Chapter 32 – Let the Basketball Begin

Troy gripped onto my hand while we exited the plane. We had just spent two fantastic weeks in Australia and now it was time for home. It was the morning of the twenty fourth and Troy left in tomorrow for basketball training. It was that time again.

I yawned after a long night on the plane I was ready to go home. I was in the same clothes I left in and Troy let me rest my head against his shoulder. "You sure are tired for it being eight in the morning," I laughed and then shook my head, I was so messed up. I felt like it was midnight and a day earlier.

"Liam is going to be so excited,"

"He is eight months old on Tuesday," I pouted, Troy chuckled as we walked over to claim our luggage. We had a blast in Australia, besides all of the bedroom stuff since that had to be the best part." Troy smirked.

The first couple of days were room service and sex. The next week and half was more outside with more sex. Troy and I went to eat at a lot of different places where we would take turns having each other pick the others food. We went to the beach and drank plenty to have a hangover for a week straight.

I surprised Troy by taking him to the Sydney Zoo which he loved. He took dozens of pictures and even got to hold a Koala. I touched a snake by a dare and we made out by the lovers pond, with fish in it. We went to the Aquamarine and my favorite thing that we did before we left was that Troy surprised me with was a tour and a picnic on the beach.

They took us to the private beach on a plane for three hours. We ate and might have had sex in the beach water but that was disclosed information. When they picked us back up I slept the rest of the day. Then finally, we boarded a plane to go home. Lucille had kept me informed even with the major time difference.

He had been fussy both weeks and always being hard to put down to sleep. He wouldn't eat as much and that was due to us leaving. She said it was getting better towards the end but he was stubborn. Taylor and Sharpay helped out a lot as Sharpay is almost two months away from having her own baby.

I yawned as Troy had gathered all of our luggage. We had bought little but enough for all of our friends. I smiled as I fixed my sunglasses. Troy slipped his hand into mine before stopping. He pulled me into a quick kiss before he walked ahead of me with the luggage.

Nothing had changed between us and I was so happy. Everything was almost perfect except for the fact I had not seen my baby since my wedding night. I itched my face as Troy led me to a car that was awaiting us. He had called somebody to come pick us up since we were dropped off in Lake Tahoe in a limo.

Jack and Lucille took our car from the parking lot of the airport with Liam's stuff. Troy piled the luggage into the back of the car as he snapped it shut. He then turned towards me. "You ready?" he asked with a cute glance, "Ready for what?" he smirked as he held his hand out.

"For the rest of our lives," I grinned and Troy brought me into a hug. His lips pressed against mine before we both got into the car. "Well if it isn't the blushing bride and groom," I rolled my eyes as Chad sat in the driver's seat. "Hi Chad," he smirked as he tipped his hat.

"Where would you two loving birds like to go?" I looked at Troy and he broke out into a grin. "I can not help that I love my best friend," he said, I giggled and then Troy directed Chad to home.

"Alright mate," I rested my body into Troy's as I let my eyes close. "She seems really tired, what the hell did you do to her Bolton?" I wrapped my hands around Troy's waist.

"The plane ride is grueling, it's hard." Troy said as his fingers laid at the tip of my back. I could feel his wedding ring against my back.

"How was it all?" Chad asked with a curious look, I opened my eyes as I just played with the hem of Troy's shirt. "Fantastic. I don't think it could have gone any better."

"That's good. That's how I felt after Taylor's and I's." Troy's hand slide down my back and then his other played with my hair. "I enjoyed every second with her, she commented that she couldn't wait for Liam to become a little older so that we could have another kid."

"Kid number two before twenty four?" Chad asked, "I havent even had my first yet,"

"Yea, when are you and Taylor going to try to have a kid?"

"Whenever she says, I am letting her decide but recently there has been a lot of sex." I closed my eyes and I wish I could close my ears. I hear about Taylor's sex life all the time, from Taylor. I don't want to hear it from Chad. The ride was longer than I remembered but my eyes kept drifting between sleep and semi conciseness.

Chad and Troy talked about all kinds of things while Troy kept rubbing my lower back. Once I felt the bumps over the driveway I opened my eyes and I rubbed them from my sleepy haze. "Hey, sleepyhead." He said kissing my forehead. I wrapped my arms around Troy as I sat up.

I let him kiss me before I noticed that we weren't at our normal house, we were at the new house. "Oh my god," I whispered rubbing my forehead. "I totally forgot,"

"Hey, don't stress. Our room is mostly put together; Liam's room is a go. You'll be fine. The kitchen is ready too." Troy said rubbing my shoulders gently. "You were so relaxed." Troy whispered into my ear, "I completely forgot that we were moving."

"Everything is out of the old house. The lease was up,"

"You only leased the house?" I asked, Troy laughed and then nodded, "I didn't know if you were going to want it or not. When you brought up moving, I was going to bring up the fact that we needed to decide if we wanted to move or not,"

I shook my head as Chad parked the car. I pushed open the door and flew away from the car. The door was unlocked and I pushed it open. The first thing I heard was Liam's cry. I was almost thankful to hear that noise. I went running through the brand-new house and up the stairs to find Liam in his new bedroom. Lucille was holding him trying to get him to calm down.

Tears perked into my eyes as I went over. She turned around and smiled, Liam saw me and he quieted as I picked him up. "Liam," I whispered softly into his ear as I wrapped my arms around him. He made several noises before he laughed. I grinned as I smoothed my hand over the back of his head.

"Goodness, how are you little guy?" I asked as I looked at his face carefully. He looked older and his face was starting to thin out as he was becoming more active. "God, that's the smile." Troy leaned against the doorway with his arms folded underneath his chest. "That I have missed."

I frowned, "I smiled like all week,"

"But you didn't hold that smile," he said as he came over, Troy wrapped his arms around my waist while he reached forward to kiss my forehead. "Can I see him for a minute?" I nodded and then Troy took him from me. Liam was all moved in to the area around him.

His walls were a navy blue with all of his furniture placed accordingly around the room. This house was smaller than the last one which I was happy about. I sat down in the rocking chair as Liam giggled in Troy's arms and made all kinds of noises.

"I am going to go down to our room." Troy turned towards me and then gave me a small smile. He grabbed me from around the waist and pressed his lips against the top of my ear. "Go take a nap or sleep for a few hours. I want some time with Liam since I won't get to see him for three weeks."

A little sigh left my mouth and then I leaned up to kiss Troy's lips. I wrapped my arms around my body as I walked towards our bedroom which was just down the hallway. I pushed open the door to see the sponge cream color against the wall. The white curtains were perfect. Boxes were lined against the walls as they needed to be unpacked. Our suitcases sat in the doorway as I traveled to the long bathroom. The two sinks, a big shower with a nice little window.

I collapsed down on to the bed as I circled my arms around the nearby pillow. My eyes began to drift shut as a yawned filled my mouth. I was so tired.

Troy's POV

I lifted the eight month old into the air as I brought him back down to blow on his neck making a funny noise. He laughed and gripped onto my shirt. I kissed his cheek before I flattened against the couch.

"So when does your flight leave?" my mom walked out of the kitchen and looked at me. "Why, are you in a hurry to get rid of me?" I shook my head as I let Liam rest against me. He sat up and clapped his head. He squirmed in my lap and I let him down onto the floor.

"Where is Gabi at? I didn't expect her to let go of Liam," I laughed for a second before I leaned back, "She went into the bedroom. She might be unpacking; I don't know what she is doing." I stood as I suddenly felt worried. I leaned over to scoop up Liam into my arms. "We are going to go check on her."

I supported Liam on my shoulder while he babbled all the way down to the bedroom. I pushed open the door gently to our room for my face to soften. I walked into the room as I picked up something before walking out. Liam didn't stop making noises and I was afraid Gabi was going to wake.

I found my way back downstairs as I walked into the kitchen. "She is passed out. She has been increasingly tired." My mom laughed as she flipped pancakes off onto the nearby plate.

"She deserves to be tired. That is one hell of a plane flight," I nodded as I sat Liam down in his bumbo. He tapped his hands together and cooed. I tickled his feet while I sighed, "I want to play basketball again but I am not ready to leave him," I rubbed my fingers against Liam's head before I slid onto the island that sat in the middle of the kitchen.

"I am leaving tomorrow evening."

"That is why I thought I would stay for a few extra days. To help everybody get settled into the house." My mom said as she threw the towel down. She offered me some pancakes and I shook my head. "No thanks, I had a lot of food on the plane." My mom rose an eyebrow while I shook my head. "You don't want to know that tab." My mom shook her head while I picked up Liam once more. "I am going to take him outside for a little while."

"Where are you really going to go?" my mom asked, I adjusted Liam on my hip before I bit down on my lip. "I am going to go outside and hang with my son." I said looking at her, "I don't want him waking Gabs up,"

"You should go downstairs and work out your man cave." I turned my head to the side. "Sounds like a good idea." I picked up my feet as I waved bye to my mom. Taking Liam downstairs with me I placed him on the floor as I looked around. The leather couches were lined against the walls

Liam crawled across the room before he tapped onto the box. The flat screen had already been hung up against the wall. I already felt like kicking back to watch TV. I reached for the top box as I peeled the tape off the box. The first thing that it revealed was a picture of Liam. I smiled as it was one of him that was days after he was born.

He was in a little blue onsie and was crying. I mean it was unusual for him to be crying, as I thought back on it, he didn't cry that much. He had his moments but I felt like he never cried that much for that long. His colicky stage was different, that was bad.

I pressed my fingers against the picture as I smiled. He had grown so much since that day. I sat down the picture before I picked up some other pictures that were displayed in our hallways back at the other house.

After trying to stop a yawn that was itching my throat but I looked over at Liam who was playing with a piece of tape. I shoved the box away from me as I sat down on the floor. "Liam," his eyes looked up into mine and he grinned. I laid onto my stomach as he grinned crawling closer to me.

I reached my arms out like superman and he came into my arms. I tickled his stomach and he made little faces that made me smile. "I am so ready for you to be older and you could talk." I told him, he turned my head and then he smiled.

"He has my smile," I whispered as I let him rest against my chest. He propped up on my chest as he wanted to role over to play some more. I let him go as he began to crawl back towards the more entertaining tape. "I guess I am way more boring than plain old tape." I mumbled to myself.

I stood up before moving around to the next box. I hung up some posters and then some of the pictures. I then looked over to see Liam sitting up against the couch. His eyes drooped as he kept rubbing them red. I stopped what I was doing before I pushed away some of the stuff. I got down to floor level and I picked him up.

"You ready to take a nap?" I asked him, he sort of nodded his head but I didn't read in to it. I flopped down onto the couch as I picked up a blanket. I let Liam rest on my chest as I rubbed his back. I flipped on the TV as I looked for a baseball game but on a Saturday morning there wasn't much. I yawned as I rested my head against the corner of the couch with one of the pillows.

Liam's breathing began to even out after a while. I rested my hands against his back while I flipped towards Sports Center. "The players report to workout destinations tomorrow," I turned my head to watch carefully on what was happening.

"Yea, I wonder what is going to happen in these first few weeks with the basketball program up and running." I turned down the volume to a faint mumble in the room. Yawning again I felt my body began to slow down. They say to get a baby to sleep you have to slow down there pulse rate and make sure they are in a quiet area; I am thinking it applied to adults.

I folded my feet across each other as a baseball pre-game show came on. I almost didn't care who was going to play, as long as someone played. Liam turned his head to look at the TV while he still rested. It was almost eleven as the house began to quiet.

Rubbing one of my eyes I turned to face the TV. I pulled my phone out to see Zeke had called me and then a text message from Sharpay. They have been house haunting since they found out we were moving up here. Taylor was becoming pissed that everybody moved up here but her.

Chad was happy being close to the gym and close to the airport so I saw them never moving. Looking around the basement, the tan colored walls with the green curtains. That would change fast, Gabi hated green.

I smiled as I was so happy with how our life was turning out. Meeting her was so much fun and then the destiny of her coming to my school. Our life was complete with Liam last February and then now we were married for two weeks now. It was different being married since I didn't have any interest in girls anymore. I only had my eye on one person.

I heard patter upstairs while Liam rested a little while longer. My eyes closed before I yawned again. Liam moved as he almost rolled over but I stopped him. I reached for a few of the other pillows as they laid at my feet. I tossed them onto the floor incase the worst of the worst happened. I was scared almost that something would happen to him.

Leaving him was going to be so hard. Leaving Gabi was going to be so hard like it was every single time last year. I rolled the gold ring around my finger as it was cold against my skin. I looked at it as it meant a lot more to me than any other person. A Giants game crossed the screen. I smiled as I laid further down into the blankets.

Gabi's POV

I rolled over before I looked up to see where I was. I then noticed I was in our new house. I smiled as I deflated against the pillows. My body was sore from the plane ride and I felt my head beat a little.

Reaching for my phone I looked to see it was a little after two. I jumped in surprise as I had been sleeping for a while. I pushed the blankets off my body as I stood. I reached for a jacket as it was a little cold. Slipping it over my shoulders I turned the AC down as I crossed my arms over my body.

I havent heard the squeal from my baby that I had missed so much. Moving towards the kitchen I turned my head around to see Lucille sitting in the living room, she was kneeling over playing with the eight month old little boy. I smiled as I patted against the floor. Liam looked up and he squealed, I bent over to pick him up and I swung him around gently.

"Where is Troy?" I asked with a look toward Lucille. She sat up against the couch as she pointed towards the basement stairs. "Downstairs. I went down to see him napping. Liam was awake laying on his chest watching the TV." I smiled as I held his hand. I sat down on the ground and played with Liam in my lap.

"Do you want me to stay for a few days to help get everything organized and since Troy is leaving tomorrow evening." I smiled looking up at her. "It really isn't nessccsary. You should get home to Jenni, it's her senior year and homecoming is coming up! You have to be home for her last year. We will be just fine," Lucille shook her head and reached for her eyes.

"How did you and Troy grow up so fast? I remember your guy's senior year. It was one crazy year but you two hung in there with the best of them." I smiled softly, "I know what you mean. I feel like I was just in high school or just meeting Troy and here I am six years later almost finished with college with a baby and married." Lucille nodded her head, "Its unreal."

I sighed as Liam played with my hands. I then looked up at Lucille, "Can you watch him for a second? I am going to wake Troy up," I said with a small grin, "Go ahead, I am going to go pack then. I will probably catch a flight tomorrow morning." I nodded as she disappeared picking up Liam.

I got up and walked towards the basement stairs. I looked out the front door to see the wind blowing in the simple winds. The trees were beautiful and I messed with my curls. I traveled down the basement stairs to see Troy laying on the couch; Troy was buried in the couch.

Grinning I watched as a baseball game of some sort was on the TV. I rubbed my fingers as I sat on Troy's lap gently and leaned over to press my lips against Troy's. He reacted quickly as I pushed back and leaned over to press my lips tighter against Troy's. He wrapped his arms loosely around my shoulders as he let me drop against his chest.

"Well good afternoon," he mumbled as he brushed his fingers through my hair. I closed my eyes as I took in the smell of Troy. He rubbed my lower back and he kissed the top of my head. Troy laid there quietly for a moment before he snapped up, I tumbled backwards as I braced myself against the couch.

"Are you okay?" I asked him, his blue eyes flashed towards mine. "Have you seen Liam?" he asked me, I laughed and nodded. "Your mom came down to get him a little while ago. She was playing with him and when he saw me he was so happy."

"He is a momma's boy." I laughed while I crawled back onto Troy's lap. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pressed his lips against my ear. "He basically fell asleep on the floor when I was unpacking some things."

I brushed a piece of hair out of Troy's eyes. "You know what when you leave tomorrow, he is going to be traumatized." Troy laughed and rubbed my lower back. "I know he is going to be traumatized but he isn't even one yet. I think he will survive and its only three weeks."

"Yea, I know but I will miss you." Troy laughed and then pulled me into a deep kiss. Troy entwined our fingers together while he deepened the kiss. A long wail came from upstairs and Troy pulled back resting his forehead on mine. "Time to play parents again."


I helped Troy up as he slung his arm around my waist; he pressed his lips into my hair while brushing his fingers against my side. We approached the living room to see Liam sitting in the middle of the floor crying. His face was red and his hair brushed his forehead.

Lucille was no where nearby and I frowned, then she came rushing down the stairs. She stopped in her tracks as she looked at us, "I ran upstairs to use the bathroom, I made sure that all of the gates were up." Troy laughed, "Relax mom," Troy bent over to pick up Liam. "He is fine."

Taking a deep breath I sat down on the couch. I draped my legs over Troy's lap as Liam reached his arms out for me. His crying was stopping but he still took those long breaths and then a wail. I let him stand on my legs as I gripped onto his sides. He grinned and then he grabbed onto my shoulders.

"Goodness, he is going to be walking soon." Troy plugged his ears, "Blah blah blah," Troy said as he shook his head, "I don't know what will happen if I miss that."

"You won't miss it." I smoothed my fingers over his knee and he took a deep breath. "I should probably go pack some of my stuff. Unless you have a better idea of what we should be doing." Troy suggested, "How about we go and grab some dinner with your mom before she leaves town tomorrow morning."

Troy looked over at his mom and smiled, "Sounds like a perfect idea. Mom, I think I know the perfect place to take all of my beautiful ladies and my wonderful son." Troy stood and then went dashing up the stairs. I looked at Lucille and shook my head. "I don't know what I am going to do with that boy."

Troy pulled into the local parking lot before he stepped out of the car. Lucille was playing with Liam in his car seat as Troy popped out the stroller from the back. I got out as I fixed my sunglasses on my face while I looked over at him. Lucille got out of the car while Troy grabbed Liam and put him into the car seat. I was in a pair of capris with a white tshirt V-neck.

Walking over to Troy Liam was sitting up in his stroller while I stood behide Troy. Lucille came up next to us; we had come to the mall strip, as they called the plaza. Troy pushed Liam's stroller towards the entrance before I saw where he was going. A light breeze picked up through the area.

"Gabs, do you have some sort of food for Liam?" Troy's head turned to look at me and I nodded, "Yes,"

Troy smiled as he reached over for my hand. "Goodness. Look at this happy family," Lucille smiled at us as we approached the Japanese restaurant that Troy had grown to love, there was one down in LA but this one looked smaller, almost family friendly." Troy approached the door as he stopped.

"I thought about eating out here. Liam seems happy and they have a live band playing tonight." I nodded as I adjusted the blanket around his waist. "Go ahead, we can wait out here." He leaned forward to peck my cheek as he disappeared into the building.

"I never knew how much of a romantic he was," Lucille said sighing, she sat down on the bench across from me. "It's so hard with you guys living all the way up here. We miss you down there." I took a deep breath, "If it wasn't for Troy's basketball, I would move down there in a heartbeat. I loved it down there."

"Once he is finished, do you plan on moving back?" I looked over at her and then down at Liam. "I don't know it just will depend on where the kids are in life. If he is in high school, living it up I am not going to rip him away from all of that."

Lucille sighed loudly before the door opened, "I completely understand," she said, Troy came out with a waiter behide him. I pushed Liam's stroller as Lucille got up to follow. We were seated quickly as I pulled Liam close to my side. He banged his hand on the table and then looked up at me. I smiled at him as I tickled his little stomach.

"We will take this bottle of wine," Troy said to the guy, I turned to look at him and he winked. I rolled my eyes before I sat back against my chair. I knew Troy would order everything for me since he knew exactly what I wanted.

Lucille looked closely at the menu, "Mom, this is a huge thank you dinner to you. You have watched Liam for the past two weeks and you helped so much with the wedding. This is to you," Troy said as he reached over to kiss her cheek. The sun was beginning to set over the mountains.

A band was setting up on the stage and Liam bounced in his seat while I picked him up. He squirmed as I picked up his blanket to cover his legs. He stood against me and smiled, he giggled and then I pressed my lips against his cheek. I blew on it softly and he giggled again.

"That has to be the cutest sound ever," Lucille gushed; I smiled as I rested him in my lap. "Troy, can you grab the diaper bag? I think I shoved a bottle in there. I was just going to let him eat that until we got home. I didn't feel like feeding him that kind of stuff out."

"Troy was always a mess," Lucille started; the waiter brought the wine over as he began to fill the glasses. "I mean always had it every where. Food time just became bath time too," I snorted and nodded, "Yes, Liam loves to rub his hands in it and then smear it across his face."

"Sounds just like Troy," I shook my head as I took a sip of the wine. Troy passed over Liam's bottle before I placed it into his mouth. He sucked on it as I turned him in my lap as he began to eat. The waiter took our order as Liam began to swiftly move through his bottle.

A thin base ran through the area as the lights were turning on. The fountain in the center was glowing with colors. Troy kept his hand on my knee as he talked to his mom and we conversed. Troy took Liam from my lap half way through dinner as we ate the sushi.

I enjoyed every bite, Troy kept trying to feed Liam some but he kept rejecting it. I burst out into laughter as he kept shaking his head back and forth. "Troy, he doesn't want it!" I said breathing harder as I laughed. Liam began to cry as the music grew louder over dinner. It was a nice band, something unheard but not horrible.

Lucille laughed as she took photos. I took Liam back and Troy shook his head. "He is going to be glad I am leaving tomorrow." I shook my head, "He is going to miss you." I said as Liam began to rub his eyes even more. I bounced him on my leg as he probably was going to need more food.

We finished up our dinner and most of the wine in the small bottle. I packed Liam away into his stroller as we headed back to the car. "Thank you guys for dinner, it was amazing." Lucille said Troy brought him mom into a sideways hug. "No, thank you mom."

I sighed softly as Liam was beginning to fall asleep in his stroller. Upon arriving back to the car Troy put Liam back into his car seat while I put the stroller away.

I shoved it into the car as I snapped the door shut. I climbed into the front seat where Troy was waiting. He had a goofy grin plastered over his face and he reached over to touch my lips against his. "I love you,"

"I love you too," Troy embraced my hand while he started the car. I shook my head as I leaned back, Liam had slowly fallen asleep as I rubbed Troy's knuckle.

A screaming noise, something that sounded like a wail that needed to go away. I am sleeping; I did not want to be disrupted. The scream grew louder as I sat up in a panic in my bed, sweat beaded my face. The screaming was real, Liam was crying, it was coming from Liam's room. I looked over to see Troy was coming out of his groggy state, he stretched his legs out and then he turned his head... I shoved him gently as he pushed me gently back down on the bed. His blue eyes still hiding underneath his eyelids.

"Maybe we should let him cry it out." Troy suggested as he rubbed his eyes. A shrinking feeling in my stomach came over me. It was time for him to figure it out. He was eight months old…almost eight months old. Troy thinks he should figure it out, I took a relaxing breath. Troy reached his arms around me as our door opened up a little. "I mean if he is crying, it means he is breathing right?" Troy said as he let his head bury into my hair.

"I am making sure you guys hear him," Lucille mumbled quietly, "We are going to see what happens." Troy said back, "Give him some time," Lucille nodded before shuffling off to bed. The crying didn't stop after five minutes and I played with the edge of the blanket. Liam's cry grew more intense as I laid there listening to him through the baby monitor.

I sighed as I looked around the room. He didn't stop after another ten. I closed my eyes to see if I could go back to sleep but I couldn't.

"Maybe we should go check on him," I whispered as Troy was falling back asleep. "Give it a few more minutes Gabs," His wail surrounded us as I finally pushed off Troy. His hand slipped through mine as he tried to pull me backwards.

"Gabi this isn't how it works," he said softly, I reached for my jacket as the chilly air ran through my body. "And he hasn't done this in a long time. It's been about twenty minutes since he started what if it's his diaper or he is hungry? I think this method is best used when you know what's going on, like when you put him to bed." I asked looking at him Troy finally sighed and reached for his sweatshirt and sweats laying on the floor. I squirmed into a pair of underwear and yoga pants.

I exited the room as time ticked further by. I pushed open the door to his room while I looked in to see him sitting up in his crib. I walked over and he quickly reached his arms up towards me. His face was flushed and red, probably from crying. His fingers were spread apart. I picked him up and I let him rest his head into my neck. I rubbed his back softly as I checked his diaper. Hiccups were hidden in his cries as he tried to take deep breaths. I pressed my lips against his temple.

Troy stood in the doorway yawning. "See he is fine," I kissed his forehead while he kept crying. "Then why is he crying?" I asked him, Troy shrugged his shoulders. "Maybe he wants something to eat." I suggested nicely. Troy rolled his blue eyes before he walked away. I sat down in the rocking chair as he gripped on to my shirt. He little body trembled in my arms.

I pressed my lips against his forehead to make sure he didn't have a fever as he was sweating. I felt my eyes look at him, his eyes looked scared and I finally rubbed his back. Troy came back and handed me a bottle. He put one of his hands on my shoulder. I adjusted Liam so he could drink the bottle but he refused it.

"Are you kidding me?" Troy asked as he took the bottle back, his head shaking. I looked at him and then he sighed, "I am going to take this back downstairs and go back to bed." Troy mumbled I pulled on his hand while he turned.

"Something was wrong Troy, look he is still crying and he is trembling. I know when it's something that he can live through Troy. It's that mom thing in me. Maybe he had a nightmare, something in him just didn't seem right. When we put him down for bed that is a different story. That is when you let him cry it out." He looked at me for a few moments and then he brushed his hand through my hair. "I know you do babe, it just hate how you just know when and how."

"Troy, I just think it's a mom thing." Troy leaned over and kissed my forehead. "I will be waiting for you in the bedroom." He winked at me and I smiled at him. He walked out and I rocked Liam back and forth. He finally stopped crying as I rubbed his back. Liam rested his head in the crook of my neck while he drifted off to sleep. Little babbles of sentences came out of his mouth while he played with the bottom of my curls.

Tomorrow it was just us for three weeks. It was going to suck; now that Liam was older he was starting to play. Troy was having a blast with him when we got home as Liam was rolling the ball back and forth. I smiled as I thought of the memories. That was what everything was becoming. Was a memory.

My cheek rested on his cheek while he began to breath evenly again. I kissed him once more before I let him rest in his crib once more. I drifted a small blanket over his body before I shut off the lights and exited the room. I yawned and I glanced at the clock.

It was four in the morning; he would want to be up in just a few hours. I was shocked when he didn't want his bottle. I rubbed my eye before I shut our bedroom door. I looked over at Troy who was under the blankets.

"Liam is resting peacefully now," I said as I crawled back underneath the covers. "Aren't you glad I am the one leaving," Troy teased softly, I shook my head as I buried my head into his lap. Troy rubbed my back softly while he lowered himself into the laying position. "I never want you to leave."

My head ended up on his chest while I played with the hem of his hoodie. "I just wish that it was closer to home."

"I know I wish it was too but its only three weeks." Troy said simply as he looked down at me.

"And then the season starts,"

"Well, preseason starts during the training camp this year." I nodded as I let my eyes fluttered close. Troy kissed my forehead softly before he moved down to my lips. "Our last chance for three weeks," he murmured softly as he squeezed my arms. "How about tomorrow after your mom leaves and during Liam's nap?" I suggested.

"Sounds great, since I am really tired." Troy's voice lowered to a whisper as we both began to breathe in harmony. I yawned and Troy secured my body next to his while he ran one of his fingers through my hair.

"Are you mad that I am a little excited for basketball to start?" Troy asked, "No. You should be excited, I am excited to see you play again but I only miss you when Liam does something fun or fantastic. I just hope tat you don't miss anything big. I kind of wish it was like high school. You played around you…not across the country."

"Don't let him walk." Troy warned with a soft laugh, "I don't know how much I can control. He is a very active baby," Troy smiled as I closed my eyes.

"I think I am falling asleep,"

"I think I love you." I giggled and then Troy rubbed my lower back. "I am pretty sure I love you too." Troy laughed, "That's good. You just married me so,"

Troy pulled on his duffel bag as Taylor and Chad were standing in the gate entrance whispering to each other. Liam crawled across the room and banged on Troy's bag. Troy laughed and then bent over to pick him up. I had let him loose to go over there; we were in a private room waiting for the whole team.

"Sorry little guy. You can not come," Liam cried and Chad shook his head. "That was not nice of your dad was it?" Taylor and I laughed as Chad stole Liam from Troy. "He is just so mean, he probably won't let you grow your hair out like Uncle Chad's," Taylor snorted and shook her head.

"No way in hell would I let our kids do that" Chad shot her a glare and then he raised Liam above his head. Liam laughed and gripped onto Chad. Troy pushed Chad gently before demanding Liam back. "Would you look at that, Mr. and Mrs. Bolton," Luke sighed with a smile on his face before hugging me around the shoulders.

"Funny," I said laughing, he snorted, "Yea, totally." I laughed and then Luke went over to see Troy and Liam. "Let the basketball season begin," Taylor said as she stood next to me. Liam was on Troy's hip while everybody talked. Liam pulled on Troy's shirt wanting to be closer.

"For eight months, he seems to know what's going on." I sighed running my fingers through my hair, "I think there is just a bad vibe that he feels in the air. He knows that it's not any good." Taylor leaned over to rest her body against mine. "Girls night tonight? Sharpay is in need for one."

"Sounds like a great idea. Dinner and a movie…damn I need a baby sitter." I muttered as I looked at Liam, Taylor looked around for a minute before spotting Sam standing in the corner. She was busily talking on her cell phone, "Have Sam come and watch him for a few hours."

I looked back at Liam and then over to Sam, "I don't know…" I said quietly, I looked at Taylor and then i sighed. "How about we order in? He will be out by eight thirty," I said, Taylor bit on her lip as she looked at Troy and Chad.

"I dunno. I mean do you think it will be okay?" I shrugged my shoulders, "you can stay over if you want." Taylor shook her head.

"Nah. I think we can just hang at your house for a bit and then I will bug home." Taylor looked back at Chad who had just a little bit bigger of a smile. "Tay, are you okay?"

"I just have some really big news to share." she whispered lightly. She then paused and looked at me. "How about you come over to my house after here? Sharpay is at the restaurant with Zeke so she isn't that far away."

"Sounds fine but i will have to leave sooner. I have some food for Liam but not much and he is a growing little boy." I relaxed against the wall as Taylor nodded. "Sounds fine. Just some dinner then and then we can get together a tomorrow or something."

"Alright," i nodded and then Troy and Chad walked over. Chad's smile faulted a little while Troy frowned. Liam was clapping his hands in Troy's arms while he grinned with a smile.

Chad reached Taylor and spun her around in a thin circle. They laughed as there foreheads touch. Troy came over and then he ran one of his fingers over my cheek. My throat tightened and goosebumps go up and down my arms.

Troy leaned over and pressed his lips against mine. "It's about time." I sighed and I pressed my head into his chest. Liam looked at me and I smiled at him. Troy wrapped one of his arms around my waist while pulling me in. His chin rested on top of my head while he took a deep breath.

"I'll miss you." I said quietly as I felt overwhelmed. Troy looked over at Liam's stroller before letting go and placing him inside. The buckle snapped and Troy pushed the blanket over his body.

Troy dragged the stroller back over here before he fully wrapped both arms around me. "You'll be just fine." Troy said to me, his voice vibrated against my ear. "I know I'll be just fine but it's going to be a long 3 weeks." My voice cracked as I tried to keep myself together.

Troy pressed his lips into my hair before moving down to my lips. He kept them there for several seconds and then he pressed his lips against mine once more. A tear slipped down my cheek but Troy quickly wiped it away. "None of that Mrs. Bolton," he teased quietly. I smiled and then I stood on my tiptoes while I pressed my lips against his.

"Love birds," Chad coughed, Troy flipped him off before Troy squeezed me tightly. "Three weeks."

I smirked and nodded, "Three weeks," Troy smiled again before finally kissing me once more. Troy then pulled back before he went over to Liam. He bent over and talked to him for a minute before he kissed the top of his head.

Troy picked up his backpack before he reached for my hand. "I love you," he whispered as he hugged me, "I love you too," He pressed his lips against my forehead and then they called them. "I will call you tonight, okay?" I nodded as he squeezed me once more.

Troy began to walk away and Liam screeched. Troy turned around and his blue eyes sadden. I picked him up and then I let him cry into my shoulder. I nodded towards Troy and he sighed, then he frowned. I waved him off as I knew it was time for Liam's afternoon nap.

Troy bit his lip before he walked through the tunnel towards the plane. Taylor grabbed Liam's stroller as I rubbed his back. We left without me sheading a tear but Liam was a different story.

"Is he okay?" Taylor asked coming up next to me, "He is tired, his nap this morning was short and he might be a little hungry." Taylor nodded, "Well, he can sleep in our bed if that will help."

"Thanks," I said as we traveled to my car. Taylor, Chad, Troy and I all carpooled together to get here. Taylor called Sharpay to come over to Taylor's while I buckled Liam in. He crying began to stop as he rubbed his eyes. He sniffled and then he forced his legs forward resisting the buckle. I kissed his forehead while I placed a blanket over top of him.

He squirmed and cried some more, "Why, oh why are you in this kind of mood?" he whined as I fussed to find a pacifier. I grabbed his purple one before placing it into his mouth. He spit it out and I threw my hands up in frustration. "Taylor, do you think you can deal with his crying?"

"Gabi, I love Liam and I can deal with his crying for fifteen minutes." I smiled at her gratefully as I scooted in next to Liam. I was at least going to keep attempting to get him to go to sleep. Taylor started the car while she backed out. I rubbed Liam's stomach while I let him cry it out for a minute.

My head pounded as I knew Taylor had to become annoyed with the crying. I hated being the only one with kids but they just didn't understand yet.

A few hours later

Liam was resting peacefully up in Taylor's bed as I sat down on Taylor's couch cross-legged. I let out a deep sigh as I looked at the two girls in front of me. We had finished eating and I needed to head home to put Liam in his crib.

"Okay, so I have something to tell you both." Taylor said with an excited grin, she picked up two cards and then handed them to us. I looked at her for a second. I gripped the card into my hand while Sharpay looked at me. I shrugged my shoulders as I let my finger slip through the bottom of the card.

The ripping noise traveled through the room while I pulled the card out from the envelope. A picture of Taylor and Chad were on the front and then when I opened it, a sonogram fell out. I gasped and then I jumped up to enflame Taylor into a hug. Sharpay screeched before wrapping her arms around Taylor. "Oh my, congrats!" I said I felt flushed as I pulled back. Taylor smiled, "I am about six weeks along, give or take a little."

I sat back as I felt so excited for her, "I can not believe this, I am so happy for you!" She grinned as she placed one of her hands over her stomach. "They say it's too earlier to tell people, they say to wait till twelve weeks." I nodded as I pushed my hair behide my ear.

"How did Chad react? How did you tell him?" I asked her as I sat down on the floor. "Well, I found out when I was just taking a random test about three days ago, well Chad wasn't home. He was over at your house helping with Liam. So I taped the stick to the door." I smiled as I crossed my feet. "That is cute."

"I wanted to go bigger but since its still earlier, I don't want people finding out too soon. I already told my mom and dad plus Chad's parents. We are trying to keep this on the DL."

Sharpay and I nodded as Shar rubbed her stomach. "I am so excited for November." Sharpay said rubbing her stomach evenly. "We are all going to be parents," I said grinning, almost as the words left my mouth Liam erupted into cries.

I looked at my watch and sighed, "I better go guys. Liam needs to get to bed and probably eat some more food." I said as I rubbed my knee. I stood up as I headed up the stairs. Sharpay and Taylor began to talk quietly as I entered Taylor's room. I grabbed his car seat before I picked him up.

"I know I know you are ready for bed." I whispered he squirmed in my arms while I pressed my lips to his forehead. I buckled him in as I draped a blanket over him. I kissed his forehead as I draped his car seat over my arm. I picked up my Vera Bradley diaper bag.

I made it downstairs as I set Liam down. I hugged Sharpay and Taylor. "I will see you guys later." I said they nodded as I picked Liam back up. It was time for our first night without Troy in about four months.

The scream made me bolt up right in bed…again. I took a deep breath as I glanced over at the empty spot on the other side of the bed. I pushed the blankets away as I pulled down my sweatshirt sleeves over my wrists. I yawned quietly before moving out to the hallway.

Going into Liam's room I pushed the door open further to listen to the long wail. My head spun in a circle while I closed my eyes tightly. I went over to his crib while I looked at him, he was still laying down. I brushed my hand over his face before I decided maybe it was food but he didn't seem hungry.

Liam rubbed at his eyes acting like he was tired. I didn't know what to do anymore, he didn't seem hungry, he was tired and I was frustrated.

I kissed his forehead as I picked him up. He wrapped his arms around my neck while I walked around the room. His crying began to slow down and long breaths left his mouth. I looked at his little monkey clock he had to see it was a little after two. Liam began to take deep breaths as I sat down in the rocking chair.

"What's wrong buddy?" I asked as I adjusted him into my lap. He laid in my arms while pulling his hand towards my shirt. His fingers wrapped around the fabric while he began to fall asleep again. My fingers rubbed his forehead while I yawned again. I was hoping these late night calls were over with.

He hadn't done this in a long time. I mean several weeks, maybe eight or so. I rubbed my fingers together while I stood up. I quietly placed him back in his crib. I detached his fingers from my shirt while he gripped them back together.

I placed the blanket back over him as he turned his head around to face the wall. My fingers brushed through his hair while I moved away from the crib. I left his nightlight on as I walked out of the room. I cracked his door before I went back over to crawl back into bed.

Troy's POV

Pulling on my fresh, clean, Lakers tshirt and a pair of Nike dri-fit black shorts. I looked into the mirror to make any adjustments. I glanced at my new, shorter, hair that Gabi loved. It was defiantly different to have shorter hair. I checked my socks before pulling on my purple and gold Nikes.

My cell phone vibrated on the table before it began to play I won't Give up. Gabi's face appeared with Liam in her lap, I grinned. "Hey," I said swiftly as I answered my phone.

"I miss you," was the first thing out of her mouth. I laughed quietly while I picked up my gym bag. "I miss you too." She sighed heavily before taking a long pause. "Liam woke up again screaming last night." I headed towards the practice facility as I saw Chad waving me down. "Is he sick?" I asked her as I held up one finger to Chad but he seemed rushed or nervous.

"I don't think so but I made an appointment with his doctor just to make sure," Gabi took a deep breath while Chad kept moving around. "Call or text me if something is wrong ok?" She took a minute to respond, "Ok," I nodded. "I love you." I told her quietly. "I love you too," her voice was quiet and low. "I'll talk to you later." We finished our goodbyes and then I hung up my phone. "What are you over here dancing about?" I asked.

Chad shook his head, "Coach wants you in his office…now." I looked at Chad and then towards the practice facility. "Why?" I asked with a relaxed look. "I don't know, but there are two guys in very fancy suits yelling and demanding something." Chad's face paled a little while I licked my lips.

"Okay." I started off towards the gym. My mind went through a lot of things before I arrived at the building. Flying in yesterday night, I had not yet had a chance to come in. It smelled fresh and not like dirty gym socks or sweat…yet. Some of the guys were lingering around, sitting on the bleachers and bouncing a basketball around.

I dropped my stuff as I rubbed my hands together. I headed towards coach's office only to be directed towards the conference room with all the yelling. I pulled open the door as the arguing grew a lot louder. I tensed as I had no clue hat they were fighting about. I took a shaky breath as I stood in the doorway. "He would rather have 8 million to play than you 7.5 million"

"Yea? Well mine is worth three years while yours is only four years." Coach looked flustered and frustrated in the corner of the two of them. He looked up and then he let out a long sigh. "Chad said you wanted to see me." I looked around awkwardly at the two guys with there expensive suits on. I twisted my ring around my finger as I stared at him.

"Troy, Thomas Brandy," I stuck my hand out to shake it, "Kyler Williams," the other guy butted in sending him the evil eye. I looked at Coach and he cleared his throat. "Troy, this is Thomas Brady and Kyler Williams," I nodded as I already got the formal introduction.

"Thomas Brady from the Dallas Mavs," I pulled my hand away from his and then Kyler quickly took mine. "Kyler Williams, New York Knicks." My eyes jumped in surprise. "Kyler and Thomas here want you…on there team." I looked over at Coach as he looked scared. "Troy, take a seat." Kyler said he pulled out one of the rolling chairs. I lowered myself as I looked at both of the guys.

"Troy, think about this, Dallas Mavs, Lamar, your former teammate just moved there. Now I am offering you a four year contract worth eight million dollars." Thomas' face lite up as he talked more about the the trade. "You can live in a gated community and your beautiful family to move with us. I know you have a little boy and he would just love hanging out at the gym with all of the guys and there are great schools down there. Just think about college,"

That struck a nerve in my body, why would you bring my family into a situation like this? I blew a long sigh out of my mouth. "No, Troy think about this, a three year contract worth 7.5 million dollars. You will be living in the city of New York. A pent house will fit your family perfectly."

"Perfectly?" Thomas joked, "I don't think that would be perfectly because honestly, would you think about this, a toddler in New York City that just spells disaster."

"No, New York would be great for a little kid. A bunch of private schools to choose from with there wonderful education." Kyler said quickly. My head spun in a circle, "Your practices will only be four and half times a week, plenty of time to spend with your family." Thomas offered out.

"Troy, this is all up to you." Coach mumbled quietly from the corner. I glared towards him as I could not believe this. An overwhelming pressure came over my shoulders. "Coach, what the hell?" I yelled I pushed back my chair as I stood up; it crashed against the back wall. "What the fuck makes you think I want to move?" I yelled louder, Kyler and Thomas looked shocked at my reaction. "I mean you have to be kidding me. You dragged my family into this? That is low ball. If you want to bring my family into this then why did you ask?"

I waited for a response but nothing came. "I have an eight month old son," I felt baffled as my head began to pound. "I just got married to my beautiful wife and I just bought my first house." I looked over at Kyler and Thomas. "I don't give a fucking shit about how much money you offer me. The only thing I care about is my family and playing the game I love." I took a breath as I looked at them. "So please, don't waste another minute here trying to talk me into moving my family across the fucking country. I am not leaving my team here alone to suffer."

I glared intensely at Coach as he looked out towards the practice court. "I have all of my friends here, I am only an hour and half flight away from my family and my wife wants to be where she is." I said shaking my head. "She would hate this. Her friends are here, Liam is growing up and I don't want to make her move." Kyler let a huge sigh fall from his mouth.

"Troy, are you sure you can not be persuaded? You are going to be a huge star," I slapped my hand onto the table. "I don't give a fuck! I don't care if I am the number one player in the world! I am not going to just up and move my family." I looked over at Coach, "Whatever made you," I pointed my finger towards him, "think I wanted to get up and leave you guys should be examined. I have been here a year. I have been in this league for a year. You know I have a baby and you know Gabi and I just got married. So please, make sure you talk to me first before you just let people fight over me like a piece of meat."

I then opened the door and stormed out of the room. The door slammed shut behide me with a slam. I leaned against the back of the wall taking a deep breath. I let my finger run over my face while I rubbed my chin gently as the stubble grew. I moved away from the wall as the door began to open.

Kyler and Thomas walked out of the room and turned the opposite direction. "Bolton!" Coach yelled I cringed as I knew I might be in trouble for that. I walked back into the room as I rubbed the back of my neck. "Coach, I didn't mean to be so harsh but seriously? Please, include me next time. How long has this been going on for?"

"About three months. A bunch of teams have been fighting since its time for you to sign a long term contract." I looked at him and then I crossed my arms over my chest. "I don't care what you pay me, I just want to play." Coach smiled, "Thank you for yelling at them, I was hoping you wouldn't leave us like that."

"I knew that a contract was coming up but I just didn't know," Coach nodded his head and then he grabbed his piece of paper. "We are offering you a four year contract worth nine million," my eyes gapped a little, "I wasn't going to tell you this until they left because they would have pushed up there price. I didn't know what you would do about that."

"I'll take it but I want to read it over with my agent before we sign it." Coach nodded and then handed it over to me. "I already gave Aaron the page,"

"Thanks," I said as I began to leave the room. "Bolton, I knew you weren't going to leave. I tried to tell them but they wanted to try."

I smiled and then I walked out, "Let the basketball begin." I whispered.

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