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Chapter Three: Setting Up For The Party Of A Lifetime!

"You're so bent on the cash. I'll admit it's great, but you need to get laid." Yuudai muttered as he shifted his weight to one side, pushing his sunglasses up on his head as he stood in the elevator beside Christian, who merely rolled his eyes, his arms folded over his chest.

"You're only saying that because you think you're the god of sex."

"Think? No… I'm quite positive." Yuudai responded, making Christian shake his head and glance up at the slowly turning numbers. He wondered if the elevator was trying to torture him too. He hated being anywhere with Yuudai and he was highly tempted to just quit this gig if it didn't mean a good amount of money and fame, which is just what the band needed right now.

Not to mention, Yuudai reeked of cigarettes and booze. It was almost suffocating… And if sex had a smell, Yuudai would probably also be emitting that stench. He also always took on such a dangerous and lithe posture, standing there with a thumb hooked into his black jeans while his other arm was tucked over his shoulder to adjust his black coat, his expression one of deadly calm.

Mental Note, Christian told himself as he glanced at Yuudai out the corner of his eye before looking at the doors of the elevator, if the chance arises to work with this sex demon ever again, deny it no matter how much you want the cash. The doors opened, thank the gods, and Yuudai of course walked out first with Christian following him out and into the windowed hallway. It was really hard for someone to not look out those windows and gaze out over the city. Anyone could feel powerful doing that, and unfortunately, it didn't help when someone who already thought they were all powerful looked out over there.

Christian watched as Yuudai seemed to smirk, probably thinking the same thing before he reached into his pocket for the keys to the Tsukuyomi penthouse. Of course, Christian sighed as he glanced out the window, Akira had given his sex buddy the keys to his penthouse. It was almost like giving Satan your soul!

They walked inside, mildly surprised at the cleanliness of the place. Of course, it wasn't just done being cleaned as Riku was standing just in front of the sofas, grabbing up dirty laundry and tossing it into a bin. Even Riku looked a bit cleaned up, wearing a navy hooded cotton vest with rather short khakis and the left side of his hair was held back with a couple of neon blue barrettes.

"Someone looks dressed up today." Yuudai commented with a cocked brow, though, his eyes weren't particularly on Riku's annoyed expression, rather on the fact that those shorts were pretty damn short. Riku huffed, folding his arms over his chest.

"Akira attacked me, that's why… If you're looking for him, he's in his room getting dressed… He told me to tell you that there's food in the kitchen." He pointed to the door and Yuudai shrugged.

"I think I'll eat in his room."

"Huh?" Riku looked at him confused and Christian rolled his eyes, shaking his head.

"Ignore him, Riku." He told him. Yuudai smirked and easily brushed by them toward the hallway, his hands in his pockets. The hallway was rather quiet, except of course the sound of what seemed to be a struggle going on in Akira's bedroom. Since the door was open only a crack, Yuudai just made his way in as if he owned the room to see Akira trying to close his dresser drawer, wearing only a pair of navy underwear with his hair tied into a side ponytail.

"You have too many damn clothes." Yuudai stated, although, he was talking more about the dresser, he took note that anyone could've twisted that. Akira shot upright and turned to see him, yelping a little.

"You scared me! I know. I gave Riku some of my old clothes. Did you see him? I finally managed to hold him down. He even let me put a little lip-gloss on him… Well, let is putting it loosely. More like I forced him, but anyway… Did you manage to get a hold of someone to transport the band to the complex?" He asked, scratching the side of his head as he kicked his dresser. Yuudai shrugged, walking over to peek at the dresser for a moment.

"Mm, yea… Christian hassled me about it. Damned foreigners are a pain sometime."

"I guess, but you gotta admit he's cute."

"Sure…" Yuudai drawled and smirked a bit dangerously, his eyes scanning downwards on Akira's basically nude body before lifting back up. Akira sighed, a bit oblivious as he looked away from the dresser.

"I can't think of anything to wear today. Most of my stuff is getting too small. You don't think I'm getting fat, do you?"

"Nope… And you don't have to wear anything." Yuudai stated. Akira blinked and looked at him, opening his mouth to make a comment, but Yuudai captured his lips in a rather rough and hungry kiss, biting into his lip in the process. Akira winced a little, but seemed to melt as Yuudai's hands touched him, one running through his hair and pulling it from it's ponytail while the other went down and grabbed his hand tightly. Akira tried to contain yelps as Yuudai forced his tongue to invade his mouth, his teeth nipping at his lips every so often.

Yuudai gave Akira's hair a pull, feeling a few strands come loose as their lips parted. Akira panted for air, his face flushed and his eyes half-lidded. Yuudai smirked at him, tightening his grip on the handful of hair while using his other hand to move to the front of Akira's underwear, cupping him. Akira gasped, his cock jumping at the attention automatically.

"Look at that, just a kiss and you're already wet…" Yuudai mused and tipped Akira's head back, parting his lips and clamping them shut on his neck. Akira gasped lightly and moaned, clenching his fists against Yuudai's chest and closing his eyes in bliss as he felt Yuudai's wet tongue licking hot paths on his bare skin, sending goose bumps of excitement flying over it.

In moment, Yuudai had them both on the floor, him on top and licking at a pert nipple as his hands moving down to push Akira's underwear off. Akira squirmed underneath him, arching his back and gasping as Yuudai bit at his nipples, pinching them and running his hot tongue over them.

Yuudai put his hand between Akira's legs, his fingers touching the dripping head of his victim's hard on. Akira mewled in ecstasy at the sensation and bucked his hips a little, only to have Yuudai hold them down with a smirk.

"Ah, ah. I don't think so." Yuudai warned and Akira merely closed his eyes in distress at the inability to move his hips as Yuudai used one hand to hold them down, moving the other to grasp Akira's appendage. He began to pump his hand, slowly at first and Akira writhed about beneath him, desperately trying to jerk his hips at the awesome feeling.

Yuudai finally lifted his hand and Akira bucked his hips, gasping out as he released a spurt of his essence, his body shuddering. Yuudai hummed a bit, then 'tsked' as he brought his hand up to his mouth, dragging his tongue along the dripping tendrils.

"That was way too fast. Looks like we're going to be a while then." He mused and Akira felt his face warm up as Yuudai moved his hand back down, touching his cock gently enough so that it began to rise again. However, he didn't spend too much time, moving a finger downwards to push past the tight ring of muscles that led inside. Akira moaned and turned his face the other way, panting.

Yes, it most certainly was going to take a long time, Yuudai decided pleasantly as he continued to take his time torturing this victim.


What the hell is taking them so long? I should've guessed Yuudai was going to do this… I should've stayed home and slept in… Waking me up so fucking early. Christian thought in pure aggravation as he drummed his fingers on the counter, watching Riku pick up stacks of papers of said counter.

"If you're bored you can watch TV, ya know." Riku pointed out, though, he sounded much quieter than he had talking to Yuudai. Christian frowned, folding his arms on the counter and leaning on them.

"It's fine. I was considering heading home, I'm exhausted." He responded, reaching up and ruffling his hair a little as he yawned. Riku glanced at him out the corner of his eye, then quickly back at the papers to avoid eye contact. He tried to will the urge to blush away, his eye twitching.

Damn… I really wanted him to stay… Oh jeez! I sound like Hioshi! And he's a freaking creep, but he did end up getting Kenta, or at least, that's what he brags about when he's supposed to be helping me with my homework… Look at me, I'm Hioshi and I got the guy and all I had to do was be a freaking stalker and act as sweet as an angel to do it! He thought angrily and smacked a stack of papers into the garbage can, letting the lid slam shut. Christian glanced up.

"Something wrong?" He asked dully. Riku twitched and whipped around, laughing nervously as he rubbed the back of his neck.

"Ahaha, nope! I just had trouble shoving all that garbage in… Uhm, did you want me to warm something up for you? I mean… I would offer to make you something, but last time I used the stove…." His voice trailed and he could practically see the thought bubble of the last incident, which included the stove being turned up much too high, Riku forgetting it, and the food basically exploding. Christian raised an eyebrow.

"It's fine, you don't have to… Have you already talked to kids at the college about the party this weekend?" He asked. Riku shifted a bit uncomfortably, then pouted, fiddling with the drawstrings on his vest.

"Ah, not really… Honestly, I don't have any other friends at school, only Kenta."

"You're kidding." Christian stated, cocking a brow. Someone like him has to have more than just one friend. He seemed pretty obnoxious to me at first, or at least, when Yuudai or his brothers are around. Does he not like me? He wondered, then shook his head. Riku shrugged.

"I don't talk to people much is all… But I guess I can try so you guys can get more people at your party or whatever." He answered, then jumped as the kitchen door opened and Akira walked in with Yuudai, both looking rather refreshed.

"Took you long enough." Christian muttered. Yuudai shrugged.

"You should've expected it, kid." He retorted and took a seat on the stool, reaching into his jacket pocket for a box of cigarettes. Riku crinkled his nose in disgust.

"Ugh, don't take those out in here, we eat in here." He muttered. Yuudai merely lit it and puffed smoke in his direction. Riku clasped his hands over his nose and Yuudai smirked.

"You know, they say some people don't like smoke because it turns them on. Is that the real reason you don't want me smoking in here?"

"You're terrible!" Riku cried and covered his face entirely with his hands, hiding the pink in his cheeks. Akira sighed, ignoring it as he walked to the fridge, rubbing at his eye sleepily.

"Jeez, now I'm kinda tired. Anyway, we should probably all go downstairs and set up. I'd ask Hioshi, but the jackass is in his room with Kenta."

"What?" Yuudai asked, his eyes flashing to lock Akira, who blinked as he held a couple bottles of beer in his hands.

"You don't know? Hioshi and Kenta are dating. It's so cute." He added with a smile, sighing and hearts practically radiated off him as he handed Yuudai a beer and offered one to Christian, who just declined flatly. Yuudai's eyes were narrowed in annoyance.

"You're joking…"

"Nope, Hioshi was bragging about it," Akira replied, ignoring the glare from Riku, "Talking about how much he got to spend time with him and stuff. Kenta seemed pretty happy about it, though. He hasn't complained and he smiles a lot more, I guess. Why?"

"No reason. Just interesting." Yuudai responded shortly and he popped open the top of his beer, throwing his head back and taking huge gulps. Riku twiddled his fingers uneasily. Akira had to be stupid if he didn't sense to annoyance radiating off Yuudai like the smoke. Christian seemed to take notice too, frowning with his arms folded. Akira finished taking a couple sips of his beer, then glanced to see Riku making a move for the door, but caught the hood of his top.

"Hey, hey! You're coming with us, shorty!" He exclaimed. Riku yelped and winced, trying to get away, but Akira put an arm around his neck.

"Ow! No, I'm not going with you guys! What'd you need me for anyway?"

"Just us three, Aoi, and a couple of other moronic friends of his setting up that place is way too hard. We could use another hand!"

"That look on your face says something else, no! I refuse!"

"Come oooon, we all want you to help us, right?" Akira asked, still holding Riku around the neck and looking at Yuudai and Christian, who shared glances before looking at Riku.

"Sure." Christian replied.

"Just get ready to go." Yuudai stated and Akira beamed, giving Riku a little shove. Riku stumbled and flailed a little, whipping around to glare at Akira, who waved a hand at him.

"Go on! Get your shoes on. We're just gonna finish these beers and head downstairs, come on!" Akira insisted. Riku rolled his eyes and huffed stubbornly, stomping out into the living room and sitting on the floor, grabbing his shoes. He pouted as he untied the laces of his black converse, slipping one on and tying it up. He went to put on his other shoe when the kitchen door opened and he looked up to see Yuudai standing right in front of him with Akira and Christian. He yelped and jumped back, hitting the wall.

"Ouch! Don't scare me!" He snapped. Yuudai smirked.

"I didn't. You're just a coward is all." He responded as he slipped his shoes back on easily while at the same time smoking a cigarette. Christian already put his shoes on, leaning on the doorframe with Akira, who was rocking back and forth on his heels, smiling pleasantly.

"You're glowing." Christian commented, glancing at him out the corner of his eye, then back at Riku, who was standing up, giving Yuudai a weary glare. Akira beamed, poking a finger to his cheek cutely.

"Ne, they say sex makes your skin glow! You should try it."

"Uh huh."

"Come on! Let's not waste anymore time! I'm so excited for this!" Akira sang happily as Yuudai closed the penthouse door behind the group as they headed for the elevator. Riku shivered a little, his eye twitching as he glared at Akira.

"You could've dressed me in something warmer." He muttered. Akira shrugged.

"Warm isn't always cute and I wanted you to look cute today."

"For what?" Riku demanded, but Akira swiftly ignored him as he punched the code for the first floor into the elevator keypad and began to rant about wasted time and how much money this was going to be. They crammed into the elevator with Akira hitting more buttons before he beamed."Ah, but it'll be so worth it in the end! Riku, quit elbowing me, you have plenty of room." Akira scolded, giving Riku a little push. Riku winced and felt his face grow warm when he backed up into Christian, who raised an eyebrow down at him as he looked up.

"S-Sorry." He managed and looked at the doors of the elevator, praying it would move faster. Akira sighed, watching the numbers go by before he grinned, closing his eyes and gesturing his hands to the side.

"You know, this would be the greatest place for sex, you know? Like those romantic comedies. Think we could manage a foursome?" He asked. Christian glared at him and Riku felt his face turn red as he twitched.

"Shut up, Akira!" He snapped. Yuudai shrugged and smirked a little, taking a good tight grip on Akira's elbows and steadying him as the elevator stopped at a middle floor, whispering something in his ear that Christian and Riku didn't hear as the doors opened to let another couple kids in, one of whom Riku recognized immediately.

"Aoi! What the hell are you doing on the fifth floor?" Akira exclaimed, cocking a brow, putting a hand on his hip the best he could before Aoi hit the button for the doors to close, grinning at them.

"Sorry, I was getting my younger brother. He's such an ass." Aoi muttered, elbowing the boy beside him, who blinked at attention and merely looked up at him with deep, blue-green eyes before looking back down at the floor, his choppy dark brown hair almost touching his shoulders.

"I didn't know you had a brother, and so cute too!" Akira exclaimed. Aoi rolled his eyes, then smirked and put an arm around the boy's neck, making him wince a little.

"Che, that's why I brought him here, isn't that right, Naoki? We're got ourselves another tourist attractive!" He mocked playfully, pinching one of Naoki's cheeks. Naoki just squeezed his eyes shut and blushed, his expression one of distress as his brother tugged on his cheek until it was bright red.

Riku sweat dropped, glad he wasn't that kid, before a thought popped into his head and he glared at Akira past everyone crammed into the elevator.

"Wait, what do you mean by tourist attraction?" He demanded. Akira laughed.

"Oh, I have no idea what he's talking about." He lied smoothly while Yuudai merely smirked, bringing his sunglasses back down to hide his eyes. Aoi just grinned and let go of Naoki, giving him a little push. Naoki stumbled and smacked into Riku, who yelped and smacked into Christian, who hit the wall.

"Ow." Christian winced as his elbow banged against the wall, sending that horrible funny-bone sensation tingling and burning up his arm.

"Sorry!" Riku cried. Naoki grimaced a little and averted his eyes.

"Blame it on Aoi." He muttered. Aoi merely scolded at him and went back to talking to Akira as if it had never happened. Riku sighed and glanced out the corner of his eye at Christian, who merely rolled his eyes, leaning against the wall. A sudden thought hit Riku, making his cheeks burn and his eyes widen.

Ack! This is one of the last things I wanted! Crammed in a crowded elevator with that stupid foursome comment Akira made earlier… And it doesn't help that I'm pressed between Christian and this other kid… At least it's not THAT cold anymore… He thought, trying to change the topics going through his head.

Finally, the bell rang and the elevator stopped, of course, Akira and his friends exiting first, leaving Riku and Naoki to trail behind.

"Sorry about that," Naoki murmured quietly, adjusting his black sweatshirt as he glanced in the other direction, "I hate him. He's not even my real brother. He's my half-brother."

"It's fine," Riku replied, then sweat dropped, "Jeez, you really don't like him."


"Well, I can see why." Riku muttered as Aoi seemed to lead the group by giving a shout to the bellhop who was standing outside dance room. Riku and Naoki shared looks before following the rest of the group as the doors opened. Riku's eyes widened and Naoki seemed to just glance about the large room.

It was by far the biggest room Riku could think of with tons of lights hanging from the ceiling and a stage at the head with tons of tables, which were being stacked along with chairs and signs to make room on the marble floor, purple drapes covering the walls. A few people were already inside, cleaning things up and moving them out of the way and on stage a band seemed to be setting up.

"Wow, I've never been in here before!" Riku exclaimed in awe, letting his arms dangle at his sides as he lifted his head up to look at the ceiling. Naoki glanced at him after fiddling with his sweatshirt sleeves.

"Really? It's pretty big… I thought you lived here."

"Well, I do, but I just go in and out of my penthouse."

"You have a penthouse?"

"Yea, my brother's boyfriend bought it for us." Riku murmured, mostly entranced in the beauty of the room. Naoki raised an eyebrow, glancing down toward Riku's legs, then back up.

"You know there's snow on the ground, right?" He asked. Riku blinked, then blushed, twitching a little in annoyance before sighing and folding his arms over his chest, pouting.

"Akira. He's a dumbass and made me wear some of his old clothes. The shorts are too tight, I think."

"Too short, I think."

"I'll say. It's kind of cold." Riku muttered. Naoki averted his eyes, then shrugged and pulled his sweatshirt up over his head and held it out. Riku blinked and looked at him, his eyes giving Naoki a quick once over. He definitely looked like he did modeling with Aoi, no doubt. He was thin and well built for an older teenager, wearing a graphic t-shirt with the sleeves a bit shredded like someone took a knife to it and it had swirls of blue and white randomly glittered onto it, matching a pair of navy skinny jeans that went into a pair of combat boots. A collection of bracelets jingled on his wrist while a silver necklace with a star-shaped locket hung around his neck.

"Wow, do you model too…?" Riku heard himself ask. Naoki blinked, then blushed a little, trying to look aggravation by the question, though he was secretly just embarrassed."No way! I wouldn't do anything that gets me close to Aoi or any of stupid friends. I'm only helping out here because I get paid." He retorted. Riku blinked, then nodded slowly and took the sweatshirt, only to have a hand grab it up, making him yelp and Naoki twitch.

"I don't think Akira would appreciate you two wearing anything, but what you have there." The platinum-haired man stated, the three silver hoops in his left ear glinting as a cigarette hung past his lips, his hazel eyes narrowed at the sight of them. Naoki groaned and scowled at him.

"Hyosuke, give it back, it's not yours!" He snapped, making a grab for it, but Hyosuke jerked it out of his reach, then glanced at Riku rather critically, making him gulp a bit.

"Hm, I don't think so," Hyosuke answered, looking back at Naoki, who glared at him while clenching his fists tightly as his sides, "Why don't you two go print off flyers in the copy room? It's just down the hallway from here, take a left, make sure you make at least a hundred copies. If anyone asks, just say you're doing it for Akira."

"What flyers?" Riku asked obliviously, then blinked as Hyosuke shoved a slip of paper and him. Riku looked down as Naoki glanced over, his arms folded over his chest now and a suspicious look on his face.

The sheet of paper was outrageously designed with swirls of music notes and it said YOU ARE INVITED in bold with a description of the party and the food as well as drinks and opportunities.

"I don't like the idea of 'opportunities'." Riku muttered and Naoki frowned.

"Sounds stupid. Che, I'm not even going to this thing." He sniffed. Riku looked at him, surprised.

"You're not?"

"No. Parties aren't my thing. I just wanna stay home and watch scary movies."

"Mashiro's got plenty." Hyosuke sighed, sounding annoyed as he turned and headed to the stage, swinging the sweatshirt over his shoulder. Riku and Naoki watched him go, their expressions twitching with annoyance as a tick mark seemed to pound in Naoki's forehead.

"Well, we might as well start copying these. You're getting paid for this right?" Riku asked, turning to Naoki, who blinked and glanced at him.

"Yea. Come on, I know where the copy room is." Naoki sighed and gestured for him to follow. The two walked out the doors and headed down the hallway. Riku shivered every time the lobby doors opened because even down the hallway, he could feel the icy winter air hit his legs. Naoki peeked into a room and spotted the copy machine, though, there were two other men in there, chuckling and sharing some coffee.

"Follow me and act like you know what's going on." He whispered to Riku, who looked at him confused, then yelped as Naoki gave his wrist a pull before they were both in the room, walking to the copy machine. The two men glanced up, one of them cocking a brow while the other frowned.

"Hey, hey, wait. What're you two doing in here? This is for employees only!" The frowning one protested. Naoki huffed and put an arm around Riku's waist, making him yelp a little and hold the paper up to hide half of his face, which was turning bright pink.

"We're here to make copies for a party that a guy named Akira is holding. You're not going to stop us, are you?" He asked with a little pout and glanced at Riku, who blinked and seemed to get the telepathic message and just peeked past the paper at the men, who stared at them, almost dropping their coffee.

"No." The first one managed.

"Go ahead." The second one replied shakily. Naoki smiled a bit slyly.

"Thank you, thank you. Come on, Riku, you have to help me." He said and pulled Riku by one of the loops in his short shorts, making him stumble after. Naoki and Riku stood with their backs to the men, who were staring quite happily at their back sides.

"That's so gross," Riku whispered as Naoki placed the flyer on the copier, "They're old perverts!"

"This world's full of them," Naoki whispered back, "Come on, if you know Yuudai, you know about perverts, right?" Riku blinked.

"You know him?"

"Who doesn't know him? Yuudai's known throughout Tokyo. Don't tell me you don't know his rep."

"What rep?"

"Oh, never mind…" Naoki sighed and watched the copy machine spit out flyer after flyer, gesturing to Riku to pick them up. Riku walked over and picked up the pile as Naoki removed the first flyer, taking half of the stack.

"Thank you very much." Naoki flashed the two men a gorgeous beaming smile, complete with a light blush before he led Riku out of the copy room and down the hallway. Riku stared at him.

"You're a really great actor…"

"Of course… I'm into theater."

"But you said you didn't model-"

"Modeling and acting are two completely different things… I can put on any kind of mask. No one knows who I really am, which is a great thing." Naoki answered flatly, making Riku avert his eyes.

I can't tell if he's crazy or smart. Riku thought with an eye twitch as they walked back into the dance room where the band was set up and ready with Akira standing at the foot of the stage, calling something up to them. Naoki seemed to stop dead in his tracks in the doorway, his blue-green eyes glowing. Riku looked at him, then back at the band, then back again.

"What's wrong, Naoki?" He asked. Naoki blushed a little, looking the other way.

"Nothing, I just really, really like their band. They're still kind of small right now, but I'm positive they'll make it big. There's no doubt in my mind about that."

"Who's exactly in the band?"

"There's Christian, I'm sure you've already met him. Calum East, he's Christian's half-brother. There's also Mika Ayumu, he's kinda cute… And Phoenix Pierce, he plays guitar better than anyone and he's really, really attractive." Riku watched as Naoki's cheeks seemed to darken just with the last band member's name.

"You like him?" He asked. Naoki blinked and looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Well, yea-"

"Does he know?"

"Hell no! Jeez, if he knew that, he'd think I was a freak." Naoki muttered, blushing furiously as he looked down at the flyers. Riku sweat dropped, smiling a little.

"Right, right. Sorry." He looked up at the band, his eyes landing on Christian, who was rolling his eyes at something Akira was saying. Riku felt himself blush a little.

Right… Of course you don't tell a guy if you like him if you're a guy yourself… What was I thinking? He wouldn't just hate me for being a guy liking him, but for being stupid too. He thought, then gasped as Christian glanced up, catching his eye. Riku immediately looked in the other direction.

"S-So what do we do with these flyers?" He asked Naoki quickly. Naoki blinked and snapped out of his own staring stupor to nod.

"I think they want some up on the billboards out in the lobby. We can ask the receptionist if we can leave a pile behind for anyone else in the building… I don't have my license to drive, though, so I don't know how we're going to get these around town, unless someone gives us a ride…" He murmured.

"Why don't we ask Hyosuke-"

"Ew! No way," Naoki stuck out his tongue rather childishly, "I hate him. He's a jerk."

"Well, he was just doing what Akira said…"

"No, I mean, he's always like that. I would know… He's my roommate."

"Roommate?""Yea. Him, me, and our other roommate, Mashiro, all live in an apartment near Mitsuhashi University."

"I attend there…"

"Really? I was just going to get started next week." Naoki murmured, but walked to a nearby chair, setting down a stack of flyers and picking up only a few. Riku did the same, picking up a smaller stack from the piles and following Naoki out into the lobby where they pinned a flyer to the billboard and set a stack on the front desk before coming back.

"What about your other roommate, Mashiro? Is he helping out?" Riku asked as they helped Hyosuke and Akira move chairs. Naoki frowned as he lifted a chair up, placing it on another in a far corner.

"Eh, yea, but he can't come in today. Some kind of bad omen, he said."

"Bad omen?"

"Yea, Mashiro's really big on the paranormal world. He believes in ghosts, auras, and all this other silly stuff. He said he had a feeling something bad was going to happen if he showed up."

"Something bad?" Riku asked uneasily, feeling his stomach churn. Naoki snorted in disgust as he put his hands on his hips.

"He's an idiot like Hyosuke too. Don't pay any attention to it." He replied and turned to continue setting up chairs in silence. Riku averted his eyes, murmuring a 'right' under his breath as he continued to help out. Before he knew it, his stomach was growling and the clock in the room read that it was close to supper time.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Riku," Naoki waved after he managed to steal his sweatshirt back from Hyosuke, "It was great meeting you!" He turned to Hyosuke and said something with a serious expression and the man merely rolled his eyes, glancing out the corner of his eye at Riku and making him stiffen a little before he looked away.

Jeez, that guy doesn't like me, does he? What did I do for him to not like me? He wondered curiously, then stepped back and smacked into someone, making him cry out in surprise before whirling to see Yuudai standing there, having just finished a conversation with the band member that Riku recognized as Mika.

"Jeez," Yuudai snapped at him, then looked at Mika with a frown, "Whatever, tell your prick friend Christian the bus will be able to pick you guys up in time." Mika huffed, waving a hand in his face idly.

"You're so rude. No wonder Christian doesn't like you! There's this thing called bad karma, ya know? It's probably gonna bite you in the butt."

"Keep talking-"

"Bye!" Mika waved awkwardly and headed to the stage where Christian and the other band members were gathering their things. Riku watched him go and he found himself staring once again as Christian seemed to be talking with Mika, who was flailing an arm and complaining about something. The look on Christian's face was exhaustion and slight annoyance, but even so, Riku found himself blushing again.

Christian's really attractive too… I wonder if he's ever thought about dating another guy? No, no way! Jeez, I'm being stupid again. I think I need someone to hit me in the head with a bat. He thought. Yuudai rolled his eyes, then caught the look on Riku's face, then looked back at Christian, then back at Riku with a cocked brow of amusement.

"Well, well, what's this?" He asked. Riku jumped and looked up at him quickly, taking a careful step away.

"What's what?" He asked nervously. Yuudai smirked, resting a pocket in his jacket pocket while using the other to take a cigarette from his mouth.

"You seem to be very interested in Christian."

"I-I'm not! I'm not gay!"

"Are you calling me gay? You don't have to be gay to like another guy, if he's the only guy you're looking at," Yuudai drawled, then rolled his eyes and smirked, reaching down and grabbing Riku's chin and making the boy gulp nervously, "That's really cute. I'm sure Christian thinks you're cute too. Why don't you tell him you like him, eh?" Riku inched back a little, glancing around in hopes of finding his brother, but he was no where in sight.

"B-Because! He probably doesn't like other guys and he's friends with you and Akira, so…"

"So what?"

"So he's probably just one of those one-night stand guys anyway! Why are you pestering me about it?" Riku cried in exasperation. Yuudai cocked a brow, then brought his cigarette to his lips, then away and sighed so smoke seeped around Riku, making him cough and wince.

"Because I like watching you squirm. You're like you're brother, you writhe around a lot and I like it… Too bad that won't amuse me for long. See ya around." Yuudai gave him a lazy wave and walked past him, heading out the doors. Riku shuddered at the cold gust of wind from behind him and looked after Yuudai nervously.

He knows that I like Christian… That doesn't mean he's going to tell him, right…? Right?

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