Haven't you ever wondered what would all go down if the team attempted to figure out who Robin was beneath that damn mask of his? I know I have, so I'm writing this to cork my curiosity. So, no fan pairings, just team-like love and such. You know, looking out for each other, hugs… but think of it this way: Robin's the baby of the team. When a baby gets upset, don't you always want to make it feel better? Yeah, that's what I thought…

Being superheroes wasn't an easy job. Whenever duty called, it meant stopping whatever you were doing, no matter how important, to save the day. It was an awesome job though. Being a superhero meant that everyone knew your superhero name and looked up to you and called on you for help. It had its downsides too though. Actually, there were more downsides then anything else, but the biggest downside came about when no one needed help: boredom.

The biggest downside was scattered around the team of sidekicks and Superboy like a pandemic, drowning them in boredom, up to their ears. Megan had taken to the kitchen to bake who knows what; Wally was lying upside down on the couch, his feet over the edge, his eyes glued on the television; Kalder was watching the television too, but he wasn't really paying attention; Superboy was out of sight as usual, probably sitting in his dark room and glooming.

But where was the youngest of them all, the thirteen year old who should've been the bordest of them all? Robin was nowhere to be seen, same as Superboy, which was very unusual. Robin wasn't very often one who just dropped off the radar. He did tend to disappear, but he'd usually appear not long after with an explanation. But for now, the youngest remained hidden, trapped forever in his permanent game of hide and seek. That was a game Robin would always be champion at.

"Come on," Wally complained, his red hair hanging in his face. "Can't some bad guy out there go rob a bank or something?"

Kalder shot him a glance before turning his gaze back to the TV.

"Because it's never that easy," he told the upside-down boy across the room.

"It is in the movies!" the red head complained.

"Yeah; movies. Most movies are fictional, not real," Kalder reminded him.

Wally sighed furiously, taking the remote in his hands. He began to flip through the channels.

"Welcome to, KMBC News at-."

"Who lives in a pineapple under the-."

"Hey, it's Franklin."

"Cuz he's a- Tough Puppy-."

"Doo-Doo Da-Dora. Doo-Doo Da Dora."

"Come on! Isn't anything on?" he complained, continuing to thumb through the channels.

Mystery Diagnosis; Hannah Montana; True Grit; NCIS; CSI… He had seen them all before. Then he saw a title he liked. He turned on Step Brothers. He came in on a wrong scene. Sighs and moans came from the television speakers. Jumping with surprise, Wally blushed. Kalder quickly got up and left the room. Wally quickly changed the channel again.

"For every day we live, we face: 1000 Ways to Die."

Wally smiled and turned himself back up right. This was a good show if any. It may have been violent, but it was educational. It taught him not to snort fire ants, not to try to have sex with a chick in a giant helium filled basketball, not to lick the butt of the poisonous dart frog and not to get drunk in a place full of super sharp cactuses. He turned sideway on the couch, his head resting on the pillow so he could see the TV.

"Hello, thank you for inviting me," the man on the TV said in perfect Korean.

Wally smiled. He loved this one.

"Kim was a stubborn and very traditional Korean-American father, who believed no one was good enough for his daughter…" the spokesperson began the story.

His eyes stayed glued to the TV. He hated having to read the subtitles, but it was always worth it for the final death scene. He laughed as he watched the boy on the TV struggle to eat the live prawn. He thought that it actually looked pretty appetizing, compared to the sea slug and the octopus that would be served seconds later. Wally was so sucked in to the TV that he didn't notice Robin walk up behind him, resting on the back of the couch, just as they showed Kim eat the octopus. Robin winced as he saw the octopus, live mind you, fight to get out of the man's throat.

Wally on the other hand laughed at seeing that. He had tasted raw squid before at a Chinese restaurant and he knew it didn't taste half bad. It was sweet and spicy and definitely felt weird. He wasn't laughing because of that though. He was just laughing because most of the people who die on 1000 Ways to Die usually deserve it from the scenario that the show gives to each death.

"That's… different," Robin muttered, setting a hand on the back of his neck unconsciously.

Wally laughed. "Yeah, it is."

Then he realized that it was Robin. He jumped and turned around to face the Boy Wonder, just as that death scene ended and began to start the next one.

"Hey Rob," he said, surprised.

Robin's face went red as he watched the TV screen.

"Um… what's this rated?" he asked, his eyes wide.

"PG-13, why?" Wally didn't hear the TV, apparently.

Robin pointed. The girl on the screen looked like she was enjoying herself. Wally's face reddened again and he quickly turned the TV off.

"O-Oh well, there was nothing on anyway," he muttered more to himself.

Robin smiled, pushing his sunglasses higher over his eyes.

"Where were you?" the red head asked the thirteen year old, curiously.

Robin shrugged.

"Talking to Batman," he replied, slipping his hands in his hoodie pockets.

"What were you guys talking about?" the Kid Flash pried.

Robin grinned. "Wouldn't you like to know?"

Wally nodded. "Yes, I would like to know."

Robin shook his head slowly, rolling his eyes.

"If I told you, I'd literally have to kill you. Sorry about that."

Wally sighed and turned the TV back on to 1000 Ways to Die, but just for the sound. He turned back around to face the TV. Robin didn't move.

"You bored too?" he asked the red head.

Wally nodded. "Ever so."

Echoing Wally's sigh, Robin took a seat next to the fifteen year old on the couch. They watched one way to die, but it wasn't as amusing as it was before. Boredom could even ruin an amusing show.

"What do you wanna talk about?" Robin asked, the drone in his voice clear as crystal.

Wally shrugged. "I don't really… I wanna go fight someone. I want to stop some bad guys."

Robin nodded. "Yeah, that does sound pretty nice."

He turned away from Wally and turned his attention back to the TV. He didn't really care what was happening. It was on a commercial at the moment so he really didn't care. Wally didn't either. He glanced over at Robin. Then he saw something. From the angle he was at, he could see behind Robin's sunglasses. He could see Robin's eyes. He hated how shadowy it was behind the shades, but he could see them!

He peered at Robin's eyes, curiously. He could see nothing wrong with Robin's eyes. They looked like normal human eyes, not a scratch to them. He had long eyelashes from the looks of it, but his eyes looked normal. That raised a few questions in Wally's mind.

"Hey Robin?" Kid Flash asked the thirteen year old.

The boy didn't look over from his view on the TV. "Hmm?"

"Why are you always wearing something over your eyes?"

Robin fell silent. He frowned, but Wally recognized it as Robin's thinking face. Pushing his shades up higher on his face, Robin had the answer.

"Batman said I had to. He said people could figure out who I was because of my eyes," he explained.

"They're just eyes though," Wally told Robin. "There are millions of other eyes just like them."

"No they're not. Eyes are like fingerprints, tongue prints and toe prints; no two are the same," Robin argued, hoping to distract his friend and stray them from the topic.

"No way! There is no way that eyes are different! They're just colors!" Wally shot back.

"No, the colors aren't the same. They have patterns. And the blood vessels in our eyes are different two. That's why there are certain eye scanners used by government agencies in the movies and such," Robin told his friend, proud at himself for knowing that.

Wally folded his arms over his chest.

"Next you're going to tell me that no two names are the same," he fumed.

"They are the same. Names are reused a lot," Robin smiled smugly.

Wally laughed. Didn't it figure? He set his hands on his knees and looked down at his feet, trying to think of something to say. It took him a second. A question popped up into his head.

"Hey Robin, if names can be the same, what's yours?"

But the spot beside Wally on the couch was empty and there was no sign that Robin had sat there seconds before. Wally frowned. He was convinced that Robin had telepathy and he just hid it. He always knew the right time to disappear.

What do you think? I'm trying really hard to NOT make this a fan pairing story. It's just one big jacked up and non-related family story I suppose… I'll try to update later. Review?