Title- Little Rascals

Author – D M Evans

Disclaimer -Arakawa owns this, not me

Rating -FRT
Characters/Pairing -Tricia, Sara, Pinako, Urey, Ed, Al & Winry

Series -This works for all of them

Timeline/Spoilers- Pre series, no spoilers unless you don't know who Ed, Al and Winry's parents are

Warning- Really bad children

Summary -When the kids play, they play dirty

Author's Note - Me and my brother and our friends never did this growing up. No siree *shifty eyes.* This was written for fma_fic_contest's 'growing up Resembol' prompt and won first place. Thanks to SJ Smith for the beta.


"What in the world were you thinking?" Sara turned to her mother-in-law for help. Pinako just lit up her pipe, rolling her eyes.

Tricia couldn't even find her own voice at the sight of her sons and Winry standing before her, their hair filled with cockleburrs and reeking of cow pies and sheep pellets. Worse, they had done this to themselves.

"We were playing war," Ed said. "I was supposed to be the general but no one would listen to me."

"Because you're dumb." Al stuck his tongue out at his brother.

"And I throw better than you," Winry added. The six year old pointed to the spatter of manure on the back of Ed's head.

"Sara, what smells?" Urey peeked out the back door, his eyes widening when he saw his little girl and the boys next door looking like someone had used them as shovels to muck out the barn. "Oh…did I mention that I have to go back to the office today? I'll see you later."

He disappeared quickly from sight and Pinako snickered, smoke popping out between her lips.

Sara glared. "Did my husband just abandon me?"

"My boy's no fool," Pinako said. "I'll go get a wash bin for you."

"Oh, Edward, Alphonse, what are we going to do with you?" Tricia tugged at a mat of cockleburs in Al's hair. "You're a disaster."

"Winry, I'm going to have to cut off your hair. There's no combing that out."

Winry's face scrunched up, fat tears rolling down her cheeks. "No!"

"Don't cry," her mother scolded. "You did this to yourself."

"What made you think throwing cow poo was a good idea?" Tricia asked.

"Because it did more damage than the sheep doodoo," Ed replied. "It had to look real!"

Tricia sighed as Pinako came back with a large tin tub, the old-fashioned kind that served as a bathtub before indoor plumbing.

"Better hose them down in here before we let them into the house," the older woman suggested. "I'm not sure who's worse, the boys or Winry. They're nothing but trouble together."

"No argument. Kids, get those filthy clothes off," Sara instructed as she fetched the hose to fill the tub.

"Water's gonna be cold!" Al protested.

"Serves you right, mister, now let's get you out of this," Tricia said, gingerly undoing his coveralls.

"I don't wanna take a bath with Ed. Last time he laughed at me and said I was broken cuz I don't have a dingaling." Winry pouted, crossing her arms so her grandmother couldn't strip her.

"And you cried for hours." Pinako managed to get grandchild's clothes off in spite of her stubbornness.

"And Ed pees on you!" Al added.

"Cuz I rule," Ed replied smugly.

"I'll get the tin snips. If he pees on you, Alphonse, I'll take care of him," Pinako promised, taking a step toward the house.

"No!" Ed wailed. "I'll be good!"

"That would be a first," his mother said. "When they talk motherhood, they never mention stuff like this."