, in free fall. He could see the bottom; it was an ocean… no…a lake, abet a very large one… part of a city. The ocean was just part of it, behind a large building. The city itself had many small streams throughout it. He was descending straight into the water. It felt like forever, a never ending leap… however, it did have an end… which was met when he entered the water abyss.

"What… the…. FUCK just happened!" He shouted as he emerged from the water.

-10 minutes prior to Ragna the Bloodedge's entry-

"So, where are we going to do today, Natsu?" a blue cat with wings flew over-head of a young man with short, spiky rosy colored hair. His outfit consisted of a black waistcoat with gold trimmings over his chest with no shirt underneath, short white trousers that go down to his knees, and sandals along with a strange scarf. He was walking a very brisk pace.

"No where, Happy. I just figured we could take a little day off at the guild."

"You heard Erza was coming back today, didn't you?"

Natsu quickly grinned. "Yes… and I'm going to challenge her to a fight! And I'm going win too!"

"That last part I find unlikely."

"You don't believe in me!"


"Ugh…" Natsu groaned. After a short walk, the arrived at a large building, with a sign on it that read "Fairy Tail." You see, Natsu and Happy are both wizards, and every wizard belongs to a guild, and Fairy Tail is one of the best. But, something seemed strange about the guild today, but it wasn't within the guild itself. It was actually the sky over the large body of water behind it. This caught Natsu's attention, so rather than go through the front door; he decided to sneak around back to see the commotion. He arrived quickly, and just as quickly, stopped moving and looked into the sky. There was a rather large black smoke cloud in the white clouds. The black cloud was thundering wildly, but the strange thing was that the cloud as a deep blue core… no, azure core. It's definitely an azure color. "What… is that? I've never seen a cloud like that before!"

"Aye!" Happy chirped in. "But what could cause something like that? There's no way it could be natural…"

Then, without warning, the azure light within the core condensed, and then exploded, released the black cloud across the sky, shortly dissipating. But shortly after the explosion, they saw something falling out of it, and something that sounded like a yell, but it was too far away to make out what was said. It could only be assumed that what fell was a person. The person who fell landed into the water with a loud splash. Despite being easily visible, the event was clearly very far out there.

"Hey, Happy?" Natsu asked, getting the blue cats attention. "You think you could check that out for me? You could fly there faster than I could swim. I'll wait here for you, I won't move from this spot."

"Aye! Be back soon!" and almost in a flash, the flying cat had sped off towards the center of the lake

-Present Time-

"Damn it! Where the hell am I going!" Ragna had been swimming since he had emerged and blew off some steam… cursing some very select people. The lake was indeed very large, and he was too far out to properly see land. "Son of a bitch…" he sighed, stopping. He then laid on his back, floating in the cool water. "I may be lost… but this is kind of nice, ill admit." He stared into the sky, seeing several birds flying over-head. One seemed to get larger, and then he realized it was flying toward him. He also soon realized it was blue… and not a bird.

"Hello! Are you alive down there strange man?" Happy flew straight down, but was now hovering over Ragna.

"Who the hell are you calling strange!" Ragna shot back.

"You." Happy simply replied.

"…Talking, flying cats… I truly have seen everything."

"What is that supposed to mean!" Happy shouted. This however, only made Ragna laugh.

"I've seen talking cats, but not one that could fly… hey, am I dead or something? This looks to strange to be real." Ragna asked, almost jokingly.

"Well… you're here floating, talking to me, so I'd say you're alive!"

"Well then, care to tell me where I'm at? I'm lost as hell."

Happy flew up a bit and pointed in a direction. "Over there is Magnolia Town, home of the legendary Fairy Tail guild! The place where all of the strongest wizards gather!" Happy seemed overly-happy stating the fact. He looked over to Ragna, and saw nothing. "What! Where did he go? Was he… actually dead! And a Ghost! Scary!" Happy started to spin around rapidly, possibly either fake or, quite possibly, real fear. He turned around, however, when he heard a voice.

"Thank you very much for directions! See you around!" Ragna had already started swimming towards land, even though it was a fair distance away.

"Wait! Where are you going strange man?" Happy proceeded to then follow Ragna as he swam.

"To civilization. Water is nice and all, but I'm a bit tired of floating aimlessly." Ragna said, swimming vigorously.

"Oh! I could carry you if you really wanted, strange man." Happy shouted over the splashing in the water.

Ragna paused in the water. "First of all, stop calling me strange man! Second of all, I highly doubt you could carry someone three times your own size." Ragna replied. Happy then gestured him to hold out his arm. Ragna sighed and complied with Happy's request. "I still doubt tha- hey hey HEY!" Ragna yelled, as he was suddenly lifted into the air and out of the water, carried by Happy's surprisingly strong and short arms!

"I told you I could carry you!" Happy shouted as he sped up. Ragna the other hand, was confused beyond reason… however, he wasn't the type to show it.

"Well… you are definitely a lot stronger than you look!"


-Back on Shore-

Natsu was waiting patiently on the beach, getting impatient. He wanted to know what happened, and now. He calmed down, however, when he saw Happy flying back, and with a passenger! "Hey! Happy! Down here!" he shouted, getting the blue cats attention. Happy flew down rather quickly and hovered above the ground a bit, before his grip on Ragna was lifted. However, they were close enough to the ground that Ragna had no trouble landing on his feet. Of course, Natsu had no idea who Ragna was; all he saw was a man with white spiky hair and multi-colored eyes: his left eye being green and his right being red, wearing a vibrant red sleeved jacket with two long thin tails hanging from the back, a pair of black gloves with a red shell on the backs of his hands, black hakama and steel-toed red boots. Under his jacket, Natsu he saw a black shirt with three red belts. He also saw the rather large sword hoisted on his lower back.

"Happy, you brought a strange man with you this time around."


Ragna's green eye twitched. "I'll repeat to you what I said to the cat… Who the hell are you to call me strange!"

"Well it's not like we know your name or anything." Natsu shot back.

Ragna sighed. "Fine. My name is Ragna. Ragna the Bloodedge. Call me Ragna or Bloodedge, I don't really care."

Natsu blinked once. "Bloodedge…? That sounds like a tough name. You a wizard or something?" he asked.

"No… I'd say I'm anything but a wizard. Could say I'm just an average every-day warrior with an oversized sword, but that would be something of a lie. What about you two? Who are you?"

Natsu paused for a brief moment. 'Something of a lie… huh?' he thought to himself. He wanted to ask about it, but decided to drop it. "I'm Natsu! His name is Happy," he said, referencing the blue cat that has now landed. "We are both Fairy Tail Wizards!"


Ragna gave a blank stare. "I'm guessing this "Guild" is behind you, right?" he asked, to which Natsu nodded. "And… best wizards around… anyone specialize in teleportation?"

"No, I don't believe so, why?" Happy replied.

Ragna sighed. "Well… there goes my easy ticket to finding out how the hell I ended up here… now what the hell am I going to do?" he scratched the back of his head. He noticed that Natsu and happy have sort of huddled together, whispering to each other. "Hey, what are you two up too?"

Natsu turned to Ragna. "We were talking… since you basically have nowhere to go… would you be interested in join up with us?"

And with virtually no hesitation… he replied… "No."

Happy quickly became disappointed. "He said no so quickly…"

Ragna sighed. "Look… its nothing personal, as a matter of fact I owe you for saving me an assload of time swimming here. But I got to track down what the hell happened to me back there. Going from the middle of a large city to the center of a lake isn't exactly normal. Besides… you said your part of a wizard guild, right? I'm not a wizard so I don't think I'd be very welcome… wait a minute, why do you want me around, anyway?" Ragna asked. In the past, Ragna hasn't been exactly the kind of person people wanted to hang around them, so he thought it was more than a little suspicious.

Natsu held his arms behind his head. "Well, you need it find out what happened to you and get back to where your from… figured that if you tagged along with us, whatever caused it would eventually pop up so we could kick its ass!"

"Aye! Kick its ass!" Happy shouted. Ragna scratched his head again, he was bout to decline again, but stopped when Natsu's face grew serious. Excited, but serious.

"Besides… you look tough. Really tough… You would fit in no problem… and that means that I'd get to take a shot at you someday myself!" He was almost grinning. It was slow to show itself, but Ragna smiled.

"So… that what this is about huh…?" Ragna asked. Natsu quickly nodded in response. "Well… ok. You peaked my curiosity about your little… organization… you convince whoever is in charge to let me stay, and ill tag along with you two."

"Yes!" Natsu shouted. "Come on happy! Let's see gramps about getting this guy a home!"

"Aye!" and almost instantly, they both raced off to the front of the building. Ragna thought to himself for a moment, and then shrugged.

'Might as well… who knows? Could be fun."

-In Town, towards the Fairy Tail Guild-

The streets were almost devoid of people, and those who remained were nowhere near the street itself. What could cause such a thing you ask…? Simple, really. Erza Scarlet, the Queen of the Fairies: Titania, had returned. This alone, however, is not what was scaring the people… it was the rather large jewel incrusted horn she was carrying, which was more than 3 times her own size, and she was carrying it with one arm, no less! But there was something on her mind… another request that she had decided to undertake. But that was secondary at the moment, right now, see just wanted to get back and see everyone again. She was close enough now; she could see the Fairy Tail Building's front entrance, and the pink haired man going into it. "Looks like Natsu is running a little… wait, who is that?" she said to herself. Even from how far she was away, she could recognize Natsu, even Happy flying with him, but had no idea who the third one with the white hair and red jacket was… but her eyes were more drawn toward the large sword on his back.

She paused for a moment, and put the large horn on the ground, doubting anyone would be able to take it, even if they wanted to. Besides, she could always come back for it. She sped up her pace toward the guild. She had a feeling that she should get back as soon as she could. 'Something… interesting is about to happen," she thought.

-Fairy Tail Guild-

"We're back!" Natsu shouted as he entered the guild. The guild was in a joyful uproar, but still people paid enough attention to great Natsu and company.

"Is it always like this?" Ragna asked, following the group.

"Aye!" Happy responded. "Well… they aren't always this loud, but more or less this is what its like."

'And here I thought Bang's little ninja group was noisy… or was it just Bang?' Ragna thought to himself as they walked. His thoughts were interrupted when they reached the front desk.

"Natsu, Happy!" they turned to their left to see a blond haired girl with brown eyes, her hair tie dup in a blue ribbon. She was also wearing a white and blue shirt, a blue skirt with a belt with several silver and gold keys on a ring on it, and knee length high-healed boots. Of course one of her most notable features was her rather large bust-line.

"Lucy! Glad to see you!" Natsu said back.

Lucy smiled, and then glanced over to Ragna. "Who is he?"

Natsu grinned a bit. "His name is Ragna. He is going to be tagging along with us for awhile!"

"Assuming everything goes well, anyway." Ragna added, scratching his forehead a bit, practically showing off the red shell on his right hand, although it wasn't intentional. Lucy seemed to be staring at Ragna, which urked him a bit. "What?"

"Your eyes… one red, one green… heterochromia, right?" Lucy asked.

"Yea… actually. How did you know?" Ragna asked, surprised someone was actually aware of his little condition.

"Lucy is really smart!" Happy shouted. Lucy approached Ragna and circled him a bit, inspecting him.

"What the hell are you doing…?" Ragna asked, annoyed.

"You coat… where did you get it?"

"It was a gift from a friend, why do you ask?"

"Its really cool. Stylish too…" she answered simply, still inspecting him. Ragna sighed, and thought to himself, 'I hate being the center of attention…'

"Lucy, have you seen gramps anywhere?" Natsu asked, interrupting Lucy, who turned towards him.

"Now that you've mentioned it… I haven't seen him since I showed up this morning…"

"Makarov won't be in the guild for several days, he is at the Regular Meeting for Provincial Guild Masters." Company turned toward girl with long, white hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a rather elegant red dress, and like Lucy, she had rather impressive… features. She approached Ragna with a smile. "Hello, my name is Mirajane. Could I get you a little something to drink?" she asked, and was quite peppy about it too.

"No, that won't be necessary, thank you though." Ragna replied, and he thought to himself a bit. 'What the hell is it here and girls with breasts the size of car tires? Good thing Noel isn't here, she would be throwing a fit out of jealousy… or having a nervous breakdown and shooting everyone out of jealousy…' Ragna imagined both scenarios… there was no good ending for either one… though they were amusing.

Mirajane started to walk away, but not before saying, "If you change your mind, just give me a holler!"

Natsu was thinking to himself, before a grin appeared on his face. "If gramps isn't here… that means we don't have to answer to him! Ragna is sticking with us!" Natsu and happy both cheered, Lucy gave a nervous laugh, and Ragna sighed.

"…I'll be the judge of that." Suddenly, the rowdy and joyous attitude of the guild disappeared, as the door forced open quickly, by a girl with long scarlet hair, brown eyes, wearing an armored suit the waist up, and below she was wearing a blue skirt and knee length high-healed boots, not unlike Lucy. As she walked forward, people hushed to themselves, whispering to each other things, such as "Whoa, Erza is back," "That was one hell of an entrance," and finally, "She is gunning for the new guy… feel sorry for him."

Ragna rolled his eyes… and saw Natsu cowering in fear. "The hell is wrong with you? And who the hell is that?"

Natsu slowly turned, and seemed to clam down a bit. "N-nothing! I'm fine!" he quickly shouted, but clamed down again. "She is Erza… S class wizard and the toughest girl in Fairy Tail…!" at the end, it sounded like he was getting a bit excited.

Ragna glanced over to Erza for a moment. "…Strongest, huh…?" he said to himself as she approached. She stopped in front of him, her eyes giving him a quick once over, before focusing on his face, glaring… but not one of any real anger, it was as is if she was testing his nerve. Course, the whispers that continued in the background wasn't exactly…. helping. He tried to keep his cool, until someone blurted out loud, "Erza is going to kill the new guy." This was the last straw for him. However, before Ragna could unleash his almighty Azure-infused fury… Erza snapped her fingers, catching his attention.

"Gray… come here. Now." She said simply. A currently shirtless man with dark blue spiky hair stood up and walked over to them.

"Erza, what is i- GACK!" he suddenly yelled… because Erza had turned and round-house kicked him, knocking the wind out of him and sending him several feet.

"That's for insinuating that I'm going to kill someone I don't even know…" Erza stated, just as simply as before. The guild grew silent, except for a few words of shock about Erza's strength and her reaction to a comment actually was not directed at her. This silence was broken, however, by some light laugher… a chuckle or two… that had come from Ragna himself. Surprised to actually hear laughter, Erza turned toward Ragna, appearing somewhat confused. "What's so funny…?"

Ragna stopped laughing, but kept something of a smile on his face. "It's just that regardless of what happened in here, when I was going to be leaving… I was going to deck him for his little comment about me going to die, and you did the job for me!" he laughed a little bit again. "Thank you." He sighed a bit, calming down. After getting a blank stare from… well, everyone, his smile faded. "Look… I don't know about you, but I'm not too fond when someone basically says "you're going to die, have fun!" I REALLY do not like it." The stares died down a bit, and during all of this, Natsu and Happy were both poking Gray, to see that if he was still alive, which he was… just in a lot of pain, and trying to catch his breath.

Erza backed up a bit, and actually smiled herself. "Well… nothing is stopping you from knocking him out if you really want." She stepped to the aside out of the main path, giving Ragna a direct path

"…Permission to kick someone's ass… oh that's tempting…" Ragna grinned. "But… I'd rather not make TOO many enemies when I'm the new guy to the party. Besides… I don't think he is going to be moving too much." Ragna laughed, and the tone of the guild seemed to return to normal, people joking and talking amongst themselves.

Suddenly, Erza stomped on the ground, hard. "Gray, Natsu, Front and center!" suddenly, Gray burst from the ground and raced toward Erza, with Natsu not far behind. They both stood completely still, although Gray was shaking a bit, due to his injury.

"…I stand corrected." Ragna said.

Erza smiled and turned toward Ragna again. "What's your name?"

"Ragna the Bloodedge. Call me Ragna."

"Erza Scarlet, it's a pleasure to meet you."

Ragna nodded. "Likewise."

While they were busy introducing themselves to each other, Natsu and Gray's bodies were starting to strain. Natsu spoke up, "Erza… can we move now?" Erza nodded, and Gray and Natsu relaxed.

Happy was flying around Lucy, with his arms crossed, as if deep in thought. "What's wrong Happy?" Lucy asked, as Happy's concentration suddenly broke.

"Erza… is acting a bit strange… she is being a little no nice to Ragna…" Happy said, rubbing his furry chin.

"What do you mean, "Too nice?" Isn't that a good thing?" Lucy replied, to which happy shook his head.

"Usually when someone new comes, she ends up completely creaming them…. Should have seen what happened to Loki…" Happy briefly stopped to laugh to himself.

"…Is she really that tough?"


Lucy thought for a moment. "It could be because Ragna is being respectful… he definitely isn't the obnoxious type… unlike some other people I could mention." She briefly glanced over to Natsu.

"Aye… it just seems strange to me Erza would be so nice to someone she just met, since she is usually on guard all the time… it's definitely not normal… I'll get to the bottom of this!" Happy flew off, thinking to himself again.

"Strange little cat…" Lucy said, sighing. During Lucy and Happy, Natsu and Gray had broken into a little mini-fight, which lasted until they both got a glare from Erza, to which caused the fight to end and them both to suddenly acting like best friends.

Ragna looked surprised. "They must really respect you to cause a complete personality flip just on a glance…"

Erza shook her head. "No… I think its something other than respect." She turned back to Ragna. "So… what kinds of magic to you use, Ragna?"

"Well… I'm not a wizard, at least not in a traditional sense, anyway. But… I have my own little form a magic I like to work." Ragna grinned a bit. Erza looked curious.

"Oh…? And what would that be…?" She asked.

"It's not something I would like to describe… name sounds evil. I try more to show people what it does then explain. Give me something to smack around, and I'll show you."

"Oh… isn't that convenient… I happened to have to have a job in mind that would be rather perfect for you to… show off." Erza said, turning around, and grabbing both Gray and Natsu. "I doubt my ability to do this task alone… and I know for a fact you both will join me, right Natsu? Gray?"

"Yes Ma'am!" Gray and Natsu shouted in perfect unison.

"Of course, you're more than welcome to join us Ragna." Erza let go of Gray and Natsu, and stood up straight, smiling.

"Well, I'm currently under an agreement with Natsu… so I guess I'm in, whatever it is. I'll tear some people up for you no problem." Ragna placed one hand on the hilt of his sword, clarifying his point. It was brief, but Erza saw a strange reaction in Ragna's blade the moment he touched it.

"HOLD UP!" Natsu suddenly shouted, catching everyone's attention. "I have one condition Erza…!"

Erza crossed her arms. "And what would that be?"

"I'll back you up in this job for you, whatever it is. But when we get back… you got to fight me! Without holding back!" Natsu shouted, grinning at the same time.

Erza smiled. "…Sure. I'll fight you." She said simply, hearing a rather massive reaction from Natsu.

"YEA! I got a new person into Fairy Tail… and I get to fight Erza… LET DO THIS JOB!" Natsu suddenly burst into a full sprint out of the door… without even knowing what the job was.

"AYE!" Happy, who had appeared again out of nowhere, suddenly shouted out and followed Natsu.

Ragna sighed. "I'm not an official recruit…" he said, and scratched his head. "He is a bit head-strong, isn't he?"

"You have no idea…" Gray said simply.

"I see…" He turned toward Gray. "One question…umm, Gray… where the fuck are your clothes!"

"EHH!" Gray suddenly looked at himself, and realized he had striped down to his boxers. He quickly redressed… and proceeded to act as if it had never happened. Ragna's eye twitched.

Erza turned back to the group. "First of all, someone go grab Natsu before he demolishes something…" Gray raised his hand to volunteer, to which Erza nodded, agreeing. "Second, meet me at the train station tomorrow. I'll discuss further then." Everyone nodded in agreement. Ragna suddenly started to head out.

"Meet you all there." He said as he walked off.

"Where are you going?" Gray asked.

"To find a place to stay for the night… I might as well, at this current point in time… I'm homeless." Ragna replied, as if it wasn't a big deal.

"Homeless…?" Erza questioned.

"Yea… I'm not exactly from around here." Ragna scratched his head.

"Crash at Lucy's, I hear from Natsu that he pops up there all the time and she doesn't care." Gray suggested.

"I do to care!" Lucy shouted.

"I'd appreciate it, but no. It would be easier for me to just to find my own place to sleep there for the night. I'm sort used to that kind of thing. Maybe later I can find a more permanent place to stay." Ragna rubbed the back of his head.

Lucy suddenly looked concerned. "Are you sure? Cause… I guess I wouldn't mind if you really need a place to stay."

"Yea I'm sure… nothing personal. I just prefer to find my own place to sleep is all."

"What if you can't find a place?" Gray asked.

"Then I sleep under the stars. Wouldn't be the first time… and its really not that bad." Ragna replied.

"…You're a bit of a loner, aren't you?" Erza asked. Ragna paused for a moment before replying.

"You could say that." Ragna replied, and then started walking again. "See you tomorrow." He said as he walked out the door, taking a right turn and going up the street.

"That was odd… most people would accept a free place to stay on a fly…" Lucy said.

"Its fine… he just doesn't trust us very much yet." Erza said. "He doesn't know anyone, so he is naturally on edge. He is probably just trying to protect himself."

"Sympathizing with him, are we?" Gray asked, grinning a bit. Erza shot a glare at him and the grin faded rather quickly. Erza then started to head out.

"Don't be late." She said simply as she left the guild. Shortly after, Gray and Erza left as well. They would need rest for the task ahead of them, because if it called for Erza to ask for help, it would definitely be a difficult challenge.

This is only the beginning. The Start of a Tale.

Just as Ragna had arrived, so shall others as well.

Some friend, some foe. Some in between.

Enemies, Friends, Lovers. Old and new, shall become one and be created here in this world.

Who each of these, however… is up to the Wheel of Fate, ever shifting… ever crafting… ever destroying…

However, fate's hand can only play so much of a part, before ones fate becomes their own.

As for Ragna the Bloodedge, however… well, as simply as it can be put…

The Wheel of Fate is Turning… But only he will decide where it will stop…