A/N: I really, really like the friendship between these two. Also, this takes place during the Steroids to Heaven episode.

"Hey come on! Let me go!"

"No way Scooter. I'm gonna sit right here and watch your muscles fall off."

"Come on Spike!" Robbie struggled against the lockers, his new spikes holding him fast. "Why are you doing this? I told you, I'm fine!"

Spike raised an eyebrow. "Fine? You call this fine?" He stood up, grabbing Robbie's wrist. "You think this is fine Scooter? Being so angry you're alienating everybody? Including your family?"

"Oh lay off. I did this for Caroline."

"Oh right. Caroline. Case you don't remember Scooter, she ran away from you." He let go of Robbie's wrist, walking back over to the lockers across the way and sitting down. "Now, as entertaining as this conversation is, I'm going to get some shut-eye. See you in the morning Sinclair. Or what's left of you." He snickered.

"Spike wait!" Spike opened an eye. "Spike, look, I'm really, really sorry. You're right; this was a really, really stupid idea. Now, help me out. I won't bother anyone. I promise."

"I appreciate your fake sincerity Sinclair, but we're not leaving here until the thornroids are out of your system. Now, good night."

"Ugh. Spike-"

"Good night Scooter."



"Fine. I'll just get out of this myself." Robbie writhed back and forth, trying to tear his thorns free. "Ugh, almost there-"

"And pipe down!"

Robbie growled, glaring at his friend. "Fine." He crossed his arms. "Stupid Spike, I can stop eating the thornroids anytime I want." He started to nod off. "Anytime...I...want..."

"Ahhh!" Robbie woke with a start. "What happened? What's going on?" He blinked, his eyes slowly focusing on the dinosaur in front of him. "Spike?"

"Hey morning Scooter." Spike snickered as he untied Robbie from the locker. "How was your night?"

"Ugh. Terrible. My head's pounding and...yech." He grimaced. "I'm all sweaty."

"That would be the thornroids wearing off. Side affects." Spike finished untying him, stepping back. "Here, take this." He handed Robbie a towel.

"Thanks." He dried himself off, looking at Spike. "Did I talk in my sleep last night? I kept having weird dreams."

"Again, thornroid withdrawal and yeah, you did. A lot." Spike smirked. "It was very entertaining."

"You mean you stayed here?"


"All night?"

"Hey, let's not get to into it huh Scooter? You were here, you needed help, let's leave it at that, alright?"

"Oh alright."

Spike stared at his friend. "Now, you ever gonna do thornroids again Scooter?"

Robbie groaned. "No."

"Good." Spike headed for the door, looking over his shoulder. "Come on Scooter; seems to me ya got some apologizing to do."

"Yeah, okay." Robbie fell in step beside Spike, preparing to fling an arm around his friend's shoulders.

"Don't touch the jacket."


A/N 2: I know, not much of an ending, but I couldn't think of a better one. Hope you liked it just the same.