Probably done a thousand times before in fanfiction, but I haven't yet and I couldn't find a good one. My first attempt at writing something besides Doctor/Amy.

Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who.


She swings open the door. Standing on her front steps is the Doctor. He's wearing a somber navy blue suit with his red bowtie.

"Hello, sweetie," she purrs almost instinctively.

The Doctor gives her a small smile in response.

"Is that a new hair cut?" She tenderly reaches out and skirts her fingers across the shortened fringe. She can't quite place it, but something's not right.

"Have you ever been to Derillium to see the Singing Towers, River?"

She gives him a one-sided grin. "No, but I would love to."

The planet is so beautiful it almost hurts. And the towers, twisting and strong, creak out a low melody that you would almost miss if it didn't vibrate through your toes. It sounds sad and longing.

River looks up to the Doctor about to say something poignant but when she sees the tear escape his eye, she's at a loss for words. Instead, she takes his hand and just lives in the moment.