You guys flame me, I flame you back. THIS IS REVENGE OF THE AUTHOR. And yes, you all know who you are. I'm sensitive, and now I'm close to tears and heartbroken, so FEEL MY FUCKING WRATH! Oh by the way, nice people, this is sad, so maybe don't read it?

Batman ran back into the hall, the Joker right behind him.

"Why are you running Battie?" the Joker giggled, firing off another shot of acid and missing by a long shot.

The acid sank and burnt through the floor, melting it away to pieces. Batman wasn't going to run away. He just needed to buy time until the Justice League showed up. He had already called them. He didn't want Robin to think he was too weak to stop this mad man.

"What's your deal Joker? Do you get a kick out of hurting people?" Batman stalled, taking a glance down at Robin who was writhing on the floor in pain.

He screamed, sobs falling from his body just as hard as he was trapped in a silent epidemic to be fought by no one but himself.

"Not all people Battie," the Joker laughed, opening his jacket.

He began to search through the pockets for something.

"Just you mostly," he tossed a pie aside, along with a suspicious looking bag of popcorn, a triangle piranha filled fish bowl and a water balloon that caused the floor to explode behind him.

"Why don't you like me?" Batman asked, curious.

His eyes kept straying to the door. He wished that they'd hurry. He needed back up, fast.

"Oh I don't know… don't take it personal…" the Joker began, focused on finding something in particular within his pockets. "Maybe it's how you never smile… or how you're voice is too low?"

The Joker laughed at the thought. Batman was surprised. He never smiled? But the Joker never got to finish. He instead pulled out a turkey baster, comically sized, full of glowing green slime. Batman eyed it nervously. Whatever it was, it didn't look human. Once again, the Joker wasn't pleased with this item though. Instead, he just squirted out the green slime towards Batman, not even seeming to mean it. Batman dodged out of its way, forgetting who was behind him that couldn't move.

The slime hit the floor, barely a centimeter from Robin's head. It quickly ate through the floor and took out everything in its path. Not a single squirt hit Robin. One hit his cape and ate through a section of that, but none of it touched him personally. It did seem to circle him though, eating away at the floor on his left side, the closest to Batman and the Joker. Batman took no notice though. His mind was on the back-up. The Joker noticed though and smiled. Batman didn't take a notice to his defenseless partner? He could use that to his advantage, surely he could!

So he continued to fish around in his pockets and Batman stayed far away, fearful for what he hid in the pockets. Then, thrown his way was a cyanide pie, an empty fish bowl, a fork, a rubber ducky with a strangely shaped mouth and a roll of duct tape. The pie hit the ground beside Robin's feet, but Cyanide wouldn't poison him unless it was inhaled or ingested. The fish bowl shattered at Batman's feet, but the glass shards were harmless. The fork was deflected by Batman with a move of the hand. The roll of duct tape hit Robin in the stomach, but did nothing to him.

Batman thought the Joker was aiming for him, because most of the objects almost hit him, were aimed his way or did hit him. He thought Robin was across the room, a few pillars away, not behind him. As for the rubber ducky, that was the killer. The second it hit the ground, something happened. Its mouth widened and it let out an ear splitting sound that tore through the air without end. Batman dropped to his knees, clutching what would soon be his bleeding ears. But Robin, Robin couldn't cover his ears. Robin was unconscious and stuck. So his ears began to bleed first, with no one noticing. Even the Joker was on the ground, covering his ears. His laugh blocked out a lot of the sound too though.

But it wasn't just sound that came from the duck. The duck was aimed Robin's way by some twist of fate and it let of huge sonic waves. The sound got louder and louder to his ears only. Batman and the Joker heard loud noise, but not near as loud as Robin heard. The noise rocketed. 135 decibels… 150 decibels… 175 decibels… and then it finally stopped at the lethal 200 decibels.

200 decibels is loud enough to kill you. It will rupture your lungs or cause a heart attack, but usually, it's both. Robin wasn't the lucky one. The 200 decibels caused his lungs to rupture and he couldn't breathe. To put it simply, one of the Dynamic Duo, The Boy Wonder, Robin, The Last Flying Grayson, died because of sound. His heart just stopped beating where it was and he lay still again.


Robin froze. Everything was getting brighter. He had to shield his eyes weakly.

"Wh-What's happening?" he asked, confused.

He looked around. Everything around him was being engulfed in light. The concrete halls, the gummy bears, even him. And suddenly, he had the urge to start walking forward. So that's what he did. He kept walking towards the brightest of the light, trying as hard as he could to watch where he was going, despite how bright it was. Then he saw something cut off the light briefly. It was a silhouette… No, it was two. They walked towards him and Robin recognized them. Tears came to his eyes as he recognized his Mom and Dad, both of their bodies intact and big smiles on their faces. Tears ran from their eyes.

Robin ran forward, tears flying from his face and leapt into their arms.

"Momma! Daddy!" he sobbed, happily.

They held him tight, just as happy as he. Then they set him down and took his hands in their own. They felt warm and bright. They felt at peace.

"Where are we going?" Robin asked, tears falling heavily from his bright blue eyes.

He wasn't going to hide anymore. He knew he fit in now. He had nothing left to hide anymore. He could feel it deep within.

"We're going up to Heaven sweetie," his Mom told him, a soft halo of light brighter than the rest surrounding her head.

Robin noticed a matching one around his Father's head.

"Will I get a halo too?" he asked, curiously.

His Mom nodded. "Yes Richard; and you'll get wings and you'll get to meet the rest of the angels. You're going to love it."

Richard's Dad nodded. "Everyone fits in here. It's perfect."

And Robin knew that was just what it was going to be.


Batman stood over his son's grave, tears still falling from his hidden eyes.

Richard John Grayson


The Little Robin who Finally Learned How to Fly

Atop Richard's grave sat a little stone bird, its eyes as happy and bright as Richard's might've been one day. Beside it stood two other tall birds, one female and one male. Batman knelt at Richard's grave and set Robin's mask gently on top of the flowers that had been set there earlier. He didn't wipe away his tears as he wanted to, because he knew he was the last one there. The others had left hours ago. Why had he remained?

I guess I just don't know how to say good bye he admitted to himself.

He looked up into the sky, right up where he imagined Heaven was, and managed a shaky smile.

"I'm going to miss you Richard. You belong there though, not here."

Then something caught Batman's eye in the tree nearby. A little Robin sat on the branch, staring down at him curiously. Batman's smile remained and he felt his heart lighten. And with that, he got up and left, knowing that Robin was finally happy.

See, told ya I could be cruel. And to tell you the truth, I like this better then my original ending. ): So yes, still fuck you all who got mad at me, but if you hated the earlier one, I hope you cried at this one.

But those of you that were nice, sorry for upsetting you.


-A Woman Scorned