A/N: Set when Will receives his letter from Johnny. Angsty Will is angsty.

It's been something like three weeks since I've heard from Johnny and Tunny. So when Heather comes in with a postcard in one hand and the usual junk mail in the other hand, I get excited.

"That's for me?" I ask, sitting up and dropping the empty beer can I had been holding. She smiles and moves to sit with me on the couch, picking the can up before handing me the postcard. She's leaning on me, which is sweet and all, but I'd rather read it alone so I don't have to hide my disappointment if they're telling me how great things are without me.

With a quick glance, I realize that it's not from both of them, it's just Johnny writing to me. I read it out loud for Heather.

He says Tunny's being an ass, which sounds typical for Tunny, and maybe Johnny just never realized it when he had both of us around. He still sounds happier than he ever did when he was here, and even if he says it sucks without me, I know he's loving it there. I should be happy for him, and at first I am, but then I get to thinking about missing him. Missing Tunny. It's always been the three of us, and now it's just Heather and me.

Oh, no, that's not right, there's a baby too. I guess that makes it three of us again, but it's not right, it's not how it's supposed to be. I start folding the postcard just for something to do. Heather frowns and tries to lean her head on my shoulder, but I shrug her off.

It's not entirely her fault, but whenever I start thinking about where I could be, I start blaming her. She's pregnant and when I'm upset, I like to think it's her fault that she's pregnant and that I shouldn't have to be stuck here with her when I did nothing wrong.

The more I miss them, the less I want to be near her. If I keep acting like this, I'm not going to have her anymore and then I'll be alone for good. If they can be happy without me for three weeks, it's easy enough to picture them without me.

It's just not that easy to think of me without them.