Recap with Jake and Bella:

Much to my surprise, I find myself grinding into him harder and hear Jake groan lightly in my ear. His hands start to cautiously wander around my hips and waist. I just can't get enough of this feeling. However, the desire to see the only eyes that can make me melt to a puddle instantly takes over my actions.

As I turn in his arms, I glance up at his face not sure what to expect. What I find is more than I ever thought I would. Jake was staring at me with eyes so dark they looked black. Black with lust, passion, heat, tension, and…love? My breath catches in my throat as my eyes connect with his.

"Jake…" It almost comes out as a moan.

"Bells…honey…I…" Even Jake is stuttering. Can he feel it too? Or is he disappointed?



I look down at Bella. All I can think is how beautiful she is. So natural. I have been in love with this girl since we were children. We used to run around together and make mud pies while my sisters were off doing things they deemed "less dirty and childlike."

Ever since Bella returned to Forks, I have realized that this was my second chance. I know she has a boyfriend; a Cullen nonetheless. But I know she does not belong with him.

She belongs with me. Period. End of story.

Tonight is my chance to prove it to her. I can show her that we should be together. I can feel it in my blood, in my veins. When I look at her, it is like there is a subtle pull, like weak magnets, that hold me to her. They keep my focus solely on her.

My breath catches in my throat. God, I just want to kiss her right now. I don't mean to sound like such a guy, but dances like this, with the girl of my dreams, I can't help but moan.

Bella keeps pressing harder into my body. I can feel every curve, every movement. She must feel my arousal as her cheeks are becoming increasingly redder by the minute. I hear a soft moan escape her lips. Once again she looks up at me and I see the desire in her eyes as well. This night has been so unpredictable.

I bring my hand to rest on her cheek and stroke her jaw line lovingly. I need to prove to her this is not just about raw lust. I deeply care for her and want to take care of her, I want to love her.

I bring my forehead to rest on hers. "Bells….tell me what you are thinking? Tell me how you are feeling. I am not sure how to read you right now."

"I…you…different. I feel different," she responds with shaky breathes.

"Oh, I am sorry if I am pushing. Tell me if this is too much. I will understand." There it blows…the bubble of hope has been popped.

"No Jake! Not bad different. Good different. There is this feeling in the pit of my stomach. I feel so connected to you. It is easy to breathe. I feel so relaxed, comfortable, and loved." She blushed again at her own revelation.

"Oh Bells. You have no idea…I feel the same way honey. I feel like there is a rope attaching me to you and I don't ever want it to break." I continued stroking her jaw. "I love you, Bells." I slowly brought my lips to her cheek, and continued to trail them down her jaw, to her neck. Gently, I brought her lips to meet mine.

At the first touch of our lips, there was the feeling of fireworks. Our lips molded together like they were designed to fit together. Not wanting to push her too far, I pulled back to look at her. Her eyes were still closed and I heard a soft sigh escape her lips. Finally she looked in my eyes.

"Jake…why'd you stop?"

I couldn't help but chuckle. I wasted no time in pulling her head back to mine. This time, our kiss was less tentative and more passionate. All thoughts and cautions flew out the window. I couldn't bring myself to care about anything other than the feeling of Bella.

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