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the kingdom's under siege

a dustland fairytale beginning

chapter one

A rim of metal settles against her cheek. It's the coolness of it that wakes her from her light, comfortable sleep, and her eyes open blearily to half mast as they flutter to adjust to the darkness. The cold metal trembles and presses harder on her cheek, and her eyes snap wide open as she realizes what it is.

It's a gun. Her gaze slowly travels up the handle, to a shaking hand, to an arm. A face; it's one of her bodyguards.

"Nobu?" She mumbles with confusion, "What are you... what are you doing?"

The large man standing next to her mahogany, canopy style bed audibly swallows. "Ojou-chan... I..."

Her fingers tighten against the soft, light pink duvet she's under, and her eyes dart from the gun to his face. The dim light that's streaming in sets a glow around his face, and she can see beads of sweat rolling down a stony face. "Nobu?" She repeats in a whisper. "Why are you-"

"I'm sorry, Ojou-chan." The man says, and his voice is as unstable as the hand that holds a gun up to her face. "... I've been given orders."

Orders to do what? Akane wonders; but she isn't stupid. There's only so much to wonder about in a situation like this. There's only one kind of order one of the men assigned to protect her could have been given for him to be standing here in her bedroom in the middle of the night, gun toted to her cheek at something she would consider beyond point blank range.

"Orders?" She quietly questions anyway, in a bewildered tone laced with slowly mounting fear. At his silence, she pictures lead blowing the side of her face open into something gory and unrecognizable.

It feels like an eternity before either of them move; she lets out a deep breath she didn't realize she was holding when his hand retreats to his side and puts the gun in a holster, and the other grips her shoulder with urgency. "You need to get out of here, Ojou-chan."

"What's going on? Where's-" Before she can ask where her father is, the man shakes his head and looks towards the door.

"I apologize, but there is no time to answer your questions." He hesitates. "Please go, before I'm forced to follow through with my orders." He hauls her up from the comfortable bed that she has a feeling she won't be seeing for a long time, and reaches for something in his back pocket.

"Take this. There isn't much time before they realize..." An electric taser is shoved at her, and she blindly grasps at it in confusion. She stares at it with furrowed brows, then switches to his face. "Come on. I'll help you out of here, Ojou-chan, but I can't do anything other than that."

Akane manages to grab her small, crossbody bag and hurriedly places the taser inside before Nobu kneels down in front of her, back facing her. There isn't any time to even grab a pair of shoes or slippers before he reaches behind himself and pushes her onto his back, and clutches at her thin legs as he stands.

She wraps her arms around his neck and he opens up her room's balcony double doors and gives the surrounding area a quick scan before telling her to hold on tight. She complies, and he takes hold of a sturdy branch of the tree that's next to her balcony, the one that's been there since as long as she can remember.

The man begins to quickly scale it, and her mind races too fast for her to even notice the dirt and minor scrapes that are accumulating because of the branches. Once they reach the bottom, he lets her back down and grabs her hand and races to the high wrought iron gates that separate her home from the city.

"Nobu," She tries again, "Please tell me what's going on!" Akane is ignored, and stands there shivering from the freezing air. She's only got her thin nightgown on and the small bag on her, and her hand circles tightly around the strap as he enters in a code on the keypad that's on the side of the gate.

"Your life is in danger, Ojou-chan," Nobu tells her hastily, "Please go-"

"When can I come back?" She asks, trying to ignore the growing lump in her throat.

"I don't know," He begins, and then there's distant yells that reach them; numbly, Akane realizes they're coming from the direction of her room, through the still open doors. "Go, and don't look back."

So Akane does exactly that, even though the cement is hard and cold beneath the soft soles of her bare feet. She doesn't know where she'll go. And she doesn't know what's going on, but she knows if she doesn't run something terrible will most likely happen to her.

Her steps falter only once when she hears a gunshot ring throughout the crisp night air, but just as quickly she resumes her sprint towards the lighted inner-city of Ikebukuro.

It's 1:30 in the morning when Shizuo steps outside of the bar for a cigarette on his break. It's been a good night; the bar crawlers have been calm, and he hasn't snapped once and possibly endangered the job he's just barely clinging to because of his anger issues. The bar is owned by his good friend Tom, but even their friendship doesn't make up for the loss of customers when he loses his temper. He can't find it inside to blame him, though.

It's dark in the alley, but he doesn't really mind. It's not much of a difference from the lighting inside the bar, anyways, and Shizuo continues to puff on his cigarette as he enjoys the rare silence.

That same silence is interrupted near the end of his cigarette when he hears the slap of feet pound into the narrow side street, and his hand pauses midway in bringing the nicotine to his lips for the last drag. The pitter pattering stops right on the other side of the dumpster Shizuo's standing a couple feet away from, and he hears loud, shuddering breaths take their place.

He drops the cigarette to the ground and grinds it with his shoe quietly, and he intends on ignoring the noises and going back into work when the breaths gradually turn into whimpers, and those eventually turn into quiet sobs.

Yes, he was intending to go back in and finish the last half hour of his shift, but his curiosity gets the better of him once he distinguishes the sobs and hiccups are high-pitched, and definitely female. Hands stuffed in his pockets, he easily crosses the distance between himself and the dumpster and peers around the corner.

It's a girl. She's dressed in nothing but a white nightgown that isn't nearly suitable for this kind of weather, and her shoulders are shaking like autumn leaves. Small pale hands are covering up her face, and she's obviously still unaware of his presence and the steps he takes to stand in front of her.

She still cries quietly, and Shizuo looks up and down the alley to try and find whatever the girl was running away from. Maybe it was a thug, one of the members from the gangs that populate the city, but it doesn't explain her odd choice of clothing.

He clears his throat, and her body freezes. "You alright?" Her hands uncover her face, and he sees that she's no more than a teenager. Fifteen, maybe sixteen. Short dark hair is clinging to her face, and long bangs cover one of her wide, dark eyes.

"Is someone bothering you?" He asks her awkwardly. He's never been good with girls, especially not crying ones. Shizuo just assumes by default that he's probably not good with crying ones that he finds barefoot in an alley, either. She doesn't answer him, and the way she gawks at him starts to annoy him.

Shizuo turns to head back into the bar and leave the girl be, when she yells in a hushed whisper, "W-wait!" He lets out a low, quiet grumble and faces her again. "Are you strong?" She asks him, and he thinks it's rather out of the blue. Especially since most people know he's strong; too strong, even.

"And if I am?" He stares coolly at the girl as she scrambles up to her feet and throws open the flap of her bag before rummaging around inside hurriedly.

"If you are," She brings her hands out of her bag and holds out a thick wad of money in her fist. "If you are, please-" The girl steps closer, and he sees how small she is when she barely comes up to his mid-chest as she approaches him with a bit of caution.

"Please help me?" There's desperateness in her small voice as she stares up at him pleadingly.

He does not answer; he's wondering what kind of girl just randomly shoves a big wad of money like that towards a total stranger and asks for help. He could easily be someone horrible, someone who could take advantage of a little girl like her, who's in the middle of the city in the cold winter night.

And then, "I saw her come down this way..." The words echo down to their ears, and he doesn't miss the way her head snaps back at the distant voice before she retracts the hand with money in it and begins to run towards the opposite mouth of the alleyway without giving him a second look.

Of course. He just couldn't wait to smoke until his shift was over; if he had, he wouldn't do what he was about to.

Yes, Shizuo could easily be just one more horrible person that lived in this sprawling city, but he isn't; and that's why he easily catches up to the girl, even when she turns the corner, and grabs her hand and practically swings her up into his arms. She's practically as light as a feather in his grasp, and this is one of the times he curses his sense of right and wrong.

All he hopes for is that he doesn't lose his job over some impulse, some split second decision - and he pointedly ignores the wide eyed stare he can feel her giving him and the way her skinny, bare arms loop tightly around his neck as he winds his way through the maze of streets.

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