The Four Stages of Attraction

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Chapter 1: Discovery

Albus slowly made his way down the stairs to the kitchen table where his mum and dad sat. About a minute ago his dad had hollered at him to join them. As he sat down across from his parents he noticed the grim expressions on their faces.

"What's wrong?" He asked looking back and forth between them as Harry and Ginny looked at each other as if trying to decide who was going to speak first. Apparently Ginny lost the staring contest because she huffed loudly and turned towards Albus.

"Al, we need to tell you something. This may be a bit of a shock, but um, how do I put this? Ok, I'm just gonna say it. Your father and I are getting a divorce."

Albus' mum paused to let this information sink in. After a few minutes the initial shock slipped off Albus' face. Albus looked up from the spot he'd been blankly staring at. He wanted to say so many things but the only word he could manage to choke out was "Why?"

"Well, you see..." Harry started to speak but he couldn't seem to find the words to explain. Ginny let out a sigh and picked up from where Harry left off. "What your father is trying, and failing, to say is that I just found out he's been cheating on me for quite some time."

Ginny was glaring daggers at Harry now. Albus slowly turned his shocked expression towards his dad. "Dad, Seriously?" He paused and then added, "I just have one question. Was it worth it?" Albus saw his dad's face turn into a grin which slowly slipped off his face as soon as he saw Ginny's expression.

Harry turned to face Albus again. "Well, let's hope I don't get hexed for saying this, but yes it was. He makes me very happy." Albus' jaw dropped. He? That was a shock.

"He? Wow, run in the family much?" This was muttered under his breath so quietly Harry wasn't sure if he heard right. "Okay, wow a man! Um, who is he?"

"Draco Malfoy" Silence was met with this statement.

"So, Mum, are you and Hermione going to run away into the sunset together? Because at this point it's beginning to look plausible, I didn't even realize you guys had relationship issues. And dad; how long have you been into blokes? You always seemed so happy with mum."

"I was," He started, as he looked at Ginny's expression he added, "I swear I was. It just kinda started to fade a bit and then I ran into Draco and he and Astoria had divorced a few months before and, well, it just kinda happened. I couldn't believe how happy Draco made me. I mean I still feel that happy when I'm around him." Harry looked hopefully at his son, begging him with his eyes to understand.

Albus took some time to think it over. He started to understand it from his dad's perspective but he still felt horrible for his mum. "Yeah, I guess I do understand. Mum, how are you taking all of this?"

"As well as I can. Now are we done with this meeting?" She didn't even wait for a reply, "Good, I'm going to take a nice, long, relaxing bath. Harry, you tell him the rest." Ginny quickly stood up and half-ran towards her bedroom while trying to keep her tears from falling.

Albus' eyes widen more than he thought was physically possible. "The rest? Oh God there's more? Please don't tell me I was right about Mum and Hermione."

Harry's eyebrows shot up in surprise and he rushed to ease his son's worries, "No! No, no, no definitely not. By the rest your mother meant living arrangements. We already fire called Hogwarts and talked to Lily about this and she chose to stay with your mother. Now, we just need to know what you choose. "

"I promise we won't be mad no matter who you choose."

Albus was having a bit of a tough time deciding who to go with, kids should never have to choose between parents. He loved his dad a little more than his mum but he knew how hard this all was for her. His dad had cheated on her after all and he didn't want her to think he was on his dad's side. He thought what his dad did was wrong but he still loved him a lot, finally he remembered what his dad had said about Lily choosing his mum so he made the decision he had wanted to make all along.

"I'd like to stay with you dad. But where do you plan on us living?"

Harry ran his hand through his hair and fiddled with his glasses as he always did when he was nervous. "Um, well, Draco invited us to live in his house with him and his son. I, well I said yes."

Albus stood up without thinking and started speed walking back to the stairs. He heard a question of where was he going and gave a mumbled reply as he practically ran to his bedroom. Shit, shit, shit. Albus couldn't believe it. He'd been crushing from afar on Scorpius Malfoy during school for the last two years. They had both just graduated from Hogwarts.

Albus couldn't think straight with the knowledge that he'd now be living under the same roof as Scorpius. Being at school and crushing worked perfectly fine because Scorpius didn't even acknowledge Albus's existence so Albus was free to stare all he wanted without being caught. How could he get away with it now? Albus didn't even know how long he had until they moved out.

He crawled into his bed, not even bothering to change into his pajamas. He figured some sleep might help him to figure everything out, but instead all it did was make him dream about Scorpius.


Three days later found Harry and Albus with all their boxes and suitcases getting ready to floo to Malfoy Manor. Albus was freaking out inside. Today was the day the Potters moved in with the Malfoys. Today was the day he would move in with Scorpius.

Albus decided he start by trying to start a friendship with Scorpius and get as close as he could to the blond. He wasn't sure how he was going to go about it though. All Albus knew was that he had Gryffindor courage and he was going to put it to good use. At least he hoped.

An hour later all their things had been floo'd to the Manor and Harry and Albus were stepping through the fireplace and into their new home. Albus had said his goodbyes to his mum already and had promised he'd come to visit soon.

Harry stumbled through the floo and landed in strong, pale arms. "Thanks, Dray" he said as he blushed scarlet. Harry looked past Draco's shoulder and saw Scorpius with an emotionless face staring blankly at him. "Hiya Scorpius. How are you today?"

"I've been better," Scorpius said as he turned on his heel and walking back through the doorway he'd been standing in. Albus came through the floo just as Scorpius turned and he frowned slightly. How did he figure this was going to work? This place was enormous, he figured you could go a week and not see a soul if you knew the place well.

"Scorp! Come back here and be polite. You have not even said hello to Albus." Scorpius wondered back into the room looking like the pale god he was raised to be. He was the spitting image of his father. Albus could see why his dad was having an affair with Draco, the Malfoys were just so god damn gorgeous.

Scorpius moved in closer so that he was included into the group and gave a cold nod towards Albus. "Good afternoon Albus. I hope you can make yourself feel at home here." It sounded far from sincere but Albus would work on fixing that. Hopefully they could get closer; it might just take some time.

"Uh, thanks Scorpius." Scorpius was ten times more beautiful up close. And those eyes, he would do anything for just a hint of affection from those bright silver eyes.

Draco wrapped his arm around Harry's waist and pulled him in close. They looked so comfortable together; Albus realized with a start that his parents had never looked so perfect together. Albus wished he had something similar in his life. Draco turned to his son and commanded in a tone that required no nonsense.

"Scorpius, kindly show Albus to his new room. Oh, and Albus you can decorate your room however you'd like. If you need anything you can find me or your father or call a house elf."

Albus silently followed Scorpius up the stairs. They walked up to the third level of the house and trailed down the hallway for what seemed like forever. They finally reached their destination; it was a thin hallway with a door on either side.

Scorpius pointed to the one on the right and said, "That one is your room, if you need anything and by that I mean if you are dying and can't find anyone else, the one across the hall is mine." Scorpius stepped into his room and disappeared.

Albus wasn't sure what to do now that he was alone. He was sure that his father and Draco were already busy finally living together and celebrating that fact. He shuddered as horrific mental pictures flooded his head. He opened the door to find inside the biggest room he had ever seen. It was painted a deep, royal blue with a golden trim around the ceiling. At the centre of the far wall was a large four poster bed with silk black sheets and silver pillow covers. Albus figured he could get used to living here if his room was like this. He jumped on the bed and sprawled in the middle of the silk sheets grinning like a maniac. So far this trip wasn't looking so bad and tomorrow he'd start his plan of getting close to Scorpius.